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How to Know if a Guy Likes You For Real

how to know if a guy likes you

How to know if a guy likes you? Finding out whether he is into you or just being friendly can be really easy with these tips to read a guy’s mind.

Click here to read the first five signs on how to tell if a guy likes you.

Getting to know if a guy likes you can be quite tricky and confusing.

So does the guy like you, or are you just misinterpreting the signs?

Sometimes, we come across guys and friends who seem to suddenly act different or just behave in a manner that seems like he’s got more than just friends on his mind.

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So how to know if a guy likes you for real?

After reading the first five signs in the introduction, you would have figured out how his eyes can speak to you, and how his behavior can help you know if a guy likes you.

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But it’s always better to be completely sure before you take the next step.

Find out how to know if a guy likes you using these five simple steps.

How to know if a guy likes you #6 HE’S TOUCHY FEELY

Bought a new pair of earrings? He’s probably going to want to run his fingers innocently by your ears as he checks it out.

Any guy who likes a girl gets touchy feely. It’s just involuntary.

There are more hello hugs or lingering handshakes, and of course, he’d try to touch you at any opportunity that he can get.

Now this doesn’t really mean he’s going to be crude or perverted. But you’d know a guy is touching you a bit more often than other guys when you experience the touchy feely lingering touches of a guy who likes you.

Now whether you’ll enjoy his clasps and soft touches or not is entirely up to whether you like him back or not. [Read: Is he really into you or just being nice?]

How to know if a guy likes you #7 HE GIVES YOU A CUTE NAME

Cute names and pet names are usually reserved for someone you have a sweet spot for. No one in their right mind wants to go around giving pet names to each and every one they meet.

But if you have such a special place in a guy’s heart, maybe then he would probably have a pet name for you. How to know if a guy likes you?  If this guy decides to call you by a cute pet name, you’re in a pretty good place in his heart. [Read: How to steal a guy from his girlfriend]

How to know if a guy likes you #8 GIFTS GALORE

This is probably the most obvious sign on this list. Does this guy send you flowers? Or does he give you a gift and say that he was shopping and came across something that reminded him of you, and he had to pick it up for you?

If a guy’s been giving you gifts or showering you with special gestures, that’s probably because he wants you to know that he thinks about you all the time, even when he shops! This is a very good sign in the big list of signs that a guy likes you.

How to know if a guy likes you #9 THE LITTLE THINGS THAT COUNT

This is something that comes involuntarily when a guy likes you. You’d be able to notice this more when you’re in a group of friends. Does this guy give you special attention or offer to help you more than he helps around others? Any guy who likes you can’t help but pay more attention to your needs more than the others.

Now he may be a guy who is genuinely nice and helps everyone, but if he does like you, there’s a pretty good chance he’s giving you just that little bit of extra attention! [Read: How to make any guy fall in love with you]

How to know if a guy likes you #10 ALL HIS FRIENDS KNOW YOU

Have you met this guy or waved out to him when he’s with his own group of friends? Do his friends nudge him or tease him each time you wave, or do you find him grinning wide like he’s got the lockjaw? Now that should mean something along the lines of a romantic interest.

Have you ever been introduced to his friends and they seem to know a lot about you? That means he thinks you’re important enough for him to talk about with his own group of friends.

On the other hand, this could just mean that they know a few things about you, and are trying to be warm and friendly. But usually, it’s easy to find out if a guy likes you by the way his friends behave when both of you are together. [Read: How to talk to a guy and make him like you]

The final word – Does the guy like you?

If you’re wondering how to know if a guy likes you, just look at these ten signs. If you find one or two pointers here that seem true about this guy, there may be a small chance that he does have a romantic interest in you.

But if he’s got more than five to seven flags waving out of these ten, then he’s surely got a huge crush on you and can’t wait to ask you out!

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Now that you know how to know if a guy likes you, go on and make a move back, will you?!

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178 thoughts on “How to Know if a Guy Likes You For Real”

  1. Antonia says:

    Hi. I read this page about how to tell if a guy likes u and I want to see what you think of my love story. So my story is, there is this guy that I really like and I do swim team with him and I see him every day, he stares at me while I swim and smiles at me. He’s friends with my older brother and I wanted to know if you think he likes me. Also I want to know if he likes me so I was told by my friend to ask my brother to ask him if he likes me. Should I? Do you think he likes me?

  2. Super Kitty says:

    Hi Antonia, it

  3. Guysrcrazy says:

    I called a guy as I thought he was interested. Boy did I read him wrong!!! Got burned. I won’t ask a guy out until he has asked me out a few times when i know that he really likes me. i don’t believe that men should be harder to get then women….nah….i don’t believe that one bit. dates go better when guys do the pursuing.

  4. Rose says:

    I think a guy likes me, but he has a gf. It first started when everyone kept saying that he liked me and when i said i would talk to him about, he got all happy and sappy, but then he met this other girl, (i was beginning to like him), and after 30 seconds, him and the girl became Bf and Gf. But he still like totally mega flirts with me, he even gave me a heart.

  5. Margret says:


    this is just for curiosity.

    So, there was a man I was in love with for a long time. He was a wonderful friend. I had a gut feeling he had similar feelings, but never acted on them. I didn’t and he didn’t. I never did because I didn’t want to jeopardise the friendship and open a Pandora’s box. Moving on. I started dating a wonderful man and brought him to my town to meet my dear friend. He was not warm with my boyfriend, but then later warmed up to him. (My friend and I live in different cities), We used to text each other to keep in touch, but he doesn’t respond anymore. So, I wonder if he stopped because he possibly had feelings for me? Does that sound likely?

    Thank you.

  6. Super Kitty says:

    Hi Margret,

    I can

  7. ARPerry says:

    I have a question. I work next to a pie shop, I work in a jewelry place. The shopping center is a little slow, and we get very little foot traffic, both to their shop and into ours. I go over almost every other day because I can get free water and a nice discount, and because I like the people who work there. There’s this one guy, though, that’s different than the other guys. He used to be cold when I came in, or tried to talk to him, wasn’t really talkative, and just kind of in his own world. Lately, though, over the past week he’s gotten warmer to me and started to smile when I come in. He, brightens up, I guess? Like a puppy, how they perk up when they see something they want? Now he makes an effort to make conversation and actually smiles now. He’s a little awkward and quiet, but that’s actually why I like him.

    Considering we both work in retail, do you think that it could be just him seeing a regular and greeting them happily? I know I get happy when one of my regulars comes in. I want to see it as a sign, but I don’t want to get burned.

  8. Super Kitty says:

    Dear ARPerry,

    This is nice. I like all these happy, confusing moments! Coming to your question, well, there are many different kinds of guys. Some guys are rather shy and nervous, and to cover their awkwardness, they go on the defensive and try to behave coldly with the girl. It’s not because they don’t like the girl, it’s because they just don’t know how to talk to the girl!

    And to start talking to the girl, they need time to lose the nervousness. And for that, the guy has to get familiar with her. What you’re experiencing may be a perfect example of this. He feels awkward at first, and then starts warming up towards you. Must feel nice, yeah? Don’t we all love those shy cute guys?

    If he’s paying you more attention than he generally does when you’re not really doing anything more than what you normally do, it’s obvious he likes you. Yeah you!

    Now we can’t really tell if he wants to take it forward and ask you out. He may like you, but that doesn’t mean he’ll ask you out. If you do like him, read these features on how to talk to a guy and how to get a guy to like you. They

  9. Rachel says:

    Hey! 🙂
    so thre

  10. Isabella says:

    i have this crush on my church friend but ive already told him that i like him. i think it was to early to tell him i like him and his reaction was that he likes me as a friend and sister (do to church). but everytime i txt him or talk to him on my page he always asks me..why havent i came to church. or he tells me to stay in church until 5 with him, but i cant cause i live far from the church and so i just need some feedback on this.

  11. maria says:

    Hi Rose,
    I have exactly the same problem! I liked this guy for a while, and just when i stopped loosing interest he started flirting majorly back, and we were even in a musical together where we were in love and had to kiss. And everyone said there was this tension between us, and we added in extra kisses and stuff when it wasnt in the script, but…half way through the rehearsal period i found out that he had a gf so i tried to back off a bit (everyone was SO shocked). But during the performances we were even more flirty. So idont get what to do? Everyone says that he likes me, but he has a gf. Some people are saying he is with the other one casue he didnt think he had a chance with me casue he’s in year 10 and im in year 12…Any suggestions? I really dont want to be the other girl, but if we’re already pretyy much a couple what do you do?

  12. Sarah says:

    Hi there!
    I have a friend (yes, he’s a guy) who I think I am starting to get a crush on. I’ve known this guy since we were little (i think I met him and his family when I was 11 or a little younger. He’s two years older than me). Problem is, I don’t know if he likes me or if he is just being nice. He is a very polite, funny, and nice guy who isn’t embarrassed hanging around with people younger than him. He always smiles at me, and I smile too, but I keep shying away (aka: looking away from him, not touching…)

    Recently he has been more… Attentive? I’m not sure how to describe it, but he invited me to see the last Harry Potter movie(granted it was with his little siblings and my dad tagged along because he had nothing better to do) but still, closest I’ve ever gotten to a date with him. I’m Taking tennis in school and he took me to the court and taught me how to play (his siblings were there too). The last time I saw him, he invited me to go with him and pick his little sis up from a party. I sometimes catch him looking at me, but I pass it off as nothing, he could very well be looking around.

    Does he like me, or is he just being polite, inviting me to all those places so I wouldn’t be bored? Maybe he still sees me as that little girl who used to play video games with him and his siblings? Does he not like me because I’m lacking something? Or maybe… There could be something, but we are both too shy to take a step. I don’t want to ruin our frindship. I don’t want to make this into something it’s not, I dont want this crush to develop and then realize he likes another girl. Heartbreaks are never fun.

    Sorry for the 20 questions, but I have never felt this way for a guy before, and I don’t want to make the first move, or think there is something between us that isn’t there, without knowing he feels the same way toward me.

  13. Channel says:

    I have this Guy I was dating when I was about 17 and we were together for a few months but than after he would always find a way to pop in and out of my life. I did have some feelings for him at the age of 17 but its nothing like I feel now. Any ways Somehow hes poped back into my life at the age of 22! and weve been hanging out more often then we ever did. He Recently took me on a trip to La with his mom and brother for 3 days. We hang out in the least 2 times a week and all we do is talk to eachother about life and go to the movies it just seems like now he has more interest on taking me on date and being super sweet to me. At first I thoight it was just about him wanting to have sex but I have been celibate for 6 months and he knows Im not going to budge he always takes the time to listen to me and be there when I need some one to talk to. Alse every time im with him it seems like hes even more into me. The only PROBLEM is Im so confused if we are official or whats going on I feel like im falling for him but what do I do hes not the type to just straight up ask me to be his girl friend he always has some secret or subliminal ways of telling me stuff. For example: I want you to rule out all your other options OR You opinion Counts to ME. He tells me he is seeing no other girls ugggh I just want to know if im spoiking foor any advice… anyone? Oh and by the wayy I have confronted him saying what is it a while ago and all he said is he wants to build on out foundation???

  14. Colleen says:

    We have been arguing since we

  15. CanadianGirl'950 says:

    Hi, I was wondering of you could maybe help me if I am reading the signs right.

    I like this man, who is just about 7 years older than me. We always hang out alone, cruise around, go for walks, browse on the Internet, watch movies together, text and I definitely love the welcome/bye hugs.

    We flirt kind of a bit. One evening we went for a walk down the rails by the lake on this one small road. We kept bumping into each other, looking up deep into one another’s eyes and laugh. He scared me by saying, what was that? And pretended to run, and when I ran screaming, he was laughing, ran to me and pulled me in for a gig and we just stood there. Of course he was getting quite the laugh still, but I was still scared.

    I was recently away, and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I even seen a car like his and was like “aweh :(” he made plans with me, to have a few drinks one night, just us two, and watch movies and lounge around.

    Am I misreading any signs thrown my way? So it seems? I could go go on forever about this older man, but I don’t dare tell him just yet, because I am shy and haven’t thought about it just yet, but planning something everyday, because it’s bottling up inside and I haven’t a clue how to tell him, though it sounds childish, I am very shy. I am just not good at these things, any help would be great really. Thanks!

  16. CanadianGirl'950 says:

    I forgot to add ;
    We always catch each other smiling and looking at each other, trying to be sneaky, and he is sweet. Everytime he stops by, he lives out of the town that I reside in, and he comes picks me up, goes to the store offers me things, then we go back to my house, and hang out. He could easily stop at the store on the way, but he doesn’t.

    Another occasion was I had my nails done all cool, (gel nails, really fantastic design) and he just grabbed my hand and was like, “beautiful”. And set it back down randomly. My hair is also naturally really curly and one night while watching movies, he td me to come sit by him, his nephew was with us, and he was lying on the love seat, and I sat on the ground, and he started playing with my curls out of the blue. He smells incredibly good, and so I told him, he ran out in the hail, the weather sucked at the time, just to grab his nearly empty cologne, to show me it. I have more “signs”. I don’t know if he is being polite? Or if he likes me? Help. 🙂 pleaseand thanks and if you are super good, maybe help me find a way to tell him I like him? As I have little confidence in this area of expertise. 🙂 thanks.

  17. doggiewuver says:

    I met this guy during the summer at summer school, and i thinkk hes cute, but im always trying to make our friends laugh so he’ll notice me. I see things that he does but i dont know if they mean something or if they dont. Sometimes i think that he tries to make me laugh. Then one time when we were sitting down, there was an empty seat behind me and he was about to sit down then his friend takes his chair, then he gets mad and sits behind him. But i wasnt sure if it meant anything. My problem is that he does things that look like hints but i get lost trying to figure if they mean something. So i dont know how to react to these things i need help. Please?

  18. Emma says:

    Hello. I am so confused wether this guy actually likes me and im so taken by him i just hope he isnt giving me false indications. This guy knows how shit i get treated and i also know how poorly he got treated with past relationships. I went to his house party and it was the 1st time we had been able to speak properly by not texting. And hes a shy person so he was drunk when i arrived and was so happy and was excited to see me and i got pretty tipsy and was mingling with his friends and they were asking me if i was going to ‘get on’ him and i said no im not like that and 2 he wouldnt be intrested in some1 like me and they were like ‘yeh he would’. And the guy i like was mingling around his friends and was sweet enough to come over and say ‘im sorry i keep leaving you just havent seen people in a while’ and i told him to stop being silly and i was fine talking to his friends. He then came and sat next to me and i was putting a song on the xbox n got really close and was still sat they and i put my legs over him and he had his hands on his legs. Im going to try and hurry tis part up basicly he had a nose bleed and it went all over his jeans and every1 was drunk and im a pretty good drunk person so i took him upstairs to his room to sort himself out. and when he did that he just gave me a massive hug and just kissed me and told me i was cute and we kinda had a kiss, cuddle and a drunken indepth conversation and well obviously you can just say hes a bloke and drunk it doesnt mean anything. When he sobered down later in the evening because hed broke his mates tv n it just sobered him up n i finished my bottle of wine so i was sobering down too and it was still the same still kissing me and everything and when we went to bed we just had some massive long conversation and told me i was beautiful and that i shouldnt be treated how i had been and im cute and he loves the fact i took my makeup off and hair extensions out without a care. but the best thing was he said i was beautiful but i said but there are loads more prettier girls out there than me and he told me he didnt care. and everything he was saying just took my breath away. and we went to sleep just cuddled up. and in the mornin it was a bit weird because hes very shy when hes sober and i thought he was just being weird with me but then we was sat on the sofa and he as poking my leg and stroking my hand and was leanin close next to me and he gave me a kiss when i was going home and told me to text him.

    Since the party he’s back at work atm but i still text him everyday i text him in the morning and we just text allday and he told me that my kisses were good and il tell him i wish i was cuddling in bed with him watching tell hes say he wishes he could coz it was nice. and he was glad i came to the party. i dont know if im just bugging him and i think i freak him out by telling him i miss him n stuff even thhough hel text me back saying im cute and that i made him smile. but today he hasnt text me at all :/ i think ive scared him off. and ive only sent one text to him which was this morning. i really need help cz i dont know how to act, i dont know what to do, i just want him, hes beautiful and so understanding ):

  19. Amomo says:

    hi i think a guy likes me but im not sure.

    He gave me his sunglasses to use once
    He drew me stuff nice
    He has really good manners when im around
    He smiles at me
    Tries to make me laugh
    Makes eye contact for ever it seems
    Stares at me
    He complements me
    He sharpened my pencils for me
    Occasionaly teases/touches me
    Always tries to start a convo with me
    Offers to help me a lot
    He sings my fav love song when i play it
    When swimming grabbed my leg
    He never talks about other girls
    He talks bad about other guys around me
    Tries to sit by me

  20. Amomo says:

    forgot to add

    Hes 2 years older
    When he was at my house he drove with his
    He needed to know if his head lights worked
    He waited till i went to the bathroom to go check and see
    If they worked
    He played my fav song
    He asks questions (fav color, middle name, ect)

  21. Amomo says:

    Please tell me what you think does he like me or what
    Thank you so muchi posted the previous things
    Thanks for your help!!!!!!

  22. Christina says:

    I just started a new school andbi met this one boy and i really thinks that
    he likes me. . In class he is always staring at me and then when i look at him
    he smiles at me and i barely ever see him smile. He always sits behind me in study hall
    and always needs help with some type of homework. Not only that but therebis another kid who flirts with me and it is like a big battle of who can get me first and i really want them to stop. How do i end the battle wih out hurting one of them?

  23. Kristy says:

    Well it is pretty good but I am also very good at giving advice!!
    SO if you need me i have an email address so just email me!! (kristy-lee00@hotmail.com)

  24. georget says:

    I like my best friends brother. I’ve liked him before i started high school but i t was just a little crush. Well now i’mm a freshman and i saw him at a home football game. He always sees me first says hi and gives me one of those big koolaid smiles. At half time we met up again (not on purpose) and he invited e to walk with him and one of his friends that he was hangig out with the whole night. We bumped into a few of his friends ad he introduced me to them. Ever since then the little crush i had on him got bigger and more important to me. After that night i cant stop thinking about him. I want to tell him how ifeel but i dont want to be regected and if he doesnt like me then i still want to be friends and not let it be awkward. Some of my friends said that i should let him ask me out, if i tell him i have to be comfortale with it, and i sould take a shot and let him know how i feel if i want it to go anywhere. I’ve thought it over and read the different articles on your site but i still don’t know what to do. If i do tell him it would be september 30th at our next home game. Please let me know what you think and what i should do. Thanks so much georget.

  25. Nina says:

    theres a boy in one of my classes who I like… But I don’t know if he likes me back…. He’ll nudge me and like cutely pIke me for no reason and he seems happy to sit by me and he’ll say naive boy stuff like I’m ‘mean’ then he’ll laugh. Does it sound like I have have potential? Thanks 🙂

  26. Nanny says:

    Okay so theres this guy i really like but i have no idea how to get his attention. We are not friends and i hardly ever talk to him. But it sometimes seems that he looks at me often and sometimes he doesnt. I really have been considering telling him but i get really nervous around him and start mumbling stupid things. How can i tell him that i have a crush on him without making a fool out of myself? Plus i dont even know if HE likes ME. Im so confused.

  27. Summer says:

    I really need help. There’s this guy I really like. But he’s a senior and I’m a freshman. We’re in the school musical together. He flirts with me, smiles when he sees me, and I catch him looking at me all the time. He’s really funny. I think he likes me but I can’t be sure. I don’t want to straight out ask him because I’m afraid he’ll think I’m a freak and won’t talk to me. I need help!

  28. Summer says:

    forgot to add that sometimes he’ll nudge me or step on my feet playfully. Sometimes he’ll wink at me.

  29. OhThatGirl says:

    So, I like this guy.. Like.. REALLY like. And idk how he feels about me.. We kinda talk on facebook and he always smiles at me and at my friends 16th party when we met he played with my hair and phone and touched my hands. Also, at my school’s dance he danced with me abd taught me how to dance and grind. He laughed a little when I told him I couldn’t dance. Does he like me?

    P.S. I wrote a cute note telling him my feelings and my friend gave it to him saying it was from anonymous. Should I tell him it was from me, or wait?

  30. Someonee x] says:

    I like this guy , and his friends always say things like “you two would be a good couple ” and stuff like that. He says that he likes this other girl but doesnt act like it. We also started a cheek poking war , and he tends to poke me whenever he gets a chance. Even I dont do that. Our grade went to a sleep away camp and at one point , he grabed my hand ( it was random ) and lifted it up as he said something then put it down and we both let go ( I wasnt holding , I just moved my hand away ) . I pretend that I dont like him. What should I do?

  31. Emma says:

    Hi I think this guy at my school likes me but I’m not sure. We talk quite a lot on facebook and he always smiles when he’s around me and we were playing truth and he asked me “what kind of relationship are you looking for, casual or serious?” Do you think he likes me or am I just jumping to conclusions?

  32. Annonymous says:

    So i have been friends with my crush for 3 years but we got very close in 8th grade. This year im a freshmen:D….his bestfriends says its super obvious that he likes me and friends that don’t know i like him says it’s obvious that we both like each other….so idk. :/
    He likes to get hugs from me and sometimes he mean to me, but like the flirty kinda mean, but this is mostly in front of friends who im also close with…..but when we are alone it’s just plain arkward. From what his friends told me, his parents very like me and my mom very like him, so i guess that’s a start. His friends and my girlrfriends tells me that he is not expressive….so this can also be the problem. We hang out with the same group of friends so it’s not like im liking a guy way out of my league! 😛 hahah

  33. Reggy says:

    i need some help. i have this guy on my soccer team and i realy like him. he is always looking at me when we are doing streches and having water break. when i text him, he sends 1-4 words, i think its cause he is shy and quiet. the first night i got his number we texted for 2 hours strait. he is a year younger then me. i asked him if he wanted to go skating with me and a bunch of friends and he said no. do you think he likes me and is just to shy to admit it?

  34. kari says:

    there is this guy ive liked for a while
    does he like me back?
    everytime he walks in the door, he waves at me and no one else
    lots of high 5s or hugs
    he smiles all the time when hes talking to me.
    if im bored hell be like” come talk to me! you can always chill with me / us”
    we joke around alot
    he loves my dad.
    he teases me sometimes”:like hell laugh at me
    or if im playing a video game with him + his friends hell be like “dont worry ill beat them for ya”
    ????????? i cant tell!
    oh yeah and i drew a picture for him that he asked for and he LOVES it like crazy

  35. kari @ Emma says:

    so far he most possibly could like you! but its not quite clear yet
    try talking to him more,
    if you talk to him and he laughs alot or trys to poke you, or hugs you everyday, he likes you/
    if he asks you about your personal life alot he may like you.
    and if he says “your amazing” or” your cute” then its obvious.
    or if your texting or on facebook, and HE chats first, then he might
    its diifficult yes

  36. kari @ summer says:

    he could like you, but be a little more sure.
    if you know him well, after leaving give him a hug. this always works for me: if a guy hugs you akwardly and seems like he didnt want to then move on.
    but if he smiles and says “bye!!” when he hugs you then he just might like you.
    flirt around more. if he flirts with you ALOT and talks about weird love conversations alot then he might like you

  37. kari @ Reggy says:

    i have no idea.
    try flirting with him.
    if he gets weird he might not like you.
    if he flirts back then good.
    try hugging him.
    try getting to know him better, and after you get “friendly” then try asking him to go skating and if he says yes or maybe, GOOD! but if he says no, then hes not interested. dont worry though, there are plenty of fish out there!

  38. Lost says:

    So i really like this one guy and we never really talked before but he would always do little things like give me a crazy look that made me laugh or tease me randomly. Then we started talking and he would make eye contact so strong, it was like he was looking for something in my eyes. Anyway, it is so easy to talk to him. I know i can be myself. I also laugh a lot when we talk and he grins and laughs to. One of my good friends was with us during a conversation and she told me afterwards the she had never seen him smile that much before. What does this mean? he is kinda out of my league and i really dont think a guy like him would have interest in me. help!

  39. Sandi says:

    I think a guy at m y school likes me, but I’m not sure if I’m just overreacting or what

    ~Everyday in 4th period (note I’m in 7th grade) he will call me by the middle name that I posted on facebook (TreeTrunks from adventure time) (also note that we were never even facebook friends before today when he sent me a request)

    ~He is constantly touching me (not in a dirty way), he will poke my back, he will touvh my arms, he will pull my hair lightly

    ~He compares his shoe size to mine

    ~He noticed that I got new shoes

    ~He noticed I was a Lefty

    ~When his stupid friend started bugging me in 4th period he started to deffend me, but then stopped (I don’t know if he wasw shy or what)

    ~He sent me a friend request on facebook (aleready said)

    ~And he smiles at me, ALOT

    I don’t know if he likes me or is just being frindly, I really need to know because I’m acually starting to like him. Help anyone??

  40. Sandi says:

    And I forgot something, he is always asking me for help in 4th period, of course I help him and then he’ll start poking me and stuff when i turn around.

    ~ Also he is always calling me TreeTrunks, is that a nickname or what?

  41. kari says:

    somone please help me ive helpd lots of people!
    does he like me?
    everytime he walks in the door, he waves at me and no one else
    lots of high 5s or hugs
    he smiles all the time when hes talking to me.
    if im bored hell be like

  42. Super Kitty says:

    @ Kari,

    Dear Kari, from what you

  43. kari @ super kitty says:

    thank you alot! yeah him and i also are talking on the phone.
    i was wondering why he wasnt asking me out, ill read iinto it!
    or should i ask him out?

  44. kari @ super kitty says:

    thank you alot super kitty ^^ he really means alot to me 😀

  45. HELP PLEASE!!! says:

    Ok, so there’s this guy that I like. I’m a sophomore & he’s a senior. I’ve known him since I was in 6th grade, but we’ve barely talked for the past year or so. Lately I’ve caught him watching me, smiling, trying to make eye contact, etc. He’s a really nice guy, and I like him, but I don’t know what to do. I’ve never had a boyfriend before, so I don’t know how tell whether or not he likes me. And he’s the quarterback of the football team, he plays basketball, he’s an honor student, & an all around amazing guy. Can someone PLEASE help me?

  46. boycrazy says:

    so there’s this boy in my class and i have liked him for awhile and he stares into my eyes alot or looks at me. we sit across from each other and he will move his feet out and touch mine and keep them there. he also sticks up for me

  47. Lucy says:

    Hi Im a girl and Im 16. One of my youth interns at church is 20 and Im pretty sure that he likes me. Ive known him for a little over a year now and we

  48. Shikha says:

    Hey i’ve got a virtual frnd and i wna knw whether he likes me !!! we chat everyday infact every night for more than 2 hours.. He likes to tease me quite lot and we call each other by a special name..He even claim that i am his best frnd. In fact i have a boyfriend and he knows it so we are just frnds and can’t even be more. He acts just like a frnd you see the point. He often tell me his probs and I always tell him mine. I feel very comfortable with him. Please help me ! I want to know his feelings … Thanks :))

  49. cami says:

    hey im in 8th grade and very desperate to know if this guy likes me.

    -i always catch him staring at me
    -he acts like the alpha with his friends when im around
    -one time he ran up behind me and poked me playfully when i turned around he laughed and winked at me ( in the hallway)
    -he jokes around with my brother maybe trying to find some things out
    -after we (my brother and i) get off the bus to our apts we go the store first and it seems like he follows me there
    -in the store he always finds an excuse to talk to me
    -in the store he asked me why i don’t talk to him, he said i can talk to him anytime. he then said bye smiled brushed my cheek then talked with his friends.
    -as we left he seemed to be saying something about me to his friends.
    -he walked off with his friends then turned to me and kissed me goodbye
    i dont know if im just hallucinating or what i dont know
    problem is he has a gf then i heard he didnt then it seemed he didnt im confused. plz help me i dont know if hes just playing around or if hes for real. plus my mom thinks he likes me.

  50. confusion says:

    so i think this guy in my last period likes me but im not so sure.

    -hes always finding ways to make me laugh
    -in class he sits next to me. we change seats every month and so far my teach has put me next to him a lot… if not next to then near.
    -when were in class he always scoots his chair closer to me
    -once he playfully kicked my feet then i did it back then we did that for awhile
    -in orientation for first day of school he seemed to be following me around
    -he always talks to me in class and when hes not hes REALLY staring at me
    -a friend of his sits in front of us and they always talk quietly when im not paying attention.
    when i am his friend shoos me away as if its a secret they dont want me to know
    -his friend seemed to be hinting me
    -when i talk to other guys he looks really mad
    -he tries to get me to pay attention in class as to keep me from trouble from the teacher
    -hes nice to me all the time
    -his friend said ‘ hey____ on fb are you gonna pick her(pointing to me) or ____ (another girl) i wasnt really listening but i heard some of what they were saying. i got up to throw some trash and went i came back he was staring at me.

  51. boycrazy says:

    so there

  52. kari @ boycrazy says:

    it seems like he does. try flirting with him, not too much but just a little bit. and try hugging him as he leaves. these are great tests
    if he flirts back, then he likes you
    if he hugs you back, he might.
    its worked for me 😀

  53. HELP PLEASE!!! says:

    Ok, so there

  54. kari @ HELP PLEASE!!! says:

    well, it seems that you guys dont talk much? try talking to him , just go up and be like “hey whats up?”
    and if you guys start a conversation, good. keep doing this everyday, and after a few days after you leave, try to hug him. if he seems weird or akward for any of this, he may just not be into you. but if he carrys a conversation, orhugs back, and if he smiles alot, yeah he could. and keep hugging him each day or if you havent seen him in a while, hug him until he realizes how hot you are!but dont do it too much, and dont flirt too much, you might creep him out or he might think your desperate. idk that ALWAYS works for me.

  55. kari , says:

    OK same guy. so i finall asked if he could come over,and he said “sure hit me up!”
    and when i called him, he didnt answer, so he called back later and he left a few texts and stuff.
    and OMG great! its obvious, he said “kari, youre beautiful” and “call me” stuff like that.
    BUT….. BUT!!!!!
    he also keeps talking about how hot this one girl is, and how hed love to date her
    🙁 im soooo confused oh god somone PLEASE HELP. IVE HELPED ALOT!!!!!!!

  56. miranda says:

    ok im sorta confused i have this guy friend his name is david
    he loves my mom
    he texts me like every day he
    hugs me whenever i see him
    he love just sitting outside and talking
    he said my quietness is cute and my best friend talks all the time and when she starts he just rolls his eyes and looks at me
    but im not sure if thats just how he acts or if he really likes me

  57. denise says:

    This guy on my cross country team is always staring and talking about me in a good way but idk if he likes me or Not but he’s in 8nd I’m in 7 ;?

  58. I really need some advise! says:

    So i’m a junior and i work with this guy who’s a senior and he’s completely gorgeous, but i don’t like him for his looks (only), he’s such an amazing person to be around, we see each other quite often at work and talk a lot by text and fb. We have a lot in common and have been through quite a few of the same things in life at one point or another. We’ve known each other for about 5 months now, and he has resently started getting quite flirty with me (not in a cheap, annoying way though). He’ll do things like walk by me at the restaurant i work at and hit my thigh with a t-towel then wink at me and keep walking, and he’ll do anything to make me laugh. He gave me a pet name about 2 months ago, and i have one for him, he always calls me by it now. We go to different high schools and i invited him to my Hallowe’en ball last weekend, and he came with me! I asked him why, because he kept saying how lame school dances are, and he said ‘because you asked me to’ and blushed. People i know and don’t really talk to kept coming up to me and telling me that he kept watching me all night, and they thought we were dateing. Then, he went off with a group a really awful girls to make me jealous, then came back in and was really appologetic, saying it was ‘nothing’ and that they were just immature. Then, when we got home that night he text me constantly for about 3 hours until we fell asleep. So everyone thinks he’s in love with me, but apparently he said to my friend that he ‘doesn’t want to try anything with me, he’s too afraid to ruin everything that we have together’? He’s never had a relationship and every girl he has ever tried to get close to has ditched him. I don’t know what to think; i seriously don’t even know if that means he likes me or if he’s just a big flirt. What do i do now? I really like him, and i don’t wanna ruin what we have, but i don’t wanna end up stuck in the friend zone! Thanks for listening to me moan (:

  59. Balletluffage says:

    I really like this guy in my year. He’s just broken from a very committed relationship (which he broke off). I’ve liked him for like, nearly 3 years and I have told him about liking him but he just kinda ignored it. I really want to be his friend because I really want to get to know him. Everytime I try t get over him, It never works. Can I either have some advice on getting over him or how to become his friend without looking like i like him
    Thanks xoxo

  60. Sabiha says:

    Im really confused. This guy im my class texts me like 24/7 and were great mates, but then he asked me out for coffee and all my friends were telling me it was a date. Im didnt think about it before but now im over thinking it.

    HELP 🙂

  61. Ella says:

    OK, there this guy at my skool he always talks to me and yestaday we went to cricket on the way there we didnt really look at eachother coz he got moved for being to loud!!!! And the way back he sat at the back of the bus and we made eye contact with each other for most of trip home, he smiled me several times and i smiled back! Then when we got off the i went to line up for the skool bus and he tried to push me off the seat (as a game!!). it was really funny, but duz he like me?? Pleaz anzer!!!!! 🙂

  62. Allison says:

    ella- he’s just flirting:) just goo with it. its fun to have him chase you around and stuff:)

  63. GlitterGirl :P says:

    This might not make sense much, but here we go. There is this one guy that I used to be really good friends with and then we stopped being friends. And now he is dating this one girl that he also used to be friends with. Well, I always catch him looking at me(so it seems) and I just don’t know what to think.

  64. HELP PLEASE!!! says:

    Ok, so it’s me again. Same guy lol. I REALLY want to start a conversation with him, but every time I see him he’s with his friends, which I don’t know all that well. What.should I do? I don’t want it to be extremely obvious that I’m flirting with him, at least not at first. I would appreciate ANY advice!

  65. maddi says:

    I cant tell if a guy likes me. Any advise

  66. Kathryn says:

    I have a rather interesting situation that I would appreciate advice about. It is extrememly rare for me to be attracted to someone (it occurs maybe once every 4 years), so when I do find someone that I find attractive I really don’t want to pass up that opportunity!
    The first day i found I was attracted to him I talked to him…kept it casual, friendly, and brief. I have a strong feeling he is gay, but I’m hoping he is attracted to both sexes at least.
    I guess before I make the next move…I would appreciate some expert advice…..namely because I think he is gay (he wears heavy makeup) and because this is so special for me to have found someone that I find attractive. Thanks.

  67. lilly says:

    okay well theirs his guy i like and i amnt sure he likes me soo well he was gf and bf wit my friend but it all ended a while ago cas he was mean like messing but people took him srsly him keeps teasing me and its like were bffs soo like i rly wanna ask him out should i??? but dont wanna risk the embarrestiment soo wat will i do plzzzzz help me!?!?!?!??1!?1?!?

  68. lilly says:

    could somone helpp meee i dunno waqt o dooooo!!

  69. j says:

    so at friday i had to post flyers around my school for this class i have.i have the boy i like for the class .so my teacher was giving us the flyers and the bell rang to go to 3rd per.so i went to 3rd per. and i had 1 flyer left.so i asked my teacher if i can post it outside of her class on the bulletin board and she said yes.While i as putting the flyer on the bulletin board,the boy i like was going to his 3rd per. (our classes are next to each other)He went next to me and was like youre still doing that?(in a nice friendly way) and i was like yup so we both were walking to our class then the boy i like put his arm around me while we were going to our class.So i went to my class and told him bye 🙂 so he said bye back to me and smiled:)and at lunch even in the morning even in the past few weeks, i always tend to catch him staring at me and sometimes he’ll go to where i hangout and he’ll play around with me and we’ll talk….Does he like me?

  70. Melonie says:

    I have a guy friend and I think he likes me. I read this page and I really think he does now. We talk on the phone almost everyday for at least twenty minutes, sometimes more than that. One day, he called me three times, and we talked. We just finished our first one hour phone conversation, and we listened to music. He even said it was nice talking to me! We talk everyday during recess, and we have drama club and yearbook together, and when I am absent from school, he always calls me to see if I’m okay. We are both thirteen. Does anyone think he likes me???(:

  71. MSSCYO says:

    This guy caught my attention since i started my 1st year in college. There were few incidents that happened to us but the funny thing is WE NEVER TALK IN PERSON. Well on our first week in college, my teacher in Maths always mentions his name cause he was talking a lot to his mate. (lol) So yea, before anybody else’s name, his name was the one i remembered the most. One day, we had this homework and i got stucked. I didn’t know anyone from the class so i’ve decided to search him on facebook :3 (clever eh? 😛 ) Then yeah he replied, IMMEDIATELY. I didnt add him up though, i just inboxed him. After a week or two he added me up on facebook we didnt have any mutual friends so i was like OMG ! *clicks accept button* then i started talking to him. It was so awkward though 🙁 Didn’t know what to say all i wanted to do was to talk to him 🙁
    It didn’t change anything. In college we still never talk & he doesnt even smile at me. BUT, i’m quite sure i’ve caught him loads of times staring at me 🙂 Well yea i’ve been always lookin at him but wtfudge can i do, i just cant help it :’) Funny though cos whenever i’m bout to look at him, i always catch him lookin at me & then he’ll quickly look away, LOL & vice versa 😛
    One time it was a very cold afternoon it was raining too & my bloody bus didn’t turn up. I had to wait for another hour & it was just me left at the bus stop(forever alone). And then this guy ( HIM !!! ) came to that bus stop 😀 i thought “woooo! arent i the luckiest girl in the world! ” :’) he was lookin at the bus times. OMFG! my heart was pounding ! & It always happens everytime i see him ( Until now 🙁 ) Then of all the times, my bus turned up just like 5mins after he arrived 🙁 i was gunna stay for another hour but it was so cold so yea didnt take the risk.
    Then another awkward scenario in our maths room, was when I came late. My chair wasnt at the place it’s supposed to be at. And also, a guy with a curly hair’s sat next to me but on that time, it was a guy with a long hair, didn’t see his face cos the only thing that caught my attention that time was that only spare chair next to HIM ! :$ Hmm, Let’s just call him Mr. P so nbody will get lost 🙂 haha . & yeah i started being out of my mind again. I heard my teacher saying there’s a seat next to Mr. P so all of a sudden without any hesitation, I sat next to him. His bag was on the chair but he removed it & he moved the chair a bit FOR ME :’) so yea i sat down. My Maths teacher went ” oh okay then, just seat wherever you want ” then that guy who’s sat next to my original place looked at me. Oh my world. It was still that guy with that curly hair, he just straightened his hair that time -.-‘ SILLY BILLY. pfft. i was so embarrased 🙁 i quickly lifted & moved my chair back to where it belongs LOL.
    Talk about embarrasment, these people in my maths lesson was throwing papers in the room, the teacher was actually asking us to do a seatworkbut since he’s gone to photocopy some stuff in his office, they had the chance to throw papers at each other LOL . Then suddenly, a paper hit my face, everybody was like “oooooo” & Mr.P’s mate called him to say something i didn’t hear, i think it was something like “did you see that bla bla bla” i think he didn’t cos he was busy doing our seatwork, He’s a good boy you see 🙂 He’s quite clever in class. You really wouldnt ask for more. He’s got it all ! 😛
    All these stuff happening in our maths room made it really really awkward to me. Like, I was soooo shy seeing him but ofcourse i always wanted to see him .. ALL THE TIME. But yea twas so awkward so i deleted him on facebook 🙁 THAT WAS THE BIGGESTESTTTT MISTAKE I’VE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE.
    bout 2 months later, his Mate he always talk with in maths added me up for some reason. I learnt my lesson so i ddn’t start any convo. Then I wasnt expecting it at all, he tagged Mr. P on one of my photo ! shocking innit ! :$ I still didnt start a convo but i ddnt untag myself neither 😉 i thought it’s bout time Mr.P makes a move LOL. The next day we had math lessons so ive seen him as usual. That time we were doing a seatwork, then Mr.P started a convo to his Mate, something like ” Dyou know on facebook ?! yea ? *giggles* dyou think she seen it?” — it was soooooo tempting to hop in to their convo but im a very shy person. that time i couldnt even move & i was nervous as anything, with my heart pounding as usual :/ That night, I talked to his mate. I started it with an IM saying “Why tag him to my photo” then the convo started & guess what ??? his mate told me it ws him who tagged himself ??? 😮 COS HE THINKS IM GORGEOUS ? wertfghjklsiuyeuidfhws!!!!!! 😮 i almost died ! LMFAO ! i went how come? i dont think so he never even smiled at me, he went “aww bless him thats him, his so shy” i went well what dya think i am? im so shy tooo :/ & he went “oh mr.p likes them quiet ones” & yea tried my hardest not to believe him, but we come to the point, he asked me “do you like mr. p? ” on my thought “YESSSS I DOOO i sooooo muchh DOOOOO” … what i typed in …. “i dont even know him, well i wouldnt mind to be his friend?” :$ … he told me add him up right at that time & he said” I bet he would accept you, believe me he will. ” So yea, my readers, tell me im stupid, call me an idiot i.would. take.it ! cos for some reason …. i didnt had him up that time 🙁

    The next day, I dont know if it was just me or he was really lookin at me ALL THE TIME looked like he wanted to talk to me or something. I never have been excited, cheery, nervous & ….. inlove ? til that day !!! but yea we still didnt talk 🙁 it was nearly the summer break so hmm we didnt have any chance to talk 🙁 & to make it worse, we still arent friends on facebook. Finally i added him up, &bHe BLOODY REJECTED ME D: !!!!! but yea i still did add him up for several times & finally he accepted me.
    I tried to talk to him, bout his mate, he seemed a bit interested but i killed the convo :/ 🙁 We’re still friends on facebook, & still on the same class in maths, now we’re in second year. He’s still single but i’m not anymore 🙁
    I met this guy on facebook, He was me & Mr.P’s very 1st mutual friend so i accepted him. To me, he looks like Mr.P :/ I talked to him looooads on facebook i was curious how close are him & Mr.P .. but i didnt have the chance to talk bout it cos it turned out that the guy started to like me . I dont know if it’s really the guy i liked or the fact that he looks like my Mr.P :/ It all happened over the summer, I met him, talked to him a lot, get to know each other & finally, few days before college started (thats my 2nd yr on college) we started going out . I completely have forgotten of Mr.P cos of him. Not for long though. I still always see Mr.P and now we’re just like 2 seats apart in maths.
    I’m not cheating cos i don’t even talk to him. I’m not ever gonna cheat on my boyfriend cos i love him. & he loves me more than i love him. He’s so much different to Mr.P (well i can tell). I don’t know though if its in a good or bad way. we’re 4 mos. together now. But I dont know why everytime i get in a mood ( i really cant say every time we argue, cos he never argued with me, its always been me whos starting :/ lol ) Yeah everytime it happens, i always look back on the days i almost got the chance to talk to Mr. P . & it makes me think “If only i could turn back time…” actually, it sounds like a question to me. Cos I love my boyfriend, he is my very first boyfriend. I promised myself not to have one til i find the right one.. So yea, is he the right one ? he is so immature sometimes :/ But I can not complain on how understanding caring loving & patient he is like to me. But at the same time, it always makes me think, How would things be like if it was Mr.P i am with now. I mean, I never get excited as much as i’ve been whenever im seeing Mr.P. Whenever I’m meeting up my boyfriend, im always late and sometimes i dont even care how i look like cos i know it wouldnt matter to him since he loves me & shiz lol.But in Maths ? i always do my best to look the best lol, and also i always do my best to be in my lessons on time, get high grades to impress Mr.P and that.

    Do i love him ? Am i inlove with Mr. P ? I can’t afford to lose my boyfriend but how can i forget about my long time crush 🙁 I even liked him for a longer time than my BF & i can say there are loads of stuff we can talk about if ever we’re gunna talk. There’s loads of stuff i want to tell him ( this “novel” can tell) LOL .

    I dont know we’re to post this, but wherever i do, Once i get 50 likes ? I’d give a chocolate to Mr.P on valentines day instead of my boyfriend. Hmm sounds mean but :/ … Im really confused 🙁 If i won’t get 50 likes ill try my best to forget bout Mr. P ………

  72. amrita singh says:

    there is this guy who touches my hands, holds them, tries to hug me , went with me to a dolls museum , which other guys would think was a girls or kids only thing, tries to pay every time we eat out, wants to spend more time with me, tries to invite me to movies, looks into my eyes when we are talking , listens to everything i say and doesn’t interrupt me. , does he really like me…..????????

  73. Bestfriend Blues says:

    So me and this guy have been friends since my freshman year in high school im now a senior and he is a freshman in college. We are bestfriends so to say. Well a few months ago my grandma had a heart attack she is all better now but when I got word of what happened I was upset and scared and I needed someone to talk to so I called him and it was around 2:30 and he answered and we talked and he prayed for me more recently his grandfather passed and I called to check on him and his family and again we talked and I prayed that his family would get through this storm. Again I called him on Christmas and we talked for about 45 minutes and in the background you could hear his uncles asking if it was me ( I have never met his uncles only his mom, love that woman she is like a mother to me and his sister since we go to the same school) and even his grandma was yelling out hi and of course his little cousins wanted to talk. I have developed feelings for him but I haven’t told him because I don’t want to ruin our friendship plus he is always telling me about his relationships and how he is looking for his wife from God and all I say is wait and be patient god will show her to you in do time, it doesn’t help that my friends are so sure that we should/did date or that we will be the perfect couple and one day get married some even say that’s our future and that we will be together. Hmmm I just don’t know 🙁

  74. Bestfriend Blues says:

    me again lol one thing I forgot to say is that he loves to hug me whenever we do see each other and I know one reason is because I’m really short like 5’1 and he is really tall like 6’2 and he calls me shortie and little bit and he always comments on my height bugs me sometimes but he thinks it’s so cute when I get upset or mad over the little things and he is one of the few peoe that can tell my moods apart and hardly ever let’s me get away with saying nothing is wrong.

  75. Man says:

    Just to let you all know, the only reason I am ever friends with a woman is if I want to hook up with them. If you have a friend that you like and you don’t know if he likes you back, guess what… HE DOES. He is just to scared to come forward either because hes scared that he will lose you if he is rejected or he is insecure about himself in some way. If you really don’t want to act on it just get drunk with him and he will most likely confess his feelings or you will be able to tell he wants to.

  76. Jay says:

    Um i have a “guy ” as a friend and i just noticed something…He smiles when im near him. Then a week later he keeps poking me and saying “poke” with a smile on his face. I have no idea why he does that. Anyways i tease him about his old crush and he never gets mad. he just says i will poke u if you say that name again. ( i like to tease ppl and make them feel embaressed) But the problem is…i dont think he’s crush material at all. I think of him as my best friend. please reply quickly! i dont know what to do.

  77. Confused says:

    Hi 🙂
    so there’s this guy in my building he went to my school he’s two years older than me, we never talked for like 3 years and i just logged onto facebook one day and he added me through one of my guy friends and my guy friend told me that i shouldn’t fall for his act cuz he’s a player and he just wants to have sex with girls, i still talked to him through facebook but everytime he asked to chill i rejected him but one day in the summer i decided to give him a chance and he seemed really nice and sweet and chill but i didnt want him to fool me so i kept pushing him away one day he caught me and my friend just chilling outside the building and so we ended up chilling with him and his friends..i made out with him he was my first kiss and i told him that…but after that day i stopped talkin to him again for a while and eh kept asking to chill and than he asked me if we could be friends with benefit he made it clear that he wanted sex but i said no and i didnt want to have sex with him..but he still didnt give up on me i told him to not speak to me anymore if that’s all he wanted from me but he said that he obviously had feelings for me too but i don’t know if i should believe that ..

  78. Ben says:

    Well i am guy and i want to ask you ladies a question because i know this girl and i have known her for a long time and we are friends so we talk all the time and i get in trouble a lot for talking to her in class. Also she smiles a lot when she looks at me. So does she like me or is it just normal.

  79. Bella says:

    There is this guy the I usually get to see every second day when I go to get work experience where he lives, at first I did not think much of him, because he ignored me. But the next day he talked to me and it was like *WOW*

    He is really hot, kind and has really pretty eyes! He always talks to me, asks me questions and was really nice! Needless to say, I have a crush on him.

    But for the last two days he has been avoiding me?? Usually he will see me and we will talk for 30+ mins. Now if he sees me he will come closer, smile then leave again.

    Do you think he likes me???

    -Ps- I have known him for like, half a month. Help??

  80. Bella says:

    Oh, And Ben, If I were you I would say to her “Hey, what have you been up to today?” -Let her answer- then comment on what she said and say “Uhh, Please do not think I sound Corny/Weird/creepy. But I really like you-you know, like like you. and was curious as to know weather you feel the same way?” Or say words to the affect if that is not your style 😉

    Or if your shy you could google “How to flirt with a girl” and send her small hints that you like her.

    Either way, I know that if a guy said that to me I would fall for him right then and there. Unless I had a strong reason to not like him. or I already had a boyfriend.

    I do not know how old you are, But I am 14 (15 in 3 months) and never had a relationship so if you do not want my advise, fair enough! I just know that if a boy told me he has feelings for me I would like him that much more.

    WARNING! Make sure you tell her (In body language, not words) that you like her for her, not just to get in her pants.

    -Ps- Girls love it when boys make the first move!! It has to be either you or her that makes the first move, and you will speed things up if you go first!

    This is all assuming you like her. do not lie to her saying you like like her if you don’t!!

  81. Amanda says:

    I’ve been best friends with one of my friend since elementary school and he has an older brother who I never really got to know until the last couple of years. I treat him like I would an older brother and I always felt that that was reciprocated by him. We joke around and get along quite well and usually poke fun at each other in a sibling type way. When I was dating my ex boyfriend he never seemed to care, but now that I am with my current boyfriend he keeps trying to put him down “jokingly” and is never nice to him. My boyfriend seems to think that he likes me but I keep telling him thats not the case. But what’s with all the bad attitude towards my boyfriend? Could he actually like me?

  82. Cecelia says:

    Can you guys help me!!!! Please!!!!!!!
    So there is this boy in my class, he is really cute no scratch out cute he’s hot:
    He has these dreamy blue eyes that remind me of opals(you know the gem) and also he has this blond hair that looks like an angels halo around his head. And there is this cute thing about him -some one yelled out loud “copper likes cecelia”- and since he’s (not being races here) white he blushed SO red (like a tomato) then I said “its ok I don’t believe him-person who yelled the embarrassing remark- also he caught me starring at him and I caught him starring at me but, our eyes never held – he was to shy to- I love him when ever I am around him or talk to him my pussy gets wet and my face blushes! Help me dose he like me?

  83. Firstly – when you do get to talk to him, are you guys keeping it general or do you talk about yourselves? Him wanting to know things about it is a good sign 🙂
    Secondly- can you start up the conversation this time? If he does like you him coming up to you those times may have been his attempt to see if you were interested and he may be worried you weren’t feeling he same whether or not you were flirting or giving him signs back. Try starting up a conversation this time and even mentioning that seeing as you both have been busy you guys should catch up sometime. If his interested he’ll jump at that opportunity. And then I would leave it up to him to plan on from them (just so your not having to put yourself out there completely)
    I find it easier keeping it casual and letting them know your interested and won’t reject them when they take the lead, cause at the end of the day they are dont want to be rejected either. Good luck 🙂
    If anyone else likes my advice and would like to ask me something just put attempt to help and the end of your message 😉 happy to help 🙂

  84. Ben she does sound like she likes you 🙂 how old are you guys ? Can you hang out, movies, food ??

  85. Cecelia says:

    Hi this is Cecelia again but I forgot to add on my page:
    We’ll call him guy
    Guy is very very smart he has straight A’s in every thing.
    And me I barly know my multipal tables I feel so stupid around him.
    And the boy who yelled “guy likes Cecelia” is still comming to me and saying guy likes me.
    But I have a feeling he likes me too he is always staring at me like a stalker.
    Help do I like guy or it’s just hormones?

  86. Jennifer says:

    Hello , my name is Jennifer . I was searching through Google about how to finds out if guys likes you, and I saw this website . Ok , so here’s the thing .

    I have a friend ( well , actually not a friend, he’s just someone I know ) , and I usually have feelings that he likes me but I don’t know . Because sometimes , I always feeling like he’s staring at me and he always try to talk to me when I’m alone ( Even though he always tried to talk to me , but because I’m not good at communicating with people so he’d soon gets tired because I didn’t response to him . I think I screwed up T^T ) .But yeah , this boy is complicated , sometimes , he would shout at me , or when my friends ask him about me , he would shout and saying that I’m ugly and no one would like me .

    I always see him because we go to the same school , and I can see him at break , lunch and after school time . Only in lesson we cannot see each other .

    He’s sorta like a player because he always tease everyone else , and recently he’s making up stories about his friends likes me . NOw I’m confused . Please help me T^T

  87. Hey 🙂 dont stress, Yes that would be hormones causing to to feel strange when you see or are around “guy” but your hormones are reacting like this because you have feelings towards him, whether or not they are just physical.
    I’m regards to him being a straight A student and you, I wouldn’t worry there’s more to a relationship then smarts or grades. Although you may not be similar in those regards you could still have heaps in common.
    This person tell you this guy likes you, is he a friend or guy or just another class member?
    If you do like this guy and you have a feeling he likes you, go with it. talk to him . See if you can find those things in common. Good luck 🙂

  88. Cecelia says:


  89. Bella says:

    Thanks for the help, I will try all your advice when I see him next, but lately He has been completely avoiding me. I mean…He will see me once, ignore me then hide away somewhere 🙁 I have not seen him for like, a week. :'(

  90. Unfortunately he seems the really shy type or that he doesn’t know how to approach you .
    When you say ‘avoiding you’ does he have an opportunity to talk to you then or are you or he working? He may not want to bother you if your working.
    If you’re really into this guy you may have to be the one to start up the conversation and get the ball rolling again, then you will be able to see how he is when you do talk. Hopefully the distance won’t continue.
    Good luck

  91. Bella says:

    Thankyou for your help Attempt to help @ Bella =D

    Last time I saw him (between now and when I last wrote on here) he came up to me. I started talking to him and he talked to me. Both my mum and dad say his body language says he likes me…(they said it on different days) My mum says his whole face lights up when he sees me, and my dad said “Wow, with a wave like that, I would say he likes you” (He waved at me :P)

    I do not know if he is shy or not…but he always seems confident when he is talking to me. I forgot to mention in my first post that once he wanted to see who had a darker tan, so we put our arms by each other (you think he was trying to break the touch barrier??) And a few days after that, he chased my mum and I down the road on his bike. Until we had to turn off. Then he turned around and went back.

    He is also always showing off on his motor bike around me (I do not know if it is just around me…Or he does that anyway,) But he is always talking about his bike to me, and how long he can do wheelies on it. (don’t get me wrong, he is also always talking about himself and asking me questions about myself) Once he even said he would get me a birthday pressie O.o

    Thanks again for all your help Attempt to help @ Bella. I hope from our last talk he decided not to avoid me 🙂 And when I say avoid me, I mean he has the chance to talk to me, but he does not take it. For what reasons I am not sure.

  92. Linda says:

    I like the technique, but i still don

  93. Jessica says:

    Im commenting here because Im just confused. I have this guy friend for about 8 months now. And recently he wanted to hang out with me, so I did and it turned out to be a great night. But the thing was I made it clear to him to be just friends. After our hangout he texts me everyday and he tells me everything thats on his mind. He even told me the other night that his ex girlfriend is dating another guy and how mad he was. Whenever I see him he gives me hugs, he’s in another state for college right now so I don’t see him much. But what does this all mean? I am completely getting mized signals here

  94. Lea says:

    Hi, I wanted to know are there signs that a quiet guy may like you?

  95. amanda: kari says:

    You can so tell he likes you its so obvious just flirt and tell 1 of his friends to tell him but don’t tell him to say thy u told him to tell good luck

  96. Chloe says:

    So theres this guy I REALLY like, I see him almost everyday because he tutors me. I have no idea if he likes me or not. He jokes around all the time. We make eachother laugh and we have great conversations plus he never stops staring at ne an smiling, we hardly even do work it’s awesome and he buys me stuff all the time at his college. And the other day he bought a milkshake and he let me share with while we talked. But I still don’t know if really does like me because he is like 20 and I’m 17. So idk what to do lol

  97. Cecelia says:

    Hey it’s cecelia again but I have some news that is well bad for me so “guy” doesn’t like me back he likes my best friend I call her my twin cause we were born on the same day so my dream guy doesn’t like me. I failed at life he was the only thing I cared for and now I’m flunking school becaus of my depression. So what should I do? I am really missing my grades here big Time.
    I mean I really love “guy” but I found out he doesn’t like me back and the day befor valentines day I was going to ask him to be my valentine but I cant cause he like my friend aka twin and so I failed at life!

  98. JenniB says:

    Help please anyone there’s this guy I really like him but I’m not sure if he likes me back when I first met him he used to ask me what was up all the time I thought he was just so I would reply but then he started to ask me for high fives. I thought it was really wierd so I asked one of my friends about it and she said he was a big time player do after that I started to avoid his high fives. After a while he died down and we never really saw each other again . Then the other day while i was waiting for my friend to come out of her classroom they came out at the same time. I turned to say something to my friend but I caught his eye instead we kept the eye contact until I looked away cause I thought he might think I’m wierd. Then about two weeks after that me and my other friend were walking home and him and his friend were in front of us they kept turning and looking at us but I thought it was nothing but so far he’s been walking home that way ever since that day. Does he really like me? Or is he really just a player?

  99. Kk - lost ??? says:

    okay so i was at a party last night and there was this really good looking guy. we were dancing and u know having fun. i actually don’t know him at all. and then this other guy who was hot asked me to come into the pool. i went with him and the other guy got a bit ansy. he also got into the pool and was playing around with us and stuff and then my makeup was running down my face so he grabbed me by the waist and rubbed my makeup away. the other guy again felt annoyed and then was like do u wanna come over and then played rough you know boys! hahha then later on in the pool the guy who invited me in kissed me in the pool. it was amazing but I’m lost. and then also the guy who i initially thought to be hot didn’t see thank gosh. but after that i asked him to come sit down and he ignored me ?????? and was like hmmm and went away confused???????

  100. JenniB says:

    Can I get some help plzz??

  101. Melissandra says:

    So, there is this guy that my friend used to have a crush on. He was a total d – bag to her and it always got to me that never paid atention at the time. That was a year ago and my friend left. a couple of months into school, I started to get attracted to him and before I knew it, I had it baaaaad!!!! Anyway, i’m not sure if he likes me or not. when i’m around him he looks at me and when he was leaving school he turned aound twicw to look at me. we don’t talk and im too nervous to go up to him, should I? could there be something?

  102. Bestfriend Blues says:

    Guys I still need help do I tell my Bestfriend that I like him and see where that leads or keep my feelings to myself????? By the way I’m moving to Kansas for school and he is in Texas for school.

  103. Emily says:

    There is this guy and a while back all his friends were says “_____ has a crush on u” and i just ignored it. He has now resentally got a girlfriend and i started liking him. Does he like me?
    Every time we are on the bus he tries to get closer to me and tryes to make me laugh and like to join in what i am doing. I really like him but i don’t know hi she likes me. Does he? We have been friends before.
    P.S.=another thing is he is always talking to me on the internet and has had me take picture of him.
    Please tell me if he like me.

  104. alikitty says:

    I’m in love with this guy. I’ve loved him since grade school (don’t give me a bunch of crap about how kids can’t fall in love because they can) and suddenly he seems to be paying more attention to me. Last year I bought him a valentine’s day cookie from our school fundraiser and he was a complete jerk about it. This year, in gym class, we were doing laps around the gym and someone ran into me and knocked me down, so the guy I like ran up to me and asked if I was okay. Then he went and told off the guy that ran into me. A week or so later, I had to tie my shoe during our run, and afterwards he walked up to me and asked if someone pushed me. About halfway through the school year we got to choose our own seats so I sat by him. We talked and joked around all the time in class. Now we’re three quarters through the year, and I couldn’t sit by him. During our classes I stare at him and occasionally he catches me but I don’t look away because I want to see his reaction. A few days ago he saw me staring and he smiled at me. The last time though, he just looked away when he saw me. Do you think he likes me? I really hope so but I feel like he’s giving mixed signals.

  105. toots says:

    I am 44 and my co-worker is 63. We have worked at the same place for 4 years. Last year, out of the blue, he asked me out, and since then we have gone out on several dates. No sex yet, just a few kisses and hugs 🙂 I have met his mom and he just met mine this week. My car died last month and he has offered to give me a ride home, almost every day, after work. He said I Love You once, a few months ago, and I said it back because, well, I do! 🙂 …. Yesterday, when he was dropping me off after work, he said it again, under his breath and very quietly, but I heard it. When he first asked me out, he stated that he didn’t want to pressure me. He has lived up to it. I do get mixed signals from him, which makes me doubt his feelings. Whatever happens, I am glad I haven’t gotten intimate yet.

  106. Amomo says:

    no one has answered my question… Please i beg of you. my question is pretty far at the top!!!! Please!!!!! :'(

  107. Kirsten says:


    Hey Amomo, you seem like a sweet young girl, and I’d be glad to help you. Firstly, look, he does seem really interested in you. But is he just trying to be friendly or not, I can’t say for sure.

    Most of the signs you mentioned could mean anything from a friend to a guy who has a big crush on you. But one thing that caught my attention is when you said he doesn’t like guys who talk to you. That’s almost always a clear sign that he likes you. So if you were to ask me, I’d say, yes, he likes you.

    But at the same time, he may like you but may be waiting to know about your feelings towards him before he asks you out. Why don’t you drop a few signs or ask him to come over to help you with a project or homework after school? Get him to hang out with you, and see how he behaves.

    You could also behave in a very friendly manner with him, and touch his shoulders or arms while talking to him, or even ruffle his hair when he says a joke. Drop a few signs to let him know that you like him too. Perhaps then, he may open up and reveal more about his intentions.

    I hope this helped you. I hope things work out for you guys! xoxo

  108. Bestfriend Blues says:

    Please help I am in need of some major advice with the Bestfriend problem

  109. Amomo says:

    @ kirsten thanks a lot
    He now knows i like him…

    His little brother is my brothers best friend…
    He was dating this girl a month ago, he knew we hated each other, but he just had to take her to a basketball game he KNEW i would be at… We see each other at school regularly, after they started dating i ignored him… My friends said he was trying to make me jealous.

    I havent talked to him since new years when he sat by me playing cards and let me win..

    His dads 50th is coming up and we are going to the suprise party…

    The other day his brother gave me a bracelet from the guy….
    We arent that best friends or anything so…

    I think he likes me.. Ive liked him since may 2011

    I think ill try to get him to give me his jacket
    I cant wait!!!!

  110. Amomo says:

    Yea him and his gf broke up after a week of dating…

    He broke up with her for reasons… I wont say

  111. Amomo says:

    @ kirsten

    Thank you so much
    He gave me a bracelet the other day… Cant wait to go camping with him this summer! 😉

  112. Tori says:

    I read the article but it still isn’t helping me with my situation. The guy I like will never text me first…EVER. But when I text him we talk for hours and he ends up asking my off days so we can hang out. I never ask him to hang out he always asks me. When we hang out, it’s like we are a couple. We hold hands, kiss, go out to dinner, etc. He even has asked me to stay the night with him a few times. I automatically thought all he wanted was sex and in a way I was just happy to finally know what he wanted. Well I stayed the night and things began getting hot and he stopped me and told me he cares too much about me and respects me too much to let me do something I may regret in the morning because I let something happen in the heat of the momentso nothing happened and we just snuggled all night. I thought it was sweet how thoughtful it was but it still does not answer my question of if he wants to be with me….because the next day I left and we said our goodbyes and I was determined to not call/text him until he called/texted me first. We didn’t talk for almost a whole week till I caved and called him. But he has not asked me out or admitted to liking me. What does all of this mean? Is he just playing games?

  113. Emilie says:

    I’m a college freshman, as is the guy I like. We met at an event before the school years actually started. I was even a little interested in him then (which usually never happens when I first meet someone). As the year has gone by, we have spent more and more time together. He’s invited me to watch movies with him, he’s come over to talk about life over Thin Mints, he sits with me at meals more and more frequently (both through chance and invitation). He always hugs me in greeting and farewell, and gives the best hugs, touchy but not painfully so, and he sometimes picks me up. Once he even spun me around. Last week, I posted a status on Facebook about how I wished someone would give me a shoulder massage, hoping he would see it. He did, and offered to meet me at the late-night snack break going on in the dining hall. He wants to have deep conversations with me rather than small talk, which is something I like. I’ve decided that I’m going to tell him I like him soon, but do you think he likes me?

  114. Ky0ky0 says:

    Im just a girl that smaller than my crush 4yrs.He call and text me everyday.most probably he call me eveynight.he accompanied me until i got to sleep.what does it mean?
    he gave me many such a funny name like alien,pig and etc.the day b4 yesterday was the first time we hang out,when i was looked into his eyes when talking to him,his eyes alike quickly looking to others side.what it mean? does he like me?

  115. Finn says:

    So there’s this guy at school who asked me out in Febuary. He acts like he likes me and often stares at me, but his sister’s friend recently said that he finds me annoying and doesn’t like me. She had said this while we were having a mini fight over Facebook. Does anyone think she was telling the truth?

  116. Anyah says:

    So here is my problem, we’re best friends. We’ve been good friends, and we share everything with each other. We stay up all night skyping each other and talking on the phone, we bother each other and he thinks I’m weird, funny, bubbly, cute and the most intelligent person he knows.He writes poetry and shares it with me all the time, he tells me about how he is feeling and asks me about my day all the time. He likes to say my name, and make me happy. he often remarks it as the thing he likes to see. But that’s him being a friend right? He didn’t really like my old boyfriend and called him a dick a lot. lololol. Yeah it sounds as if he might have a thing for me right? But he tells me he likes this other girl, but he doesn’t do any of the things he does with me and he doesn’t go out with her at all. It was all very confusing, now I’m back with my old guy. I just wanted to know at one point did he actually like me? Could I ask him that ? or would it create some sort of mind field? If i did ask him, am sure I’m ready for the consequences? Cause me and my boyfriend have no more problems, except him. My boyfriend thinks he likes me(but all boyfriends get jealous lolol) So should I ask him?

  117. Hi
    I am 13 nearly 14 and i need some help. This boy hat i like is in scouts with me and i like him, i have know him for 2 years but have only just become friends with him in the last year. Trying not to fill any cliches but he is smart fit sporty funny…… ectra. I went to a camp about 1 month ago and while sitting round a camp fire his little bro suddenly pipes up (hes 10) that (lets call my crush…. Ben) That ben fancies me. It was a bit out of the blue. The lb (little bro) keeps asking wether or not i like him anout an hour later i crack and say ‘yeh sorta’. Ben is not at the camp lets make that bit clear HES NOT THERE!! LB pesters me all weekend saying that haha i fancy ben and all that. Quening for a bouncy castle (on camp) he all of a sudden says
    ‘ y’know i didnt think you liked him’
    i say ‘wasnt it obvious??’
    Obviously it wasnt..
    However that night EVERYONE is teasing me!!!!!! Aperently acording to all scouts, leaders and Parents have been talking about me saying that it is so apperant that he likes me and i like him back.
    Typical circumstances:
    Walks next to me on trips
    If im upset he backtracks any teasing and apologises (its neva his fault)
    On a walk (without him) we acidentaly go 5 miles in the wrong direction, his responce? ‘your an idiot!Im gunna have to come with you next time… Keep you outta trouble..’
    But! Ben has (according to unraliable sources) being ‘pissed off’ that i text him and that He doesnt like me.
    I really need some help to aproach him and figure out wether or not the feeling is mutual.
    x (im normaly sorting out my friends problems, and being the happy bubbly, kinda flirty teens i am but i am offically stumped!) Thankyou!

  118. Eve says:

    Hi! I’d like to know if this guy likes me too.
    He’s in the same class as me, and once, he helped me carried my bags during a camp. We’ve never talked to each other, but these days, he kept asking me some irrelevant questions, like will I participate in some competition (even if he already saw me training for the competition everyday). And when he talked to me, he would always grinned, even if it’s not a funny thing. Every time I looked into his eyes when we talked, he would smile and touching his ears, or his forehead. During my birthday, he’s the first one who wished me happy birthday on my Facebook profile, and he wished me on 12.00 a.m.!
    It’s getting really confusing, does he like me or he just being friendly?
    Thank you. 🙂

  119. Meredith says:

    Does this guy like me? Im developing feelings for him but im not sure if he is. We dont really talk a lot but when we get the chance to be together we talk a lot like only two of us and iys super fun. Our eyes always meet and i just flinch away but it seems like he still looks at me. His older bro keeps telling him to date me in front of me and suprisingly his bro doesnt bother us when we talk together cuz he usually bother people it seems like givibg us space. My guy friend whos kinda close to him told me that he thinks he likes and the teaxhers thibks were a couple. So im Not sure if he likes me does he?

  120. donaebukura says:

    Ok SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. So this guy asked me to hang out one day which he took off from work and we spend hours together. went for breakfast, movies and park. Then he didnt call or text me for 9 days and then asked me when I was free again and we went to the movies. he does talk to me and kisses me but never brings up realitonship or any compliments. Do u think Im wasting my time hanging out with him? Sevreal times I brought up bf/gf and he never said annything. PLEASE some tell me!!1

  121. wa says:

    Plz help me!!!
    there’s this Guy in my class who I think likes me I don’t really know I’m kinda confused.
    I was new at my school and he started showing interest in me. A year later he seemed
    To be avoiding me. Now were in 8th grade and he was avoiding me at first but now he seems to be flirting with me. For example, today I was at lunch and walked over to the table next to his to
    Talk to my friend, we started messing around and later in class he started tickling my stomach like we were doing. He then found out I was ticklish and gave me an evil grin and said he would do this all the time now. So durng math he kept finding excuses to come all the way across the room just to tickle me, in a joking way. Then as I walked out of class and as I was walking he tickled me and gave me his unbelievably cute grin. The problem is I think he’s dating someone I can’t be sure. Everytime we try to talk he just sits there gets red and smiles a lot at me. I really need help please!

  122. Rosey says:

    Hi, i’m really confused if that guy at my work place like me or hates me. i caught him staring at me but he turns away when i looked at him. but the thing is he never said hi/anything to me. every time i saw him he always look so mad/mean but when i asked help he seem very nice and if i ask him something he’ll answer it nicely. i seen him talked/ smile with other people but not to me i wonder if he is just simply hate me is he just shy?:( from far distance i saw him looking at me but when i walked close by him trying to say hi or hoping he will say something to me but he turned other way. i wonder is it really that hard for him to say hi to me? i kinda like him too. i wish someday he’ll smile and talk to me:) so what is your view on my story? should i do something?

  123. Myrowr says:

    Hi. So I’m a girl in Grade 11 and I like this one guy. He’s my parents friend’s son and super nice and super hot. We talk all the time on bbm or facebook.

    Back In February, He asked me who I liked……after a long time I finally told him that I had had a crush on him at the end of last year. He started acting weird after and I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he liked me as well but the he has a girlfriend. At first I was so happy that he liked me but then so upset that he had a girlfriend.

    Then in March I was telling him about my Grade 11 dance and he asked me who I’m taking. I told him some random person’s name when in actual fact I wanted to ask him. He then was like “Well, if you asked me, I would have said yes.” So i admitted that I wanted to ask him and we made this whole plan about him being my date. A month later and nothing being mentioned about the dance, I decided to properly ask him. And when I did, he started freaking out saying he needed time to think about it and that its complicated because of his girlfriend. I just wanted to go as friends, which I told him. He then didn’t talk to me for 3 days but then apologized after……

    We didn’t end up going together and I was pretty bummed. And now we see each other like every 2 weeks or so (cause of our parents) and it seems a little awkward sometimes but other then that its okay and he pretends like nothing happened which for some reason makes me feel really sad.

    But yet he still gives little compliments like “You look really pretty in that picture” or “You were really cute when you said that.” or he flirts with me sometimes.

    I don’t know if he and his gf have broken up….they might have.

    But I’ve never had a boyfriend, never even been kissed (its embarrassing) and I really liked him A LOT!! And now he’s left me so confused and upset that I don’t know what to do…..please help me. 🙂

    much love

    btw, Myrowr isn’t my real name 😛

  124. TeddySage says:


    i just read your WHOLE message, and it seems like your in love with Mr.P!!!!! Look, if you still think about him so much and constantly go out of your way too impress him….isn’t that enough of a hint for you??? you love the guy!!!! lol, i for one don’t go out of my way too impress a guy often..unless if he truly catches my heart:) I almost started crying cuz it reminds me of this guy…i’ll say his name is George. I met him a couple years ago and everytime i see him i can’t help but melt but he has a girlfriend….and i’m in love with him. i can’t even look at other guys because i wish they were like him so i could have a part of him in my life lol xDit’s so messed up.. :S This is how i think of it….when you graduate college and get married will you want to wake up with someone your settling for…or someone who takes your breath away and you can’t stop wanting them? you know what i mean?The “what if’s” in life are what lead us to regret not taking chances. To me it seems as though you have many “what if’s” about Mr.P. and you’ll probably regret not taking a chance and seeing if he still cares. How do you know he’s not feeling the same way about you?? helloooo he’s still single!? O.O How many guys do you know who don’t date in college unless if their waiting for someone??? && how do you know he’s not waiting for you and your bf to break up so he can make a move? awwhh<3 Honestly, i would rather risk it all for true love than to settle for a lukewarm relationship just because. If you still think about Mr.P then break up with your boyfriend and be with who your heart truly wants!!! I really don't get why you think your bf is your first guy you wanted to date…kinds seems like Mr.P was the guy you truly wanted as a first boyfriend….seems like he stole your heart 🙂 You would give Mr.P chocolate…before your bf? red flag number one. You sometimes don't care what you look like when your with your bf? red flag number two. You noticed Mr.P sits two seats away from you? red flag number THREE. A girl only remembers that much detail if she is REALLY into a guy. hmmm you liked your bf because he looked like Mr.P? red flag number FOUR!!!! dating a guy based on someone you liked before is not a good thing :X…it just leads to heartbreak. You start wishing they were the guy you liked before and you start wishing they would change and etc. Just not the way too go….red flag number five: you never get as excited as when you see Mr.P? awwhh that's cute! how do you not see how much you care about him?? And you keep going on about how good your bf is good too you but you go on about how his maturity level concerns you…hmmm if you truly loved him you would notice both his flaws and good traits and except them both. hint,hint? It breaks my heart that your not giving Mr.P a shot!! come on what do you have to lose…and HOW MUCH do you truly have too gain!!<3 love is the most unexpected thing on Earth!!! it's amazing and it can make everything worth it 😀 if you truly want it you'll risk anything for it!<3<3 and you don't wanna bite your head off later on wishing you'd found out what Mr.P is all about, do ya?:P xx plus, how do you know Mr.P is all about? You did say you two havn't really talked… For all you know he has an amazing heart and he might be secretly pining away for you …hehe :3 you never know 😉 ….what if he asked the teacher to sit near you in maths? :$ aghhhh!! this is so suspenceful excitedful lol. hope you tell us what you've decided 😮

  125. Ana says:

    Well I wanted to ask advice about this guy at school. I’ve known him for 4 years and we have always been cool with each other.+ He was always poking me and pinching my cheeks. And he was one of the one of the few people I gave hugs too (since he wouldn’t leave me alone till I did). We were always playing around and I never really thought anything of it since thats just how we were. But then one of my friends (actually quite a few..) brought up thet we would be good together since we were really casual. I just brushed it off since that;d be really wierd. But the the other day one of my closest friends (whom I thougt had given up on that idea) said that maybe he was with his current girlfriend just because she was there and not becuse he really liked her and that he would come to realise that he liked me instead. Her main idea for this was that same as my other friends and becasue she claims he treats me diffrently even though he really doesn’t.

    SO what do you guys think???

  126. abgelica gonzalez says:

    Hi. Im not sure if this guy ive know for 12yrs+ Im best friend w his austera,I know the whole family. We just got reunited,about a yr ago but the past 2months, has been amazine he took ya to beach, he carried my stuff for me smiled at me call the time he tries to get next to me feels my legs, One nite we all got drunk and partyed, I woke up in his arms he held me all nite long. And hes been calling me texing me,more he ask me to come over hang out. Just resently for fathers day I got him 2 frames for him to but his kids Pictures in it. He lookd shocked and thank me he loved it. I always tex him call him either goodnite have. Good day,goodnite. He does same. But how do i know if he likes me? And what I should do to take it a step further.

  127. Rae says:

    Hello! Umm, so first things first. I like this guy at school but I’m way too quiet. And I don’t want to be that crazy girl that thinks the person she likes has to be into her also. And I’ve noticed a couple of odd things that have been going on lately though with him. Like sometimes he would stare at me oddly, and the people he hangs out with seems to notice me more (saying hi for no apparent reason even though I’ve never talked to them before) also he talks to me weird, almost avoiding talking to me but will sit next to me. And even though I’m horrid at P.E. and sports he never yells at me. (as many others do, and if they do he usually stops them) and when I got my hair done in a different hairstyle he gave the oddest compliment of “you look different, in a good way” weird, right? Anyway please help!

  128. susanna says:

    I have this guy friend that i’m really close to and he’s my best friend. He always asks me questions like whether I have a boyfriend and when I will have one. Then he will tell me that he wants a gf but when my other friend who is also both our best friends asks him whether he wants one he says no because it’s time consuming. we always laugh and joke and he always brushes against me and he holds my arm sometimes, although i think he does this to other girls too because he is the kind of guy that is a ‘girly guy’ and a lot of girls hang out with him cause he’s like one of them.

    Occasionally, he will hold my hand and say :’ haha we are dating.’ and today it sorta happened again. He asked me when i would date and then when i said never he was like, why never? and he said he would date next year in uni. then he held on to the sleeve of my jacket and he asked me jokingly:’ why are you holding my hand?’ Later I asked him whether he wanted a gf for fun and he said okay and then i got confused because i expected a yes or no. anyway, i dont know whether he like me or not he’s my best friend im so confused!

  129. Darby says:

    Hello there! Well here is my sappy story about my love life! (long story yet interesting):

    First off, I’m a girl, I’m 13 and in the 8th grade. I’m also 5″10′. I say I’m pretty. I’m not a girl who piles in makeup. Yeah I put it on, but just enough. I have long light auburn hair with natural chestnut highlights and blue eyes.

    My crush is a guy named Austin. He is 6″3′ and I say he is hot. He has curly blonde hair that is kept buzzed and short and blue eyes.

    In the beginning of the time, when I just knew him, we hated each other. I forget the reason why though…. Skipping to 7th grade. I we were still enemies. He said something smart ass like and I would make a witty comeback. Around the end of the year, his behavior towards me changed.

    It was in science class and all of us were working on a word search. I was sitting next to Austin’s friend so he came over and sat sorta diangonal to me. He scooted his chair real close to me and tried to copy off my work.
    I said “Don’t copy me!”
    “Please Darby?” he begged.
    “No!” I half yelled since I was in a classroom.
    He looked deeply into my eyes. His eyes said ‘please!’. Me being all girl like I stared back for a moment. I blushed and looked away. He kept on bugging me until the end of class. He would try to hold my hand then grab the paper. NO LUCK FOR HIM!! Lol.

    Later that night I got a text from a popular girl who knew all the true gossip. She said that Austin has a huge crush on me. After that he texted me saying hi/whats up? The conversation carried on untill he asked who I liked. I answered truthfully and said no one really. He said oh well I like you. We didn’t talk to much after that.

    I thought about it for a long time. This summer early in the beginning, I asked out his friend, Kasey,cause I gained a fancy for him. I got turnned down.

    It started out as a feeling, then it blossomed into an idea I couldn’t ignore! I like Austin, A LOT.
    Austin texted me one day asking me who I liked. I said I guess I like you. He replied really?!?! I kinda like you. I joked around and said well are you gonna ask me out or not? I’m just here for any other guy to take me. He took that seriously and said well I like you… I just don’t want to do that yet. I was embaressed!

    We still text everyday.

    Last Friday the 24 their was a football game. Hurray! The only place my parents will let me hang out in public with a whole bunch of other kids they don’t know and I can do stuff like talk to guys without my dad being over protective! Yay!
    I saw
    Him like 20 times that game and not once I said hi! I’m so shy and awkward! I’m fine on texting but sucky in real life.

    Anyway, that is my story. I could of added a whole ass load of detail like Kasey and I almost had a thing during the winter, but fell flat.
    Well bye!:*

  130. Jane Lee says:

    There is this guy i like… and im not sure if he likes me back though. He randomly stares, smiles, and teases me in a good way. For example at camp he would constantly taser me, pour water on me during games, and he would look into my eyes time to time. But then my friend showed me a text that he said that he hates me and that he would hate me for a girlfriend. The next day he treats me the same way and jokes around with me like he always did and acts like nothing happened. I am sooo confused can anyone help??

  131. Momo says:

    So there’s this guy I like…and I don’t really know if he likes me back…so here we go 😀 I knew this guy for a while now like a couple of friends he’s been to my school and now were in highschool and he’s in my homeroom. He always stares at me nowadays…and whenever I look at him he looks away. There’s these times when I’m leaving the school and I see him outside and he’s with his friends and he turns around And if he sees me, he made sure it was me. He kept on turning back. and I didn’t bother to look at him, but my friend told me that he kept on looking at me smiling. Last year he would playfully touch my legs and whatnot . He would always compliment me, and and idrk. During that year, I met this boy that I liked(looks) so I got hooked up with him and whatnot and yeah we kisses and hugged and stuff, but the boy I like originaly was there to see it, and I went to the carnival one day with my friend and he brought q girl there that looked similar like.me which .was so weird. And I kept on seeing him whereever I went, and he started holding her hand in front of me…was he trying to make me jealous? I really want to know if he likes me…please help!!! Much appreciated -xo

  132. kelly says:

    this guy named connor always hits me and today he went so colse to me and i moved back
    all my friends say he likes me but i say no and my friends say i like him and i say no but i really do cause if i say yes they will tell him and he is looking at me and i last week i saw him everywhere then today i said i hate you but i dint mean that tomorrow im going to say sorry and i like you as a friend hes the same age as me and 21 people said we should go out
    should we tell me today he said when i was next to him he said i fell love and i was like hmm
    wht dose that mean someone tell me i had a great day to day and then a lanch he started to cry cause he is starting to hang out with me and my friends and he hart himself thats why he started crying it was cute but ya i said i hated my hair and he said it looked cool 🙂 theres alot more but ya see ya

  133. hanni0997 says:

    hi i am having boy troubles i really really like him. well when i met him he said that i had a really pretty name and just a few days ago he told me and i quote “I really like YOU” . Now i have nno clue on what to do plz can someone help me tell me what to do next and because i have no idea on how to flirt someone tell me something helpful except fromflirt with him. nearly forgot he also looks at me sometimes. but he has alot of friends that are girls aswell so i’m not sure if he likes me in that way.

    plz someone help.

    from a girl who is in year 8

  134. Kimberly says:

    Okay so…i have been trying to figure out if this guy i really really like, likes me. So, we like text all the time, sometimes i start sometimes he does, we always talk about random things like, what i think of him and what he thinks of me (he called me beautiful). We are in the same drivers ed class and sometimes he sits behind me and like pokes my neck or grab at my stuff. He also jokes around that he hates the sport i play and he ALWAYS calls me a perv(joking of course) and he says no one else can call me that its his thing. He also walks to lunch eith me after class and we have studyhall together and he ALWAYS sits next to me. And from what i hear when he talks to other girls is sort of how he talks to me….i just dont know!! HELP

  135. Alex says:

    ok. so im in 8th grade and i help out in the library when ever i can with my friend and we always go when the other class goes. so lets just call them 8a for short (and for my class 8b). any ways this guy in that class always comes up to the desk when ever im there and says hi and all that. he also tries to jump up on the desk and other things like that when the librarian has her back turned or is in another room. when he was dating a girl in my class, at the beginning of the, school year started he did little things like that with her (but in different place. never in the library). the thing im most confused about is he is dating one of my friends in 8a yet he doesn’t do things like that with her. im not really sure what to do besides find out if he really likes me or not. i did help like NOW! so please someone help!! im afraid i mite do something wrong and open a can of worms that will kill me before Christmas break!!

  136. Secret says:

    I don’t know if he likes me? Can u plz help.
    Ok so he sits at the desk behind me in class and is always kicking my chair in class to get my attention. A few times he has actually kicked my but because there are like these holes in the chair and

  137. kate says:

    There’s this boy that i really like. In the past i have told him that i liked him but he wanted us just into the friends zone. When i am with him he makes me feel really special and teases me all the time. I went on a walk with him the other day and he just randomly hugged me and then starting stroking my leg. I dont know whether he is trying to tell me something and i am not sure what i should do.
    Please help.
    Thank you.

  138. aqua says:

    hi! i’m aqua… i have a question..i’m in college and there’s this guy i like.

    we became classmates at a lab class in before and we even became groupmates(6 people in our group), so yeah, we know each other. he’s really nice, well-mannered,outgoing and sociable.but then he’s also the conservative type, and he’s never courted anyone before since, i guess he’s waiting for the right girl and doesn’t want to court anyone just for the sake of having a girlfriend…he’s a real gentleman…we’re not really close since we hang out in different groups.

    now here’s the thing…after our first class meeting,our lab group created this facebook group,of course, we were both in that fb group. then the very next meeting, he asked our group who “aqua” is..and i said it was me. i was the only one he asked around for. don’t know why.

    then once,i got a haircut and most people noticed and gave me really nice compliments. but nothing from him. then about 2 weeks later, we were at the lab class and he suddenly asked me if i got a haircut.

    i thought it was weird since it’s been 2 weeks already and why did he only mention it now, when everyone else seemed to notice it the moment i entered the room sporting a new hairstyle? i’m confused since i don’t know if it might mean that he only noticed it now or he noticed it before but was too shy to say anything, and only said it now ?or am i making this all up in my head?ugghh..i’m so confused..

    and there was also this one time during an awarding ceremony, we were both invited to,it was held in an open space ampitheater, he suddelny appeared out of nowhere asked me about something. then he noticed that it started to drizzle a bit and then he opened his umbrella so that we won’t get wet.

    i didn’t think much about these things since i might be simply imagining these things because i like him…but i don’t know…i try not to put meaning into everything..

    but here’s the part that i started to think that started my thinking..becaue there was this one time that he got to sit behind me in a class…i was reading my notes when he suddenly asked if he can see my notes and started asking me questions about it..and later during the same class, i was drawing on my notebook. he passed my seating area once and said “excuse me”. some guys passed too but he was the only one who said it. then he had to pass again and he said again and said ” i’m sorry but excuse me again..” the he noticed my drawing and said ” that’s nice. that’s awesome” while he was passing…

    does he like me or he just being nice? please help me? i’m really confused..thank you so much!

  139. Perry says:

    Hey, I have a big doubt.

    There’s this guy I met a long time ago through his brothers but we never became friends. He used to look at me very intense the couple of times we were in a group together, nothing more. But months ago we saw at the movies and talked while we were making the line, he asked me my number as an excuse to meet one day and walk our dogs. After that he added me to facebook and sent me a message asking me when we were going out to walk our dogs. We started talking occasionally until finally he invited me to the movies, and then to walk our dogs together. But I’m not sure he’s into me, he can spend days without talking to me or showing any interest while chatting, but other moments he would talk to me a lot about his work or anything and even ask me out for ice cream or the movies. I’m confused. Sometimes he looks very interested and sometimes not. What does this mean? What should I do? How do I know if he is or not interested?

  140. becky says:

    Hi, i would really like your opinion!
    Theres this guy at work who i really, really like and i just cant stop thinking about him. He used to like me when i first started to work there and he told the people i work with and then they told me, and he would show all the signs that he did too! I also started to like him at this point but neither of us acted on it, anayway a couple of months later he got a girlfriend and he is still with her now, and they seem to be really happy together but he never will bring her up in conversation to me but he will with everyone else, he also offers me lifts to take me home after work, which he does and offers to get a cab together to events like the christmas party etc, i dont know if this is just because hes being really friendly and because we sort of live close, because i think why would he bother at all? or is he just a nice person? he also always makes the effort to talk to me, i am really shy so find it hard to make conversation with people anyway but he always just includes me and talks to me which is really nice! He always trys to help me if he see’s me struggling with something at work, He also told me that i was in his dream and that i was in bikini on holiday and that i had big boobs haha i sound really stupid but could this mean that he could be thinking of me? I dont know if i sound really stuid because i still really like him but do you think he could have feeling for me still? even though he has a girlfriend. I just find that he treats me slightly different to other people at work which makes me think and think alot because i really like him still and just cant get him out of my head!!

  141. kooky says:

    hi i am really confused. i kind of manage a group in this company where i work and one of my staff (guy) really puts an interest to me nowadays. it’s only recently that he has been showing and seems letting me feel that something’s up w/ him.. you see he has this gf, and he’s my staff. just this evening, i kind of tested him and i brought chips when i went to the place where he is working bec. were finishing up a deadline of a project, luckily, he’s the only one on duty then. when i offered the chips and there he munched a few, i was right that he’s going to do his “touchings”, actually im a little exaggerated. when i was on a pc doing something, he was behind my back and i was sitting and he was standing, and when i showed something to him, he sort of touch my shoulder (very gently) but i felt a ground! gosh! and that’s really something new to me.. about the chips, i noticed 2 of the chips (coz we were sharing), are a little wet when i munched them?? it’s weird..but i ate them anyway.. i wouldn’t ask him neither i would be too shy to ask him of course! there was a time when he tried to put his hand (very fast), on my right hand, trying to grab the mouse of the desktop PC. there was a also a time that he place his right hand closer to my left hand, he was a bit touching mine already… back to the chips, there was also like a time when he tried to grab some chips by getting some from behind my back and his hands passing crossed in front of me, and his left thigh really touching my right shoulder (he was standing). it’s weird for me.

    what is he trying to show me? or am i just getting the wrong signals? he’s got a gf, they’re just new in the relation. he’s my subordinate,, and i kinda like him…what should i do? btw, im a single parent.. =) thanks

  142. Alexxarawrr says:

    Hi (:

    So, here’s my story. I met this guy on my bus, and I really like him. But I dont know if he likes me? He gives me hugs and comforts me and stuff, but I have know idea if he likes me. Like, my sister likes him to (which is kinda making me mad) and I think he likes her instead of me. So I have no idea what to do.
    If he doesn’t like me, what do I do? Am I reading the signals wrong? I talk to him like a day every week… I just don’t know.

  143. rebecca simons says:

    i like this guy and i think he likes me 2 cuz,he is always starin at me when i look at him or when my mates tell me. we make eye contact all the time . he wants to sit with me in lessons. he apologses to me if he hurts me and dont apologise to my friend and annoys her but he is nice 2 me and teases me sometimes but rarely teases me. i like him but dont want to ask him if he likes me

  144. rebecca simons says:

    he sometimes follows me and then just talks to me i really like him but im not sure wether he likes me pllzz help meee!!!!!!!!

  145. sealion says:

    hi im a 13 year old girl and i have a prob. so i like this boy letts call him “PM”
    so i began to like this guy since he moved next door. i came over to his house once a brought cookies to welcome him to the neighborhood. it was like time stood still when he opened the door. i stared in to his beautiful hazel eyes while he stared into mine. he and he and i became good friends after that. then he started hanging out with wanna-be “bad-boys” he changed after that. he asks me for rides alot cuz we go to the same school. he comes with me to walk my dog alot only in the morning when his friends arnt out. he and i talk to each other alot. i really like him but i dont know how he feels about me so i ask of u tell me if we sound like we are ment for each other or if i am the only love sick puppy in this realationship. also ive known him since the summer after 4th grade till now we are in middle school in 7th grade. he was the one who gave me my nick name as i use for my user name, cuz i love sealions and my name is similar to the word sealion. thats how he gave me my nick name.

  146. sealion says:

    also he comes to my house for help with homework. i look into his eyes and my breath hitches, and i cant breath when i look into his sexy hazel eyes. PM’s eyes look like pools of milk chocolate with green boardering the eyes inbetween the color and the black ring every one has.

  147. Maybell says:

    I REALLY like this guy but I think I friend-zoned him. I don’t know. Can someone help me?

  148. Michelle says:

    Hi I am 16 and I think I like my best friend but I’m not sure if he likes me back. We have been really close for about a year now and we tell each other everything. We have kissed a couple times recently and I feel like there is something there he just won’t admit it. He acts like he has feelings for me but if I ever bring it up he will avoid it or pretend like he didn’t hear it. I was just wondering what this means? We hang out all the time on weekends (he will usually ask) and he flirts with me a lot but still never admits anything! Why??

  149. KK says:

    so there is this guy that i like and i THINK he likes me back. he i very thoughtful around me. i posted a picture on instagram that said i liked him and everybody told him that i liked him.
    he talks to me
    he cares about me, A LOT (i was sick and and he would ask my mom every day if i was ok)
    we laugh together
    he says hi to me every time he sees me
    I don’t know if he likes me? should i ask him out?? HELP ME!!

  150. Claire says:

    So I think one of my long term guy friends likes me. He shows all of the signs and everything. We hang out all the time even outside of school. I first invited him to the movies and now he’s always trying to plan something too and he always asks me first. I kinda like him and my friends say that it looks like he likes me a lot. He shows all the sogns that he likes me too. People ask us all the time if we’re dating an all he does is look at the ground and smile. Is there a chance there could be something more to our relationship? Please Leo I’m extremely confused. Thank you

  151. Lione says:

    I like a guy thats from my school,and im new on that school.
    So we pass the holidays and then on the 2nd unit i liked him more and more and his best friend Called me names and them i called him “Clara’s Husban”it was a girl that he liked and then he start call me *****wife(reall names must not be showed)and then the guy that I liked he said it he went off.

  152. daisy says:

    Hi….We have been frends for 2 years but the 3rd year we became best frends. I see many changes in him. He has never been with me the way he does now. It mean it in a positive manner. Whenever I cum 2 his place he would always pamper me- keeping his hand round my shoulder, hugging me for long, etc even I have feelings for him but the problem is that I had always set up certain prameters for me in life like never to think of being more than frends with me and he’s aware of it…. he knows about all the guys who have proposed to me and I had rejected all of them so maybe that’s the reason I thought he is not able to tell me bout his feelings. But I actually love him n I told him but he needs time…. what cud be the possible reasons for this statement of his?? Can you please help me out asap..

  153. TRICIA says:


  154. KiaRaa says:

    Hi guys.!
    I’m 17 and i’ve been in a relationship with this guy for 2 years now. He is 20 and we’re so in love. I completed my school and i’ve decided about my career. But whenever i discuss about my plans with him he’d get all upset and angry. He says that if i’ll start that particular course then we wont be able to spend much time together. He starts getting really rude and asks me to think about him as well since we’l have to compromise our relationship!
    I love him alot but also i wanna live my dream and make my career. I can not choose b/w my bf nd my career. What do i do? 🙁

  155. KookiMon says:

    Herro..in our grade, there is a guy who I suspect likes me. My judgement may be clouded since I don’t want him to like me, but here are some signs: He takes advantage of opportunities to touch me by doing things which include running a hand through my hair, poking my dimple and/or cheek, and taking things from me that would force me to touch him in order to get them back. He acts very sexual and makes many crude jokes with me, as with other girls. Please offer me truthful advice if any at all, as I am in an awkward and confusing love(?) triangle right now.

  156. Alexandra says:

    Hi! There’s this guy I’ve liked for the longest time & I don’t know if he returns my feelings finally. He constantly tries to make me laugh or smile or both. When we got assigned a group project in one of our classes he practically yelled that I was going to be his partner & got into an argument with his brother about it. He’s constantly here to listen to me & via versa. The only problem is he just got out of a really bad relationship. I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions as to what I should do? Thanks!

  157. A guy says:


  158. Madeline says:

    I don’t feel so alone reading these. But I also wonder if guys with gfs who flirt outrageously are possibly cowards, or confused, or unhappy and using us as outlets to build excitement again.

    So this guy I work with (volunteer thing) has been trying to impress me subtly for over a quarter of the year and since I started working there. When I was starting a special project, he took me under his wing and said he would show me and so now we work directly together.

    I thought he was super cute the first time I saw him, but I often see cute guys but then I see what they are made of, while they are still cute I lose serious romantic interest. The second time, I saw him, he came around a corner and it felt like love at first sight. It was like a glimmer of something deep within him, I can’t quite explain it.

    I’ve been playing it cool this whole time, being friendly but not particularly flirtly. When we started working together, I did start flirting, because it seemed like he feels something to, to decide to work with me on this project (many other people could have showed me). It has been super hot and he stands in my space and at times it is titalating. And I have to resist not kissing him.

    Two weeks ago this girl who I think is his gf (also a volunteer) has been showing up during our project time. She had an excuse to be there the first time, last time she just sat in an office across the hall with the door open and it felt really uncomfortable. The guy seems pretty guarded now, we still have fun together, but he seems like he is kind of withdrawn. I have seen him several times with this girl, but they have never held hands or been close together. He looks really bored with her. Now when I see them together he looks uncomfortable, but it might be because she is telling him not to talk to me or something. We were in a great conversation with a few others and we were all laughing and smiling. Suddenly, he just moved away from the group. I looked toward this window and I saw her looking out.

    If he is doing these things to make her happy (and make himself seemingly unhappy) does that mean it is serious? Or does that mean, he is a nice guy and trying to honor her. Will a guy finally get fed up being acting like property and stopping the goodtimes for this girl.

    I’m wanting to ask if they are dating? (I’m sure they are) and if he says yes, ask if they are serious. But I also feel like it will kinda force the issue and I don’t want to put pressure on him, like his gf is. He is an amazing guy, I’ve never met anyone like him. My heart is pattering for him. But I also know that guys sometimes girl hop and use the new girl as an excuse to dump the old. Still I feel we have strong chemistry and I’ve never seen anything like that when he is with this girl.

    I want to flirt more, but he seems on edge now. This girl is definately putting a damper on our relationship developing naturally. I guess I will have to ask him. I’m just afraid he will see the pain in my eyes if he says yes. And I’m also afraid that I may be too good of an actoress to hide the pain and he may think he is doing the right thing by obeying his gf’s insecure demands.

    Any comments on my situation would be welcome.

    I want to move it along to develop naturally, but feel I have to choose between confronting him, or letting things feel ackward bad around him.

  159. Kelly davis says:

    I have been talking to this guy for about roughly 4 months. It of course started off with sex(yes I know bad) I just assumed It was a friends with benefits type thing and I was cool with that. Well a couple of months had went by and my friend had all this drama with a friends with benefits incident where the guy she was seeing was seeing another girl and the other girl went psycho. Well I asked him if he was seeing anyone else cause I didn’t want to have to go through all the drama she did for just sex. He said he wasn’t, he did hang out with a couple cause they babysit his son when he works. He said let me ask you the same thing…I said no! We started talking constantly then and the pet names started, babe, sugar, sweetheart, darling and dear. So I’m confused as ever. Well he starts on overnights for six weeks with his job cause he is a cop. I normally have to text him first cause I think a lot of times he may think that I am asleep. But he is usually quick to text back. When he doesn’t and he finally text back he apologizes and explains what he was doing…I told him he did not need to explain anything to me and then he replies back, I know but I don’t want you to think that I am ignoring you. There have been several times that I have met up with him late at night while he is on duty(nothing has never happened) and I randomly catch him looking at me and when I catch him he looks away like he is trying to be sneaky. Also one night I told him that I could use a hug and a kiss and he gave me both and he gave me a hug and just kinda picked me up when he did it. I thought about playing hard to get to see where it went and I didn’t hear from him for like 1 1/2 days so I finally texted him and said hey! He texted back and asked if I was doing good?? I said yeah. So we got to talking a bit. I told him that I didn’t want to seem crazy by always texting him and his response was your ok sugar. There are a lot of times that we do meet up at night and it is for about 15 mins and then he usually will have to get back to work and he tells me that he will text back when he gets back to town. Well I never usually hear anything back til the next night. The past few times we have talked, I can’t remember what was said and I made a funny about him talking to another girl and I didn’t get a response back for a couple of hours and he replied that sorry he got busy and either forgot the question or just completely avoided it. Then we got to talking like normal. Like he is keeping me in suspense. I really need help cause I don’t know what to do, if I should ask him what we are? I mean he goes on day shift Sunday and he won’t be on nights anymore. So I am hoping I will get to see him more. Also there have been a couple of times that he has never responded to any of my textes while he was working. I need as much advice as possible!!

  160. Katheryn says:

    Hi! I’ve known this guy for around 8 months as we work in the same company. He likes to tease me everytime though every colleague is around. This one time he confess that he likes me and asked if i knew it but at that moment i thought he was just joking around as that’s what he usually does. And there’s this one time where he jokingly asked me to be his girlfriend, so when I said I will. He laughed. I’m kinda confused in this situation so can anyone help me out? Yesterday he came over and told me that he like me again and said he knew all these while that I’ve feelings toward him but he told me at the moment he has a lot of things to figure out as I was much younger than him and sometimes he will be busy with work and worried that he might neglect me. Moreover, there’s a lot of girls that liked him and he worried that this might ruined our relationship. What should I do?

  161. Kaylee says:

    Ok, hi! I want to find out if this guy likes me. He’s friends with my little brother, but is like a few months maybe a year older than me. So no one gets mixed up I’ll call him 7. So , 7 was my dad’s best friends son. Well, when 7 and I met we were really shy, especially since our parents were around and joking around about us. He became best friends with my brother and we went over to 7s house with our family, since he has two younger sisters who love me! When we went there my brother decided to ask if he liked me, and 7 said ya. So whenever we went over to his house he’d always try and stand and talk and be around me. Since I didn’t know 7 liked me, I got really creeped out. Then, two days ago we went to Jungl Java with our families and I brought a friend. My friend , C, fell in love like immediately. So we both like him. There was this little kid who kept trying to flirt with C and i, calling us names like old lady like little boys tease. When I got upset about it 7 decided to take my brother and go over to the kid, well it turned out the kid was actually around my age! So they went over and told the kid they would slap him if he did it again!the kid stopped, but they let going over and just being near him, which made me scared because I didn’t want them to get in a fight because 7 was aroung his age but my brother was a year younger.the fifth time they went to the kid I pulled 7 aside and told him to stop , so 7 said ” I will when he stops calling u that”. I decided to ask what they were talking about and he wouldn’t tell me.

    Then, my frien and I started a game of prisoner tag with the kids. 7 and my brother were on the same team like me C and his two little sisters were on our own. My friend obviously wanted him to run after her but he wouldn’t. He only chased me. In fact, he would normally run me into this corner track that was super dark. But, I was too fast so we’d always be separated by the net, so he would lean against the net and I would tease him and stand super close but to where he couldn’t tag me.Sometimes he actually would so id have to sit in jail and switch sides. Then I had to capture him. I run faster than him so I could. So I’d have to sit in jail with him and we’d talk. one time he was talking to his sister and I was so close to tagging him, and he had me wait the platform above him until he was done, and I tagged a friend. While I was talking to the friend they stopped talking and I had my feet sagging where he was so he reached over an tickled my feet and pulled on my shirt.

    He alway tried to show off with kids in front of me like giving them a basketball in the court an pick them up and stuff.
    And one time he was sitting in the bridge with my brother. The bridge is like a ceiling/wall view of the basketball court. His sisters asked me to play basketball with them so I did. I looked around to find my brother, and I saw 7 staring at me. He didn’t see me so I kept playing, but, there were these kids older than me playing dodgeball and they kept looking at me and I saw that 7 had seen that. So down 7 came and he started to play dodgeball with them. I joined because all these little kids asked me too. I threw a ball at 7 and expected him to throw one at me too, but he didn’t. I said why aren’t u throwing them ? And he said ” because I don’t want to hit you.”
    I thought about that and then hit him with one lol. ????????????. Does he like me? What should I do ? Please help!

  162. Layla Martinez says:

    Can someone tell me if this guy likes me ? I talked to him a lot before he goes to the same middle school I’m in 6th grade he’s in 8th.His 6th grader friends who are all in my class keep saying he likes me.Im not sure if it’s true or their messing around. One time I even walked home with him he kept staring right at my eyes when I caught him he looked at the ground.Then he reached his house which was across the street and ran when I didn’t notice he didn’t even say bye.And when I lose at uno he always offers to play for me.And one time I said a simple hi … He just stared at me for a few secs.Can someone plz tell me?

  163. Steve says:

    I’m a guy (these are FAR better than the first 5 tips)

    6) True, we don’t mind physical contact from girls we’re attracted to. Might hold back if we want to keep the relationship/flirting secret (like if we’re co-workers)

    7) Ehhhh… maybe. Don’t look into this one too much

    8) Far and away more true than anything on this list… like if somebody makes you a birthday card or something small and personal, the guy LIKES you… a LOT

    9) The guy just wants to be around you, and will look for any reason/excuse to be around you. I’ll make an effort to find time to do XYZ, but will a XYZ a higher priority with a girl I like just so I can be around her.

    10) I’m not telling my friends squat, and don’t plan on telling them until the girl and I are in an actual relationship. I don’t like dwelling too much into my personal life. If I’m into a girl at my job, I’ll make an effort to make sure my friends/family DON’T know

  164. anonymous says:

    im a freshman in hs. me and a junior who goes to my church and school met when our family’s got together and had a picnic and went to this nature area. after that, he messaged me on facebook and we started texting and snapchatting regularly for a while. we hardly see each other at school, but we have talked a couple of times and at a hs football game, we walked around and talked for a while. i really like him but i cant tell if he feels the same. maybe he thinks im too young or something? we have established that we want to be friends but he said “for now.” at the football game, he made an extra effort to come and walk around with me. i could tell he was enjoying talking to me and he kept interest in what i was saying. he has said he thinks im not immature like a lot of people my age but he keeps giving mixed signals so im confused. he wont give me a straight up answer. i also saw him talking to other girls his age and i couldnt tell if he was flirting or not. i just need an answer. advice please?

  165. Haley says:

    Hi my name is Haley. I read over this article and I have a cruch on this guy the guy is reall smart I am to we hardly every talk but we have the same friends anyway today my friend o***** was absent and anyway in the middle of class he said “Haley Olivia left you” I was caught off guard because he NEVER talks to me so what does this mean?

  166. niyah says:

    So there is a guy i like veryyy much but i dnt know if he thinks the same..we are bst friend hes is 4 years older and we used to have long conversations at night..sometimes he gives the impression that he feels the same for me but sometimes totally the oposite..wat should i do?????plizzz help me

  167. Margery says:

    Hey so there is this guy that I’ve known for nearly 3 years now and we’ve always been proper close and he’s got a gf but he’s always flirting with me andat one point about a year ago we were at a party and I was quite drink and I told him how I felt and he said he felt the same way but he felt sorry for his gf as he was always with me so then I started to avoid him for a while and then we were suddenly like bestfriends again and we have been since. He stays round mine for the night every so often and he sort of hugs me then pulls me next to him as we’re watching tv proper cute cuddling like a couple and I can feel his heart beating really fast and mine does aswell then we fall asleep and wake up with his arms around me like spooning and this happens everytime he sleeps the night, does he really like me or does he just want to get lucky? But doesn’t know if I would cheat with him. I don’t know what to do :/ plz hellp me! Thankyou

  168. Kate says:

    Hi. So I like my guy friend. I’ve known him for like 5 years or so but we got real close this year. I’m really confused though. He holds my hand and gives me hugs whenever we’re together. But the thing is he kept on saying he likes this girl from his class but she doesn’t like him back and she said that it’s best for them not to talk for a while so he would be able to move on. Moreover, he kept on saying that he wants me to call him my big brother something like that.

    I’m so confused. My friend told me that he doesn’t act the same way with his other girl friends. Just me. So, I’m thinking that if he does not like me back and he just wants me to be his lil sis. He would not be acting like this.

    P.S. we’re of the same age but he’s just older than me by a few months

  169. Kate says:

    Please help me. 🙁 Thank you!

  170. Gretel says:

    Ok so normally I woudn’t ask for help on these things but why not?
    There’s this guy I like (well, duh) we do theatre together and I’ve liked him for a while, but I’ve never acted upon it as we’re friends and I don’t want to ruin the relationship. I’ve never been good at telling whether someone likes someone else and I’ve never had a boyfriend so I didn’t want to risk telling him then finding out he didn’t like me. I did however tell a friend and I’m almost certain she told him (she’s never been good at keeping a secret). I found out from that same friend that he likes me. I didn’t believe her when she told me, mainly because found it hard to believe that the guy I like could actually like me back and because I was pretty sure he wasn’t looking for a relationship (he’s never had a girlfriend), but I can’t help wondering. He always hugs me whenever he sees me, makes eye contact, and teases me A LOT (mainly because of how short I am compared to him .-.) He’s also given me a compliment occasionally and a couple of times has taken my hand when we’re talking. On top of that here have been times when we’ve been sitting and talking and he’ll use my legs as a pillow or a footstool.But the thing is he’s a really friendly guy, I’ve known him for a few years, yet I can’t tell if he’s doing the same thing to everyone or just me. I really suck at these sorts of things, so I thought I’d ask for some advice as to whether he likes me or not? I suppose it doesn’t really matter if he doesn’t want a relationsip, but I’m asking anyway.

  171. Gretel says:

    Oh, and i don’t want to get him to like me by flirting or anything because I want him to like me for me and that’s just not me. Besides, I think I’d probably suck at flirting anway, its just not my thing. Thanks 🙂

  172. Kenzie says:

    Ok so, there’s this guy and we’ve been bbfs since kindergarten. We are in 7th grade now and he always stares at me and does the thing where he says something then looks at me for a reaction. He invites me to things and all his friends tease us about liking each other and stuff like that. He teases me and texts me randomly. He acts strange around me all the time and I was wondering if he likes me. I’ve liked him for a long time now and I’m waiting for him to do something bout it. One time I was hanging out with him and we were playing truth or dare and he asked me who I liked. I told him nobody. He said truth when I asked him but I didn’t know what to ask. He said “u can ask me who I like, if I like u, or anything.” I was thinking bout it but then we had to go. I was gonna ask if he liked me but I wasn’t sure what to do. Can u help me? Does he like me?

  173. Ammi2000 says:

    Because boys really don’t like to talk about there feelings

  174. Christoff says:

    Theres this guy i really like. Ive just met him this year. Hes in grade 8 and im in grade 7.He said hello just about 2 months ago. And hes like staring at me. And when i look at him he looks away. He seems to be following me to the bathroom. When he plays baseball he always has a eye on me. He like tripped right by me 3 times already. I dont know what to do. We never talk though or hang out. What should i do…

  175. MK says:

    There’s a guy I like who’s 10 years older than me. We’ve been on a few dates. Maybe 5? And we’ve slept together twice. He’s always busy so rarely if ever asks me out. Last time he asked me out I had insinuated he do the planning. We text quite a bit (although when he’s busy he texts me less ) and the texts are always fun, but it’s hard to tell in text if he’s interested or not. He did mention at the beginning he wasn’t ready for a relationship but idk if he’s changed his mind…maybe I should give up..?

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