Shawn Lehrke has been a freelance author for over 15 years. Her writing expertise spans a variety of niches, but her passion is creative writing. Shawn lives in Wisconsin with her husband of 20 years, and she enjoys fishing and spending time with family in her free time.

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Getting Over Rejection: How to Bounce Back in No Time

Rejection stinks—no denying it. After a rejection or two, you might think it is hopeless, but have no fear: your unchosen status can be left behind.

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Mushy Ways to Show Someone You Love Them Without Words

Saying “I love you” is great, but showing your love is even better. Check out these ways to show your partner just how much you care without saying a word.

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sex as a bargaining tool

Using Sex as a Bargaining Tool: Why it’s a Terrible Idea

They say that a man doing the dishes will put his partner in the mood for romance. Many women swear by it, but is it right to use sex as a commodity?

Shawn_Lehrke by Shawn Lehrke
why get married

Why Get Married? 10 of the Worst Reasons to Tie the Knot

Couples tie the knot all the time. Usually L-O-V-E is the reason, but what if it’s not? What if there’s another, less romantic rationale?

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pregnant sex

9 Amazing Benefits of Having Sex While You’re Pregnant

You may not feel at your sexiest during pregnancy, but did you know that there are numerous benefits to having sex while you’re pregnant?

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low self esteem

10 Signs of Low Self-Esteem and 5 Ways to Increase It

If you often feel down in the dumps about yourself, you may have low self-esteem. Here are some of the common signs, as well as some tips to boost yours.

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relationship stress

Stress Ruining Your Relationship? 10 Signs and Quick Fixes

Stress is everywhere; it’s unavoidable. Could it be ruining your relationship? Here are 5 signs of a relationship on the rocks… and 5 speedy fixes.

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morning routine to start a great day

11 Quick & Easy Morning Routines to Jumpstart a Great Day

What you do every morning can really make a difference in transforming your day from mediocre to phenomenal! Here are 11 routines to give you a boost.

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blindfold sex

Blindfold Sex: 15 Sensual Ways to Use Blindfolds in Bed

Spicing up your time in the bedroom is far easier than you might think. Throw in some blindfold sex and things will be spicer than a hot curry!

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Female Masturbation facts

Female Masturbation: 17 Facts about the Naughty Secret

The subject is taboo, but don’t think it doesn’t happen. Women do masturbate, and here are 18 female masturbation facts to enlighten you on the subject!

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