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signs you're in a toxic relationship
15 Scary Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship that’s Breaking You

You know the saying, “love is blind.” Sometimes we get in relationships without realizing they’re toxic. So, learn the signs you’re in a toxic relationship.

How to Regain Trust after Cheating
Is It Possible to Learn How to Regain Trust after Cheating?

Learning how to regain trust after cheating is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but it is worth it. Learn to open your heart to love again.

types of affairs

13 Types of Affairs People Have & the Reasons Behind Each of Them

We like to use the word affair to describe cheating. There are different types of affairs that people have. It’s time you learned the different types.

Types of Cheating in a Relationship

The 4 Most Common Yet Painful Types of Cheating in a Relationship

Cheating is a heartbreaking thing to discover. It’s not as simple as just sex however, as there are several types of cheating in a relationship.

Narcissistic Relationship Pattern

Narcissistic Relationship Pattern: The 7 Stages You Have to Face

Narcissistic relationships rarely last. For a victim of this type of abuse, a narcissistic relationship pattern is one of pain and confusion.

Signs Your Relationship Won't Work Out

13 Signs Your Relationship Won’t Work Out and It’s Time to End It

When your relationship is doomed, there are almost always signs your relationship won’t work out that you are overlooking.

Loving a Narcissist

Loving a Narcissist: How to Tell If You’ve Fallen for a Narcissist

Loving a narcissist isn’t exactly what your mother had in mind when she said to find a partner. But how do you know you’re in a narcissistic relationship?

Signs He Has Feelings for Another Woman

14 Signs He Has Feelings for Another Woman: Are You His One & Only?

In a relationship, it’s assumed you’re committed to each other. But, sometimes, you’re worried you see the signs he has feelings for another woman.

Ex Moved on Quickly

How to Deal with the Hurt When Your Ex Moved On Quickly

A breakup is hard enough to deal with, but if your ex moved on quickly it feels like a slap in the face. How do you handle the hurt?

how to stop having feelings for someone

How to Stop Having Feelings for Someone Who Won’t Like You Back

Got rejected? Crushing on your coworker that’s taken? You will want to know how to stop having feelings for someone and move on for good.

how to deal with Valentine's Day when you're single

How to Deal with Valentine’s Day When You’re Single & Feel All Alone

Instead of suffering from loneliness, learn how to deal with Valentine’s Day when you’re single this year. Make it your best day yet.

Thirst Trap Signs

The Most Obvious Thirst Trap Signs that Scream “I Want Attention”

Social media has brought us many things, but the thirst trap is an unwelcome one! So, what are the biggest thirst traps signs to watch out for?

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