Jorella Valino is a freelance writer, human resources manager, and animal rights advocate. She maintains a cruelty-free and vegan blog dedicated solely to raising awareness on animal rights issues around the world and ending animal cruelty. She believes that sharing her thoughts and views about animal rights will encourage other people to become like her – a voice for the voiceless. Furthermore, her works include papers on labor and human resource development in the Philippines as she has a postgraduate and masters degree in Labor and Industrial Relations and Human Resource Development. When she is not busy with her advocacy, work, and writing, she spends all her time caring for her two Siberian Huskies and Persian cat and goes scuba diving with friends.

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getting back with a cheater

Getting Back with a Cheater: Is It Really Possible?

When someone cheats on you and leaves your heart shattered, is it still possible for you to let bygones be bygones and continue the relationship?

Jorella_Valino by Jorella Valino
fling turning into a relationship

8 Subtle Signs Your Fling is Turning into a Relationship

You said you’d be friends with benefits, but somehow, you’re getting more than just the obvious benefits. Are you headed to relationship territory?

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signs he won't be in a relationship with you

6 Sure Signs He’ll Never Be in a Relationship with You

You’ve been dating for a while, and it’s been great. But for some reason, you can’t seem to get past the dating stage. Why aren’t you progressing?

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skype sex

8 Tips for Having Steamy Skype Sex with Your Guy

Just because you’re in a long distance relationship, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a hot webcam session with your partner!

Jorella_Valino by Jorella Valino

What It’s Like Being a Military Significant Other

While there’s a lot of focus on valiant military men in the media, this article tells you what it’s like to be the one who’s dating him.

Jorella_Valino by Jorella Valino