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afraid of catching feelings
Afraid of Catching Feelings? How to Face your Fears and Overcome It

Being afraid of catching feelings is something we all feel. Whether it is a coworker, a friends with benefits, or your BFF’s sibling, it is a struggle.

good questions to ask people
30 All-Around Good Questions to Ask People for a Better Connection

Need good questions to ask people? Whether it’s to get to know someone new or connect with friends on a deeper level, you’ve come to the right place.

Home Bar Essentials

The Ultimate Home Bar Essentials You Need to Be the Envy of All

A home bar is a great addition to any household. But what are the home bar essentials you need to get started? Read on to find out!

how to grow up

How to Grow Up: Escape the Peter Pan Syndrome and Grow Fearlessly

The responsibility of being on your own is overwhelming. Learning how to grow up is less about your age and more about your mindset.

how to handle rejection

How to Handle Rejection Without Making a Fool of Yourself

Rejection is something we all have to face at some point. How you deal with it can make or break you. Here’s how to handle rejection with ease.

how to find your passion

How to Find Your Passion: 13 Secrets to Seek It in Simple Things

You feel like something inside of you isn’t 100% complete. Not because you’re single, it’s much deeper than that. It’s all about how to find your passion.

420 Friendly

What is 420 Friendly and What Does It Mean on a Dating Profile

When it comes to finding love online, you may run into a few things that are unfamiliar to you, like someone being 420 friendly. Here’s what it means.

Emotional Immaturity

Emotional Immaturity: 7 Biggest Clues to Identify Immature People

Emotional immaturity has no timeline. If you live with someone emotionally immature, it is grow up time because you can’t keep doing it.

Life is Meaningless

How to Find Your Meaning When You Feel Like Life is Meaningless

We all have times that we feel like life is meaningless. To find meaning, you have to take the time to make conscious decisions that work for you.

what do you do for a living

What Do You Do for a Living? How to Answer It Like a Bestseller

What do you do for a living? Before you cringe over the question, let me show you how to make this question your best friend.

Canadian Stereotypes

15 Canadian Stereotypes: What’s True and What’s Way Off Base

Some would call us the nicest people on Earth, Canadians. But do we all say “eh”? Here is what you need to know about Canadian stereotypes.

dry sense of humor

Dry Sense of Humor: 20 Signs You’ve Mastered the Dry Funny Bone

Nothing is better than having a sense of humor. But is yours positive, or a bit different? Find out if you actually just have a dry sense of humor.

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