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Get a Guy to Stop Texting You: Perfect Excuses and Examples

Ever had a guy who won’t stop texting? You hesitate to tell them off because you feel rude? Here’s what you can do to get a guy to stop texting you.

get a guy to stop texting you

We’ve all been the needy texter at one point or another—unless we’re Jennifer Lawrence, that is. So, we understand why some people get too enthusiastic about texting, especially if it’s a guy that likes you. Unfortunately, most of us also know how it feels when someone doesn’t want to text us or is obviously not interested in getting a text from us. This is exactly why it is so hard to get a guy to stop texting you.

You may have the courage to say, “Sorry, but I won’t be replying to your texts. Like ever.” And you may still end up wracked with guilt or feeling like an asshole. I’ve been there, and it sucks when you realize you consciously made a person feel bad. Even if the reason was for you to feel more comfortable and at peace with your phone.

What are the reasons guys should stop texting?

When you want to get a guy to stop texting you, it is more than not liking the guy who is texting. There are many reasons why girls or other guys want someone to stop texting them. Aside from the obvious reasons like harassment and verbal abuse—which definitely merits blocking and reporting to the authorities. [Read: 10 types of creepy guys you need to avoid talking to]

Here are the most common instances why guys should stop texting those who don’t want them to:

#1 They are not riveting enough to converse with. What? It’s true! Even in networking events, there is only so much you can handle when people start talking about projections, numbers, and the strain of their favorite coffee bean. Some conversations are just not that appealing. [Read: 10 clever ways to get out of an annoying conversation]

#2 They make you uncomfortable, but not in an extreme way. Some people make you uncomfortable by making inappropriate comments. Others make you uncomfortable by making strange and indecipherable comments. It’s fine, in general, but some people may not enjoy having to talk about stuff that they don’t get.

#3 They’ve been rejected at least once. Most determined texters are usually those who have a crush on the person they are texting. When someone rejects the advances of the texter, the texter should understand that it is a complete and final rejection, unless stated otherwise. This means that unless the person texts you on their own volition, you should probably refrain from trying harder. [Read: Ways to reject and what to expect afterwards]

#4 Their texts are annoying. Sorry, but some people have a specific preference for the type of texts they receive. Someone who sends L33+ $p3@k, for example, may not be that entertaining to talk to through text. To each their own, they say, but that goes the same for the receiver. If someone doesn’t want to receive texts that irk them, then they have the right to it.

#5 You just don’t like texting. I, for one, don’t like texting. I am, however, partial to Facebook messaging. It’s the only app I check. That is why I don’t like texting and when a guy insists on texting me, I feel the need to tell them, “Hey, I might not reply because I don’t like texting.” But that’s just me. [Read: See a friendship not fireworks? How to friend zone a guy]

Excuses that don’t work

Now that you established why you don’t want someone to text you, what methods have you tried to curb the enthusiastic texter? Was it any of these? If you want to get a guy to stop texting you, I assure you, these do not work most of the time:

#1 No credit. Doubtful. Most mobile providers offer cheap plans, and you look like you’re lying if you tried pushing for that excuse.

#2 Battery’s always dead. But you always charge it again, right?

#3 No signal. But you had enough coverage to reply that you had no signal?

#4 This is her boyfriend. That may just start something that you don’t want to even get into.

#5 Forgot to reply. You can only use that excuse so much before you finally look rude and condescending.

#6 I don’t text that much. But you used to be so active with texting!

#7 Not replying. Unfortunately, some people don’t take this as an obvious sign. Sometimes, it even works like an aphrodisiac. Huh. Go figure. [Read: Turning him down politely: a guide for nice girls]

Know any other excuse that didn’t work? Sometimes these excuses might work, but there is no guarantee that a guy will stop texting you. These are just placeholders. Sooner or later, they may try again.

How to get a guy to stop texting you

You’re reading this feature, so you obviously are looking for an easy way out and get a guy to stop texting you. You don’t want the awkward conversation, or the part where you have to imagine their sad faces when they receive your final rejection message. Not only that, you don’t want to deal with an irate, scorned admirer.
We made this short list of alternative methods to get that guy to stop texting you, ASAP!

Subtle Methods

#1 Post a status on social media. Preferably with your privacy settings set to your best friends and that guy, saying you’ll be using a new number because your old one is blocked. You have no idea why. Then block that guy’s number.

#2 Tell him you would rather use Facebook and you’re so over texting now. Even if he continues to message you on Facebook, you can at least act as if you haven’t read their message yet. If he catches on because you’re still posting status updates, tell him you muted all your conversations. [Read: 12 surefire ways to get a creepy guy to leave you alone]

#3 Reply using only one word. Even the most determined suitor gets turned off by that. Silence agitates them, but one-word replies are just too depressing to even reply to.

Mildly Obvious Methods

#4 Tell him you’re busy. Over and over again. Judging by the frequency of your busy-ness, the guy texting you will probably take the hint sooner or later. Of course, you hope sooner.

#5 Tell him the guy you’re dating told you not to text him. And that you’re just a complacent woman or man who wants to give your man whatever he wants. Hopefully, he’ll get turned off by your decision or, at least, respect your “man’s” boundaries. [Read: How to stop a guy from flirting and hitting on you]

Extremely In-Your-Face Methods

#6 Tell him you changed your number and casually forget to give him the new one. Even if he asks for it over and over again, forget it just as often.

#7 Tell him you’ve stopped texting and messaging. You’re all about the ‘grams now. If this doesn’t work…

#8 Block him. What else is there to do? We don’t recommend ghosting—I’m vehemently against it—but if the methods above didn’t work, there’s nothing else to do. [Read: What is Ghosting and how it could affect you]

[Read: 14 no-fail ways to turn down any type of guy]

Do you think these methods work to get that guy off your back? Do you have any other suggestions to get a guy to stop texting you? 

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