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How to Be Beautiful: 22 Ways to Stand Apart and Shine from Within

We would all love for people to see us as beautiful. If you want to know how to be beautiful, here are 22 tips to help you shine.

how to be beautiful

For some people, beauty is about a flawless face or a perfect body, yet for almost all of us, that’s entirely unachievable. We’re all born with our flaws, crooked teeth, imperfect skin, and a little extra weight around the middle. And truthfully, understanding how to be beautiful isn’t something out of reach.

For some, coming to terms with the way they look can be tough. There are so many outside influences that we are bombarded with daily. Images in magazines and on TV of seemingly perfect looking people who we aspire to look like.

In reality, we must remember that a) they have access to things we do not i.e. makeup artists, personal trainers etc., and b) most of the time the photographs we see have been altered and are not a true reflection of what that person actually looks like.

How to beautiful – 22 ways to glow from within

However, saying that, there are lots of things that we can do to make ourselves more beautiful, both inside and out. Being happy with the way you look brings comfort and confidence, and make you feel that you can achieve anything – and we all deserve that.

So, what are the top tips and tricks to make ourselves more attractive? Let’s take a look at how to be beautiful.

#1 Work with what you’ve got. First things first, stop fighting the things you can’t change. Unless you are able to save up all your money, you might just have to live with that wonky nose or thin lips—but so what? Everyone has some great features, so concentrate on the bits you do like. Accepting who you are instead of battling against it makes life so much easier. [Read: 14 steps to unfake your life and love being you]

#2 Dress for your shape. Accentuate the good parts, conceal the ones you don’t. Work out which shapes and styles flatter you. Get a capsule wardrobe of great, well-fitting clothes. Then use accessories to make your style pop. [Read: The clothes make the girl: 15 tips to looking your best]

#3 Get a good haircut. A good haircut works wonders. If you truly want to know how to beautiful and stand out, splash out by going to a hairdresser who really knows their stuff and have a consultation about which hairstyles works best for you and flatters your face shape.

#4 Take care of your skin. Good skin gives you that healthy, dewy glow that looks so attractive. If you have spots or pale, dull skin, get into a good skincare routine ASAP. One of the biggest and most visible secrets to knowing how to be beautiful is to try to keep your skin clean, fresh, and well-moisturized at all times, and always take your makeup off before bed!

#5 Get plenty of exercise. Okay, so, we can’t all have the perfect body, but being fit and toned makes you feel healthier and more attractive on the inside and out. By finding a sport you love, taking up an exercise class, going to the gym, or even just walking and moving around more, you’ll help to shed pounds, tone up, and make your body healthy and strong.

#6 Get plenty of fresh air. Getting out and about in the countryside for some clean, fresh air in your lungs makes you look and feel so much better. It relieves the stresses and strains of everyday life and helps you feel more carefree.

#7 Eat right. Eating lots of fruit and vegetables as well as lean proteins and slow burning carbs gives you a healthy, balanced diet that improves your body shape, skin, and hair. People prove to find individuals that look healthy more attractive, so paying attention to your health is so important. [Read: How to achieve that inner glow and look a lot better, even naked!]

#8 Drink lots of water. One of the secrets to knowing how to be beautiful is to drink water regularly. Keeping well-hydrated also improves your appearance so make sure you drink lots of water, and cut back on sugary drinks and alcohol.

#9 Get lots of sleep. If you manage to get your 40 winks every night you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and positive. Lack of sleep is severely detrimental to our health. We end up feeling irritable and moody and also have poor skin and bags under our eyes. Try to get the right amount of sleep. You’ll feel so much better, inside and out.

#10 Smile and laugh more. People who look happy appear far more attractive than those who don’t, so make sure you show off those pearly whites! [Read: How to smile more often and live a better life]

#11 Walk with confidence. Looking and feeling confident makes you feel more beautiful. Hold your head up high and don’t be afraid to look people in the eye when you walk into a room.

#12 Be funny. A great sense of humor and the ability to make people laugh is consistently one of the top things people say they find attractive in another person. So, if you are witty and amusing, people will naturally be more drawn to you.

#13 Be intelligent. Intelligence is also highly rated as an attractive trait. Don’t be all demure and shy. Be intelligent, have interesting conversations, and know things about the world.

#14 Be kind. Kindness is also incredibly attractive. So, make sure you are always nice to other people. If you are, they are more likely to be nice to you too! [Read: 20 positive ways to create a chain of goodwill]

#15 Pay attention to your personal hygiene. If you want to be more beautiful, paying attention to your personal hygiene is so important. No matter how beautiful someone is, if they have bad body odor or awful breath, they just won’t be considered attractive. Make sure you smell fresh and fantastic at all times!

#16 Look after your teeth. Having a great smile is really beautiful. If you look after your teeth, yours will be. Of course, there are many options now when it comes to getting the perfect grin—though most are pricey. Still, if it’s worth it to you, there are things to ensure you have a lovely smile.

#17 Learn how to apply makeup. Understanding how to do your makeup correctly makes all the difference. Good makeup accentuates your features and gives your skin a smooth, glowing look. Doing it wrong can be dreadful!

Learn what colors and pallets suit you, get a makeup lesson, and buy quality products to make your makeup work for you. [Read: The ultimate guide to being more feminine]

#18 Get a tan. While baking yourself in the sun for hours on end just damages your skin and give you wrinkles, a light, subtle tan makes you appear healthier, which makes you seem more beautiful. There are plenty of great fake tans out there which give you a light glow. Check them out and find one that works for you. [Read: Why you shouldn’t be ashamed of what you do for beauty]

#19 Have good posture. Stand tall, and sit up straight. Good posture implies confidence which is so attractive.

#20 Don’t take yourself too seriously. If you look arrogant or smug or like you think you are better than others, people won’t find you attractive no matter how beautiful you are.

#21 Surround yourself with people. If you are always surrounded by people, you look fun and interesting, which immediately makes you seem more attractive. [Read: How to make new friends effortlessly as an adult]

#22 Get a cute pet! Funnily enough, a super cute dog or a little kitten tucked under your arm makes you seem more beautiful. Remember pets are for life though—not just as adorable accessories!

[Read: How to be pretty: Atypical secrets to owning your beautiful you]

These 22 tips help you look and feel more beautiful. So, if you want that extra confidence and learn how to be beautiful, then try some *or even all* of the tips.

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