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The Love Test – How Much Do You Love Your Partner?

the love test

It’s easy to forget how much we love someone. But it’s easier to remember all the flaws of your partner. What if you had a chance to change your relationship into the best one in the whole world? And what if it’s the easiest thing to do in the whole world? Would you take a chance on perfect, true love? Take this love test to make a difference in no time.

A fresh start, that’s what we all want. All of us have flaws or imperfections that we wish we could just hide somewhere deep inside. You have always perceived your partner to be flawless, but at times, you do see a few things that you would have overlooked when you were still young in love. As time goes by, the both of you begin to keep score, whether consciously or subconsciously. I’m not talking about pulling out a score sheet each time you screw up, but at most times, the good and the bad gestures are always remembered by either of you.

When was the last time you actually did something nice for your partner, without actually expecting something back in return? Never? That’s the truth, however hard it is to accept it. We always do something nice just so that we can get something back in return.

Remember the last time you took the pain to buy that perfect shirt for your partner, after running through many stores that stormy evening? You barely made it on time to the special dinner at your favorite restaurant, only to find your partner sulking about how late you were and that you used the shirt as an excuse. I know you felt let down, and that moment, you subconsciously made up your mind not to buy anything unless there was a special occasion to celebrate, because the effort wasn’t worth it anyways, right? You were keeping score.

There will be several of these moments in your life together, and times when things will be misunderstood and special efforts will be forgotten. But that doesn’t mean you should never do anything nice anymore. A perfect love is all about keeping that spark alive, and creating special moments each and every day, in your own little ways.

You could still say that your partner isn’t the same anymore, and that you’ve tried your best but just couldn’t take it anymore. Now you’ve given up on trying to reignite the love back into your lives. Now let me help you understand your relationship better. Are you the same person you were when you first met your sweeter half?

Almost all the time, you know that you’ve changed. Maybe you’ve taken your partner for granted subconsciously, perhaps you’ve stopped picking flowers from the florist every week like you used to, or maybe you’ve stopped appreciating how helpful your partner is. It doesn’t matter how small the changes are, but chances are, you’ve changed.

The Acceptance

A powerful question to ask yourself is this, how would you act towards your partner if you thought they were the best partner for you in the whole world?

That is, imagine that right now (whether you believe it or not!) the person you are dating or living together or married to, is the complete and total embodiment of what you perceive of as the perfect mate for you. The perfect personality, the perfect body, whatever would be absolutely perfect for you.

Next, think about how you would act towards this perfect partner. Would you be attentive? Aloof? Thoughtful? Distant? Affectionate? Sarcastic? Romantic? Crabby? Seductive? Would you rush home and turn on the TV or the computer? What events would you plan? What cards would you write? Make a list of all the things you would do, and how often you would do them.

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3 thoughts on “The Love Test – How Much Do You Love Your Partner?”

  1. Mich says:

    It is not a secret for anybody that me and my wife and just living together. I used to love her a lot, now I love our son. I love my girlfriend and I think she is the best match for me. We are together for more than 3 years, and every time I feel good with her. All the interesting stories are starting with her name. I hope one day we will be together, It may sounds romantic, but I know that me and her will be together may be 10 or 20 years.

  2. Helvetic says:

    I love my partner too much if you ask me that question. LOL. I JUST DO! believe me when I say that because I would go over a million mountains just to go where she is. I would gladly risk my life for her when she would be faced with any kind of danger which I’m hoping will never happen. I want to live for her. I want us to live together. Sadly, what I’m saying is the impossible because she broke up with me 2 weeks ago. She said that I was too clingy and needy. She needed some space. She needed some time to get away from me, to get away from it all.

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