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how to introduce yourself
How to Introduce Yourself: The Art of Making a Great Impression

It is important to know how to introduce yourself and make a good first impression, because sometimes it is the only one you get.

what is a trap queen
What Is a Trap Queen? The 101 Guide to Every Trap Queen Need

It wasn’t until Fetty Wap’s magical and thought-provoking song “Trap Queen” that made everyone stop and think, wait, what is a trap queen?

Canadian Stereotypes

15 Canadian Stereotypes: What’s True and What’s Way Off Base

Some would call us the nicest people on Earth, Canadians. But do we all say “eh”? Here is what you need to know about Canadian stereotypes.

dry sense of humor

Dry Sense of Humor: 20 Signs You’ve Mastered the Dry Funny Bone

Nothing is better than having a sense of humor. But is yours positive, or a bit different? Find out if you actually just have a dry sense of humor.

Conversation Games

Conversation Games: 15 Ridiculously Fun Games to Have a Good Time

If you want to have great conversations every time, sometimes it takes effort. So, try these 15 conversation games to keep your chats lively and fun!

Creative Insults

33 Creative Insults to Intellectually Insult Someone with Sarcasm

Despite being taught early to not say mean words to others, most cultures have a great wealth of creative insults meant to make the next fellow feel bad.

fun things to do at home

25 Fun Things to Do at Home When You’re Bored, Broke and Alone

Going out costs money. The food, drinks, gas, it eats a significant amount of your week’s budget. But there are fun things to do at home to save some cash.

Gym Etiquette

Gym Etiquette: 13 Faux Pas that Make You Look like an Asshole

A gym is just like any other place in society; it requires unspoken rules and norms. If you want to fit in, use these gym etiquette musts.

best movie drinking games

Best Movie Drinking Games: 26 Movies that Get Better with Booze

You have a movie and a bottle of vodka sitting on the table. Hmm, how to have a fun Saturday night? Here are the best movie drinking games for some fun.

Intellectual Conversation

12 Meaningful Topics that Ignite an Intellectual Conversation

In the age of Twitter and selfies, sometimes people don’t know how to start an intellectual conversation. But here are some topics to get you started.

Fur Baby

Fur Baby: Why Millennials Are Choosing Puppies Over Babies

Do your millennial friends refer to their dog as their fur baby? Here are all the reasons why millennials are choosing puppy love over having kids.

how to have fun with friends

How to Have Fun with Friends: 30 Really Fun Ways to Beat Boredom

There is nothing better than having fun in life! But sometimes we run out of ideas. Here are 30 great ways to have fun with friends.

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