What Does Eye Contact Mean to a Guy: Is He a Subtle Flirt?

Some subtle signs of flirting are very easy to miss and easily misunderstood, but exactly what does eye contact mean to a guy? Learn what he really wants.

what does eye contact mean to a guy

Flirting is complicated, it’s full of confusion, and quite frankly, I wish it was easier. But I’m here to help you figure out what does eye contact mean to a guy exactly. Because most flirting never uses a word.

For example, did you ever think you’re flirting up a storm, but it turns out it was completely lost on the object of your flirting desire. Or they might think they’re effectively communicating their desires to you via a look or a smile, but you might be looking past them at the wall behind them.

Sadly, flirting doesn’t come with a rule book or handbook. We’re not given this set of guidelines at birth and then armed with the knowledge to know what to do when we finally decide we want to attract a mate. We’re left to our own devices. For some people, that can lead to comical and sometimes embarrassing results.

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Eye contact flirting

One of the main methods of flirting is eye contact. However, there are different ways to make eye contact. It really comes down to the length of time you hold the gaze, as well as what else you do while holding their eye. If you accidentally do something weird with your mouth? Embarrassing.

Because flirting signs tend to be a little different for everyone. The good news is the eye contact is generally the one you can rely upon to get your point across, provided you know what to look for. So, with that in mind, let’s explore the question of what does eye contact mean to a guy. Then, you can make sure that you’re getting your intentions across without any risk of confusion.

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What does eye contact mean to a guy exactly?

Good news! Even the most inexperienced guy in the dating world will understand what you mean if you make regular eye contact with him. However, that doesn’t mean you can glance at him once and expect him to get the picture.

When exploring what does eye contact mean to a guy, it only really means something when it’s held for the right amount of time. This means a few seconds, maybe accompanied by a smile, a bite of the lip, or looking away and then glancing back again. It’s about coy flirting. It’s something to practice a little if you want to get it right. [Read: Subtle but powerful eye contact flirting moves that work like a charm]

So, what does eye contact mean to a guy? It means you like him. He should take the hint from there and help you out!

However, what does it mean when it’s in the opposite direction? What does eye contact mean to a guy when he’s the one doing the gazing?

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It generally means he’s into you, but, once more, be careful. A mere glance means nothing, but a few glances or a prolonged glance is what you’re looking for. Also look out for these signs:

#1 Pupils are dilated. This might be tough to spot if you’re not sure what to look for. You basically want to see that the black part of his eye, the middle bit, is larger than it would normally be. It sounds tough to spot, but when someone’s pupils are dilated, it’s normally quite clear.

So, if you’re wondering what does eye contact mean to a guy when he’s gazing your way and his pupils are dilated, it means he’s into you!

#2 He holds your gaze for a little longer. As I mentioned before, a quick glance doesn’t really mean anything, but if you notice that he keeps doing it, or he holds your gaze for a second or two longer than feels normal or comfortable, it means he’s trying to get your attention and probably trying to figure out how you feel about it all. If you’re feeling it too, hold his gaze in return. Then, attempt a smile! [Read: The subtlest flirting moves to bring them close without much effort]

#3 He smiles slightly, almost like he can’t help himself. Eye contact alone is pretty telling. But, if it’s accompanied by a small smile, it’s a very clear sign of attraction. We’re talking about what does eye contact mean to a guy, and alone it’s clear. However, when a smile is there, it’s almost like taking it up several notches. If you’re experiencing this, it’s a good sign if you’re interested in him too!

#4 His eyes almost dance or shine. This one is hard to explain, but you’ll know it when you see it. When we see something we like, our eyes become shiny, almost teary. It’s not about crying, it’s about excitement. You’ve no doubt heard of someone’s eyes dancing when they smile and enjoy something. If you see this, it’s a very good sign. He wants to get to know you better.

#5 He raises an eyebrow. A raised eyebrow is a silent question when it’s combined with slightly prolonged eye contact. If he smiles at the same time, you might even take it as an invitation to go over and talk to him! It’s up to you whether you do or not, but it’s definitely a good sign in the attraction stakes. [Read: Is he flirting with me? These 12 signs reveal what he wants]

So, what’s your next move?

We’ve pretty much ascertained that if a guy is giving you prolonged or regular eye contact, it’s a sign that he likes you. That answers the question of ‘what does eye contact mean to a guy’. Now ask yourself what you’re going to do in response. Are you going to smile back? Will you make his life easier and go over to him? Do you even want to get to know him?

The best way to let a guy know that you’re not interested when he’s throwing eye contact your way is to refuse to meet his eye. He will get the message quickly! However, if you do want to talk to him and get to know him a little, help him out and show him that his efforts aren’t in vain.

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Flirting is hard no matter who you are, simply because you can never be sure if your attraction or interest will be received in the way you want it to be or if they feel the same way back. You make yourself vulnerable and put yourself out there.

So, if you really do want to get to know someone more who is flirting a little in your direction, avoid the old ‘playing hard to get’ routine and instead just be direct. You’re wasting time by playing games anyway. In the world of love, there is no time to be wasted! [Read: 15 subtle but speedy ways to encourage a guy to make the first move]

Of course, some people come over all nervous and shy when they catch someone looking their way. If that sounds like you, be brave. That person shows bravery by looking at you in the first place. Do the same and just go for it. Seriously, what’s the worst that could happen? It doesn’t work out, and then so what? You just move on. No harm done!

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So, what does eye contact mean to a guy? The answer is pretty straightforward *usually*, and he’s into you. Normally, he’ll take your contact attempts to have the same meaning. It’s flirting 101.

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