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Size Zero – What You Need to Know about this Obsession

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Women and girls around the world are obsessed about losing weight and attaining the much talked about Size Zero, but at what cost? Thinning down and undertaking rigorous fitness regimes to lose weight are acceptable, but where does one draw the line?

You are what you eat. Today, this monosyllabic clause is redundant. Size Zero is a new fashion addiction. Barbie is fat! Her vital stats that once made her best friends, the teenagers, jealous of her Body Mass Index are démodé and a tad too overweight.

The new Barbie is Posh Spice (even though she’s banned Size Zero girls from modeling for her range of signature jeans), the role model of WAGs and now the idol of women aspiring to become waif thin. The fad for Size Zero is not a folie a deux, but it’s the craze of a nouveau genre of the ‘vanity thy sanity’ group of girls and women.

Literally, Size Zero denotes the vital statistics of 31-23-32 (a general assumption), the size of a pre-pubertious girl. Ultra skinniness is touted as not just attainable, but a must-get goal by not just the hay-day girls but the women too. Thin is in and Size Zero is the envy of all women.

In spite of the bad reviews that it’s gaining, the Size Zero is a craze amongst the girls in their prime. As a matter of fact, it’s a craze for the women past their jumpy pigtail days too. So what if the Madrid Fashion Week has banned the size zero models. There are still places where ‘Size Zero’ is definitely in. You may ask, why this hullabaloo over the size? Let people choose their business of being fat or skinny.

Well, it may be somebody’s personal business but as we live in a country that noshes on news, nay, call it sour grapes of the grape-vine, where breakups, make outs and who’s-dating-whom, are a first page gossip for people. Why wouldn’t the Size Zero fiasco be of national concern? And therefore we write and so you rant.

Let us premeditate on the perimeters of some of the supermodels of the last half decade. They are ultra thin. They are supermodels. They eat one almond for lunch. I may be termed treacherous for saying this, but many of my friends are green eyed monsters. But thankfully, I’m not their jealous muse. I don’t exist, because I am significantly above the Size Zero to be envied. Their role model goddesses are the skinny models. I don’t fancy the idea of eating with my girl pals. To them, eating is just a formality. They never eat. I’m not one who can survive only on one tuna cube and water. And they hate me because “I eat carbs, for God’s sake!”

You may assume that ultra-thin is a fad just for the girls. But after seeing a photograph of my high-school senior boy at a community site, I figured that the Size Zero is not just the matter of girlie locker room gossips. That guy now models on an international scale and has reduced his athletic physique into what seems like the ideal Size Zero.

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