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Signs That a Guy Likes You

signs that a guy likes you

Ever wondered what those signs are when a guy likes you but is too apprehensive to make a move? Here are all those signs that a guy likes you that you need to know.

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Do you want to know what the signs that a guy likes you are?

A guy who likes you but is uncertain of your response may go to great lengths to hide his feelings for you.

But there are times when he’d unknowingly give away a few signs without realizing it himself, especially when you sweet talk him.

Signs that a guy likes you

The next time you’re around this guy who you think likes you, watch out for these little signs.

They can be a big clue in figuring out if he does like you or is just playing nice.

He gets jealous around you

When you talk to a few other guys and give them your undivided attention or even get a bit touchy feely or flirt with them, does this particular friend of yours get moody or surly?

One of the signs that a guy likes you is his uncontainable jealousy.

When a guy likes you, he can’t help but feel insecure when he perceives another guy as competition to him.

Men are extremely competitive, especially around women.

If he feels likes some other guy is winning your attention and he can’t do anything but watch helplessly, he may end up getting upset. He may even try to badmouth the flirty guy.

The next time you’re out with this guy friend, flirt with another guy. If you don’t see any response from him, start to get a bit touchy feely with the other friend. How does this particular friend behave? Do you notice a change in his behavior? Even if he tries his best, a guy who has a crush on you can’t help but feel awkward and uncomfortable. [Read: Is he in love or is it lust?]

He tries to make a good impression

Does this guy always try to help you out, be it walking a few blocks with you in search of your lost pet cat or shopping for a new dress?

Friends may be willing to help, but not without a bit of pestering. If a guy promptly jumps out of his seat to help you fix a problem, he may indeed like spending time with you. If a friend goes out of his way to help you out or behaves like an unintentional man friday, he may be a really nice guy or just a guy who’s in love with you.

Let’s put this to the test. One weekend, call him up and tell him you plan to go shopping all day. And sneakily mention that you’re going alone. Guys hate shopping, especially with girls who want to shop all day. [Read: Is he the one for you?]

When you slip the tiny detail that you’re shopping all alone, does he suddenly seem excited and interested to tag along? That’s a sign that a guy likes you!

He wants to get to know you

When you like someone, you want to get to know all about them. Curiosity is natural when you’re falling for someone.

Does this friend of yours want to know all the details about your childhood years, and ahem, your exes and crushes too? Friends can be curious too, but if the curiosity lingers more on your love life and your romantic interests, there’s a good chance this guy likes you.

Does he call you late at night almost all the time and tries to have a long conversation? You may enjoy a good talk while lying in bed, but if it starts to become a regular affair, there’s a good chance that he likes you and you like talking to him. After all, who gives up their sleep to have a mindless conversation?

He asks you out

Does he ask you out? As friends, of course! He may not tell you that he likes you or is falling for you, but one of the signs that a guy likes you is his ability to create a date moment out of any situation.

A new movie in town? A shopping sale, perhaps? Or is it a new restaurant? Does he ever want to check out a movie or a place with you? When a guy likes you, he may not be able to ask you out directly, but he’d be looking for an opportunity to sneak in a date when he’s with you.

Talk about the new restaurant that’s opened just around the corner the next time you’re with him, and mention that you’d like to go there sometime. You don’t even need to sound enthusiastic about it. If he immediately responds by asking you out and doesn’t talk about involving any other friend, you’ve got yourself another sign that this guy likes you. [Read: How to get a guy to like you]

He’s been thinking of you

If you’ve ever had a crush on someone, you’d know that this crush of yours would float in and out of your mind all day. And heck, you may even dream of your crush when you sleep at night.

And if you’ve ever been in love with someone, you’d think of them all the time too. And every now and then, you’d find something that reminds you of your lover. Does this friend text you out of the blue, while shopping or even trekking, and tells you that something out there reminded them of you? [Read: How to reject a guy]

You’ve got yourself a loverboy, haven’t you?

If a guy friend constantly talks about you or remembers you now and then, and tells you about it, he’s obviously trying to let you know that he has a special place for you in his heart. If it’s a one off confession, perhaps it’s no big deal. But if you find your friend remembering you or thinking of you often, it’s a sign that he likes you and is trying to get your attention.

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Now that you know all the signs that a guy likes you, use it to your advantage. If you do like him too, give him a chance to ask you out with these pointers and it’ll definitely work in your favor.

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23 thoughts on “Signs That a Guy Likes You”

  1. Mikayla says:

    OK. So I met this guy. His name is **** *****. We are both in middle school. He goes to Laurens Middle School and I go to Hickory Tavern Middle School. We met at an honor band practice. Well, the first time we saw each other was at an academic team mini bowl. Anyway, the first time we actually got to talk was at honor band so I’ll start there. So me and **** both play percussion in band. At the first concert, he was being real playful and flirty with me. On the next concert, well actually on the way back from the second concert, we were on the bus and the high school band teacher was driving and he said to call parents to start leaving to go to the high school. I left my phone at home so I used ****’s. He dialed it for me and you know what he said? He said, “Now I got your number!” I was like, ‘Woah’! I mean I think I really like him, but I have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend! My boyfriend really loves me and ****’s girlfriend is one of my best friends! What should I do? Should I get his girlfriend to break up with **** and me break up with my boyfriend and then call **** and ask him out? Or should I just wait and see what happens in the next few months?

  2. vigobite says:

    Next time, try not to use my real name. Lol.

  3. thetruth says:

    To women, i speak for all men, If a guy likes you, he will listen to your bull shit everytime he sees you. Just becuase we look at tits dose not mean we like you.

  4. Birdus says:

    You just need to chill the crap out, if the guy actually liked you, he would ask you out. By the way, next time you bore us all with your freaking love life, don’t use the guy’s and his girfriend’s actual names. Also, by writing this, you cause issues with him and his girlfriend, good job smart one. Don’t do this again, or else you’ll be labeled as something bad…

  5. Alissa Hansen says:

    I have a boyfriend and I was talking to another guy in computers and then he got all mad at me. He won’t talk, show his eyes, smile or even look at me. And I feel really bad. What should I do? Please help me I’m confused.

  6. lupe says:


  7. Kaitlynn says:

    Ok so I am still in love with my ex Isaiah n it’s obvious he likes me too but what I really wannah know is r guys jealous when they say r u trying to make me jealous by flirting with another guy? N also r they saying u look nice when they ask y r u dressed so nice? How do I gett my ex back I’m supposedly Gunna ask him out this wknd! Plz help!

  8. T.songz says:

    Well I have this guy friend of mine he has been in 8 relationships so far. So I tease him saying he’s a player n he denies it I am really in love with. I have managed to make him jealous because I talk about spencer boldman and trey songz n he gets jealous so he confessed it. But he is really angry with me….but we are talking but what do you think I should do?

  9. Brobuscus says:

    Lolz my ex has a crush on meeeeeee πŸ™‚

  10. Monica says:

    I met this guy who did my taxes for me. He messaged me and asked me to join him for some drinks with his friends. I was busy and told him i would be free to join him in a couple of days. He called in a couple of days and we met for a drink. We were both overseas , so he had to leave and i was on a longer holiday. Once i returned , we met on the very same day. 1st date , i ended up drinking and spending the night kissing and cuddling with him. We had a wonderful time. Next day I was with my bestie and he joined us later in the night. We ended up spending the night and had sex next day after waking up. I left him in the evening and he said he would call and make plans for the next weekend. Its been 2 days we havnt spoken. He told a common friend that he likes me and I am fun. Also he had a great weekend, but was too early to say where it would go. I am curious to know, whats on his mind. I am smitten.

  11. Meggie says:

    There is this boy at my high school and me an him are total nerds, he keeps inseisting that we are ony friends and will never be anything else how do I get out of the “Friend Zone?”

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well there is this guy who I have had a crush on since the beginning of freshman year and he talks to me one day and the next he is talking to another girl πŸ™ but I have noticed that when he talks to another girl he turned around and looks at me does that mean he is trying to get me jealous? And since he didnt get a reaction from me wel now he hangs with a creepy girl and all he ever does is walk past me talking to her and staring at me!? I am so confused :/

  13. angel5 says:

    these are absolute signs m facin though he says hes interested in me i mean he likes me….. i really feel worried abt future, we both like eachother bt facin probems bcz sum guyz after me…. n hes skeawin us out…. i dont want to lose him i think i lik him too much… plz tell me wht to do cz both r my friends….. n both gyz hate each other …… i’ve been to movie n hes really decent guy ….. we love hangin out… spendin tme n stuff jus love spendin tme …. plz tell me wht to do nxt i really need advice….. i cant lose him!! πŸ™

  14. Kate says:

    Okay so I like this guy and I THINK he likes me too but then I’m not super sure or even sure about it. How do I know if he likes me? :((

  15. Katie says:

    So I am part of my high schools band class, even though i am only in 8th grade. I have been participating in it since seventh grade and i play snare, but there is a (now) 11th grade guy that keeps on flirting with me and trying to always get my attention and talk to me. I mean he even blushes when ever he sees me. Everyone likes to tease him about liking me, and they all say we should date. The strange thing is is that he has a girfriend and she even agrees… I am so confused, and feel bad for him because i have seen his girlfrend cheat on him… I dont know what to say, and to make matters worse my best friend has a crush on him. But then again….. So do I.

  16. Brooks says:

    I m a boy so I know that if a boy stares at you he is either spaced out or he likes you. Another way is if when he walks by you and randomly says hi the he likes you.

  17. carol says:

    I don’t think it’s good for a person to sleep with someone they have just met and have only been on dates twice. Maybe he thinks you are easy.

  18. female feminist/actor says:

    This is somewhat familiar with the guy who likes me. Okay, so I’m a freshman and I’m taking this advanced theatre arts 2 class and I met this sophomore named Joel. He is crazy and is nothing compared to the little shits you guys have a crush on. He’s very confident and loud as he is in acting. We both know about us but it’s me getting in the way. I have not admitted any feeling towards him as he has: told me I’m beautiful in front of 13 people, hit on me with cheesy one liners, told me he wants to put his d*ck in my mouth, massaged my foot, asked Me out, constantly bumps into me with his really muscular shoulders, recently told me I’m looking” so fine today”, apparently is assigned to work with me. Well, in my view I feel both genders should get an equal criteria to a relationship. Here, I have not approached to telling him with confidence that I like him and he is very adorable in a sort of sexy way.

  19. DatingStarter says:

    Ehm…if a guy likes you, he probably won’t let you know it at first glance, at least that’s my experience. At least the good ones don’t. However, if you observe his eyes wide open, then you’ll get the picture sooner or later.

  20. krakinski says:

    NOBODY LIKES ME!I am so tired of being disliked by guys and they always try to get touchy with me.I am a furry,and I love swollen bellies.Nobody likes me because of that.I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO?????BY THE WAY,I’M A GUY.

  21. zin says:

    uhm there’s this guy i av liked for d past two years…i fink he likes me buh nat really sure though,av got little doubt about dat..Cuz sometimes he says he likes me den later he sais he doen’t..i honestly dn’t knw what to do…Plz do you think he does?

  22. Pinky says:

    Hmm. There was a guy that I’ve never been talked to.., he is my classmate and I always see him staring at me..and one time I saw him looking at me while smiling so smile back.we stare at each other for about 10 seconds I think? Then he looks away still smiling..then one time I talk to one of his friends…his friend and me is very close to each other then there I saw him with a sad eyes his eyes looks different.. if I’m not mistaken, I think he is jealous. Sometimes, he come closer to me..Can I consider this as a sign that he also likes me even he never tried to talk to me?..please help me I’m really confused..

  23. Nicole says:

    I had a friend that is a boy we’re friends for over 4 years I always called him big brother but
    one day in our recognition held in a hotel he told me to stop calling him big brother and he ask me who is my crush, I was kinda shock and I told him I don’t have one and then he felt kinda happy, can you help me with this.

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