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Best Places to Have Sex
Best Places to Have Sex: 41 Wild and Naughty Ideas Beyond the Bed

Need new ideas to spice up your sex life? Well, sex isn’t just for the bedroom. Expand your boundaries—and fun! Here are the 41 best places to have sex.

Female-Friendly Porn Sites
The Best 15 Female-Friendly Porn Sites that are Tinglingly Perfect

They say, men are from Mars, women are from Venus. And they’re not wrong especially when it comes to porn. Check out these female-friendly porn sites.

what is the mile high club

What Is the Mile High Club: Is It On Your Sexual Bucket List?

For some, travel isn’t all about getting from A to B. Prepare to have your eyes fully opened with answers to your question: what is the mile high club.

how to make anal sex less painful

How to Make Anal Sex Less Painful: A Happy Bum Guide to Pain-Free Sex

Anal sex always gets a bad rap, but that’s only because people aren’t doing it right. It’s time to find out how to make anal sex less painful.

sex in a new relationship

Sex in a New Relationship: How to Make the First Time Less Awkward

Having sex with someone new is exciting, but it can be awkward and uncomfortable. But there are things you can do when having sex in a new relationship.

how to enjoy anal sex

How to Enjoy Anal Sex: Backdoor Secrets to a Painfree Experience

Everyone wants to try out a little backdoor action, but many think anal sex is painful. But it’s time to debunk that myth and learn how to enjoy anal sex.

what is a milf

What Is A MILF? The Surprising Truths & Thoughts Behind Its Meaning

‘MILF’ is code for Mother I’d Like To Fuck. But there’s really much, much more to it. Here’s a unique take on what is a MILF exactly.

how to talk dirty to your man

Turn Him on and Get Him Going: How to Talk Dirty to Your Man

So, you want to up the spiciness in the bedroom with your man. Well, start by learning how to talk dirty to your man. Not sure how? We have you covered.

drinking games for couples

The Best Drinking Games for Couples to Bond and Have Fun Together

Tired of the usual dinner and movie date? Why not try something different to spice things up? Something a like drinking games for couples.

homemade sex toys for men

Homemade Sex Toys for Men: The Horny Guy’s Guide to Making One Now

With the steep prices and limited market, you’ll be pushed to take matters into your own hands and create some homemade sex toys for men.

how to ride a man without getting tired

How to Ride a Man Without Getting Tired: A Lesson in Endurance

Riding your man is fun at first, then your legs cramp. We’ve got what you need to about how to ride a man without getting tired. Wow him!


Analingus: A Walkthrough & Total Guide to Eating Ass Like a Champ

It wasn’t too long ago when people would cringe at the thought of eating ass. But now, people are jumping on board to try out analingus.

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