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Skinny Models and Size Zero

skinny size zero model

How much should you eat to get your body to match the stats of Size Zero? Models and girls across the world diet and reduce their food intake to become skinny and look good in fashionable clothes. But are the diets and the drastic change in eating habits worth the troubles? Find out what you should eat to be a Size Zero.

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According to a few fashion communities, Size Zero is the “hottest” statement a woman can make. It says that Size Zero means the woman has treated her body like a temple(!), working out and dieting smartly to achieve a beautiful figure(?!) that complements the strong(?!!) woman beneath the surface. Apparently, Size Zero clothing accentuates the way women feel inside.

An average woman needs at least 1200 calories per day for a healthy life. The recommended BMI (measure of body fat based on height and weight) for an average woman is 18.5 to 24.9.

The calories required for an average woman to turn herself into a “Lollypop Lady” are 400 calories, that is, one third of the required calories. To get this, a starvation diet with strenuous exercises like cardiovascular exercise which burns fat at super-speed is required.

The lack of basic calories intake results in seizing up functions of the body. Therefore, starting from the brain, this malady starts taking a toll on the body. The lack of calories causes a metabolic melee in the brain resulting in fierce mood swings, loss of sense of proportion and the inability to see outside the immediate world. And this calorific intake results in decreasing BMI much below the recommended level, which results in infertility, insomnia, liver and kidney failure. The use of diet pills, which is very common for the Size Zero aspirants, results in incontinence, and bowel and bladder disorders. Eventually, the heart may stop functioning because there is no more fuel to burn.

Some of the victims of Size Zero are 21 years old Brazilian model, Ana Carolina Reston who died following the diet of only apples and tomatoes. She had a BMI of just 12.5. Uruguayan model, Luisel Ramos died of heart failure, off the ramp following the diet of lettuce and diet drinks. Her sister Eliana too, died after six months and that too because of malnutrition. They all wanted to be the definition of the fashionable Size Zero and couldn’t understand the value of life over fashion.

Who let the ‘Size Zero’ out? When asked whether they have been pressurized to be a Size Zero, many of the celebrities and ramp queens have readymade answers. “I am naturally skinny”, “It’s in my genes”, or “I just want to be fit”. After a bit of prodding, the blame game starts. Designers blame casting agencies, who blame model agencies, who pass the hot stone to fashion stylists, who point fingers at editors, who blame the designers. Back to square one. And all over again.

The uproar over the Size Zero brings a new debate on the quotient of beauty. What is beautiful? And who is beautiful? It goes without saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So who are these beholders? Wherever you are on this planet, beauty is just skin deep. And for any species.

Recently, I watched a show on Animal Planet about Rhesus monkeys. It was fascinating to see that a dude monkey woos a chick monkey on the basis of its face complexion. The redder the face, the hotter the female. The more the va va voom! I’m pretty sure if those monkeys had brains like us, the sale of rouge would have sky-rocketed.

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