Signs a Man is in Love: 17 Gestures that are Louder Than Words

Everyone is different, but when a guy is feeling those fluttering feelings in his heart, it’s surprisingly obvious. Here are the signs a man is in love. 

signs a man is in love

When you like someone, it’s easy to over or under-interpret the signs they give you. Why? Because you feel vulnerable. You love someone and you’re not sure if they love you back. So, whatever they do, you analyze and keep looking for the signs a man is in love.

The problem is, overanalyzing will alway get you into trouble. It’s impossible to tell you not to think about it, or even to think about it too much. Of course you’re going to. What you need to do however, is be sure that you’re analyzing in the right way. Look for the signs and identify them, rather than trying to read too much into something that may or may not be there. [Read: What does love feel like? 24 Feelings you can’t deny]

All the signs a man is in love with you

Men are not so cryptic as we think they are. But they’re not that easy either. When it comes to humans, we’re all complicated in our ways! Sometimes you think a guy loves you and it turns out be something else. However, there are also times when you might think a guy doesn’t love you, but he’s hiding his feelings well.

To help you work out this universal conundrum, we’re going to show you the signs a man is in love. However, remember that you need to look for several signs to be sure. [Read: 15 Ways you’ll experience what love really feels like]

Not every single guy on the planet will show these signs, but they are pretty common ones, so, you’ll probably spot most of them. Remember, it’s not always what they say, but what they do.

1. He treats you like a priority

In his eyes, you’re number one. He puts you above everyone else, and that’s a real sign he loves you.

If he didn’t love you or even care about you, you’d be on the same level as his family dog, maybe even lower. You’re the most important person in his life, and he shows it. [Read: Should you never make someone a priority?]

2. You’re in his life

You’re in his life, really in it. You’re not his Friday night fling, you’re his Monday to Monday girl. You know everything he does, he knows everything you do, you talk on the phone all the time, you’re over at his house, etc. You guys are in each other’s lives, and you’re very active. This is what love is, you’re a part of each other. [Read: 10 ways to prove you’re the real girlfriend material]

3. You’ve met the family

Listen, this one is huge. Men do not bring women home to meet their families if you’re just some girl. If you meet their families, you’re someone very important to them.

They’re proud of you and they’re proud to show their family who they stand beside. This is a huge sign you’re someone he really cares about. [Read: 7 Clear signs it’s the right time to meet the family]

4. He goes out of his way to please you

Maybe your favorite cupcake shop is on the other side of town. Well, he drove there after work and bought you one. Did he have to do it? No, but he wanted to surprise you with something you like.

If he takes the time to go out of his way to please you, then he has feelings for you. No guy wastes their time like that if you meant nothing to him. [Read: Does he love you? 20 sure signs he just can’t hide]

5. He comes to you for advice

He doesn’t just see you as only a piece of ass, he sees you as a person. This means he respects you and values your opinion. So, if he comes to you for advice, he looks at you like a partner. He wants you to help him, and we only really ask people we love for advice.

6. He talks about the future

He may not say, “So, when we get married, we should buy a house.” But, he may say things like, “Oh, we need to check out this park soon,” or “Going to Mexico would be a fun trip.” These lines may not sound like they’re in the future, but they are. Whether it’s a week or a month ahead, it’s still him planning out his future with you. [Read: 14 undeniable signs he wants to spend his lifetime with you]

7. He loves being close to you

He loves cuddling with you and watching movies. He loves sitting beside you during dinner or standing next to you at the club. He wants to be beside you, why? Because he loves you. If he’s close to you, there’s a reason why. If he wasn’t into you, he’d be wandering around the club, hitting on chicks.

8. He makes an effort to please you in bed

Men who don’t care about you, well, they’re not concerned about pleasing you, they’re concerned about ejaculating.

If a guy really cares about you, when it comes to sex, he’ll focus on pleasing you and making sure you experience satisfaction. With love, they know it’s not all about them, and they don’t want it to be only about them. [Read: 14 surefire signs your guy thinks you’re smoking hot!]

9. In trouble? He drops everything for you

If something happens to you and you call him, he drops everything to come help you out. This is someone who cares about you. If he couldn’t give a shit that you just got mugged, he doesn’t love you. Someone who literally stops everything to help you is someone who really cares.

10. He pulls away

We know, this one sucks, but it’s very common. Men get scared when they feel that they’re losing control of their feelings. If he feels he’s falling in love, sometimes, instead of telling you, he’ll pull away.

You’ll feel him becoming distant and cold while he pushes you away. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you, it just means he’s scared. Unfortunately, when this happens many girls assume that their guy has lost interest and they start to pull away too. We all want to protect our feelings in the end. That’s how many relationships that had major potential never really get off the ground. [Read: Why men pull away: Their reasoning and your response]

11. His friends know all about you

Before you even met them, they’ve already seen your photos, your Facebook, the whole nine-yards. He wants to show you off to his friends. He wants them to see the girl that has his heart. This is a huge deal, men don’t introduce their one-night stands. If they introduce you to their friends, they’re proud of you.

12. He’s supportive of you

If you have a heated debate at the dinner table, he’s right beside you, having your back. A person that really cares about you will support you through thick and thin. That is a true partner. If he doesn’t care enough to come see your show or help you solve a problem with work, he’s not fully there for you. [Read: 25 things guys say when they like you – lines that mean a lot more]

13. The look – you know the one

You know what look we’re talking about. It’s that moment of silence and he’s staring, really looking at you. In that moment, you know what he’s thinking, he loves you. Now, does that mean he’s going to tell you? No. He could be scared or shy, but if you see it in his eyes, you know how he really feels.

14. He really only has eyes for you

It’s normal that a man checks out other women, you do the same when a good looking guy walks by. But you can feel when a man is in love with you, he isn’t really looking at other women. He doesn’t feel the need to chat to other women or go hit on someone at the bar. You feel that you’re the only woman in his life. [Read: 12 Signs he wants to be exclusive and committed to only you]

15. When you’re a bitch, he sticks around

We can all be a bitch sometimes. we know that, you know that. In fact, you probably just cringed thinking about it. But if he sticks around during these moments and doesn’t just peace out and tell you to call him when you’re off your period, he really cares about you.

What guy would hang around you while you’re lashing out at him? Unless they’re chained, not many and this is one of the real signs a man is in love. [Read: 25 signs he really loves you even if he doesn’t say it out loud]

16. He tells you he loves you

Well, if he tells you then this just cancels every sign we wrote. But really look at him when he tells you, you’ll see it in his eyes. This is going to be not only a relief for you but also the moment where you get to put your guard down and tell him that you love him.

That is, if you love him too. If not, you’re going to have to let him down easy, he just confessed his love for you. [Read: How  to respond to “I love you” when you just don’t feel the same]

17. You will know

If you’re reading this, you already have your suspicions. Follow your gut, it knows. If you look at him while he’s cooking you dinner and notice that there’s just something about him, in his look or the way he talks to you or that glimmer in his eye—you think he may love you. You already know when someone loves you, you feel it whether they tell you or not.

[Read: How men fall in love – The 7 stages of love for men]

Now that you know the signs a man is in love, do you think he loves you? If he’s showing only one of these signs, it’s not enough to make this leap. But if you tick every one of them off the list, well, he’s probably in love with you.

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