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When is it Alright to Stare at a Woman’s Breasts?

Is it ever alright to stare at a woman’s breasts? Of course, it is! Women always give away a few signs to let a guy know that it’s alright to stare down her blouse. Find out what those signs are right here.

stare at a woman's breasts

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This is where you can learn a lot about when it’s good to stare at a woman or look down her cleavage. You’d know she’s okay with you checking her out, if she does one of these.


Sign #1 She smiles when you stare at her or her tee shirt continuously, or she thinks you’re “hot” or “cute”.

Sign #2 She blushes and does that thing with her eyes.

Sign #3 She doesn’t let the dog she’s taking for a walk loose on you, when you’re caught staring.

Sign #4 You stare at her tee shirt and she lifts her top so you can get a better view!

Sign #5 You’re sitting in the bus or the rail, and this woman spreads her legs and winks at you. Hopefully, you don’t see a bulge in there!

These are just a few signs that she’s alright with you staring. Along with this there are a few places and cases when it’s perfectly “almost” alright to check her out.

The Best Places to Stare at a Girl’s Breasts without Making her Uncomfortable

The best place to check her knocks out or stare at her deep cleavage is at a club or at a party. When she’s out to party, and if she wears something pretty and nice, and something that shows just the right amount of skin, then she definitely knows that she’s going to get a lot of male attention.

Most women are fine with men staring at them, when they are partying or clubbing. But outside the club, they usually cover their skimpy clothes with something comfortable or something that’s fashionably ‘in’.

If you really want to know when it is really appropriate to stare, then remember this.

Women don’t mind you staring at their breasts or their cleavage as long as there are other women too who are dressed in similar attire, and women don’t mind being stared at or having their tee shirts read when they are in a group, especially a group of girls. This way, if they think you’re unfanciable or creepy, they yell at you or throw stones. But if you are indeed fanciable, then they would all just start ogling at you or stare back, and the girl you stared at first would feel an intense rush of exhilarating happiness to have been picked as the best looking one in the gang!

So when you are in the midst of such circumstances, you’d know that you’re not hurting a girl’s feelings when you stare, which to a gentleman is the most important aspect of staring at a woman’s breasts without making her feel awkward or uncomfortable.

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