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Expat Love

Expat Love: The 7 Lessons I Learned from Moving Overseas for Love

Relationships can be a challenge at the best of times, but when you throw moving to another country into the mix, it can present many different challenges.

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Totally Smitten

Totally Smitten or Mildly Crushing? 10 Ways to Split Them Apart

Have a crush on someone, but not sure exactly how much you really like them? These tips help you decide if you are totally smitten by your crush.

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Uncertainty in a Relationship

Uncertainty in a Relationship: The Hidden and Unexpected Dangers

Relationship uncertainty is a normal and exciting part of a relationship, sometimes. But they hold many reasons why it’s dangerous for you.

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asking a girl out

Asking a Girl Out: How to Overcome the Fear of Rejection

Do you fear rejection when asking a girl out? Read on to improve your confidence in meeting and dating your dream partner.

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how to smile more

How to Smile More Often: 6 Baby Steps to Change Your Life Forever

Stressed out all the time, but no time for a massage? Learning how to smile more often can help you lose the stress and lead a much better life.

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how to have a one-night stand

How to Have a One-Night Stand: Your Guide to Hooking Up Right

If you’re into casual sex, keep reading to find out how to have a one-night stand that is memorable… while staying safe inside and out!

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turn offs for girls

Turn Offs for Girls: 32 Worst Things to Say to a Girl After Sex

It’s true there isn’t a manual for what to say to a woman after you’ve had sex with her, but some turn offs for girls are just a matter of common sense.

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Highly Sensitive Person

Dating a Highly Sensitive Person: 20 Things You Just Can’t Ignore

Being a highly sensitive person is not a weakness or a curse, and when dating one of these caring souls, it’s important to keep these pointers in mind.

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pity playlist

The Pity Playlist: 10 Songs to Help Heal Your Broken Heart

Music can soothe the emotions in a way that nothing else can. When you’re down in the dumps, here are some songs to help you get those feelings out.

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ways to be empathetic and build connections

How to Be More Empathetic and Forge Emotional Connections

Empathy is the most powerful way to create emotional connections. Whether for your romantic or family life, here are 11 ways to increase empathy.

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