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How to Steal a Guy with a Girlfriend and Make Him Yours Instead

how to steal a guy from his girlfriend

Why though? But if this is what you want to do, here’s a full guide on how to get a guy with a girlfriend, steal him and make him yours effortlessly!

Are you in love with a guy that’s taken? Want the sneaky guide on how to steal a guy from his girlfriend, effortlessly and without making it obvious. Let’s be honest here, just for a minute. When you’re falling in love with a guy, you obviously don’t care whether he’s taken or not. All you know is that you want him and want him bad.

So you want the guy who’s taken already!

So you met a great guy and found that everything’s perfect, until you found out later that he already has a girlfriend? It sucks when this happens, but every time you do meet the perfect guy, there’s a good chance’s he’s already in love “with the wrong woman”.

You may know he’s the man you want, and you may be convinced that you can be a much better girlfriend than his annoying girlfriend-present.


Do you really need to steal a guy away from his girl?

You can learn how to steal a guy with this guide, but use it only if you truly love him and think he’d be happier with you than he is with his own girlfriend.

Honestly, it’s never right to break a relationship up for selfish reasons. AND more importantly, if a guy’s already in a perfectly happy relationship, he’s not going to leave his girlfriend anyways.

But these steps do pack a powerful punch, and they’re almost certain to work in your favor. So steal a guy only if you love him and find that he’s in an unhappy relationship. There’s really no excuse for breaking a relationship up to cure your own boredom.

A small note you need to remember before you pursue this guy, at your own risk, of course! If you steal a guy away from someone else, what are the odds that this guy would actually be loyal to you, and not to the next girl who goes using these same moves on him?

We’re not saying karma is a bitch. But, some guys are!

So, at your own risk, that’s the risk of being successful, try these moves and work your magic. With a bit of finesse and charm, you’d be well on your way to stealing a guy from right under his girlfriend’s nose.

How to steal a guy from his girlfriend

Guys are easy to manipulate because they usually fall hard for appearances and good lookers. After all, more often than not, a guy falls for a girl for her physical appearance than emotional security.

BUT as easy as it is to make a guy like you at first sight, it isn’t easy to steal a guy away or make him fall in love with you because men pay a lot of attention to emotional needs too. The attraction at first sight may work for a while, but you definitely need way more than that to win a man over. [Read: How men fall in love and the 7 stages you need to go through]

Find a way to get his attention and show him how great you really are, physically and intellectually, and he’ll have a hard time not falling in love with you.

Here are all the steps that can help you understand how to steal a guy away from his girlfriend. Use these pointers and you’ll see the difference in no time.

#1 Look your best around him. Men are suckers for a girl who can catch his eye, but that really doesn’t mean you need a perfectly symmetrical face or a perfect ten body. Of course, they would help a lot. But it’s not all that matters. [Read: How to look fabulous and appealing while trying to catch a guy’s eye]

Dress well and appear confident, and as long as you believe you look sexy, you WILL look sexy. We don’t need to say this all the time, but some of the sexiest women on earth aren’t really the prettiest. They just ooze sex appeal because they’re so confident and happy in their own body.

Feel good about yourself and look good, especially when you’re around him and he’d definitely notice how good you are as a dating potential. [Read: 25 things guys find sexy and attractive about a girl]

#2 Play the staring game. Now that you’ve got his attention, it’s time to let him know that something’s brewing in the air. Stare at him now and then, and just as he catches you looking, look away in a cute and coy manner. Do this even if both of you already know each other. [Read: How to get a guy to notice you and fall for you]

Subtly make him curious and make him wonder if you like him. Guys love attention, especially from a great looking girl. He may already have a girlfriend, but that won’t stop him from giving you a thought. If you do want to know how to steal a guy from his girlfriend, you need to make him wonder and think about you.

Once he’s caught you staring a few times, start to play cold for a few days. Let him miss your stare, and soon enough, he’ll try to stare at you and get your attention.

Look back at him now and then, but look away quickly. It’ll drive him mad because he’s just not able to get your attention. Yeah, he’ll do all this even if he does have a girlfriend already. [Read: Subtle but powerful eye contact flirting moves that work like a charm]

#3 Win the attention of his friends. Men are competitive and every single guy wants to be the alpha male in the group. It’s not possible, but all guys try to be the top dog. Have pleasant, flirty conversations with his friends without really bordering into overzealous, and win their attention.

If you’ve managed to make a great impression on his guy friends, chances are, the next time you wave and walk past them, they’re all going to talk about you and how cute and awesome you are.

When the guy you want to steal hears his friends talk about you, it would push him further to impress you and win your attention. See how easy it can get to make him fall for you? [Read: How to be a seductress who’s desired by all men]

#4 Bring out his protective side. Guys are protective by instinct. If you want to know how to steal a guy from his girl, you need to use this in your favor and make him fall for you just a bit more harder. The next time you’re having a conversation with him or walking down a street, take his help.

If you’re talking to him, rest your palm on his forearm to adjust your heel straps. If you’re walking down a street, pretend like your groceries, or books or anything else, in your hand are heavy and wait for him to offer to carry them for you.

If you’re trying to cross a street, clasp his hand for assistance. And always thank him for being so sweet with a cute-as-a-button smile even if he didn’t realize he was being helpful. It’ll make him feel good to be around you, especially when you appreciate his company so much. [Read: Why men love the damsel in distress and find them irresistible]

#5 His girlfriend vs. you. This is a big deal. To understand how to steal a guy, you need to understand his girlfriend’s strengths and weaknesses. Speak to a few friends discreetly or snoop around her social media accounts and try to find out more about his girlfriend. What kind of a person is she and what kind of differences do they have?

Even the best of couples have a few differences. Your covert operation is to find out what those differences are and which of them you can use to your advantage. [Read: How to seduce a man who’s not yet yours and leave him smitten]

Once you get to know the little lovers’ tiffs the guy you like and his girlfriend have, try to win his affection by discreetly bringing up similar issues and let him see how similar both your tastes and opinions are. Compatibility is of paramount importance in a relationship, even if most people don’t realize it. Use it to your advantage and you’ll make him wonder if you’re a better girlfriend potential for him than his own girlfriend!

If she’s shy and timid, show off your fun and confident Instagram page or Youtube videos *or Tiktok if you’re into that!*. If she’s too dominating, allow him to take more decisions when he’s with you. If you want to know how to steal a guy, make him feel like a man, and he’ll fall for you and respect you at the same time.

#6 Have great conversations with him. In the first five steps on how to get a guy with a girlfriend, you would have seen how important it is to make a great impression and make him fall for you. Now we go into the serious stuff. The guy you like may think you’re attractive and smoking hot, but as visual as men are, it’s not enough to win him over.

A guy may get attracted to a lot of girls, but he doesn’t fall in love with all of them. Emotional compatibility is of great importance for a guy. [Read: How to make a guy fall for you with the smallest amount of effort]

When you’re spending time with him, have a light-hearted conversation almost all the time. But every once in a while, talk to him about something serious and even intellectual. Create interesting conversations and let him see how smart and aware you are.

Ask him about his job or what he plans to do in the next few years. Talk to him about his goals and dreams, and about yours too. And always offer some great tips and suggestions that can help him, and ask him for a few pointers on your goals too. [Read: 20 deep questions to ask a guy and turn him into an open book]

You don’t always have to talk about games, bikes or cars to win a guy’s attention, unless you like them too. By talking about things you don’t know or by trying too hard to please him, you may just end up coming across as too eager to please.

#7 Flirt, but don’t tell. Now you’ve wowed him with your looks and your emotional intelligence, and he’s probably wishing he could be in a relationship with you. But the truth is, he’s not in a relationship with you just yet. So don’t break the suspense bubble by telling him that you like him.

Both of you share a flirty and uncertain relationship with each other. By asking him out or telling him you have a crush on him, you’d end the confusing uncertainty and become the girl who has a crush on a guy with a girlfriend. And once he knows he’s won you over, he’ll lose the interest to impress you. [Read: Why do men like a chase and how to use it in your favor]

Always play coy, but stay mysterious. Never let him know that you like him. Always make it look like he’s the one giving you the attention.

One thing you have to avoid though is texting him too often or even texting anything overly flirty. His girlfriend may end up reading it and force him to avoid you. [Read: How to make a man chase you and get him to fall hard]

#8 Build the chemistry with your touch. To understand how to get a guy with a girlfriend, you need to work your magic without ever making your intentions clear. Obviously, he’d know something is in the air or he wouldn’t be having happy flirty conversations with you. He’d be confused about his own feelings at this point, and this is when you need to build the romantic chemistry.

The next time you’re having a conversation with him, try to build the chemistry with some flirty touches. You need to be discreet and careful not to overdo this move. [Read: How to flirt by touching without making it obvious at all]

#9 Spend more time together. The best way to get a guy with a girlfriend is to spend more time together with each other without making it obvious that you’re hitting on the guy. When he has a great time with you, he’ll obviously start to compare the time he spends with his own girlfriend to the time he spends with you.

Don’t ask him out to a movie or a date, just be subtle. At least until he makes it clear that he’s falling for you but is confused because he’s already got a girlfriend. If he does say that, it’s obviously going well in your favor. [Read: How to make him want you and not even think of any other girl]

The next time you’re having a conversation with him, invite him along with your own group of friends and try getting some alone time with him. A few of your girl friends may already know you like him, and they can definitely help by adding a few ‘awkward’ comments like “you guys look good together!” Brush it off in fake jest and just smile. It’s awkward and funny, and it’s going to be perfect!

#10 Hint that you like him. Now you’ve worked your magic and helped him see for himself what a great girl you are. Spend more time with each other and every now and then, try to get some alone time with him. Soon enough, with a bit of late night calls, texts and a lot of flirting, he’ll start to fall in love with you without even realizing it.

If you’ve given him a bit of time to make the move or end his relationship with his own girlfriend and nothing’s really changing, you may have to take the plunge and let him know that you have more than just friends on your mind. Don’t tell him straight out that you like him because that would just put him in a spot. Instead be discreet and casual about it. [Read: How to ask a guy out without asking him out for more pointers on this]

Getting a guy with a girlfriend

Now you may know all the secrets to know how to get a guy with a girlfriend, you’ve working with a huge advantage here. But even the best of moves can at times, fail.

If you’ve been playing all the moves mentioned here to the tee, it’s almost certain that he’d end his relationship with his girlfriend and start going out with you. But if it doesn’t work in your favor, drop the thought. Some guys may like the secret flirting and the attention from another girl, but they may not want to leave a happy relationship and throw it all away.

If you’re in love with a guy who’s perfectly happy in his own relationship, perhaps you could enjoy the little flirty games and find someone else to fall in love with.

But if he isn’t happy in the relationship and has a better time with you, these steps will definitely help you know how to get a guy with a girlfriend and steal him from under his girlfriend’s nose.

[Read: How to make a guy fall in love with you – 25 ways that work like a charm]

Use these steps on how to get a guy with a girlfriend to steal a guy you like, and it’ll definitely work in your favor, just as long as you play by these rules. But in every step of the way, just remember to ask yourself if this is something you really want to do.

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58 thoughts on “How to Steal a Guy with a Girlfriend and Make Him Yours Instead”

  1. quite frank says:

    why on earth would you have an article about how to STEAL another girls boyfriend? That completely put woman against woman!

  2. Losers lose says:

    If a girl’s not good enough to hold on to her boyfriend, what’s wrong in him dating someone better?

    Seriously, I don’t understand why some girls think telling someone how to steal a guy is bad. Face it, if you’re good, your boyfriend will never leave you, it says so in the article itself. There are many times when great guys get stuck with bitchy loser girls and don’t know what to do. That’s when this would definitely work. If you’re hot stuff, your guy will stay hooked to you, if you’re just lucky, it’s time to kiss your luck goodbye because a better girl who can love him better and treat him right has come along. What’s wrong with that?

    Don’t hate the player, girlie, hate the game.

  3. J says:

    A relationship is about commitment and loyalty, not about jumping to the next person whenever a guy sees someone more flirty and willing to please him! This article spent 99.99% of the time ADVICING and REASSURING how to successfully steal a boyfriend (also applies to husband), homewrecking is never a good thing!

  4. B says:

    I agree with the second poster, if a man is truly happy in his relationship he will never cheat / leave you. If he does, well then it was never meant to be. Stealing is a technical term, the real meaning of this article is to get a guy who is stuck / unhappy with a girl who doesn’t treat him right. He deserves better, so this article guides you on how you can get him to see that you are someone who would never treat him as his girlfriend does; that you two would make a better couple as the relationship would be more mature.

  5. Kyle says:

    Even if we’re married to love of our lives, we don’t need help from ladies (if you can call them such) hacking away at the foundation.

    If he legit likes you over his girlfriend, you wouldn’t need to “hit” on the taken guy.

  6. Cia says:

    “How to lie your way to a guy’s heart, and stomp over another girl’s heart in the process!”

  7. Tangerine says:

    One thing I’ve noticed about this site is that it promotes manipulation above all else. Why would you want to be with a guy who’s so easily suckered? And wouldn’t you prefer to have a relationship that is based on openness and honesty?

  8. A person says:

    This article makes me feel sick. My ‘boyfriend’ kind of likes a girl who has a crush on him, and now this article is telling me that that girl has a chance. A real good chance since I’m shy, and she’s probably attractive, and fun to be around. I’m so sad right now…

  9. Anonymous says:

    What comes around goes around, look before you leap.

  10. nana says:

    that is so not true^ “if a guy/girl is happy in a relationship they won’t cheat”

    Some people are selfish like that. Ever heard of the term “Have their cake and eat it too”???

    First off, man or woman, you shouldn’t be breaking your arse to make someone stay with you. A person does whatever the want to do, regardless of what you call yourself making sure they won’t do.
    If you are going through all this struggle to make sure your man doesn’t “stray” that must mean your insecure in your relationship, that you have low self esteem in regards of yourself, and that you’ve placed a mere male mortal on a pedestal so high that not even the clouds in the sky can touch Mr.OhSoMighty. What a way to stroke a mans ego.

    Second, if your man is that stupid to fall for any of this stuff listed above, you don’t want a loser like that anyway.
    Ladies, or guys, you want a man who can walk into a room full of barenaked ladies shaking their junk yet not only is your man not checking them out- he’s looking into your eyes and listening to your conversation.

    Not some sorry weak-willed loser who the minute a woman drops a pen on the floor starts gawking and drooling just because he saw her ass….


  11. Mckenzie says:

    This is just sick. Why would you teach someone how to steal a boyfriend from someone else? That’s selfish and low. Thats all I can say about this article.

  12. JDloverr says:

    There is this guy whim I adore and he is with a total C word, I can tell he does want to be with me but he is scared she is 16 and acts 2 he is 19 and I’m 16 and act 20 I don’t get it, She is SOOOO clingy and an idiot I love him so much when she is gone like on vacation he always wants to hang out then when she is back we don’t bring it up and we “ignore” eachother, And we went to school together forever and they went to school for a year or 2 and she acts like they known eachother I HAVE KNOWN HIM FOREVER!!

  13. JDloverr says:

    I meant whom I adore sorry!!!

  14. drea says:

    but if this guy easily goes for you . whats to say he wont leave you for another girl trying to steal him? leave the couples out of it. go for a single guy.

  15. senortaco says:

    Two things:

    1. If a guy can get stolen by another girl he obviously isn’t relationship material. What seriously makes you think he’s not going to do the same with you? “Then it wouldn’t have worked out anyway if he can get stolen in the first place.” No, some people just want what they can’t have. It’s not fate, it’s a personality flaw

    2. If a girl knows I’m in a relationship yet continues to hit on me then I get the idea she doesn’t have a problem with cheating. I know other men who think the same way

  16. disgusted says:

    Men cheat because theres always a girl out there that will help them cheat. Imagine if women would refuse to sleep with a guy unless he was single.

    Why on earth would you promote something like this? Its pathetic & sick.

  17. Lynleigh says:

    This article actually made me laugh out loud. Firstly at no point in this article does it mention ‘The guy’ being happy or not. Secondly pretending to be his ‘perfect women’ will undoubtedly end in tears when he very quickly finds out ‘The other woman’ is in fact a fraud.

    This article is teaching people how to play mind games. If you truly like someone you should wait to for them to come to you and they will want to be with you for who you are not the pretend version of you. Ever heard the cliches, the grass is greener and you always want what you cant have. Whats to say that when you get the object of your affection you will still want them. There are things that people don’t share with everyone, i mean what potential lover would want to know all those little bad habit that could potentially turn you off someone unless you have developed that bond that can only be built with time.

    In conclusion you could wind up feeling like crap 1) because he is not what you thought and your not what he thought and 2) because YOU took him away from someone who could have possibly been the right person for him (even if you don’t see it)

    Love is not wanting another person to be happy with you no matter what, it is wanting that person to be happy no matter what even if it means it isn’t with you.

    So to all those teenage girls who at this very young naive stage in your life are listening to this appauling advice. That guy your infatuated with, it is not the end of the world that he doesn’t like you too because there is someone out there perfect for you.

  18. Orecul says:

    This article is disgusting and filled with bad values. Just when you think females may be evolving, you get the immature, self centered c8nt who comes out of the woodwork to bust up something private between two people. I have been the “girlfriend” and didn’t react to the manipilating trash who tried to split us up. She backed off quick. Seems her motive was to get a response from me not necessarily “in love” with him. Some chicks are straight up SAD. Shouldn’t women and men be supporting each other?

  19. Chava says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. This is why I’m so picky about my boyfriend having female friends: some people have no respect. If you steal someone’s boyfriend, you deserve the schmuck; if he’ll cheat with you, he’ll cheat on you, and you’ll have no right to complain. This article is advice for sociopaths.

  20. Lil miss sunshine says:

    Wow, this article and *some* of the responses have made me lose what little hope I had in humanity. This dog eat dog mentality makes me want to crawl into a hole surrounded with land mines to live out the rest of my days. You people are sick in the head. Enjoy your lives of deceit, manipulation and failure. At the end of the day, everyone wants someone who will be loyal, all you’re proving by doing the above is that YOU’RE NOT. However, having said that, go ahead, save the good boys and girls of world from their dbag other halves, you guys can be together forever having to look over your shoulders because you know what you’re both like/are capable of.

  21. Niamh says:

    All u haters of this post if u r so against stealing bfs / husbands then why did u even read the article in the first place ffs wtf is wrong wiv u the person who posted this post thing mentioned that if u want to steal someone then it better b for their own good not ur selfish actions. Just because someone is trying to helo doesnt mean that any1 needs to try and make then think like their a peice of shit which is basicaly all u haters are trying to do . so i ask again if ur so against it why read the post
    All u people that agree wiv me r epic
    All u people that dont go screw a goat biatches coz no one wants to hear ur shitty hate and btw u r making haters for urself so if u dont have any nice comments DONT FRIGIN COMMENT !!!

  22. D says:

    Put it this way. How would you feel if another woman will really exert her effort to steal your own man? 🙂 Then tell me how this article should be justified. 🙂

  23. Matt says:

    @ Niamh – Real intellectual type, huh? Yes, you’d be a real catch, I could just barely read your response.

    Try reading a book. I’m surprised you got through the article.

    As far as this garbage goes, only skanky girls, and scumbag guys go after committed people. Only dirt bags allow it to happen.

  24. N says:

    It’s easy enough to write and advocate this sort of disgusting garbage when you’re not the one worse off in this situation. For the retards who agree with this article, roles reversed, I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy if it happened to you.

    And Niamh, I feel like my IQ just dropped a few points reading your incoherent nonsense. It’s people like you who make me realise that freedom of speech isn’t always a good thing.

  25. Sandra says:

    This is a terrible article. This is exactly the same thing some bimbo tried to do to my relationship good thing I have a strong relationship but this article is terrible you shouldn’t want to break up a couple. I call the girls who do that homewrecking b******. But I love this website despite this article

  26. Lilsmarter dan u says:

    if hes “stuck”with a girl who doesnt in your mind appear to be keeping him happy..ask this: Is he appearing this way to dupe his way into your pants? Do you like scum like this? oh wait let me guess..You will change him -he wont be like that for you.lol. My guess is your longest relationship was 3 weeks. Next scenario..he really is unhappy. Fine. Why isnt he out of this relationship yet? let me guess..yep. Hes a coward. i know..arent cowards so irresistably hot n sexy!!!! gotta get a man like that!

  27. a_true_lady says:

    if you need to employ any of these methods to get a man, you are more pathetic than you originally assumed. yes, you do need an article to find a man. i hope the woman you steal him from beats the shit out of you.

  28. eunhyuk says:

    How would you take away other people’s happiness? Are you a bitch or what? No, i would not do that until the couple breaks up or things happen… Watching the guy i like being happy is the best thing.

  29. mpbuckley says:

    wow. whoever wrote this is a horrible person. i know single women aren’t normally attracted to single men but this goes too far.

  30. mpbuckley says:

    i’m a guy and if any girl tries to use these skills to try to steal me away from my girlfriend i will beat the shit out of that hoe. i don’t care if i’m a man and that’s illegal. i could go to jail and be happy that i punched that bitch’s teeth out harder than my girlfriend would have.

  31. Lisa says:

    I think this is a great article, gave me just what I needed. I’m not trying to steal someone who is already taken. I want to make someone mines who has a number of choices. I wanna be their top pick. I think this article gave me just what I needed!

  32. Dani says:

    all if fair in love and war

  33. beanz8683 says:

    Lol omg mpbuckley. XD. I shouldn’t laugh but you sound so chivalrous. Wish my stupid ex wasn’t so stupid and he’d lick the biotches teeth in that tried to steal him.
    Needless to say it worked. Lol he’s got a hick who could eat me for breakfast… (Obese) and looks like she got hit in the fave with a frying pan a few times by an orangatang. Oh well his loss.

  34. kuu says:

    oh good. for a second I thought it would say “if all else fails threaten to kill your self if his girl won’t share”

    tee hee giggle giggle. I am fluttering my eyelashes like a llama having a seizure.

    now write one for the 12 year old crowd!

  35. really? says:

    Putting Women against women actually occurs when you blame the other woman for “STEALING” a boyfriend that clearly WANTS to be stolen. If your man is faithful and happy with you, then he wont leave. Its that simple. If your man leaves you for someone else that is his decision and has everything to do with dissatisfaction within the relationship.

  36. Marichuy says:

    This article intrigued me, cause it’s teaching me the obvious… Believe it or not, we live in a society that is full of shit, and it really wouldn’t matter. People come and go. For the people that replied negativity shit about this article, I think it’s pathetic. If you don’t like the fact about playing with fire, why bother skimming through the article? That’s the question that has been girding me for minutes. I think it’s ridiculous. In my opinion, I think it fed your curiousity of informing yourself; therefore you now have your own little steps on how to shoplift a male or female from an unsatisfying relationship. Be honest here peoples if it fed my curiosity, I’m sure it fed yours extremely well. 😉

  37. tiffany says:

    …. you can also be damn sure if he did it once he’ll do it again, or at least that’s what you’ll be thinking.

  38. Leah says:

    It’s a good list but really 1-4 are superfluous, #5 is the only one that you need.

    It alone has worked flawlessly for every man I’ve stolen. Just find out something negative about his wife or girlfriend and use that as your tool. Once you plant that little seed of negative thought in his mind, his marriage is as good as over, just need to sit back and wait a little while for that seed to grow until it’s too big for him to ignore any more and he’s yours.

  39. Anna says:

    As a former Director, for two Major Dating services in the country, long before we had on line dating, I found, that this was a problem for all women in relationships! The sad reality, is that women only cheat themselves, by allowing men to have these opportunities! Any women who does this, is seriously missing the boat! Men who can’t get through the normal challenges that all dating or Marital relationships face, while recognizing, there will always be others who look better, as challenges arise, are abundant! They’re abundant, because women make themselves available! Any (person of good Moral Character) wouldn’t cheat, while in a relationship! The men these women end up with, do it again and again! Trust, is the most important value, to have in a relationship! A man of good character, looks for a women of good Character also! If you think you’re winning, by getting a man that will cheat, you’re seriously mistaken and setting yourself up for the same heart ache, the two of you brought to his last Love! You’ve shown him that you’re also lacking in good Character and you’ll both be unhappy, untrusting of each other! These relationships never work! Have more respect for yourselves, choose men, who also respect you, by behaving like a Real Women should! Choose to be a real women, mature and honestly strong in moral character. Never go for the man who’d do that to anyone else. A man who does that is, self centered and cruel! Is that the man you’re after? Beauty comes from the inside out. If you think your better, more loving, beautiful and kind, than his currant women, you will consider what he’s doing to cause her to behave badly, as he say’s she is. Honesty, purity of heart and strong Moral Character, are traits all men really want! Love yourself, by doing what you would want others to do for you and you will be respected and cared about the way you should be! Men only use women because they can! 31 Flavors can be very appealing, to men who don’t know how to really love and understand a women! A women who finds this man, will find herself becoming just as hurt, angry and sick, as the last, because of his interest in others! Don’t cheat yourselves into believing you’ll be better off than the last! You won’t be, when the next, more beautiful, charming, alluring, deceiving, sales girl comes along! You’ll begin to see yourself fall apart and behave badly, just as she did and the cycle continues! Hurt people always hurt again! Don’t hurt yourself, or anyone else and you will be, a beautiful women, worthy of a beautiful loving man! Love should not be part of a Battle field! My warmest wishes are for all of you, because I understand that you want to be Loved! To love, you must be Loving and Smart! A fresh face and a new perspective, is always more attractive, when the thrill of the hunt, is over! It’s not smart to think winning, is taking someone else’s Self Centered Man! Winning, is finding the one who thinks you’re special and wants you, first! Enjoy life, have fun, make yourself the winner you would want and above all else, don’t take yourself too seriously, have a sense of humor! Men love Women who can make them smile! Trust me, I raised three boy’s, that are now, young Men, that just want to be loved, like you! We’re all, really searching for the same thing! The problem is, that when choosing looks like a candy store, with so many options to choose from, a different flavor can often even make the last one taste better! Watch out! That would be a sticky proposition! Don’t let yourselves be gobbled up, or set aside, while he hunts for his next piece of candy!

  40. Allie says:

    Wow. This is sad. You’re assuming that the types of women who want to find out how to steal men actually have a braincell in their head? Don’t be ridiculous, they may not be able to read this very well. Let’s face it, if you are looking to steal a guy, chances are he will be stolen from you by an equally cheap woman from the same bottom-of-the-barrel sludge. A smart guy is not fooled easily. In my experience, the girls who have tried (and failed horribly and give me death-glares across the room) are kind of entertaining. It’s nice to be the top girl and have these try-hards below me. This article is the dumbest thing I have ever read.

  41. Losers Lose is a Loser says:

    @Losers Lose – “because a better girl who can love him better and treat him right has come along. ” oh, yeah like, a “better girl” will lie and manipulate her way into his heart? No hun, you got a sleaze bag who you manipulated into leaving his decent girlfriend so you can jump in his pants. If you are so interested in pleasing men temporarily as the other woman (as liars never last long in a stolen relationship) then maybe you should take up prostitution as a profession. If this were a game, you’d be on a high horse for what, two seconds and then lose in the end, with you in the trailer park with all the kids you had to men you stole who left you for another easy one, or who wake up and go looking for a decent human being to be with, but probably after some tests

  42. Msnick says:

    I’ve watched #5 in action. I was casually dating the guy. This chic didn’t actually want him, she simply decided to put herself in competition with me. I can’t count how many times females have done that to me! Regardless, we discussed it on the way home and I told him to get her number if he was interested. Eventually they dated, once we reconnected (I had moved to another state) he told me she was an attention whore & he watched her pull the crap multiple times in the months they were together. He lamented about “what could have been”…uhm, no my brother, your attentions were so easily taken, not because she was more attractive or understanding or even nice. Only because she fought all night to find a flaw, then harped on it for hours. The flaw? A high school job incident, she decided the incident meant I was inconsiderate. So yes ladies, be VERY careful what u tell people about your relationship & yourself! BTW,a guy in this scenario will likely assume u are down to be a side piece if u know his situation & persue him anyway. Silly me, I thought men had to work at finding chics to sleep with…who knew they were online writing & reading hobag handbooks!

  43. linda says:

    I had a lovley relationship for6yrs but another woman stole him from me the sex was better with her , tjey had a affair she was determined to have him and I kicked him out, he is with her normally we had a good relationship but this woman ruinef my life I desperatley want him back its been 3 weeks and I havent heard from him we sre in our fifties and I miss him so much .

  44. banshee says:

    Steal him if you can. Just remember that what goes around comes around. Live by the sword, you’ll die by the sword.
    I don’t have an overdeveloped sense of sisterhood with women who aren’t my actual sisters, but I would never come between a couple, whether I thought they were happy or not. If a guy can’t get himself out of an unhappy relationship all by himself, you can have him.

  45. banshee says:

    And as for why I read this article, I really was curious about how its advocates could justify such ho-bag behavior. I got my answer: they can’t. I’ve been married to my man for 26 years, and he’s not going anywhere. And neither am I. Some of us actually read articles by people we disagree with. Some posters here might try it sometime.

  46. adekay says:

    Yea…Only ugly nd uncaring women wud say rubbish abt dis article, Mostly ugly nd NERVOUS! Im a male, nd i really enjoy dis article…lolx….bt, no 4kin mata hw beautiful, lovely, caring, and above all Sexy u ar…I WONT LEAVE MY GAL 4 U!!!

  47. Sally says:

    I’m very troubled by this article.
    I like a man a lot who just got in to a relationship but I would never come between them despite the fact it hurts like hell he got with someone else. He made his choice and if someday they break up, maybe he’ll give me a chance.
    Only time will tell, and in the meantime I’ll live my life and support him in whatever decisions he makes.
    If he’s happy then I’m happy, even if I’m not the one making him feel that way.

    Also, just a side-note, why do so many people use the term, “my man/her man”?! He’s a human-being, not a piece of meat on a grocery store shelf.

  48. The Last Jaguar Warrior says:

    This is disposable. The writer and anyone who who likes it deserves never to have a boyfriend. (I’m a guy reading these).
    Unfortunately, being a guy, I have to say this might work on lesser boys. But the main problom with this is that there are some guys (like me) who are immune to these tactics, whether it be naturally or by doing their research to prevent it. And remember those of you who are willing to do this, if you are enough of a bitch to “steal” a girls boyfriend, any guy you can steal will probably be stolen in turn, so enjoy your fleeting moments with him.

  49. The Last Jaguar Warrior says:

    @mobuckley, good man, but the issue here is that these tactics are invisible. So unless you can detect it (that’s why were reading this, Ey?) or have a wall built already, you’ll succomb to this.
    @really?, amen sister
    @Marichuy, it’s not pathetic, because we live in the 21st century. Sure, you can play with fire now. Heck, people can waltz right up to volcanos nowadays. Same goes here. These people deserve to have a chance, and all stealing is a form of theft.
    @Leah, I hope you end up being a poor sap on the edge of the street bumming cigarettes from people. The earth could do with less you your type.
    @Anna, however, the world could use more like you
    @Loser Lose, you’re one whore if I ever met one. A better girl?! Don’t hate the game, princess, hate the cheater. And by cheating and their. And cheating and stealing are both illegal and frowned upon in the first place, so nobody will be there to cry for you when you this and get caught and destroyed.
    @Msnick, he was probably a dip if he lost that easily. You’re better off without him.
    @banshee, actually, that’s his problom, and nobody else’s in the world. If you fight with a sword but die by one, your probably sucked at fencing in the first place.
    @Sally, I like you, you’re a very ethical women. But if you’re in a legitimate relationship, you are entitled to eachother. Therefor, you are his and he is yours, or vice versa. If there’s a lack of that ownership, chances are either they’ll break up or somebody will use this trick on that guy.

  50. Linda says:

    my bloke came back to me but he uses a woman for sex who has been on the scene for 2 years he has left me again cos he can’t stay faithful we had no problems in our relationship unti this woman came in to our lives and ruined every thing were in our fifties and usually have a good relationship but she has ruined my life I miss him so much.

  51. M says:

    Hi I’m 10 and I really love my ex. I only dumped him because everyone hates him
    But now I just live him so much but he has another girl. At the disco today I asked him
    How much do you live aggy (his gf) he said millions ????

  52. polished says:

    I really didnt care if a guy is in a relationship, once he is not married to this chick that means he is available. Men who have gf for years and still hasnt marry her is sending a strong message. I proudly dated a guy who was in another relationship for 6 years, I show him how a man ought to be treated, good massages, hot texts, good cooking, un clingy etc. and i have an outgoing personality. His gf was pretty and ok personality but was very lazy and untidy. He marry me after 15 months and today almost 3 years intor our marriage we are still happy and i trust him with other women. As long as ur doing ur best to make him happy, then the rest is up to him. A man only belongs to his wife not his girlfriend. Sorry.

  53. The Last Jaguar Warrior says:

    Good god polishes, you don’t deserve any guy. Men who havnt married after a long period of dating are just enjoy the love without all the legal and economic ties. Try again, *****

  54. anon says:

    How to steal a guy from his girl: Don’t. Just… don’t. They are in a relationship for a reason and its a pretty dick move to try and get in the way of that.

  55. Asuna Yuuki says:

    A man with morals would never go for a woman like this. If he does, you guys are perfect for each other.

  56. Cougar Age says:

    If that happened, men would lie and say they are single in order to cheat. I’ve seen it done. I also don’t understand why people are so angry about this article. Most of us who have lived a little have had someone stolen from us. Why should respect be given to others in an area it was never given to us? It’s good to know what tactics other people will try and the article had some useful info in it. People need to chill out.

  57. Jenni Lee says:

    This is fucked. What is wrong with you?

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