Read His Mind: 30 Definite Signs a Guy Is Totally Into You


Guys aren’t easy creatures to understand. If you’re struggling to determine if a guy likes you or not, these 30 signs will help you figure it out!

Some guys really don’t go out of their way to tell you that they’re into you—something that is really exhausting to all of us ladies, sitting with all our friends, dissecting every text they ever sent us, in order to determine their true intentions.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a guy that will flat-out tell you, “Hey, you’re cool. I’m interested in you.” But most of the time, guys are way too shy or insecure to say anything like that. Or maybe they’re unsure of your feelings, so they just hold back.

Reading his mind 101: signs a guy is into you

If you really want to know what a guy is thinking, take a look at his actions. The phrase, “actions speak louder than words,” holds true in so many ways when it comes to figuring out if a guy is into you… or is just being polite. [Read: 15 surefire signs he likes you but isn’t into you]

It might take a little practice, but with time, you’ll be able to decode a guy like none other! Here are 30 different signs that show a guy is definitely into you. Next time you’re with a guy, pay attention to them, and you’ll have your answer in no time.

#1 He says so. Obvious enough, right? If he flat-out says that he’s into you, that’s really all you need to know.

#2 His friend says so. Has a guy ever come up to you in a bar and told you his friend over yonder thinks you’re attractive? If so, that is a definite sign he’s into you. Guys sometimes send their friends to do their dirty work. [Check out: 11 signs he likes you but is too chicken to admit it]

#3 He smiles at you… a lot. A smile can tell you so much about how someone is feeling. If he’s smiling at you from across the room, and even while the two of you are talking, he likes you.

#4 He compliments your appearance. A lot of guys will tell you that you’re “hot” or “sexy,” just because they want to get in your pants. But if a guy is complimenting your haircut, eyes, or even your clothing choice, they want more than just a night with you.

#5 He compliments your interests. It’s one thing for a man to compliment your appearance, but if he says you have great taste in music, movies, or hobbies, he’s really into you. [Try: 20 signs of attraction in the first conversation]

#6 He starts up the conversations. Guys who initiate the conversation are THE best! They’re also the ones who actually want to talk to you—which means they’re interested in you.

#7 He stands really close to you. Proximity is a huge indicator that a guy is interested in you. If they’re interested, they want to be as close to you as they can possibly get without seeming too creepy.

#8 He’s touchy-feely with you. A guy who likes you is going to find excuses to touch you. If the guy in question is touching your arm, putting his hand on your lower back, or making any other small moves to touch you, he wants you. [Read: How to flirt by touch without making it obvious at all]

#9 He flirts with you. Flirting sometimes happens when two people just get on a roll, but it can also be a huge indicator of some more serious feelings. A guy who’s interested in you will be keeping his flirt on all day/night long.

#10 He ignores other people when you’re around. It’s really easy to tell who’s into you when you’re in a group setting. If he sees you walk into the room and leaves anyone he’s talking to, just to come find you, he really wants you.

#11 He pays close attention when you’re talking. Especially in a group setting. Not everyone is listening to the person who’s talking. But if he is locked in, eyes on you, and commenting on what you’re saying, he’s into you. [Check out: Is he in love with you? Read his subtle signs]

#12 He gets noticeably jealous when other guys are around you. If he suddenly appears every single time another guy is chatting you up, he’s into you. By putting himself between you and this other male prospect, he’s eliminating your ability to get to know him.

#13 He pays attention to your likes/dislikes. He knows if you like peanut butter with your chocolate, or if you despise a certain food. When he knows these things and can act accordingly, this is just proving that he likes you.

#14 He always looks sharp. Meaning he always is dressed amazing, is well-groomed, and smells delicious. A guy who has his eye on someone is going to try his best to look great for them. [Check out: 25 surefire signs that tell you if a guy likes you]

#15 He’s on his best behavior. When you’re hanging out with him in a group with his friends and they’re all making crude jokes, and you notice he’s being quiet and just laughing along, he’s into you. He doesn’t want to do or say anything that might offend you—in any way.

#16 He laughs at all your jokes. Your jokes aren’t all funny—especially if you’re just not a funny person in general. But if he laughs at most of the things you say that aren’t even all that funny, he is thinking about asking you out.

#17 He divulges intimate details about his life. No guy is going to tell his deepest darkest secrets to just anybody. When guys tell you personal information about themselves, it’s because they like and trust you. [Try: How to get your man to open up]

#18 Eye contact. Eye contact is a huge indicator that someone is interested in you. When they could be looking anywhere else—at their food, the people walking by, etc.—but they’re locked onto you, it shows their true feelings.

#19 You catch him looking from a distance. If you turn your head and see him eyeing you from across the room, he’s interested in you. Guys don’t gawk for no reason.

#20 He raises his eyebrows when talking to you. It’s a proven scientific fact that a person raises their eyebrows when they’re interested in what you have to say. So watch his facial expression the next time you’re talking to him. [Read: 15 obvious flirting signs between a guy and girl]

#21 He sits with his legs wide open. This symptom of interest is far more scientific than the others. When a male likes you, his primal instincts tell him to show off his best “assets.” And our human nature tells us that his crotch is apparently what us women want to see.

#22 He does the plan-making. If he’s initiating when you’ll see each other next, where you’re going, and what you’re doing, he likes you. No guy goes to all that trouble for no reason.

#23 He always seems cheery around you. He’s going to be in a good mood around you if he has feelings for you. So if you find yourself telling him that he’s “always happy,” it’s because he’s into you. [Check out: 16 secrets to a perfectly happy relationship]

#24 He teases you. Just like when you were 6 and getting pushed in the mud by that little boy, teasing STILL means that a guy likes you. No matter what age, teasing is always a sign he’s into you.

#25 He surprises you with something you like. Your favorite coffee, candy, or even awesome concert tickets to that band that you mentioned you liked ONE TIME—this is a clear symptom of interest.

#26 He goes out of his way to get/do something for you. Men seem to be pretty selfish beings by nature. So, if he’s going out of his way to do something special for you or buy you something nice, he definitely likes you. [Read: The 25 sweetest romantic gestures for every day life]

#27 He tickles you. Tickling indicates that he wants to touch you, hear your laugh, and see that adorable smile you’ve got. All of which are huge signs he’s into you.

#28 He calls you. With texting being the primary means of communication between two people nowadays, a guy who actually makes the effort to call you is the guy who likes you most.

#29 He asks about your day. Guys aren’t really ones for small talk. But if he’s asking you about how your day has been, he wants excuses to hear from you—and maybe he really does care!

#30 He asks personal questions. When a guy is just being polite, he’ll ask surface questions, like “what’s your job,” “where are you from,” etc. But if he’s into you, he’ll delve deeper into your personal information.

[Next, read: How to know if a guy likes you for real]

Guys may be harder to decode than we would like, but the task isn’t actually impossible. These 30 signs a guy likes you are sure to help you determine whether he’s into you or not.

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One thought on “Read His Mind: 30 Definite Signs a Guy Is Totally Into You”

  1. hold on to my beer says:

    Men have been taught to be either loud or silent. Either walk up with testicles so large they cause back pain, or try to make yourself as appealing as possible so that they will escalate. Subtle flirting is not a one way street, in general, it is Cold War tactics. You inch up and up because you don’t want to be rejected. You don’t know if the other is totally going to reject you, and nothing you say will change it, and you don’t know whether you will make an ass of yourself. There are 4 basic ways this plays out. Best is that they ask you, without question. Massive confidence boost, you feel attractive, you didn’t have to put up the risk. Second best is that you ask them, and they say yes. Awesome, a date. Third is that you say nothing, and don’t get it. Too bad. And lastly, of course, you ask and they reject you. Fuck, awkward idiot. So, to avoid the outright rejection, and to only put up the number one and number three options, you set the bait. You smile more, you try to be attractive. You know all this. If we choose to let you know we like you, we USUALLY will choose to be aggressive, say “Hi, I like your face, wanna get a drink?” If we stay silent and subtle, we won’t go in for a while, we want to be sure that you like us first. Rejection, for MOST men, is devastating. It really is. It’s not socially expected for women to ask men, so by default, we must assume we have to. So we wait, we continue evaluating whether or not we are good to go. The goal is to NOT let you know we like you. Our goal is to make you like us. We know we like you, that’s already been established. Currently, the recipe for dating is “guy likes girl+girl likes guy+GUY ASKS HER OUT.” We have two pieces, we need the last one, so there’s no need, and added risk, in signalling that we like them. So we don’t try, even subconsciously. We’ve been taught that the cool stoic badass will “earn” his woman without having to ask, that the prom queen will of course be enamored with the main character, who only barely has to ask her out, we see James Bond beating off women with a stick. We need to liked not because we like them, but because we are awesome. The reason we suck at receiving them are crippling self doubt and the fact that we have to be sure. Guys do deserve more credit than we’re given, not everyone is an idiot, we will pay attention and notice when you wink, or bat your eyelashes. But don’t get pissed because we didn’t notice that you laughed slightly harder than usual at our jokes. If you try the same BS that we do of pretending to be indifferent and hiding your attraction, we’re both fucked. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m saying it’s reality. We double check and are the hardest skeptics on the planet. Batted her eyelashes the last five times she looked at us? Well, her default rate of eyelash batting is only .1% of all blinks… Not quite accurate enough to be published in a scientific journal, will need a peer review. If we fuck up, we feel it. So much. You know what I mean. Every single time we get rejected, it stays with us in the form of pessimism. We learn that our conclusion on her attracted state to us was 100% wrong, and that we’re idiots. So we boost our standards for evidence. We don’t accept subtlety. In a girl’s “ideal world”, girls want the guy to clearly receive her signals in such a way that they can silently ignore them to nonconfronationally reject them, and so that the girl can safely convince herself that “he didn’t reject me, he just didn’t receive the signals”. In a guy’s perfect world, girls are clear and concise. They make their attraction known, so that there’s no risk for rejection. This should surprise no one, it’s obvious. See the similarity? Everyone wants the person they like to go for them without having to try. The only difference is that guys have more to lose from the initial asking out part. Rejecting is USUALLY much less painful than rejection, so guys will have to “invest” more time and caution into asking someone out. This is a societal construct, due to the fact that men almost always have to make the first move, with few exceptions. Guys: Being rejected hurts, but remember that it’s nearly never from malice, or distaste, just sorta indifference. Girls: If you are watching a guy, baffled or angry that he won’t ask you out, remember, there are dozens of other girls around you that would shoot him down in a heartbeat. You feel like he has nothing to lose if he asks you, and you’re right, he would only gain. But he doesn’t know that. The only thing he knows is that it’s a crapshoot, because the last time he was sure, he was wrong, and it still stays with him. We aren’t stupid, we’re scared. You fuck up your ‘job’, you don’t get a date, but you can hold onto your confidence, for the most part, and that’s it. We fuck up, we not only don’t get a date, we get DEFINITIVE confirmation that we suck, and immediately know we fucked up. It’s socially expected that a successful woman will have to reject a dozen guys beneath her and that a successful guy will have successfully asked a dozen girls out. During a ‘asking out’ encounter, we have everything to lose.

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