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emojis guys use when they like you
17 Flirty, Cute & Naughty Emojis Guys Use When They Like You

It’s not always clear if a guy likes you. A text provides many subtle signs, so check out the emojis guys use when they like you. Is he leaving clues?

Signs of a Feminine Man
16 Signs of a Feminine Man Who’s In Touch with His Softer Side

While being in touch with your feelings is great, looking for signs of a feminine man is a must if you prefer someone who’s a little more masculine.

Boyfriend Follows Sexy Instagram Models

Is It Normal If Your Boyfriend Follows Sexy Instagram Models?

If you found out that your boyfriend follows sexy Instagram models, how would you feel about it? Do you think it’s normal or totally out of order?

Topics to Talk About With a Guy

12 Hot Topics to Talk About With a Guy to Hold His Attention On You

Do you run out of things to say to your crush? Learn about the best topics to talk about with a guy and you’ll never deal with an awkward silence!

When a Guy Doesn't Want to Sleep with You

When a Guy Doesn’t Want to Sleep with You: 13 Reasons Why

We think men are sex machines that will hump anything that walks, but it’s not true. There are valid reasons for when a guy doesn’t want to sleep with you.

Why Won't He Change

Why Won’t He Change? Your Man Says He Will But He Never Does

You are out of patience. He says he will be better, but doesn’t live up to his word. Why won’t he change? Here’s a guide to understand him and help him.

When a Guy Friend Acts Weird

What to Do When a Guy Friend Acts Weird *Or Weirder Than Normal*

Guys can be strange sometimes. What are you supposed to do when a guy friend acts weird out of the blue? First thing—don’t panic!

boyfriend doesn't seem sexually interested in you

What to Do If Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Seem Sexually Interested in You

Everything with your relationship is going well, but there’s just one thing… your boyfriend doesn’t seem sexually interested in you. So, what do you do?

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Falling for Your Friend

14 Disturbing Signs Your Boyfriend Is Falling for Your Friend

You’re head over heels in love, but you’re noticing disturbing signs your boyfriend is falling for your friend. Could it be he has feelings for her?

Signs He's Fighting His Feelings For You

15 Signs He’s Fighting His Feelings For You & Holding Himself Back

Ever wondered if a guy likes you but is hiding it? Here are 15 signs he’s fighting his feelings for you when all he wants is for you to like him back.

serious questions to ask your boyfriend

30 Serious Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend to Form a Deep Bond

If you want to deepen the bond with your boyfriend, here are some serious questions to ask your boyfriend. Try them on your next date night!

protective boyfriend

Key Differences: Protective Boyfriend or a Controlling Boyfriend?

Some might find a protective boyfriend sweet, but when does it err into controlling territory? Understand the difference so you can make the best decision.

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