Men in Love: 15 Things They Do Differently Than The Unloving

It’s obvious when a man falls in love. It’s written all over their face and in their actions. Here’s how men in love differ from their counterparts.

men in love

Men who are in love behave in completely different ways than a man who’s not in love. To an outsider, it’s really obvious. However, if you’re in a relationship, it might be harder to determine if he’s fallen for you. Luckily, there are a lot of signs that show how men in love behave differently compared to their counter parts.

When you’re with someone every day, it can seem as though their actions don’t change. They treat you the same as they did in the beginning of your relationship. However, if you take a step back, you’ll be able to see how they truly feel. This is especially true with men in love.

Warning signs that your man will never be in love with you

Some people just won’t love you. It’s really sad but it’s important to read the early signs that a person will never fall for you. Oftentimes, this has nothing to do with you at all.

Some men – and even women – just have a hard time falling in love, ever.

But you can tell whether or not they’ll fall for you by the early signs. If you’re paying close attention, you’ll realize it soon enough. When someone doesn’t like you or won’t fall in love with you, your relationship just doesn’t progress.

You’ll feel like you’re stuck in a certain phase. They won’t encourage your dreams, they don’t really mention plans for the future, and they don’t act as though your happiness is all that important to them. [Read: What to do when you’re in a one-sided love relationship]

How men in love behave differently than those who aren’t

Yes, you can tell difference between a man in love and one who just isn’t there yet. Here’s who men in love act toward their partner and in general. If you see the signs, your man definitely loves you.

1. They talk about a future with you

This is a major sign a guy is in love or is falling in love with you. They don’t just talk about the future for no reason. If he’s talking about plans with you for the future, it’s because he sees you in it. He wants to make sure you’re on board because he loves you. [Read: 12 life questions that will help you visualize your future]

2. They support your goals, no matter how crazy

You may have some very strange, very specific goals you want to accomplish in your life. If your man is supporting you and actually helping you achieve them, he’s in love with you.

No matter how crazy your goals are or how far fetched they may seem, he wants to see you achieve them. And that means he’s definitely in love with you.

3. They give you honest, sound advice

Men in love don’t just give you run-of-the-mill advice about something. When you ask for their input, they really care and they take the time to give you some honest feedback. This shows just how much they respect and care for you, which means they really love you. [Read: 8 experienced words of advice for everlasting love]

4. They ask for your advice

Guys don’t just go to their girlfriends for advice if they not in love or falling in love. He respects your opinion. He wants to make sure you think the same way they do or perhaps they just want a good opinion about a matter. This is extremely important for determining if they love you.

5. They consider your feelings when making decisions

This is a major sign of men in love. They will make sure you’re okay with their future decisions. In fact, they’ll discuss them at length with you. If they see a future with you and want to be with you, they’ll make sure you are happy with the decisions they’re making. [Read: 10 decisions you should never let your partner make for you]

6. They’re excited to see you

Obviously, your partner should be happy to see you but it’s a little different when they’re in love. If your man truly loves you, he’ll approach you with a hug, a kiss, and even some cuddles when they’re been away.

This just goes to show how much they value you in their lives. They feel like they can unwind and relax around you. This is really important in long-term relationships specifically.

7. They’re very, very generous in the bedroom

If you’re with a selfish partner in bed, you should just leave. However, men in love will be extra generous in the bedroom. They’ll want to make you feel good because they enjoy it. If you notice your man asking more questions about what can please you in bed, this is why. [Read: 12 giveaways the guy you’re dating will be good in bed]

8. They do the little things

Sometimes it can be as simple as doing the dishes for you or as big as filling up your car with gas when it runs low. They’re not major but they make a huge difference in your happiness. Men in love will be aware of all the little ways they can make your life easier.

9. They care about your health

Obviously, the person you’re with should care about your life and you in general but when he starts paying attention to your health, he’s in love.

This has a lot to do with the fact that he wants to be with you in the future, too. He wants to make sure you’re healthy so you can have the best possible life in the future.

10. They make sacrifices for you

This is really what you need to be on the lookout for. Men in love will make sacrifices for the ones they love.

This doesn’t have to be anything more than letting you choose the movie or eating where you want to for date nights. The bottom line is that they’ll give up some of their happiness for you just as you would for them. [Read: 18 undeniable signs that you’ve found the one]

11. They try to make your life easier

Even if it’s not exactly convenient for him. When a man goes out of his way to make your life easier and better, he totally loves you. He wouldn’t do things that are inconvenient for just anyone. Remember that the next time he clears the snow off your car or makes you coffee in the morning.

12. They do anything to make you smile

Even if it means making a fool of himself, he’ll do it. This is a major thing men in love do and you probably don’t even notice. They’ll make jokes, silly faces, and they’ll even act like a fool in public just to see you smile.

13. When you talk, they listen

This might seem a bit obvious, but hear me out. How often does your man ask you about your day? Probably a lot. Now how often does he sit and comment on those things or ask you about specific things you mentioned a few days ago?

If the answer is a lot, then he definitely loves you. He actually cares about the things in your life and wants to know about them. [Read: 10 ways to be a better listener in your relationship]

14. You feel taken care of

Men in love go out of their way to make sure their women are taken care of. They’ll protect you, make you happy, and provide for you in any way they can. If you feel taken care of, chances are your man has made sure you are.

15. They say so, and prove it

It’s not enough to just tell someone you love them. Men in love say they love you and then actually show you, too. They put in the effort every single day to prove their love to you. If you’re actively noticing their effort and they’ve told you how they feel, believe them.

[Read: 25 signs he loves you even if he doesn’t say it out loud]

Men in love make it very clear that they’re in love with you. It’s not that they necessarily try, but it just happens when their feelings for you are that strong. Knowing the signs can help you see just how much you mean to him.

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