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20 Sweet & Sexy Ways to Flirt with Your Boyfriend & Make Love Naughty

When we are in a relationship, sometimes the romance starts to fade a bit. But it doesn’t have to. So, you need to know how to flirt with your boyfriend!

how to flirt with your boyfriend

When we think of flirting, often we imagine it between two people who haven’t coupled off yet. At the very least flirting only takes place at the beginning of a relationship, right? But you should also know how to flirt with your boyfriend.

You flirt with someone to say you’re available and interested in them. That little hint of what’s to come, that gleam in your eye, those suggestive comments—they all stop when you actually bagged your man. But knowing how to flirt with your boyfriend is a way to keep the fun alive after the initial spark fades.

Often when we get comfortable with someone in a relationship, it’s easy to let it all hang out and let them see us warts and all! [Read: 23 happy and naughty ways to keep your relationship exciting, fun and fresh]

While it’s great to feel comfortable with your other half, and also important for your partner to really get to know you. But if you stop flirting altogether and expose too much, your relationship quickly takes a turn for the worse.

Think about it, what’s the main difference between being in a relationship and being just good friends? A relationship is an attraction to someone, about great sex, as well as getting to know one another on a deep and intimate level.

Keeping things flirty instead of letting that side of things die means you always have this sense of attraction and playfulness between you, which keeps the spark alive, and, dare we say it, the sex more interesting *and frequent too*! [Read: 27 easy ways to be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend and make him love you more]

How to flirt with your boyfriend and make him excited to be in love with you

If you succeed in keeping things flirtatious you likely have more fun, go on more dates, feel more connected, and generally experience a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship.

Of course, this is all well and good, but if you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it might be difficult to regain that flirtatious side back. 

At first, you might feel silly and awkward, but it is worth pursuing as the benefits of flirting with your boyfriend far outweigh feeling a little silly for the first few minutes that you try it.

If you look to inject some flirtatiousness back into your relationship, look no further! Here is a fantastic list of tips and advice on how to flirt with your boyfriend. So, next time you want to give it a try, use these 20 tips. [Read: 85 very flirty questions to ask a guy and leave him thinking of you]

1. Retain some mystery 

It’s great when you get to that point where you can feel totally comfortable and yourself around a guy—we all want that. But there is a difference between feeling as though you can be yourself, and leaving the bathroom door open and continuing to talk to your boyfriend when on the toilet.

Try to retain a sense of mystery and dignity. Keep some things just for you. This helps keep that spark alive, and that flirtatiousness comes a lot easier to you too. [Read: How to be mysterious and leave everyone smitten and craving for more]

2. Create a surprise for him

We are often told that only women love surprises, but men like them too. Plan an awesome surprise that you know he will just love, and this is sure to make him know how much you care and bring a little romance back into your lives.

Be sure to make it something that he really likes. It could be tickets to his favorite sports team or to see his favorite band. Or just buy him the hammer he’s been wanting to get. Whatever makes him happy. It lets him know that you have been thinking about things that are important to him.

3. Try a suggestive text message

If you aren’t sure how to flirt with your boyfriend face to face why not try to give a flirty text message?

You could send him a sexy photo of you or tell him what you want to do to him the next time you get together. Make it specific so that his imagination can run wild. He’ll get excited just thinking about you

Start off this way and see how he responds. You never know, it could build into full-on sexting, and you’ll want to rip one another’s clothes off when you see each other again. [Read: Seductive selfie – 34 of the best sexy selfie poses and tips to show yourself off]

4. Make him laugh

Flirting doesn’t always need to be suggestive, sexy, and demure. Flirting should be fun too. Making one another laugh really brings a flirty element back into a relationship, so make sure you do lots of fun, silly things together.

Or, if you want to flirt and be funny with your boyfriend by text, you can find funny memes to send him. Make sure it’s something he will get – sometimes people have different senses of humor. Or text him a joke you just heard. Either way, he’ll think you are hilarious and find it sexy.

5. Compliment him

Remember, guys like compliments too – they have feelings just like girls do. It always makes people feel good to hear that someone else thinks that they are attractive, funny, smart, or whatever else you think of them. Compliments are a great way to flirt with your boyfriend.

Tell him he looks nice and let him know how attractive you find him. This boosts his confidence. And when he feels confident, he will be much more ready to have “sexy time” with you. [Read: 30 compliments for guys they’ll never ever forget]

6. Linger when you give him a hug

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Our nonverbal communication and body language will definitely tell him that you are thinking some naughty thoughts about him. 

Next time you hug, stay a little longer than necessary. Press your body up against his, and run your hands up and down his body. Do it for longer than necessary, and he’ll soon get the message that you are flirting with him.

7. Open a bottle

Going out for a couple of drinks or sharing a bottle of wine helps loosen both of you up. Plus, it’s romantic to share some wine. You could even make dinner and light some candles to set the mood. 

When you start sipping on your favorite drinks, you will soon find that flirting comes more naturally to you anyway. [Read: Sexual flirting – How to step it up from regular flirting and naughty it]

8. Go on proper dates

Make sure you make proper time for one another. It’s hard to flirt if you just spend your evenings together staring mindlessly at the TV. Sure, life gets routine – that’s just the reality we live in. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mix things up and go on regular dates.

Going on an interesting date helps make flirting feel more natural. It could be something unique like zip-lining or something more romantic like a wine bar or restaurant.

Regardless of where you go, make sure that you touch him and look into his eyes so he knows you’re flirting with him.

9. Give him your full attention

Make sure you pay attention to him and listen to what he is saying. We know that girls like it when guys listen to them and focus on what they’re saying. But again, men are people too. They have thoughts and want to have you hear them. 

Strike up a conversation with some interesting questions about romance. It could be anything from his perfect romantic getaway to anything kinky he wants to try in bed! [Read: 40 very deep questions to ask your boyfriend and the answers you MUST know]

10. Subtly touch him

Sometimes the brush of your hand or pressing your legs up against one another in the movie theatre is all it takes to get the flirtation and sexual tension going.

Touching him is definitely a clear sign to your boyfriend that you are trying to flirt with him. 

11. Whisper in his ear

Move in close and whisper something in his ear—an age-old and simple flirting technique. It works every time.

Tell him how hot he is and what sexual things you would like to do to him. Plus, it gets you very close to him and all he has to do is turn his head and you will be in full-on kissing and making-out mode.

12. Be his biggest supporter

Remember, flirting is about more than just batting your eyelashes. Show you support him and that you are his biggest cheerleader.

Men like it when their women are proud of them and respect what they are doing in life. Sometimes we forget to show our partners how we feel about them in that respect.

So, go to his gigs, come to his work do’s, talk about his passions. This is being passionate with his mind and it definitely counts as flirting too. [Read: Do you emasculate your man? 14 things women accidentally do that break a man]

13. Maintain eye contact

Remember the lingering eye contact you used to give one another when you first started going out? Bring it back! 

As the saying goes, “the eyes are the window to the soul.” When you stare deep into his eyes it’s like you’re making love to him in your mind. That is really sexy, and your boyfriend will definitely know that this is your attempt to flirt with him. [Read: What are bedroom eyes? How to master the art of seductive eye contact]

14. Have confidence

Confidence is sexy. In fact, most guys would rather go out with an average-looking woman who has a lot of self-confidence than a supermodel who has low self-esteem. So, even if you don’t feel that great about yourself, you need to act like it. 

If you want to flirt with your boyfriend do it with confidence and you are sure to pull it off. He will be hotter for you when he knows that not only does he love you, but you love yourself too.

15. Pretend you are strangers

If you want to try something a little different why not meet up in a bar, but pretend you don’t know one another? Then, even if you haven’t flirted in a while, it won’t matter as you have never met before anyway!

Think up a scenario in your mind ahead of time. That way, when you get there, you know exactly what you are going to say and do. [Read: Role playing ideas for couples and 16 naughty ideas to dress for sex]

16. Do something new together

Sometimes, in order to bring the flirtatiousness back into your relationship, you need to get out of the same tired old routine. The longer you are together, the more you end up doing the same things every day. But that gets boring.

Take up a new hobby, go on a city break—just get out there and liven things up. You’ll find the flirting soon follows.

17. Seduce him

Of course, if you want to skip mild flirting and go straight in for the kill then why not put on a whole seduction routine? 

Give him a striptease or light candles and put rose petals around the room. He will love it. Go on, we dare you! [Read: 30 racy ways to seduce your boyfriend and make love feel like lust 24/7]

18. Buy new lingerie

Make it obvious by buying some sexy new lingerie. If you aren’t the type of girl to normally wear it, then your boyfriend will definitely know that you are trying to flirt with him.

This shows him that you are going to take the flirting to a whole new level.

19. Show him you appreciate him

Flirting is also about showing your partner how much they mean to you. When we are in relationships for a long time, we tend to start taking each other for granted. This is sad because we should always show our appreciation.

So, make sure he knows he is appreciated. Thank him for taking you out to dinner or changing your tire. He probably does nice things for you all the time, so make sure you recognize him for doing all of it. [Read: 25 sweet ways to make your boyfriend feel appreciated and cared for]

20. Play up to his masculinity

Let’s face it, most guys like to feel strong and powerful. They want to be your “hero.”

Even if it’s something small like asking him to open a jar for you, he will feel special to know that he helped you do something you couldn’t do for yourself. Let him know what a sexy, strong man he is. He’s sure to love how it feels!

 [Read: How to make your man happy – 30 ways to leave him smitten and hooked]

There you have it, the most simple, yet effective ways for how to flirt with your boyfriend. So, if you feel as though your relationship could do with being a bit more flirtatious, why not try the moves above?!

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