Should You let a Guy Buy You a Drink?

Have you ever been in a bar, where a guy walks up to you and offers to buy you a drink? What is the right thing to do if this ever happens to you? Should you accept the drink or decline it?

Should You let a Guy Buy You a Drink?

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Is there anything called a “free” drink in this world? Or for that matter, is there anything free, especially when it comes to guys?

They want to go out on a date, and wait all day for that kiss they hope to get on the doorstep. If they book a motel room on the outskirts of the city after a late night party, they expect you to have sex.

If you tell them you’re not ready, sorry, they’d just sulk and act cranky. So the best deal here is to think clearly before you accept the drink.

A “free” drink is nothing but an exchange, a price guys pay, to have a “free” conversation with you. It’s like a barter they undertake with you. “I buy you the drink, you give me the pleasure of your company.”

Sounds crass, doesn’t it? In most cases, it definitely is, because these drink-buying guys usually come with swollen heads and inflated egoistic confidences. More than just striking a conversation, they want to show all the other guys at the club, how cool they are. And sweetheart, is that measly drink worth the pleasure of your company?

When you swig your free glass of booze, the guy thinks you’re obligated to have a long and winding conversation with him. So let there be no “free” drink story in your dating games, unless you have the same happy ending in mind, a good shag in a few hours.

Should you accept the drink?

When a drink is placed in front of you with the line “The gentleman over there sent this over,” you’ve got less than a few seconds to make your mind up on whether you want to accept his advances or decline. It may put you off balance, but don’t really give a damn about the drink or how expensive it is, even if it is a vintage Petrus Pomerol that costs a small fortune.

Look him straight and ask yourself if you want to know this guy better. Don’t let the free drink and his “sweet” gesture prick your conscience. Another pointer here, when it comes to men, the more expensive the drink, the more he’d expect from you. Gasp!

If you like the guy, nod at the bartender, smile at the guy who sent you the drink, and take a sip. Don’t bother looking at his direction any longer. He’ll probably be next to you before you sip and place the glass down!

If you aren’t convinced about the guy, or if you’re just totally against meeting guys at bars, especially when you’re all alone, then just decline the drink. Wondering how to decline without embarrassing yourself or feeling awkward? I’ve got that covered in the next post.

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