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17 Signs of Midlife Crisis in Women That May Surprise You

The signs of a midlife crisis in women are not as obvious as those for men. Driving convertibles and having affairs are not the usual outcomes.

Am I Toxic? How to Tell If You’re the Toxic One & Not Everyone Else

Ever asked yourself, “Am I toxic?” Sometimes relationships go wrong, you’re deep in drama, and there comes a time when you wonder if you’re the problem.

Trust Your Gut

Should You Trust Your Gut? How to Choose to Listen or Ignore It

Should you trust your gut or will it do more harm than good? Follow these tips to know when you should go with it or when to back off.

is monogamy for you

Is Monogamy for You? How to Know Your Needs and What Works for You

Whether you struggle to commit or just feel like a long term relationship isn’t for you, it may not be. So, is monogamy for you?

are you a user

Are You a User? 15 Uncomfortable Facts to Help You Face the Truth

Maybe you’re starting to notice you don’t have any real friends. All the people around you don’t even know who you are. Are you a user?

Still Single

Redirected – Still Single? 16 Silly Excuses You Tell Yourself & Real Reasons Why

Do you ever sit and wonder why you’re still single? Maybe it’s been months or years or even a decade, but you still can’t quite work it out.

How to Get Over Being Cheated On

How to Get Over Being Cheated On Quickly Without Breaking Apart

Being betrayed is like no other feeling in the world and can live with you forever. But you can learn how to get over being cheated on and move forward.

How Do Narcissists Control You

How Do Narcissists Control You So Subtly? And Why You Allow Them

A narcissist’s work is often so subtle you hardly realize until the damage is done. So, how do narcissists control you in an under the radar way?

Letting Go of People

Letting Go of People: Why It’s So Hard & the Right Way to Do It

Why is letting go of people so hard? Here’s why we have such a hard time trying to forget someone, and the right way to go about ending a real connection.

instagram envy

Instagram Envy: How to Keep Things Real When You’re Green with Envy

It’s normal to look at someone’s fabulous feed and feel a little Instagram envy occasionally, but it’s important to see behind the filters too.

Why Are People Mean to Nice People

The Burning Question: Why Are People Mean to Nice People?

You’re a nice person, and you care about others. So, why are people constantly taking advantage? Exactly why are people mean to nice people?

Do You Want a Partner

Do You Want a Partner or Are You Just Feeling More Lonely?

I’ll bet you are constantly asked why you’re single or if you’re dating, but do you want a partner or are you experiencing a season of loneliness?

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