9 Signs Your Boyfriend is No Longer in Love with You

Getting the feeling that your boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore would wear anyone down. Here’s how to check if your gut feeling is right.

boyfriend no longer loves you

If you’re starting to feel like your boyfriend isn’t showing love the way that he used to, and suddenly you feel like less of a priority and more of an accessory in his life, he might have fallen out of love with you. Even though this sounds horribly heartbreaking, there’s no point in wasting time with someone, if they no longer love you. He may or may not have found someone else, but somewhere along the line, he felt a disconnect with you that ruined his interest in the relationship.

How to know if your boyfriend no longer loves you

Before you start getting paranoid about his feelings *or lack of feelings* for you, it’s best to make sure that you have evidence to support your claim. Below are some of the signs that may tell you that your guy is no longer as into you as he used to be.

#1 He blatantly checks out other women in front of you. Some men would beg to differ, stating that it’s in a man’s nature to look at an attractive woman. However, if he’s excessive about it, to the point that he has eye-sex with female passersby in front of you, then he may be showing a lack of interest, and a definite lack of respect for you. [Read: 10 guys to stop dating if you want real love]

#2 He doesn’t take you seriously. He doesn’t listen to you, and you have to remind him about your mom’s birthday dinner at least a few times a week, if you want him to be there. During fights he says anything to end the fight, but nothing seems genuine. When you threaten to leave him, he shrugs his shoulders or says something like “maybe you’re better off without me.”

#3 He no longer calls or responds to your texts. He used to call you during all of your lunch breaks, after work, even if you lived with him. Now he never calls you, or maybe he only texts you in response to something you sent him. This one’s hard to say, because some guys are kings of one word answers, whereas others are more vocal. If he responds to a cute text with one word or no words at all, he may be losing interest. [Read: 20 reasons why a guy could be ignoring you]

#4 He isn’t affectionate. There’s no hand holding, no flirting, no kissing, no cuddling… Nada! This is a really bad sign that he’s lost feelings for you, because if he was still in love with you, he’d want to touch and hold you all the time. If he used to be affectionate, but you’ve noticed a huge change in that department, it could be time to say goodbye to this relationship.

#5 He’s not interested in sex anymore. Maybe he used to ask if you had an orgasm, and now he’s become quickie Ricky, and you pretty much feel like a sex toy. He doesn’t ask if it’s good for you, and generally doesn’t look like he cares. When you bring it up with him, he diverts the issue back to you, by saying that you don’t do anything different, or he didn’t have enough energy, because he was tired from work.

He’ll be extremely selfish in bed, and may even stop having sex with you in general, but still asks for oral. Either he’s getting his sex fix somewhere else, or he’s just really losing interest in you. [Read: 9 big issues on a man’s mind when he’s having sex]

#6 He asks for more space. Men usually ask for more space when they want to see or have sex with other women, point blank. I know it sounds brutal, but it’s usually the case. Sometimes, he’s already found that woman or women, and is currently seeing them behind your back. This could be why he’ll ask for space, rather than man up and explain that he’s no longer into you.

This might not always be the case, but unless you’ve recently had a blow-out fight or you’ve done something that he saw as a deal breaker such as being too clingy or nagging too much, there’s really no other explanation for him wanting more space all of a sudden. [Read: 10 hints your guy will give if he wants more space]

#7 He avoids talking about the relationship. If you and your boyfriend used to talk for hours about your relationship or you used to be lovey-dovey, and now he can’t bear to withstand a mushy convo about the relationship, that’s a warning sign.

Men who are no longer in love with you will avoid conversations about the relationship and your feelings at all costs. This is how they avoid feeling guilty for their lack of feelings towards you.

#8 He no longer compliments you. If he no longer comments on your appearance, especially when you change your hair or get your nails done, he could be losing feelings. This is especially true if he’s suddenly becoming negative about your appearance, or comparing you to other women.

It could be things like “why did you go short again?” or “I told you I hate that dress,” that could show his level of attraction might be waning. If he points out women in public or on TV that have something that you don’t, he’s really not someone worth sticking around for.

#9 He doesn’t talk about the future. Most men in relationships are so excited and enamoured with their girlfriend that they find themselves talking about the future… a lot! Whether it be that he can’t wait to take you to his family’s cottage, or wants to plan a trip with you, or even just telling you about people he can’t wait for you to meet, he puts you in the picture of his future.

If your guy doesn’t talk about anything other than the present moment, he may have a different image in his future, and it might not include you. [Read: 10 sneaky signs you’re about to get dumped]

If your guy is displaying any of these characteristics, it could be that he’s no longer in love with you. While this may happen for a variety of reasons, what it really means is that you need to re-evaluate your place in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t value you.

Guys might stick with a girl out of feelings of obligation or maybe because your families are close or maybe because he gets some sort of benefit from being with you. But do you want to be the girl whose boyfriend isn’t with you because he really wants to be?

Don’t sell yourself short, and realize it could be time to move on and find someone who truly appreciates all of the qualities that he’s taking for granted. No one deserves to be tagged along when they have the opportunity to find a better boyfriend elsewhere.

If he truly doesn’t love you and is too cowardly to admit it, it’s best if you cut your losses and take the plunge first. You deserve to have a great relationship with someone who values you as much as you value them.

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If you’re not sure where you stand with your current boyfriend, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship and ask him where it’s going. If he isn’t giving a clear answer, these 9 signs could lift the veil on his true feelings for you.

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