Is He Going to Propose? 21 Signs He’s About to Get on One Knee

If you’ve been dating for a significant period now, you may be asking, is he going to propose? Keep reading to know the signs he’s going to propose.

is he going to propose

I think most women out there dream about their wedding day from a very young age. We ask, is he going to propose and what are the signs he’s going to propose? We think up the perfect groom and then figure out all the little details we want to include on the big day. Sometimes we even act it out as children.

We want to know this when we get in a serious relationship with someone, especially as not all guys have a goal for marriage. So if you’re in a relationship with them, it’s really a valid thing to ask, is he going to propose.

This question flits in and out of our minds numerous times when the relationship gets to a point where marriage is a real possibility.

Marriage is not something to take lightly

Even if marriage is often romanticized in our society today, it’s also not something you should take lightly. Marriage is a serious thing and once you’re committed to someone, you’re in it for life. With the excitement of such a big day, it can be easy to get caught up in whether or not he’ll put a ring on it.

Just remember that you should be worrying about who you’re marrying, not what the wedding will look like. You should find the person to spend your life with; the one person who will make you happier than anyone else. So before you obsess on whether he’s going to propose, ask yourself first if he’s the kind of man worth marrying.

When you marry someone, you can’t take it back. So it’s essential to know if he’s the right man for you before anything else. [Read: 20 questions to ask your partner before you get married]

The truth about marriage

As beautiful as marriage is, it’s not a perfect thing. We all envision that we’d find genuine happiness and contentment when we find this one person to spend eternity with. But marriage takes twice to thrice of hard work and dedication than anything else.

It takes a lot of commitment to make a marriage work, and you’re not just “lucky.” Marriages can fail and break, and they can end in divorce and resentment. This is why if you’re constantly asking yourself, is he going to propose, you need first to ask if you’re ready for marriage and if he’s the right man for you.

Don’t go into marriage expecting your life to be different, as your expectations will differ from reality.

Is he going to propose?

Now that’s the real question. If you’re at the point where you think he might pop the question, then I’m assuming you’ve already discussed marriage. You know exactly how he feels about it and if he would even want to marry you.

That’s the easy part. The rest is really just a waiting game. But if you think he’s getting close to popping the question, pay close attention. These are all the signs he’s about to get down on one knee. [Read: How to get him to propose]

1. He’s been talking about marriage more frequently

Has your man been overly eager to talk about wedding-related topics lately? Is he actually letting you watch those crazy wedding shows with no arguments? Then he might be gearing up to pop the question.

When a man is ready to marry you, he won’t shy away from wedding conversations or doing things related to the wedding. So if he’s talking more about it lately, that’s one of the signs he’s going to propose.

2. He’s been discussing kids with you

This only applies if both of you want kids. If not, don’t worry about this sign. Why would he even bring up the topic of children if he’s not thinking about proposing, right? Especially if it’s been becoming frequent, this is your answer if you keep wondering, is he going to propose? [Read: How to know if you’re both ready to have a baby]

3. He brought up your living situations

Do you two live together or apart? If your man is discussing moving in together or anything else about where you’ll be living in the future, it means he sees you two living together. On the other hand, if you already live together, then watch closely for the other signs on this list. [Read: 15 things to know before moving in with your boyfriend]

4. He’s been going MIA recently

Does he just wander out without a coherent response? If he’s being shady about his whereabouts, he could be scoping out different rings. Don’t jump to negative conclusions here.

Maybe he just wants to plan the perfect proposal for you to ensure he gets that perfect “yes” out of you! For all you know, he’s just waiting for the right moment to do it.

5. He planned a date night for the two of you as a surprise

Does he have a really special date night planned for the two of you? If so, it could be the night he’s going to propose. Be prepared and do your nails up really pretty! Of course, it could also be a regular date, but you never know! Especially if he takes you somewhere grand, this could be the proposal you’ve been waiting for.

6. He hasn’t been spending as much lately

Let’s be real, rings and weddings are NOT cheap. If your boyfriend is planning to propose in the near future, he’ll be frugal. He won’t spend a lot of money going out or buying anything big or expensive. After all, an engagement ring is pretty expensive, and he’ll want to wow you with that ring on his proposal!

7. He’s been meeting with your parents/friends

This is one of the biggest signs he’s about to propose. If your man is meeting with your parents and friends behind your back, it’s for a reason. It’s obviously to find the perfect ring for you, one he knows you’d love!

Also, if he’s meeting with your parents, he could be asking for permission to marry you. [Read: How to tell if he’s serious about you]

8. He’s just been acting odd in general

When guys are trying to hide something – anything, really – they’ll act strangely. You’ll just be able to tell that something is off. So if you’re thinking, is he going to propose, and he’s been acting odder than usual, there’s your answer. Of course, this could also be anything, so make sure to pair it with these other signs he’s going to propose!

9. He’s been shielding his phone and computer screen from you

I know us ladies tend to think of bad things when our men do this but don’t. If you’re far enough in your relationship where marriage is on the table, then this could be a sign he’s searching for a ring and doesn’t want you to see it.

So don’t be snooping! He could be window-shopping for engagement rings, and he just doesn’t want you to know about it!

10. He’s been acting nervous

No matter how many years you’ve been together, he’ll probably always be acting nervous about proposing. That’s completely okay; it’s adorable! That being said, this nervousness will definitely show.

If he’s just been acting nervous in general lately, a proposal may be why. He might be practicing the words to his grand proposal for you, so just let him be nervous! [Read: 10 ways to know for sure if a guy wants to marry you]

11. He’s been extra

Obviously, marriage is a confession of your love. If your boyfriend has been extra touchy-feely and giving you a lot more attention than usual, he could be buttering you up for a proposal.

It’s either it’s really in his nature to be this affectionate, or he’s working his way towards a proposal. So if you keep asking, is he going to propose, notice how extra he’s being lately.

12. He’s been extra kind and generous

The same goes for his behavior toward you that’s not affectionate. Is he just being very kind and sweet in general? This is also a way he’s getting you really feeling good before the proposal. Maybe he’s being more accommodating to your needs lately or giving you special attention and care. It might be his way of getting ready to propose to you!

13. Your friends and family are acting strange, too

The truth is, unless you keep your personal life very private from them, your friends and family will know about the proposal before you do. Therefore, they’ll act weird around you. So if you’ve been thinking, is he going to propose, observe your loved ones as well! They may make little hints or just turn to each other and laugh.

14. He starts discussing vacation destinations

This is usually done in the sense that he’s planning a normal vacation for the two of you. But really, he’s gearing up for the honeymoon. He wants to get an idea as to how much the trip will be and where you’d like to go.

Especially if he’s not the type to want vacations, this might be a sign he’s about to propose *so get ready*! [Read: How to make your honeymoon sex unbelievable]

15. He starts telling you more how much he loves you

If he starts professing his love to you and making it very obvious that he loves you a lot, he might be getting ready to propose. It doesn’t get any more evident than this. So if he says these three words more than usual, it’s one of the signs he’s going to propose. [Read: 14 undeniable signs he wants to spend forever with you]

16. He’s suddenly interested in your jewelry

If your boyfriend is suddenly asking about your jewelry pieces, even if he wasn’t interested before, he’s thinking of proposing to you.

We’re going to be honest with you; men aren’t really that interested in your jewelry. Ever. Not unless that’s a hobby of his. So if he’s asking you, he wants to know which kind you like, your size, the sort of rings you tend to get.

17. He wants to open a joint account

The only reason he would be asking this is that he sees a future with you. So if you keep asking, is he going to propose, the answer to that might be clearer than you think. When your finances are joint, better prepare for an engagement and a romantic speech anytime soon!

18. He shows signs of commitment

if he’s showing his dedication and commitment to the relationship more than usual, this could be a sign he’s about to propose. Maybe it’s talking about the future or telling you that he sees you in his long-term plans. Maybe that’s him subtly showing hints he’s about to drop a proposal anytime soon! After all, he does see a future with you.

19. He wants to know your plans

When your boyfriend wants to know your plans more than usual, this is because he’s trying to find the perfect timing to propose to you. One where you don’t have plans with your friends, work, or parties to attend to. So if you keep thinking, is he going to propose, being keen on all your plans is probably a yes.

20. He gets excited attending weddings

Maybe your best friend invited both of you to her wedding, and you notice he’s more excited and even sappy than usual. This is one of the that he’s about t propose, and he’s getting some inspiration for your own wedding!

21. You found a ring

The fact you found a ring means you probably ruined his surprise for your proposal! Put it back and pretend you didn’t see anything! If you’re still doubting after this point, then we don’t know what else to say. It’s clear he’s just waiting for the perfect time to propose!

So, is he going to propose?

You need to be pretty observant to know for sure if your boyfriend is planning to propose anytime soon. But remember, not all guys have marriage in mind, so you might want to rethink everything if he’s not showing any of these signs he’s going to propose.

So is he going to propose or not? If he’s showing these 21 signs he’s going to propose above, it’s a definite yes! You can now squeal with joy and excitement!

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