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45 Minxy Sex Moves & Positions for Girls to Impress a Guy & Blow His Mind!

If you want to surprise that special someone in your life and get him yearning for more, learn these sex moves and watch his reaction! 

sex moves for girls

When it comes to pleasing your man and leaving him speechless, you need more than the run-of-the-mill sex moves. After a while, sex can get boring and repetitive, even though it still feels good. But if you learn some new sex moves for girls, you won’t be in a sexual rut for a second longer!

Guys tend to enjoy pretty much any sex they can get. It feels good to them no matter what, but even they can get bored by it. You may think that your typical moves are what he loves – and that may be true. However, if you add some new moves into the mix, he won’t be able to get enough of you. [Read: 46 sizzling sex life secrets to spice up your bedroom and leave you horny 24/7]

The importance of spicing up your sex life

Even the most loving relationships can experience a sexual rut occasionally. When you always resort to the same moves, you both know exactly what’s going to happen next and there’s no excitement anymore.

But, when you add in some new sex moves, it not only makes the sex more spontaneous, but he’ll always be wondering what you have up your sleeve for the next time. And THAT is sure to keep him hooked for good. The anticipation will become addictive.

Plus, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of good sex. If you’re having great sex, your bond will be stronger and your relationship will thrive. [Read: How to spice up a relationship – 30 sexy ways to feel loved and horny]

Sex moves for girls to blow his mind

The key to finding the sex moves he will love is to pay close attention to how he reacts when you try something new.

If he seems to enjoy it, keep that move in the back of your mind to use again in the future. But if he’s not really showing any more interest than usual, ditch that move and try something else.

Using some of these sex moves for girls will be sure to leave him wanting more. [Read: 17 condom types, their secrets, and ways to spice up your sex life with them]

1. Do foreplay yourself… and let him watch

Something that the large majority of men have in common is the enjoyment they get out of watching a girl pleasure herself.

The fact that they’re touching themselves so sensually and allowing them to watch just sends them over the edge.

So, the next time you want to get hot and heavy with your man, get started on the foreplay by yourself and let him sit back and watch. This is one of the sex moves he will love and it’ll drive him crazy. [Read: How to finger yourself in front of your man – 15 moves to bring yourself to ecstasy]

2. Surprise blow job

It’s a widely-known fact that men love when women go down on them. Maybe it’s because it seems to be such a rarity for them, or maybe it’s just because they love watching it.

Either way, if you surprise him and do this when he least expects it, you’ll rock his world. [Read: 49 blowjob techniques, secrets and tips to give amazing head and make a guy gasp!]

3. Take control

Who says that guys have to be the ones to take control during sex all the time? This is one of the sex moves for girls he will love and definitely want more of.

So, you should stop him, force him to keep his hands off of you, and then control the entire sex for a little while.

It takes the pressure off of him, and it’s hot as hell to see a woman be controlling in that situation. [Read: Everything you need to know about riding a man and looking sexy doing it]

4. Go down on him mid-sex

We’ve all seen this in porn, but very few women actually do this for their men. There’s a reason guys love watching this so much when they turn on the porn.

When you’re having sex, pause between positions and just go down on him for a few minutes. It’s even hotter than when you normally do this because he’s focused on the fact that you’re giving him special attention, and he was just inside you.

Trust us, he’ll go crazy for this. [Read: Seductive bad girl sex tricks that’ll drive your man crazy in bed]

5. Let him do anything

Obviously, this has to be done within reason, but if you give up your control to him completely, it’s SUPER arousing for him. If you just sit back and tell him to do whatever he wants to you, he’ll jump at the chance to do so.

6. Dirty talk

If you’re someone who’s normally very quiet during sex, aside from your sounds of pleasure, then upping your dirty talk could be incredible for your man.

Just be sure you know how to do it right, and that he’s actually into that type of thing. [Read: How to talk dirty to a guy and sound really sexy]

7. Play with your toys and let him watch

Some guys are intimidated by toys, but others think they’re a huge turn-on. Introduce him to your toys, and then tell him to sit back while you use them. Who knows? He may even want to use them on you.

8. Surprise him in the shower

Spontaneous sex is always the best. This is one of the sex moves he will love. So wait until he gets in the shower, and then sneak in after him.

Don’t say a word, but just start going down on him. This will be the best shower sex he’s ever had. [Read: Slippery when wet – make shower sex sizzle with these tips]

9. Let him “catch” you watching porn

This could go either way, so just make sure your man is cool with the whole porn thing. But if he is, let him walk in on you enjoying some of it.

It’ll be such a turn-on that his girl is into that sort of thing and he’ll want to watch it with you – which is a complete game changer. [Read: 20 hot sex ideas to blow your lover’s mind in bed]

10. Tell him what you want in detail

Be very descriptive. This is something not many women do, but a lot of men really want from them. When you’re with him, just tell him step by step what you want him to do to you. You’ll be surprised just how much he’ll love this sex move.

11. Strip for him

Men love seeing a naked woman. They love watching said woman get naked even more. If you’re just watching a movie and you want to get in the mood, surprise him by stripping very slowly.

Make sure not to break eye contact with him. This will make him want so much more.

12. Get a little rough with him

You don’t have to be a delicate flower! Instead, rough him up a little bit. Grab him and shove him down on the bed.

Getting rough is a very primal thing to do, and he’ll react to those instincts immediately – in a great way. [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas for a sexy relationship]

13. Bring out the blindfold

When you can’t see, your senses are heightened. So, blindfolding your man will make everything you do to him feel that much better. Next time you want to try a new sex move, this is the one to go for.

14. Do kegels mid-sex

Have you ever tried doing kegels in the middle of having sex? If not, you definitely need to try it because this is another one of the sex moves for girls he will love.

All you have to do is squeeze the muscles in your pelvic region when he’s inside you and watch his reaction. He will feel the muscles contracting and it’s like no other feeling for him.
[Read: What men want and like in bed – 22 things they lust after]

15. Play ball

While you’re down there, there’s something else you can do that guys absolutely love – ball sucking.

Start out with your tongue giving long, slow licks with minimal pressure. Then pucker up so your wet inner lips contact his skin. Gently rub your lips over the skin, letting your tongue drag across.

16. Get a facial

If you’ve ever watched porn, you might think that all guys want to do is blow their load on a woman’s face. For most guys, this just isn’t the case. But, as an occasional thing, facials can be pretty hot. [Read: How to swallow cum without gagging and go from spitter to swallower ASAP]

17. Backdoor love

Here’s the one that strikes more fear into women than any other sex act – anal sex. But fear not, most of what you think you know is misinformation from people not doing it the right way. When done correctly, anal can be quite pleasurable for a woman.

If you’re going to try it, read our Curious Guy’s and Gal’s Guide to First Time Anal Sex together beforehand.

18. Turn on the camera

This is a pretty dangerous one, and it definitely won’t be up everyone’s alley. Taking pictures or videos in the nude or during sex can be totally hot, but also rather risky.

If you’re going to try it, start by taking the pictures or video, watching it together, then immediately deleting it. This alone is really sexy and ensures there won’t be any trace left. Use your own phone or camera to be totally sure. [Read: FaceTime sex – 19 naughty tips and ways to have sex over a video call]

19. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Here’s a really simple one, but one guaranteed to get him going. A strategically placed mirror lets you both watch yourselves having sex. Most guys are really visual, and this will drive him crazy.

Surprise him with this one and he won’t believe his luck for finding a girl like you. Let him watch you going at it doggy style and he’ll think he has the world’s best girlfriend.

20. Play the part

Here’s another good one to surprise him with. Sexy uniforms like the French maid, schoolgirl, and nurse are a turn-on for most guys. It’s okay to ask him beforehand what he’d like the most, so don’t worry about ruining the surprise.

Let him decide how much or how little of the outfit to take off before you start making love. [Read: Everything you need to know about sexy role playing]

21. Dry humping

Have you ever dry humped someone with your clothes on? It feels great. Plus, there’s this extra naughty factor added to it when you have your clothes on.

What makes it even hotter is when you forbid your partner to take anything off of you, it makes it more intense. [Read: All the dos, don’ts, and best positions for dry sex]

22. Hovering over the skin

You want to do this with your mouth – don’t kiss them, instead, keep your lips hovering above their skin, preferably on an erogenous zone. You can breathe softly or heavily, either way, they feel it.

It stimulates the nerve endings and makes them more aroused. You can hold their arms above their head so that their hands can’t linger. [Read: How to withhold orgasms for the ultimate pleasure]

23. Squat, don’t straddle

You can straddle, we’re not saying you shouldn’t do that, but you should try squatting.

If you’re on top of your partner, instead of straddling them, squat above them. Both of you have better control and will move faster and higher, intensifying the feeling.

24. Sit on his face

Sit on their face so that they can perform oral sex. It’s the best position to get all your naughty bits taken care of, plus, it makes you work on your squat. They’ll be able to grab your ass and spread your ass cheeks for deeper penetration.

The possibilities are endless. Plus, you come in their mouth which is pretty hot. [Read: All the reasons why girls feel awkward to sit on your face]

25. Light bondage

Light bondage is when you tie someone up, handcuff them, or spank them. It’s kinky but it’s not to the point that you gag them.

People become aroused by submissive and dominant roles, so, this is a great way to release your kinky side while getting turned-on.

26. Surprise sex

This is a move that always turns people on. Of course, unless they had a horrible day and just want to crawl into their bed and die.

We’ve all been there. But if you’re making dinner and your partner all of a sudden comes up to you and grabs your ass, it’s arousing.

Now, these aren’t sex moves per se, but they lead to sex. Don’t stick to the regular sex routine, mix it up a bit. [Read: Shock and awe your partner with these naughty surprise sex moves]

27. Anywhere outdoors

If you really want to get creative with your sex life then head into the great outdoors. See what weird and wonderful places you can find to do it in.

Having sex in nature feels adventurous and fun. Simply trying to sneak around doing it in places where you may or may not get caught also adds a bit of spice and a sense of danger to your sex life which makes it feel fresh, intimate, and spontaneous once more! [Read: The 20 best and hottest places for outdoor sex]

Top sex positions for girls to drive their man crazy

Whatever your reasons for wanting to spice things up in the bedroom, learning how to incorporate lots of different sexual positions into your sexual play is a great place to start. Not only does it add variety, but it will also make you feel confident and adventurous.

You could open up a whole new world of pleasure to both you and your man!

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the more interesting and tried and tested sex positions for girls that will seriously impress your man! [Read: 30 day sex challenge – 30 sex positions for 30 days]

1. Stand and deliver

This is a fantastic sex position that has great benefits for both of you. You lie on the edge of the bed with your legs apart, while your man stands at the edge. Get him to grab your legs at the ankles and gently bend them toward your chest.

As he enters you, this creates deep penetration, and he will be in complete control and have a great view of himself thrusting in and out of you which is sure to massively turn him on. [Read: Exotic sex – 16 hot, hot, hot sex positions you need to try out]

2. The wheelbarrow

Not for the fainthearted! This sex position for girls requires some serious skill but is sure to impress your man if you achieve it.

You kneel on the floor and get him to hold your legs and gently pull them up so you put your weight on your hands.

He leans your legs on his chest or over his shoulders if that works for you. He then enters you from behind. This takes strength and stamina, but if you do it, it provides loads of stimulation for you both.

3. Reverse cowgirl

Everyone loves a bit of cowgirl action in their lives, and if you are feeling in a raunchy mood, why not take control in the reverse cowgirl position?

This position is fairly simple. Just get him to lie down and then mount him how you would a horse but facing his feet. Gently lower yourself onto him and then ride him like you’ve never ridden before! [Read: How to do the reverse cowgirl – must-know tips and tricks]

4. The mile-high club

This is the perfect position if you fancy sneaking off for a quicky at a party. It works in a confined space and feels super naughty.

To do this right, simply grab your man and head to the nearest bathroom. Then just stand facing the mirror and get your man to enter you from behind.

The fact that you both see yourselves in the reflection is a serious turn-on and certain to win you some major brownie points with your man. [Read: 15 sexy ways to have the best quickie every single time]

5. The couch surfer

This sex position isn’t as lazy as it sounds! This is great for couples who want to be a bit more adventurous but aren’t quite ready to expand their sexual repertoire to public places just yet!

Here you simply bend over the arm of the couch and let your man enter you from behind.

If you cross your ankles this will make you tighter around him and what’s even better is if your sofa’s nice and soft, it should be pretty comfy too. When it comes to sex positions for girls, comfort is key!

6. The push up

This is a twist on the classic missionary position. You lie on the bed and have your man enter you. Then once he is inside, get him to lift his torso, putting the weight on his hands as he thrusts deeper still.

This lifts his weight off you, giving him a good view of your chest. You will be able to maintain eye contact, and it makes him feel all manly and strong, especially if you swoon at his sexy chest! [Read: Ways to make missionary sex magical]

7. The simple pillow trick

Sometimes all that’s needed to spice up your sex life is to look at things from a different angle. Use a pillow under your back to tilt your pelvis upwards.

The different angle makes all the difference, providing deeper penetration that is sure to please your man.

This is one of the sex positions for girls that benefits both of you to the max. [Read: Easy sex positions that won’t break your neck – or worse!]

8. The spoon

For a more romantic twist on your usual sexual position, lie on your side and get him to come up close behind you and enter you while wrapping his arms around you tightly.

Once you are in position, move gently together in circular thrusts and build up to a dramatic climax.

This makes you feel super close and sexy together which no doubt makes him feel all warm and mushy inside! Try synchronizing your breathing to add even more intimacy to this one. [Read: Spooning sex – 15 ways to make it hotter than any other position]

9. Position X

If you want to try a sex position for girls that really builds up arousal and makes you feel hot, horny, and closer together, then position X is definitely one to try.

To do this, get your man to sit on the bed facing you, and you do the same, both with your legs facing forwards. You lift your right leg over his left leg, and he should lift his left leg over your right.

Then move towards one another until your man is inside you. Both of you then lie back with your legs forming an X. Thrust in a slow and leisurely style, building up arousal, and heightening pleasure as you do so. [Read: Intimate sex positions to feel the romance in the bedroom]

10. Doggy style

This is usually a favorite for men because it’s primal. Your man has the perfect view of your ass in this position, plus, they penetrate deeper than in missionary.

In addition, they like being able to watch you stimulate your clitoris while they’re behind. If you turn your face to the side so that they see you moan, well, they just hit the jackpot. [Read: 16 hot ways to do it from behind and blow his mind]

11. Missionary

This is the classic sex position, and it’s a classic for a reason. Though men want to try out other positions, everyone loves the classics. This position is extremely intimate and it’s easy.

Your man can kiss you, grab your breasts or thighs, and you two can connect—in doggy style, it’s different. Men and women love this position because it’s like bread and butter, it just fits perfectly.

12. Butterfly

It’s really easy to do, and he’ll love the view. Move yourself to the edge of the bed, lying on your back. He’ll be off the bed, either standing or kneeling while he enters you. He’ll have your whole body to see and he either holds your legs in the air or keeps them bent open.

It’s a dominating position. However, he’ll love being able to see every inch of you and that makes it one of the best sex positions for girls. [Read: How to foreplay for the best sex ever]

13. The kitchen counter

You don’t need to be in the kitchen for this, it can be a bathroom counter or a desk, but the point is, you’re sitting on a table of some sort. The table or counter has to be hip level in order for this to work.

While you’re sitting on the counter/table, wrap your legs around his waist and pull him towards you. Now, you won’t be doing much work, but make sure your hands are active. Touch his hair, chest, arms—feel him.

14. The V

This sex position for girls is basically missionary with a twist. So, you’ll be in the missionary position, but instead of your legs on the bed, you’re going to lift them up and place each one on his shoulders.

He’ll be able to penetrate you deeper, and his penis definitely hits your G-spot. [Read: How to drive your lover nuts with the reverse missionary]

15. Lap dance

Get your man sitting in a chair, make sure it’s sturdy. Turn on the music and let it move your body. Lap dances are hot. You can slowly strip while the music plays and when you see he’s aroused, slowly sit on him, letting him enter you.

It’ll drive him wild. He’ll want to get on with it, but don’t let him. You’re in control while in this position.

16. Lying down doggy style

This one is similar to doggy style, rather than being on your knees, lay down on your stomach. Your man is going to enter you from behind and this position could work for both vaginal and anal sex, so you have a couple of options.

While he’s behind you, he’ll be able to see the side of your face, grab your hair, and hold your neck—this sex position for girls is a little more dominating than others but feels amazing. [Read: 17 wild moves to stifle the yawn and go crazy in bed]

17. The flat iron

This is perhaps not one for the faint-hearted but if you’ve been working on your core lately, then why not give it a try? This involves you on your front, in the plank position and your man entering you from behind.

You raise your hips towards him for deep penetration that he’ll just love. It’s one of the sex positions for girls that you’ll be very glad you tried!

18. The waterfall

This sex position for girls will drive your man wild. Have him lie on his back with his shoulders and head hanging off the edge of the bed, you then straddle him and lean back slightly while you rock your hips back and forth.

The extra blood to his head will drive him wild with pleasure! [Read: How to be on top – 15 sexy moves to master it and rock his world]

Trying something new is never a bad idea

Allowing your sex life to go stale is a common thing, but that doesn’t mean you should just let it stay that way. Instead, commit to trying something new and see how it changes everything instantly.

Choose a few sex positions for girls that call out to you and work through them. See how your man responds and pick your favorites to add to your sex routine!

[Read: Exotic sex – 16 hot, hot, hot sex positions you need to try out]

There are so many reasons to spice up your sex life. If you want to impress your man and leave him wanting more, try these sex moves for girls and watch him go crazy!

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