Movies to Watch with Your Boyfriend: 30 Films He’ll Love

Finding good movies to watch with your boyfriend can be hard when your tastes are different, but you’re both sure to enjoy these.

10 Realistic Romance Movies that Can Teach You a Lot About Love

Most romantic movies tend to be quite a bit over the top, but there are quite a few realistic romance movies you can actually learn from.

8 Famous Movies that Teach Bad Lessons About Love

Movies can be great teaching tools when it comes to love, but some tend to miss the mark. Here are 8 movies about love that got it all wrong.

date night movies

11 Date Night Movies to Get Your Partner In the Mood

Want to set the stage for a sex-fueled night in? Skip the porn and opt for a sensible storyline with a dash of artsy, sensual goodness!

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30 Famous Movie Lines You Can Use to Woo a Guy or Gal

Movies are a treasure trove of witty one-liners and elaborate words you can use in the context of romance. Check out our list of the best ones!

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15 Best Feel Good Movies for the Brokenhearted

It’s amazing what a good movie can do for you. So if you’ve got a broken heart, and you’re in search of a movie, here’s our list of suggestions.

the holiday lovepanky

Things I Learned About Love from Watching “The Holiday”

If you want a movie that reaches into your heart and pummels a lesson into it, then The Holiday should be on your date night watch list!

he's just not that into you

9 Love Lessons “He’s Just Not That Into You” Taught Me

After reading and watching “He’s Just Not That Into You,” I’ve learned that in love and relationships, things are usually exactly what they seem.

the great gatsby lovepanky

Vital Lessons on Love and Life from “The Great Gatsby”

This 1920’s novel may have been filled with indulgences and partying, but even after a century, it still teaches us valuable lessons.

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5 Modern Movie Couples We Can All Learn From

Oh, the things we can learn from the movies! When you’d rather pick up lessons by watching than experiencing, take some cues from these couples.

gone girl review

Gone Girl: Suspense, Revenge and Everything in Between

The ultimate guidebook for revenge or a step back for feminism? Whatever your thoughts on Gone Girl, we can all agree: it offers one captivating ride.

what I learned from no strings attached

11 Delightful Things I Learned from No Strings Attached

Ashton and Natalie really hit the nail on the head with this romantic comedy about casual relationships and its hilarious consequences!

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