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Making a Relationship Official: 33 Signs It’s Time & the Best Ways to Do It Right

When you’re making your relationship official, who do you tell first? Do you have to post it on Insta for it to be official? Here’s all you need to know.

Symbols of Love: The Psychology, How It Works & 53 Most Common Signs of Love

Discover how symbols of love have evolved, from classic hearts to modern emojis and beyond! Find the love tokens that resonate with you.

what does it feel like to be in love - being in love

What Does It Feel Like to Be in Love: 33 Must-Know Truths About Being in Love

If you’ve never felt it, you may be wondering ‘what does it feel like to be in love?’ The truth is, being in love is one of the most magical feelings ever.

puppy love

Puppy Love: What It Means, Stages, 37 Signs & Ways to Turn It Into True Love

Is this puppy love, or something real? If you can’t understand your confusing feelings, here are the stages and differences you must know.

relationship games

15 Fun Relationship Games for Couples to Feel More Loved, Connected & Happy

Relationship games can spice up your union, making it fun and exciting, not dull and boring. Keep reading for some suggestions!

I miss my boyfriend

I Miss My Boyfriend: 20 Warm Ways to Get Through It When You Miss Your Man

What should you do when you miss your boyfriend? Crying and saying, “I miss my boyfriend,” won’t help, will it? Find a way to connect.

one month anniversary

One Month Anniversary: 15 Things To Know After the First 30 Days of Dating

You’ve been dating for a month and now you’re wondering what it really means. Your one month anniversary means you still need to move slowly.

Emotional Attachment signs you're getting attached to someone

Emotional Attachment: How It Works & 34 Signs You’re Getting Attached & Close

For some people, it feels good to be emotionally attached to another person, but not for others. Here’s everything to know about emotional intimacy.

Friend to Lovers - falling for a friend

Friend to Lovers: Why We Fall for Them, Stages & 30 Secrets to Progress to Love

Have you ever felt like you were falling for a friend but couldn’t figure out why? What do you do when you’re just friends but you NEED to be lovers?

getting married young

Getting Married Young: 42 Pros, Cons, Benefits & What Age is Too Young?

Marrying the right person is the ultimate happy ending. But getting married young has its challenges as well as joy. What can you expect?

types of lovers relationships

20 Types of Lovers and Relationships You’ll Come Across in the Dating World

If you want to know what type of lover you and your partner are, then read these 20 types of lovers and you’ll find your answer. Are you compatible? 

how to be more affectionate in a relationship

24 Warm Signs of Affection & Examples to Be More Affectionate in a Relationship

When you see signs of affection, you feel warm inside. So, how can you be more affectionate to your partner and make them always feel that way?

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How Long Does It Take to Fall in Love: Your Personality & the Accurate Answer

Wondering how long does it take to fall in love with someone? Facts, experts and research can show you how long it takes to fall hard and deep for someone.


Squish: What It Means, 25 Squishing Signs & How It’s Different from a Crush

Wondering what is a squish? Is it a platonic crush or some kind of romantic or non-romantic reference? Here’s everything you MUST know about squishes!


Couple Goals: 58 Fake & Real Ideas You MUST Add to Your Relationship Goals

Want to know the secret to a happy relationship? Never heard of couple goals? Now is the time to learn what they are and how to set relationship goals.


21 Common Couple Sleeping Positions, What They Mean & the Best Ones

A couple’s sleeping position says a lot about how they feel toward each other. Learn more about the common positions and the best ones you should use too!


103 Heartfelt Signs to Know If You Love Someone or Are Falling in Love

How do you know you love someone? Are you slowly falling in love? Are you actually in love? Here are all the signs to know if you love someone!


Dating vs. Relationship: 16 Clear Signs to Know Your Status Right Now!

Love is a confusing subject. Are you hooking up or something more? Understand the dating vs relationship differences to know where you stand.


45 Facts About Love & Psychological Secrets to Decode How the Mind Works

Love is a strange yet wonderful thing. But how many facts about love do you really know? These psychological secrets might surprise you! 


20 Types of Lovers and Relationships You’ll Come Across in the Dating World

If you want to know what type of lover you and your partner are, then read these 20 types of lovers and you’ll find your answer. Are you compatible? 


50 Best Relationship Topics & Things to Talk About in a Relationship

Not all relationship topics are heavy. There are many things to talk about in a relationship to help you get to know each other and stay on the same page.


30 Relationship Rules, Secrets & Tips to Make Your Love Life Way, WAY Better!

Similar to everything in life, there are rules you’re advised to follow. By applying these relationship rules, you reduce your chances of getting hurt.