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28 Hot Ways to Be Sexier For Your Boyfriend & Make Him Lust for You

If you want to know how to be sexy for your boyfriend and put the spark back in your relationship, then we have all the answers you need right here.

be sexier for your boyfriend

So you’re over courtship and now have settled into the routine of a serious relationship. Both you and your boyfriend are pretty secure with each other, so, a little bit of the sex—and romance—has died down a bit. No longer does he look at you with the longing, hungry eyes he once did when you were only dating. It’s time to remember how to be sexy for your boyfriend!

In the morning, when you wake up, gone is the quick wake-me-up-sex you used to do because you just can’t keep your hands off each other. And let’s be honest, you have stopped trying hard to become eye-candy for your man.

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How to be sexier for your boyfriend

Sure, you’re both secure in your relationship after all these years, and you have better things to do than to have sex. However, you still need to know how to be sexy for your man. This is important to keep the fire of love and romance alive—and of course, to be sure your guy won’t be straying.

Being sexy for your man doesn’t have to be a lot of work though. You tweak things here and there in your own personal routine, and these little extra efforts are what your guy will appreciate.

So here are some sassy tips on how to be sexy for your boyfriend and make him look at you like he wants to devour you in bed all the time.

1. Look and taste the part

Instead of using regular lotion, try something with shimmer and scent on your body, especially your arms, legs, chest, and shoulders.

Try a flavored formula, better yet, something that you know your boyfriend really likes. This way, he’ll get a sweet, sexy surprise when he leans closer to you for a kiss. [Read: How to make your vagina smell good and taste even better]

2. That sexy time scent

Studies show the brain processes scents in the same area responsible for emotion and memory. So when your guy smells cookies baking, this might remind him of his mom, and he’ll feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Choose a scent, especially for sex, and he’ll think about you between the sheets every time he smells it.

3. Gloss those lips

There’s nothing as sexy as smooth, supple, and kissable lips. You don’t want your guy kissing you and feeling sandpaper, do you?

So gloss up those puckers, and remember to use a sheer gloss, something looking natural and innocent. Try out those with subtle vanilla or cherry flavor, something that will give him some sweetness in every kiss.

4. Mow your lawn—or not

It’s really up to you. However, the main idea here is to try something new down there. If you’ve been going bare, try having a landing strip.

If you’ve been rocking the natural, grown-out look, try a triangle shape, or why not try going totally hairless. [Read: Listen up, ladies! Here’s how to shave your pubic area]

5. Wear something red

Red is the color of love and passion, so wearing red always gives him a sexy signal. Going on a date? Wear scarlet shoes to match that little black dress.

Staying home with him? Wear red undies and play peekaboo while donning his oversized shirt. Better yet, slather something scarlet on your nails for that everyday sexy flair.

6. Flaunt your humps

When it comes to clothes, wear something that accentuates your assets. If you have a great rack, show it off with some low-cut tops or blouses with a few buttons left undone to give your man a sexy peek into your cleavage.

If your hips and butts are the bombs, wear form-fitting pants, shorts, or skirts bringing out those curves. [Read: How to give a guy a boner – 20 moves for instant erections]

7. Smile seductively

Learn that secret art of seductively smiling at him is sexy for your boyfriend. While you got that goody-girl smile down pat, there’s nothing like a slow-moving, lopsided, mischievously sexy smile and hooded eyes making his heart go aflutter.

8. Talk with your eyes

You know you can talk with your eyes during Thanksgiving dinner when your boyfriend started heaping stuffing on his plate even before your mom started her Thanksgiving prayer. So, you can do this eye-talking thing with no problem.

You can practice this first in the mirror on your own, or look at how models and actresses project lust with their eyes. Toss in a sexy wink and a seductive smile and your man will immediately know what’s on your mind. [Read: Eye fucking and how to master the secrets of intense sexual eye contact]

9. Stay flirty

Just because you’re over the courtship stage and have settled in a serious relationship doesn’t mean you have to stop being playful and flirty.

Keep the spark alive by going out of your way with little things so your man always thinks “sex” when you’re around.

10. Don’t be afraid of a little PDA

When you guys are out, don’t be shy about showing your man a little affection if you want to learn how to be sexier for your man. Hold hands, rub his arm, wrap your arms around him, and give him a quick peck on the cheek or on the lips to let him know just how much you’re into him.

Even if he’s busy looking at a restaurant menu, surprise him with a little sweetness by leaning on his shoulders, or better yet, caressing his thigh under the table.

11. Go to bed sexy

Throw away your baggy sweatpants. Stick to lush and sexy fabrics such as satin, lace, and silk when going to bed. Not only will your man find you sexy in them—you feel sexy too.

Even if you prefer pajamas in bed, stick to comfort with soft fabrics, but remember to have sexy lingerie underneath, in case your man comes knocking in the middle of the night for some lovin’!

12. Wear makeup

And don’t make it wear you. Makeup should make your natural features shine through, instead of drowning out your real face behind all the contouring, pigments, and fake eyelashes.

 Men find natural, sun-kissed, bedroom-look makeup so much sexier than thick layers of goop. Besides, no guy would want to kiss your cheek and have his lips be caked with your makeup. [Read: The classy girl’s guide to be more attractive to men]

13. Stay healthy

Being healthy and having enough sleep and exercise is always glamorous. It makes you feel good about yourself. Therefore, you have a better chance of feeling sexy and exuding sex altogether.

Being healthy is an important part of being and feeling beautiful. On top of that, being in good shape makes you feel less cranky, which is always a good thing for your guy.

14. Maintain good hygiene

Clean is always sexy, so don’t forget to shower and wash your hair regularly, so you always look and feel fresh for your man.

Exfoliate your skin so it looks radiant and feels smooth also ups the ante in the sexy factor so your boyfriend always wants to touch you and be close to you. And don’t forget to maintain your pearly whites and fresh breath! [Read: 18 bad habits that’ll make your partner want to leave you]

15. Be smart and witty

Wit is always sexy, that is if you’re with the right guy. Some guys prefer the twits, but only because they don’t expect their conversations to go beyond the bedroom.

Show your guy you have more to offer than your booty by showing that you have brains too. Engage in relevant conversation and be well-versed in things you know your boyfriend loves to talk about too.

16. Be confident

Confidence is sexy in itself. In fact, it doesn’t matter what you wear or how you look, but if you’re secure and self-assured about yourself, you can pull off anything.

Having confidence allows you to better express yourself in new and exciting ways—which your boyfriend will always have the hots for!

17. Surprise him at the door

When he gets home from work at the end of the day, greet him in something sexy. You can wear lingerie or a sexy dress. Whatever you feel sexy and confident in.

Not only will he be pleasantly surprised, but he will also feel like you want to make his sexual fantasies come true. [Read: The ideal sexy girlfriend – 20 seductive ways to be the girl of your man’s dreams]

18. Make the first move

In a lot of relationships, guys are the ones who make most of the first moves. It could be because they are hornier or just because they’re the more dominant sex. So, when you take the lead and make the moves on him first, that will be very sexy for him.

19. Do a private striptease or a lap dance for him

Surprise him and lead him into the bedroom – that will definitely be sexy to your boyfriend. Dress up in your sexiest outfit, and sit him down in a chair or on the bed.

Then, if you want, you can take some handcuffs or a necktie and tie him to something so he can’t move his arms. Take off every article of clothing you have while dancing to a hot, sexy song. Give him a lap dance and don’t let him touch you – just watch. [Read: Sexy strip tease 101 – How to strip for your man like a pro]

20. Sexy notes

You can write him sexy notes in a couple of different ways. If you want to do it the technological way, you can text him. IF you want to do it the old-fashioned way, then you can leave him little post-it notes in his clothes, car, or briefcase. Tell him what you want to do to him when he gets home. It will leave him in anticipation all day for you. [Read: 31 cute, flirty, and sexy ways to surprise your boyfriend]

21. Try something new

Men tend to get bored in relationships where there are a lot of routines. And this can mean anything from routine sex to routine life.

So, if you throw something new into the mix, he will find you very sexy. Try a new sexual position, some toys, or even go zip lining. Anything that is new and exciting will turn him on.

22. Be suggestive

Another great way to be sexy for your boyfriend is to be suggestive. Take him out to dinner, and wear something sexy. You can try a short skirt and black fishnet stockings. During the middle of your dinner, you can lean over and tell him that you forgot something at home – your underwear.

Then, pull up your skirt a bit and tell him to look down so he can see you’re telling the truth. He will be asking for the check ASAP!

23. Get rid of your inhibitions

Similar to the last suggestion, you can do something that usually goes against your inhibitions. It could be only wearing sexy lingerie under a trench coat or trying some kink in the bedroom. If he thinks that you’re willing to put aside the things you normally are a bit uncomfortable with for his benefit, he will find you very sexy. [Read: How to dress sexy – 29 subtle and classy ways to make them lust for you]

24. Indulge in his quirks

If he has a strange fascination with something from chocolate chip cookies to watching porn, you can help him indulge in these quirks with him.

He might think they are a little taboo *well, maybe not the cookies* and if he knows you are willing to partake in them with him, then he will be turned on by it.

25. Give him a great view

Most women are self-conscious about their bodies. However, most men love their lady’s body. So, sure, it can be scary to let him see you totally naked. But that nervousness adds to the anticipation.

It can erotically charge both of you with this incredibly sexy dare. Meet him at the front door naked or slowly take off your clothes when he gets there. He will definitely want to jump your bones.

26. Surprise him from behind

When he’s not paying attention, try this sexy move by surprising him from behind. Sneak up behind him and start stroking him from behind with your arms wrapped around him.

Start with his neck, and then move your hands downward until you hit the most important part of his body, which will be hard already – no doubt. [Read: 16 sex moves to surprise your boyfriend in bed and make him happy-horny]

27. Add some sexiness to the shower

If you haven’t had sex in the shower yet, then you can surprise him and get in it with him. Try getting super dirty with him as you are both washing each other’s body parts. Act out his wildest fantasies in the shower. This will be something he will never forget.

28. Blindfold him

Anticipation is incredibly sexy and essential to good sex. So, you can surprise him by bringing out a blindfold.

You can do this when you’re just sitting on the couch together, or right before you start to have sex. This is a great way to get his anticipation and pleasure running high. By taking away his sight, every lick, touch, and stroke is magnified on his body.

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Well, now you know how to be sexy for your boyfriend. Relationships progress, but it doesn’t mean the sex has to die down. By doing small things here and there, feeling good about your own self, and being attentive to your man, you can continue to be sexy for him, and yourself too!

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