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How to Ignore a Guy: 13 Ways to Finally Make Him Leave You Alone

If you’re beyond irritated, you’ll want to know how to ignore a guy. Here’s how you can ensure he’ll leave you alone for good if you don’t like him.

how to ignore a guy

Sometimes, guys just don’t get the hint. You can ignore him over and over again and yet, he might still bother you. You can even tell him you want him to leave you alone and you may still have to deal with him. That’s why knowing how to ignore a guy is super important to know.

There are just some guys out there who will pester you endlessly. You won’t really be able to get them to leave you alone unless you find the right ways to ignore them. Thankfully, we can definitely help with that.

Some guys just can’t take a hint

There are cases when guys can’t take the hint. You’ve ignored them all you can and yet, they still won’t leave you alone. Apart from changing your number and moving somewhere else, it can sometimes feel like you can’t do much.

Unfortunately, you can’t change these types of guys. For some reason, they can’t respect your wishes and so they don’t leave you alone. These are the types you have to look out for because they’ll be the hardest to get rid of. [Read: 10 creepy guy types you need to avoid talking to]

How to ignore a guy so he’ll finally leave you alone

I get how annoying it can be to deal with a guy who just won’t stop. You may even feel like there’s nothing you can do. But there is. We have some ways for you to ignore those guys so they’ll just stop already.

#1 Don’t respond to texts. Never respond. Even if you want to tell him to leave you alone, just don’t. Once you open that door, it’ll be much harder to close. However, if you keep it shut, it’s much easier to ignore a guy.

You might find it really hard to resist responding, but force yourself to keep quiet. You can even block his number if you really can’t help yourself. Do anything you need to so you can avoid giving in to his texts. [Read: A step-by-step guide for getting someone to stop texting you]

#2 Never answer your phone for him. In fact, if you are also getting some private calls around the same time he’s trying to contact you a lot and you’re ignoring him, don’t answer. This is because of the same reason you shouldn’t answer their texts. Don’t give them a reason to believe they’re breaking through to you.

#3 Block his number. If the above methods are too hard or he’s sending text and text and calling almost nonstop, block his number. If you don’t receive the calls and texts, you won’t even have to worry about ignoring him. Just remember that he might still try to contact you in person or elsewhere if he doesn’t get through via your phone. [Read: How to stop someone from contacting you repeatedly]

#4 Delete him on all social media platforms. If he can’t get to you on your phone, he might try to go through social media. Delete and block him on all forms of it. Don’t leave anything open for him to potentially be able to talk to you.

Blocking is definitely the best way to go so he can’t even see your stuff anymore, either. Sometimes unfriending someone still allows them to see what you’re up to and where you’ve been. Don’t let him see your location, no matter what.

#5 Avoid going anywhere he frequents. This might be a hard one because it won’t seem fair that you have to avoid going somewhere because he’s annoying you. But if you want to know how to ignore a guy, you’ll need to do this.

Don’t go anywhere you know he might be. If he’s a regular at a local bar every Friday night, avoid going there. You won’t always have to do this, but just stay away until he’s no longer bothering you. [Read: 12 ways to ignore someone who mentally stresses you]

#6 Don’t even talk about him. I mean it. You’ll probably want to complain about him and talk crap but just don’t. If it’s overheard by someone he’s friends with, it could make him angrier. And the angrier he becomes, the worse he’ll annoy you and it’ll be harder to ignore him.

#7 Get some adults to help you. If you’re in school, it can be really hard to ignore someone when they’re seated next to you. Talk to the adults. Tell them he’s becoming a problem in your life and you’d just like to stay away from him. They should comply and help make things a bit easier for you.

#8 Ignore his friends, too. He might try to enlist his friends to talk to you on his behalf. You’re just better off ignoring all of his friends, too. You might actually have to end up treating them all just like him and ignore them as much as you can. It might not be easy, especially if you’re friends with some of his friends, but try your best. [Read: 10 ways to ignore people who ruin a perfectly good day]

#9 Erase him from your life, basically. If you can get rid of them in every single way, do it. Some guys just don’t give up and they won’t give you peace. You need to erase him from your life. This will definitely teach you how to ignore a guy who won’t leave you alone.

#10 Don’t even acknowledge them. No matter the situation, don’t even give him a hint that you’re paying attention. If you do, he’ll eat it up and keep coming back for more. If you accidentally run into him, pretend you didn’t even see him at all. [Read: 10 types of people to avoid and never make friends with]

What to do if he won’t leave you alone – even in person

The thing about guys who won’t leave you alone is that they can get dangerous. Yes, really. If you feel unsafe or you just can’t get them to leave you alone and they’re also invading your personal life, here are a few things you can do.

#1 Make sure you tell him face-to-face that you don’t want him contacting you. Sometimes you have to acknowledge him in person. If he’s being relentless, just tell him you don’t want him talking to you ever again. This will help him get the hint that you’re actually very serious about it. [Read: Ways to reject someone and what to expect afterward]

#2 Get your friends and family to help. Have some friends and family step in. Let them be the barrier between you and the guy if he won’t give up. Your family and friends want you to be happy and safe. They’ll certainly step in if you ask.

#3 Get the authorities involved. This is going to be the very last thing you can do if the guy is seriously not leaving you alone and no matter how much you’ve ignored him, he keeps bothering you. Get the police or other authority figures involved. A restraining order may be needed if you feel threatened in any way.

[Read: 11 glaring clues the guy that likes you is turning into a stalker]

Knowing how to ignore a guy will definitely come in handy at some point in your life. Trust me. Following these tips will help you ensure you’re not annoyed by guys for longer than necessary.

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