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25 Sad Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore & Is Just Messing with You

If you’re getting a vibe something isn’t right in your relationship, look for the signs he doesn’t love you. Better to know than to prolong the heartache.

33 Sweet Signs a Guy Really Likes You But Is Scared & Afraid of Rejection

Is he blowing hot and cold, confusing the life out of you? Look for signs a guy likes you but is scared – they could give you the answer you need.

what do guys think of their female friends

What Do Guys Think of Their Female Friends? 17 Secrets Revealed

Can men and women ever really be just friends? And if so, you’re probably wondering, what do guys think of their female friends? Here’s the answer.

signs your guy thinks you're hot

24 Sexy Signs Your Guy Thinks You’re Hot & Finds You Very Attractive

If you’re wondering what the signs are that your guy thinks you’re hot, here are 24 obvious ones to look for to see if he thinks you’re irresistible.

does he like me

Does He Like Me? 41 Subtle Signs & Body Language Guys Can’t Hide

You like a guy and you’re wondering ‘does he like me?’ It’s a common situation. But, if you look closely, he may be exhibiting signs that give the answer.

What Do Guys Think after You Sleep with Them for the First Time

17 Things Guys Think About After You Sleep with Them for the First Time

Jumping into bed with someone you’re seriously into is nerve-wracking enough, but what do guys think after you sleep with them for the first time?

signs he's pretending not to like you

20 Signs He’s Pretending Not to Like You But He’s Slowly Falling for You

Your intuition is screaming that a guy is crushing on you, but he won’t admit it. Learn the signs he’s pretending not to like you and catch him in the act!


Mansplaining: 25 Ways to Spot a Dick When You’re Talking to One

What is mansplaining? Being spoken down to by a man? It happens all too often to women. You’re a victim of mansplaining and it’s time to cut the crap.

what age does a man emotionally mature

What Age Does a Man Emotionally Mature? 19 Signs of Maturity in a Guy

Tired of being the grown-up in the relationship? Welcome to the club! What age does a man emotionally mature exactly? You might be surprised …

signs he caught feelings

23 Strong Signs He Caught Feelings for You and Is Falling Hard Too

Guys can be confusing creatures. Does he like you or not? If you’re searching for signs he’s catching feelings for you, look no further!

blowing hot and cold

Blowing Hot and Cold: Why They Do This, The Stages & How to Handle It

Dating can be frustrating, but when someone is blowing hot and cold, it makes it even worse. Here’s why they do it, the stages, and how to handle it.

How Often Should a Guy Text If He Likes You

How Often Should a Guy Text If He Likes You & Other Texting Secrets

You like him, but you’re not sure how often should a guy text when he likes you. It’s always difficult to decode a guy’s behavior, but we have the answers.

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