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When a Guy Doesn’t Want to Sleep with You: 21 Reasons Why

We think men are sex machines that will hump anything that walks, but it’s not true. There are valid reasons for when a guy doesn’t want to sleep with you.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Cute? These 25 Things!

What does it mean when a guy calls you cute? Take heart. It doesn’t mean you aren’t the girl of his dreams. Why, cute is better than hot!

Signs a man is Emotionally Attached to You

18 Signs a Man is Emotionally Attached to You & Ready to Get Closer

Seeing the signs a man is emotionally attached to you can be hard when you don’t know what you’re looking for, but soon, you will.

15 Subtle Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend

23 Subtle Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend Most Girls Don’t Notice

You may think your boyfriend loves you a lot. But is it love or is it his way of controlling you? Check these subtle signs of a controlling boyfriend.

he won't commit but won't let go

He Won’t Commit But He Won’t Let Go. What Should You Do Now?

Men want the benefits of having a girlfriend without having to be a boyfriend. Here’s how to handle it when he won’t commit but he won’t let go.

when a guy says he misses you

When a Guy Says He Misses You: What It Means & 26 Signs He Means It

When a guy says he misses you, is that just his go-to line to get into your pants or is he really sincere? Do the words match his actions?

signs he misses you badly

24 Subtle Signs He Misses You Badly Every Time You Aren’t Around

Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or you’ve broken up, knowing the signs he misses you can reassure you of his feelings.

Signs a Guy is Turned On While Kissing You

How to Tell If a Guy Likes Kissing You & Is Turned On While Kissing

Want to know how to tell if a guy likes kissing you or if he’s turned on while kissing you? Here are the signs you need to recognize a boner while kissing!

How to Read the Signs Your Guy Means It When He Says

How to Read the Signs Your Guy Means It When He Says “I Love You”

If a man says he loves you, can you tell for sure if he means it? Here’s how to know a guy means it when he says “I love you” and when he’s just faking it.

How Guys Text Their Crush

How Guys Text Their Crush: How to Think Like a Guy & Read His Mind

These days it’s easier than ever before to communicate with whoever you want. But, do guys do it differently? Let’s explore how guys text their crush.

How to Know If He's Texting Someone Else

How to Know If He’s Texting Someone Else: 15 Signs He’s Hiding It

You’re sitting at a café together, enjoying the Saturday morning, but he’s busy texting on his phone. Here’s how to know if he’s texting someone else.

do guys get attached to friends with benefits

What Does Friends With Benefits Mean to a Guy: Do Guys Get Hooked?

Do guys get attached to FWBs? What does friends with benefits mean to a guy? Here’s how to know what it means to them and if it means something more.

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