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Dark Empath: What It Means, 45 Signs & Reasons We’re Drawn to Them

Ever heard of the dark empath? Here’s what it means to be one, the subtle signs and also, the biggest reasons why everyone’s so attracted to them.

High Self-Esteem: 33 Low Signs, What Hurts Self-Worth & Secrets to Pump It

It’s normal to feel down once in a while, but constant negativity isn’t healthy. Use these tips to have high self-esteem and feel better about yourself.

I need a hug

I Need a Hug: 25 Things to Do that Offer Emotional Comfort & Feel Just as Good

How often do you find yourself thinking, “I need a hug”? Well, thankfully, there are many ways you can replicate the feeling without hugging yourself!

how to be socially conscious

24 Secrets & Ways to Be a More Socially Conscious Person and Be More Aware

Do you consider yourself a socially conscious person? If not, do you want to learn how to make the world a better place? Here are some things you can do.

Inferiority Complex

Inferiority Complex: How It Feels, 23 Signs & Secrets to Overcome It ASAP

If your catastrophic overthinking damages your self-worth, you might have an inferiority complex. Let’s break down this complex and learn how to overcome it.

how to cure a hangover and sober up fast

32 Fast-Working Secrets to Prevent and Cure a Hangover & Sober Up ASAP!

You wake up feeling like a herd of elephants are dancing in your head. Bad times. But you can learn how to cure a hangover and get on with your day.

feeling stuck in life and ways to get your shit together

50 Secrets to Get Your Shit Together When You’re Feeling Really Stuck in Life

Feeling stuck in life sucks. But when you learn how to get your life together, you can start making moves toward something better.

not good enough

I’m Not Good Enough: Why You Feel This Way & 32 Secrets to Feel Amazing!

Do you fear you’re not good enough? No one is perfect, but you don’t deserve to have such negative thoughts about yourself. Here’s how you can let them go.

social media detox

The Art of a Social Media Detox, What It Is & 29 Secrets to Wean Yourself Off

Dawn breaks, and you’re already scrolling? Trade the screen’s artificial glow for real sunshine. Say hello to a refreshing social media detox!

Hero Complex

Hero Complex: What It Is, 39 Signs & the Psychology of “Save the Day” Syndrome

What do Superman and your friend Bob, who wants to help everyone, have in common? They both have a Hero Complex because they want to save people!

guilt complex

Guilt Complex: What It Is, Why We Feel It and 39 Signs & Ways to Get Over It

What exactly is a guilt complex? Understand its signs, effects, and ways to overcome it. A lighter, guilt-free life is possible.

broken bird syndrome

Broken Bird Syndome: 26 Signs You Love Saving Others & How to Hold Back

Playing the knight in shining armor in your love life? You might want to know more about Broken Bird Syndrome, the meaning, the science and the signs!

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Fake Friends: 26 Signs to Tell Apart People Who are Fake from the Good Ones

It’s hard when you realize someone you thought was your friend turns out to be a fake one. So, it’s important to spot the signs of friends who are fake. 


How Long Do Condoms Last? 23 Tips & Mistakes That Make Them Expire Fast!

Do condoms expire? Can you use an expired condom? Here are all the answers to how long condoms last, their shelf life, and the common mistakes we make.


55 Secrets & Self-Love Habits to Build Confidence and Realize Your Worth

Confidence will improve your life in every single area. But learning how to be confident can sometimes be a challenge. Time and effort will get you there.


Fearful-Avoidant Attachment Style: What It Is, 39 Signs & How to Deal with It

All people need to have emotional connections with other human beings. But for people with the fearful avoidant attachment style, it’s much more difficult.


34 Secrets to Make Someone Like You & Draw Anyone In the First Few Minutes

Do you have a crush and you’re desperate for them to feel the same? Learn how to get someone to like you and you’re halfway there!


27 Secrets to Focus on Yourself, Grow as a Person & Create Your Own Sunshine

Do you feel like you’re losing your identity? Here’s how to focus on yourself and find your own sunshine when you feel like you’re losing yourself.


YOLO: What It Means & 23 Secrets to Live Life Like You Only Live Once

What’s the meaning of YOLO? Find out the true meaning of YOLO, and learn how to live like You Only Live Once.


Heteroflexible: What It Is, Why It Isn’t Bisexual & the Truth about Attraction

You might know all about bisexuals, homosexuals, and even asexuals, but heteroflexible is one sexuality you might know nothing about—but should.


13 Common Birth Control Methods, 25 Pros, Cons & Ways to Pick the Best One

No one wants to have an unwanted pregnancy, so that’s why you need to know all about birth control. Here is your go-to guide to make you feel safe.


Being Taken For Granted? 71 BIG Signs, Why It Happens & Ways to Stop Them

Do you feel like you’re being taken for granted? Learn the reasons why and make some key changes in your life. Nobody deserves to feel this way.