I'm a quirky and passionate individual who believes in True Love. I live for deep conversations and a good novel to read. I am in love with Life, and I want to experience everything to the fullest. My passions are what drive me, and it is Love that keeps me whole.

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how to attract an older man

How to Attract an Older Man: 9 Crucial Steps to Win Them Over

Have your eye on a smoldering older man, but can’t seem to get his attention? Here are nine simple, fool-proof ways to attract an older man.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
Straight Girl

A Straight Girl’s View on the Seduction of Lesbian Porn

You may be a straight girl who isn’t interested in experimenting, and yet, the seduction of lesbian porn is something we just can’t ignore. Why is that?!

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
Relationship with a Narcissist

Relationship with a Narcissist: What It Really Means to Love One

My relationship with a narcissist was the greatest form of self-destruction I ever experienced. What does it mean to love a narcissist?

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
Hopeless Romantics

Hopeless Romantic: 10 Big Struggles of Being in Love with Love

I am a sucker for romantic movies. Whenever I go to a wedding, I cry sentimental tears. Since a little girl, I knew I was a hopeless romantic.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
subtle sexiness

10 Methods to Thoroughly Master the Art of Subtle Sexiness

Exposed breasts and legs, while sexy, aren’t subtle. Although there is nothing wrong with blatant sexiness, subtle sexiness is an art to be envied.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
things to tell your man in bed

10 Sexy Sweet-Nothings to Whisper to Your Man in Bed

Pillow talk is one of the best ways to feel close to your partner and amp up your bedroom romps. Here are 10 sexy phrases to say to your lover in bed.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
anxiety in a relationship

What It Feels Like to Experience Anxiety in a Relationship

Anxiety is an oft-misunderstood experience—even more so when it involves romance. Here, we delve into the particulars of anxiety in relationships.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
leaving someone you love

10 Questions to Ask Before Leaving Someone You Love

You’ve made up your mind: you’re bidding your love adieu. It’s time to move on. Wait a moment, and ask these 10 questions before you leave it all behind.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
9-year love ending relationship

9 Year Love: The Pain of Ending a Long-Term Relationship

Everyone has their own love story to tell; in a way, perhaps all love stories are the same. Below are 6 reasons that leaving may be the best choice.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
being in love

Being in Love – Are You in Love with the Idea of Love?

Are you in love—or in love with the idea of love? These 10 signs will let you know whether your love is real or idealized.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana