Why is He Ignoring Me? 17 Answers You Might Not Want to Hear

why is he ignoring me

Sometimes, you won’t get responses when you want. Why is he ignoring me? If you find yourself asking that question, these answers can help.

It’s really frustrating when a guy doesn’t text you back. Anyone who’s been ignored knows the feeling well and would most likely never want to feel it again. It also might leave you with a lot of questions. But why is he ignoring me? Why won’t he just text me back?

It’s annoying, yes. However, there are some legitimate reasons a guy could be ignoring you. You don’t know what’s going on in his life and you can’t know what he’s doing every minute of every day.

How worrying too much about him ignoring you can ruin everything

Let’s think about this for a minute. How would you react if you grabbed your phone after a two-hour nap to a dozen texts and a few missed calls from a guy? You’d probably be a little weirded out, wouldn’t you?

The same goes for a guy. Assuming he’s ignoring you when he’s really just busy can do a lot of hard. This usually happens when you just start overthinking everything. Don’t ruin a great thing by being overly needy and clingy. [Read: 20 mistakes you need to stop making if you have relationship anxiety]

He might not actually be ignoring you at all

Instead of jumping to crazy conclusions, you should stop and think about the person a little harder. Is he really ignoring you? Here are some situations that could explain why you haven’t heard from him in a while.

#1 He’s just busy. People get busy and can’t get to their phones all the time. You do sometimes, too. He might not be ignoring you at all. He could just be very busy and unable to get to his phone.

I know you might be thinking, “but why can’t he just say that?” But honestly, if you’re unexpectedly very busy, you’re not going to grab your phone. Your mind is occupied. That could very well be the case with him. [Read: How to tell if a guy is playing you]

#2 His phone died. Let’s be real for a minute. Phones die all the time. I think we’ve grown, as a society, to just expect people to keep their phone charged when they know they’ll be away from a charging source. But people don’t actually do that.

It’s very likely that his phone died and he just isn’t even aware you’re trying to get in touch with him. Before jumping to conclusions, remember that his phone could be dead.

#3 He lost his phone. This one might not be as likely, but it’s still possible. Instead of ignoring you, he couldn’t just lost his phone. It might’ve slipped out of his pocket while eating at a restaurant and it also could’ve just fallen out of his pocket and onto the seat of his car. If he doesn’t have his phone on him, he can’t get your messages. [Read: 20 sure reasons why a guy could be ignoring you]

#4 He fell asleep. If you know he’s home and you’re convinced he’s ignoring you, just think about the fact that he could be asleep. People take naps all the time. He easily could have dozed off for a couple hours and hasn’t seen your texts or calls yet.

#5 He left his phone behind. This is another perfectly logical reason for his unresponsiveness. He just left his phone behind. He didn’t bring it to the store or out with friends for dinner.

Sure, it’s less logical nowadays but there are still plenty of people who don’t have their phone with them everywhere they go. He could be one of them.

#6 He doesn’t have service. He can’t get your messages if he doesn’t have network or service. Depending on where he is, he could be stuck without a connection at all. If that’s the case, he’s obviously not ignoring you. He just can’t reach you. [Read: Why do men hate talking on the phone so much?]

#7 Something unexpected came up. You can’t know every little thing in his life. Something serious could’ve randomly came up and he can’t get back to you. He could have been in an accident or had to rush out because someone he knows was in an accident. Life is full of unexpected things. Don’t just assume he’s ignoring you.

Why is he ignoring me? Legitimate reasons why he’s actually doing it

If the above reasons don’t fit, then he might really be ignoring you. After a couple days of silence on his end, you can expect one of the below to be true about why he’s ignoring you.

#1 He doesn’t like you. He might not like you. Is that a bad thing? Not really. If he doesn’t like you, why would he string you along? Sure, he should’ve said something but the fact that he’s ignoring you is sending a very clear message. [Read: 16 signs he just doesn’t like you anymore]

#2 You’re annoying him. Honestly, you could be annoying him if you keep texting and calling. If you’re sending text after text without a response, chill out.

Remember that if you’re being annoying, people will avoid talking to you. The same is true for people who annoy you. So make sure you haven’t been blabbing on and on without hearing anything back.

#3 You upset him somehow. Maybe you made a joke and insulted him. It’s completely possible that he’s upset with you and so he actually is ignoring you. Think about the things you’ve said and see if you can apologize.

#4 He’s playing hard to get. He could just want more attention. Playing hard to get doesn’t typically work all that well but he might be doing it anyways. Therefore, he’s ignoring you to make you want him more. [Read: Is he playing hard to get?]

#5 He only wants something specific from you. Truth be told, he might only want some naughty things from you. Therefore, he won’t text you unless he actually wants to be with you shortly. If he ignores you except for late at night, that’s the case.

#6 You might be the side chick. This might not be something you want to think about but it’s a real possibility. If he’s around his main girl, he won’t answer your texts or calls. It’s possible you’re the side chick and that’s why he won’t respond.

#7 Someone else caught his eye. Perhaps you two were talking for a while but it’s very possible someone else might’ve stumbled into his life. A great way to tell with this is if he slowly tapered off communication. If so, he may have met someone else and started talking to them more and more while ignoring you. [Read: 10 signs your man has a crush on someone else]

#8 He’s testing you. This is a pretty shitty thing to do but it’s done sometimes. He might be trying to test how much you’d freak out if he stopped talking to you. It’s like he’s baiting you to see if you’re the “crazy” type. Don’t give in to it.

#9 You don’t have anything interesting to say. Are you actually trying to have a conversation or are you barely talking? If you’re only talking about the same things you always do, he might ignore you just because he’s bored. [Read: 8 ways to stop being boring around people]

#10 You freaked him out with your clinginess when he was busy so now he really is ignoring you. How did you react when you thought he was ignoring you? Did you send a bunch of texts and call over and over? If you did, there’s a good chance he’s ignoring you because of that, even if he was only busy before. You messed that one up on your own.

[Read: 10 reasons you turn people off and make them ignore you]

Why is he ignoring me? When you ask yourself this question, backtrack a little first and realize that he might not be ignoring you at all. There’s no need to freak out for no reason.

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