Grower vs Shower: How It’s Different & Ways to Tell Which Penis is Better

Which is better when it comes to the length of a penis… a grower or a shower? Learn all about the differences and everything else you wanted to know.

grower not a shower

When it comes to the size of the thing they’ve got packing between their legs, men seem to put a lot of their confidence into the size. We’re not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing. 

Let’s face it, having a larger one makes getting laid and being good in bed a tad bit easier. That being said, some guys behave differently depending on their size. 

The real difference in personality comes down to whether he’s a grower, not a shower. For those of you who don’t know the difference, hang tight.

For sure, you could argue that size doesn’t actually matter, it’s more what he does with it. But that’s not how guys see it. 

They take great pride in size and assume that’s all they need to tick off when it comes to pleasing their partner. The truth is obviously a little more complicated than that! [Read: The average penis – easy answers that’ll make you a know-it-all]

What’s the difference between a grower and a shower?

It’s confusing for someone who has never heard these terms before. However, they are pretty self-explanatory. 

A grower is someone whose penis is smaller when flaccid but grows to a substantial size when they’re hard.

A shower is someone who looks bigger when they’re flaccid but doesn’t really grow as much when they’re erect. Basically, what you see when they’re not excited is usually what you get when they are. [Read: Why are men so obsessed with their penis size?]

The argument about whether you want a grower or a shower from the start comes down to the fact that you’re not going to get any more than you already see with a shower. 

With a grower, however, the magic happens as he gets excited!

Why are there growers and showers in the first place?

According to some experienced doctors, genetics play a large role in the overall category into which a man falls. However, collagen production and skin elasticity also present key factors to consider. 

So basically, how far a guy stretches his penis out is how big his erection will be. [Read: Curved penis – how, why, and tips and sex positions to flaunt a bent boner]

Those aren’t the only reasons, though. It also depends on a person’s health. Certain diets foster better blood flow, which obviously means they’re going to grow much more than someone with poor circulation. 

It could also come down to chance because let’s face it, nothing is ever easy to understand when it comes to penises. [Read: 18 fascinating and unknown facts about the penis]

How do you know if a guy is a grower or a shower? 

For some guys, it might be obvious whether he’s a grower or a shower. So, there might not even need to be any tests done to know for sure.

If the guy’s penis looks almost exactly the same whether he’s soft or hard, then he’s probably a shower. But if it looks a lot bigger or longer when it’s hard, then he’s probably a grower.

However, if you’re not satisfied with this explanation, then you can figure it out a little more scientifically if you want to, based on research. [Read: Penis facts – 18 shocking and weird dick facts you have no idea about]

While the guy is flaccid, you can measure from the tip of the penis head to the base of the shaft. You can use a measuring tape or a ruler, but make sure you hold it close to the skin to get an accurate measurement.

Once the guy is erect, then measure the penis again from tip to head. If the difference in length is more than 1.5 inches longer than when it was soft, then that means he’s a grower. If it’s less than 1.5 inches, then he’s a shower.

Does being a grower or a shower mean anything about the actual size? 

Generally speaking, a soft penis length doesn’t necessarily correlate with a hard penis length. However, what does correlate with the length is a penis put out on “full stretch.” [Read: Circumcised vs. uncircumcised penis – who makes the sexy cut?]

In other words, you grab ahold of the penis and pull it as hard as you can, like you’re trying to pull it off. The ability of the penis to grow is directly proportional to how far you can pull it away from the body.

So, flaccid penis size is not a reliable indicator of its erect size. That’s why growers do experience a larger increase in the length from their baseline penis size. 

2018 study found that growers had large erect penis sizes, measuring on average 15.5 cm compared to 13.1 in the shower group. [Read: Weird penis – freaky behaviors that are totally normal]

Can a man change from being a grower to a shower? 

Actually, yes, a man can change. Growers may become less of a grower when they age, and a shower may become less of a shower too.

As people get older, they tend to become less of a grower because the proportion of collagen fibers changes as a man ages.

There have been studies on rat penises that have shown that as rats get older, there is a decrease in elastic fibers in the penis, and the same is presumably true for human men as well. [Read: Different types of penises – 22 shapes and ones that feel oh-so-good or meh inside you]

A grower might become more of a shower as his tissues stretch out over time because growers tend to be younger than showers.

On the other hand, some people may become more of a grower as their tissues shrink and become less elastic over time. This causes the penis to retract and experience a larger increase in length when a man becomes erect.

Do women have any preference for a grower or shower? 

This is a difficult question to answer because every woman is different. [Read: Best sex positions for men with smaller penises]

Some might prefer a shower because they like seeing a long, large soft penis because it looks like the man has a big package. They might not care that the size doesn’t change much when he’s erect.

On the other hand, some women may prefer the grower because it excites them to see how much the man’s penis changes when he gets excited around her. 

At the end of the day, most women probably don’t put much thought into it. What matters to them is how well he can use his penis to pleasure her.

And don’t forget, personality is attractive and sexy too – it’s not just all about the penis length. [Read: Does penis size matter? Big vs. small dick and qualities of both]

This is why you want a grower not a shower

Some say there are arguments for showers, too. However, we believe the one you really want is the one who can surprise you with something—the grower.

While you may not be able to choose whether or not your man is a grower and not a shower, there are definite reasons why you want someone who appears smaller. 

Here are all the reasons why being with a grower is the way to go. [Read: How to know a guy has a big dick – 18 signs he’s big & well-endowed]

1. They’re not cocky

Excuse the pun. Growers tend to be more relaxed about their confidence than showers. Actually, showers tend to be kind of cocky and rude in their behavior. 

They’re all about, “Hey, look what I’ve got” when really it’s the last place you’re looking. 

This is because they all know they have something great in their pants and their package is something that would attract you. [Read: Big vs small dick – 21 best & worst qualities to pick the best penis]

For this reason, showers come off as selfish and cocky. Something that’s not attractive at all.

2. They have mysterious confidence down-pat

When you’re with someone who is a grower, they always walk around like they have a small—yet important—secret they just can’t wait to reveal. And we all know how much women love mysterious men.

Safe in the quiet knowledge they have something great hidden in a package that might not seem so wonderful keeps them confident in the most enticing way. [Read: Subtle differences between a confident and arrogant man]

Their mannerisms will be confident in a subtle way. Something women love.

3. They know not to judge a book by its cover

And for that reason, girls with less obvious attractive qualities have a better chance of snagging a great guy. These guys know what it’s like to have more to offer than what meets the eye. 

So, they’ll be more willing to accept a gal who might not have it all in the looks department but has plenty more to offer in her personality. [Read: Sexy things to love about an uncircumcised penis]

4. They will be very modest about themselves

Growers are definitely not men showing off their talents and attributes like it’s their job. These guys will be modest and humble when it comes to everything. Especially the unexpected package that they’re packing.

You won’t have to worry about their chauvinistic attitude causing fights, scenes, or any other unpleasant situation that you, as their significant other, have to deal with. [Read: Types of guys in the world of dating]

5. You’ll be the only person around that really knows their secret

A fun little quality that’s more a personal reason you want a grower and not a shower. Growers may not look like much on the surface, but you know what they REALLY have in store for you when you get home.

6. You’ll feel great about yourself

This one can be hard to understand but bear with us. When you end up sleeping with someone who is a shower, you don’t see them get very big when you strip down.

That being said, when you’re with a grower, you feel so much more powerful when you take off your clothes and watch them go from nada to TA-DA! [Read: Naughty ways to tease your man and leave him hard]

You’ll feel like you have a much bigger effect on their arousal when you’re with a grower.

7. First-time sex will be less intimidating

The grower will be more nervous than you. Growers tend to be slightly insecure when it comes to getting naked in front of someone for the first time. This takes the pressure off you slightly.

You won’t have to worry about what you’ve got going on when you know your grower feels insecure about themselves too. [Read: Sleeping with someone new for the first time? Must-follow rules]

Of course, in reality, neither of you has anything to feel insecure about because you’re about to have a wonderful time!

8. They may be less likely to cheat

This point can be argued to some degree, but we think it’s an important reason that you would want a grower and not a shower. Showers can have an attitude that they’re better than others. 

And feel they can get away with having sex with other girls because they know they’ll have luck. This is because of their large member being visible without them being aroused. [Read: Avoid them like the plague – 16 types of guys not to date]

Now, it’s said that people cheat for personal reasons and we 100% believe that. But we also believe guys who are showers and know they are, are more likely to engage in unfaithful behavior.

9. They’re more likely to want to please you

Even though they do grow to a great size, growers still seem to be self-conscious about their size because it’s small when flaccid.

This makes them want to work that much harder to ensure you’re satisfied in bed. It’s as if they compensate for their small, flaccid penis even though their hard-on is perfectly average or bigger. [Read: Fun and sexy ways to please a woman in bed]

10. They’re more considerate of your insecurities

Growers understand what it’s like to have insecurities. They have a HUGE insecurity of their own. Growers get self-conscious because their penis looks small when it’s not geared up for use.

This means that guys who are growers and not showers have a better understanding of what it’s like to dislike certain parts of your body. 

They won’t poke fun at anything you don’t like about yourself since they wouldn’t want you to make fun of them. [Read: How to feel more confident in your body & fall in love with you]

We know why you want a grower, not a shower, but how can you tell?

You might be reading this and thinking “sure, I want a grower, but how do I know when he’s fully dressed?”

Good point. Let’s be honest, you can pretty much tell when a guy’s packing versus when he’s not. You just need a quick and very subtle glance. [Read: Main types of sex and 23 fun ways to make intercourse more fun and hot]

Now, we’re not suggesting you go around checking out guys and their packages randomly, but you wanted to know how to tell, right?

That’s the only way to tell whether you’re dealing with a shower or a grower from the get-go before either of you gets naked.

[Read: Common guy insecurities that women don’t realize]

Even though you can’t choose which type of guy you get, there are some solid reasons, if you could choose, go for a grower, not a shower.

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