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12 Unique & Romantic Honeymoon Ideas You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

If you want to start your marriage off right, you’ll want more than your average honeymoon ideas. We have the fun, unique twists you need.

Romantic Honeymoon Ideas

Everyone deserves a honeymoon. It’s a time to relish in your newly wedded bliss on the getaway of your dreams. Not to mention the perfect opportunity to kick-start a fantastic sex life with the only person you’ll be with for the rest of your life. That being said, you need some unique honeymoon ideas so you don’t end up doing what everyone else is doing.

If you just go off to some beach, you’ll be doing what everyone else is doing. Don’t you want your honeymoon to be extra special? Sure, it’ll be special because your spouse is yours only but it can be a bit more exciting if it’s something nobody else really does.

How important is a honeymoon to the marriage?

Truthfully, it’s probably not all that important in the grand scheme of things. However, having a great honeymoon can lead to a solid start to the marriage. If you go somewhere interesting and exciting, it’s starting your future on the right foot.

Therefore, having an amazing honeymoon is really important for kicking off the marriage on a positive, fun note. Since the concept of getting married is often accompanied by people thinking their lives are officially over, a fun honeymoon is the perfect way to squash those ideas. [Read: 15 honeymoon destinations that scream adventure and romance]

Romantic honeymoon ideas for those looking for a special start to the marriage

Not all destinations are created equal. You can be the type to sip margaritas on a beach somewhere or you can get adventurous. No matter what, though, you should be aiming to have a unique and interesting honeymoon that’ll keep the spark of love burning bright. Here’s how to make that happen.

#1 A small town in a foreign country. When you look up honeymoon ideas, you’re bombarded with all the typical “tourist” locations. But if you really want your honeymoon to be something special and unique, go to a very small town in a foreign country instead.

Take the leap and see what’s out there that’s not filled with tourists like yourself. This is a great way to get a feel for the real culture and food. [Read: 26 of the naughtiest things to say in a foreign language]

#2 High in the mountains. Most honeymooners want a somewhere tropical but those are usually packed with other vacationers and you don’t get a whole lot of romance. Instead, take to the mountains. It’s far more intimate and truly breathtaking. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world together.

#3 A small beach on a secluded island. If you do want to take the beach route, just be sure not to choose places that are swarming with tourists. It really takes away from the beauty and romance when you can’t find a spot on the beach.

Instead of the top searched resort, find a small island that doesn’t typically have too many tourists. You’ll feel as if the island is all yours and you may even find a few hidden beaches that are far more stunning.

#4 As north as it gets to see those lights. If you really want to up the romance, seeing the northern lights is the perfect way to spend your honeymoon. Research different areas of the world you can get away to in order to see the myriad of beautiful colors light up the sky as you cuddle beneath layers of warm blankets in front of a cozy fire. [Read: 25 really romantic ideas to make your lover melt]

#5 A snowy, quiet getaway. Not everyone likes snow. However, if you and your new spouse do, finding a beautiful location with plenty of it will make your honeymoon magical. And since most people opt for a tourist-filled beach, you’ll be more likely to have that secluded, romantic feel they won’t get.

#6 Nothing but go-karts, skydiving, and adventure. Are you two the type who loves to goof off and have fun? Then why not have a honeymoon that reflects that quality? There are plenty of places where you can escape to and have fun doing adrenaline-filled activities today. [Read: 25 ideas for couples who want to have more fun together]

#7 Amusement park hangouts. Do you love the amusement park vibe? If so, you can definitely spend your honeymoon going on rides, eating funnel cake, and surfing the tiny shops with trinkets to remember your stay. Who says a honeymoon has to be all about the romance? Start your marriage off on a fun note!

#8 Close your eyes and throw a dart at the map and go where it lands. You really have to be up for an adventure if you choose to use this method of picking a honeymoon destination. Get a map, pin it to the wall, close your eyes, and throw a dart at it.

Obviously, you may have to do this a few times so you don’t always end up in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. That being said, if it continuously lands in water, perhaps you should take a cruise! This is a great way to avoid having to choose a place at all.

#9 Head to the airport and get on the first available flight. This is another very risky idea and you have to be up for almost anything. You could easily walk into the airport and ask an attendant to put you on the next available flight with two seats available. Make sure to pack for anything! [Read: 12 alternative destinations for romantic breaks]

#10 A domestic getaway. You never know what luxuries your country has hidden away from you. Do a little research or just take a drive and don’t stop until you find something unique and cute.

There are far more amazing places for you to see in your own country than you think. The plus side to this is that it’s usually a lot less expensive but a lot more fun. And you can even return to this honeymoon spot on your first anniversary to celebrate in a more romantic way.

#11 Road trip it. Go ahead and take a road trip if you’re not up for long flights! There’s a lot more you can see if you decide to travel all day long. You can cover a lot of ground and have a much more entertaining and interesting trip than many others on their honeymoons. [Read: How to escape with your lover on the perfect couple’s road trip]

#12 Write down a lot of places and pick from a hat. If you truly can’t decide or aren’t sure what you want to do, write down a bunch of different honeymoon ideas. You can each jot down 10-15 locations or ideas a piece and then throw them in a hat.

Whichever you end up picking is the place you’ll go on your honeymoon! This releases some of your own control and takes the pressure off a bit. Plus, it’s a fun story to tell people of how you decided on a spot for your honeymoon.

[Read: 10 essential things newlyweds must know]

In order to get your marriage started on the right food, you’ll want to have some unique honeymoon ideas so you’re not stuck doing the same stuff everyone else does. These are perfect for just that.

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