Is He Losing Interest in You? 14 Signs He’s Drifting Away from You

You were all over each other last week, but now, it’s a different story. Something’s changed, and you are left wondering: is he losing interest?

Is He Losing Interest in You

No one said dating was easy. The worst part is when you’re really into someone, and you can feel the shift. You know what I’m talking about—the shift. The shift making you wonder, is he losing interest in you or not.

Everything was going fine and dandy, but something changed. You don’t really know what it is or why, but you feel it. He’s not acting the same way, the conversations aren’t as engaging, and you don’t see him as much.

Now, you may be thinking it’s all in your head, but it’s not. These aren’t your insecurities popping up. What you feel is real.

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Is he losing interest? 14 signs you must know

Here’s the thing: you already know the answer. I hate to break it to you, but if you feel something has changed between you, that’s because it has. It’s a horrible feeling, especially when your partner hasn’t talked to you about it. Instead, you’re putting the pieces of the puzzle together yourself.

You’re here because you want a second opinion. Someone who will diagnose it. As I said, you already know the answer. But here are the 14 signs to confirm he’s losing interest in you. It’s better to know the answer to is he losing interest now than to let it continue like this. It’ll only hurt you more.

#1 They don’t want to meet your family or friends. Ouch. Yeah, this isn’t a good sign. This is different if you just started to date; maybe he doesn’t want to rush into things too soon. But if you’ve been together for some time and he’s doesn’t want to see your friends or family, he doesn’t want to get attached. In other words, he’s not that interested. [Read: Blowing hot and cold? 3 stages to explain why he’s doing that]

#2 He doesn’t ask you any questions. When you want to get to know someone, you ask them questions, right? You want to know what their favorite foods are, what they do in their spare time, etc. But if he doesn’t want to get to know you, then it’s clear he’s not interested. If he were, he would put in the effort. 

#3 You don’t spend much time together anymore. You used to spend more time together, but now that’s changed. When you ask him to hang out, he always manages to find a reason why he can’t spend time with you. I get it, some guys are really busy, but if you’re into someone, you can always squeeze time in to see them. [Read: Is he a player or a gentleman? 13 clear giveaways]

#4 He takes forever to respond. Listen, some people have very busy schedules and aren’t available to reply to your texts quickly. Understand and respect that. But if he takes hours or days to reply to you, he’s not into you. Even during my partner’s busiest of days, he still finds a minute to send me a quick text message.

#5 He put up a wall. When you mention where the relationship is going, he dodges the question. And listen, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to know the status or future of your relationship; you’re in the relationship as well. But if you ask him and he ignores you, well, then you have your answer.

#6 It’s become one-sided. Now, you feel that you’re the only one in the relationship. You’re making all the plans, starting all the conversations, and it’s not being reciprocated. In other words, he’s stopped putting in the energy he once did. Chances are he’s just not that into you anymore.

#7 He’s talking to other women. If you see him flirting with other women in front of you, or activate a dating app, that’s a clear sign he’s not interested in a serious relationship with you. In fact, he’s showing you he’s keeping his options open.

 #8 You don’t feel like a priority. He shouldn’t cancel everything out of his life and make you the only thing he focuses on, that’s not what I mean. But when someone likes you, they give you more attention than things of less importance to them. Their hobbies, family, friends, and you are usually on the same level of importance *some more important than others, of course*.

#9 There’s no sex. If you aren’t having sex, that’s a huge sign his interests are dropping. When attracted to someone, we want intimacy with them. But if his attraction towards you drops, and you witness these other signs, he’s probably losing interest. [Read: 15 reasons why people get bored with their relationship]

#10 There’s only sex. Then you have the cases where he only wants sex. When you hang out, instead of going for dinner or a drink, he invites you over for sex. Nothing really happens outside of the bedroom. That’s a clear sign he’s trying to make the relationship a sexual one.

#11 You never argue. Though you may not think arguing is good, it’s not always a bad thing. When two people argue, it shows they care about the relationship; they see it as something worth fighting for. But when something bothers you, and he brushes you off, it shows he’s not interested in compromising or discussing the topic.

#12 No future plans. The last thing he wants is to talk about the future with you when he doesn’t see one. If you see these other signs, the odds are he’s not interested in any future with you. If he can’t commit to dinner with you this week, he won’t commit to anything in the future.

#13 He doesn’t initiate anything. In the beginning, he would ask you out on dates and talk to you frequently. But now, he doesn’t initiate anything. If you want to spend time with you, you must make a move. Now, making the first move isn’t a bad thing, but it shouldn’t constantly be one-sided. [Read: Are you wasting time in a one-sided relationship?]

#14 You know the truth. You know exactly what’s going on, but you don’t want to accept it. Listen, don’t let him slowly fade you out. Talk to him about this and come to a conclusion. It’s not easy, but being faded out doesn’t feel good. Be mature, and see where the relationship is going. If it ends, it’s for the best.

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If you are left to wonder, is he losing interest in you, hopefully, these points clarified things for you. Whatever happens, keep moving on.

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