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No Bra No Problem: Why Going Braless and Freeing the Boob is Better

I bet you ladies are just looking for an excuse to free your boobs and go braless. Here’s why “no bra, no problem” is the best lifestyle.

no bra no problem braless

I couldn’t even tell you the last time I put on a “real” bra. Maybe when I had to wear a dress to a formal event? In any case, I ditched bras a long time ago. Now, truthfully, some people don’t have the luxury of going braless. When you have larger breasts, there is definitely a need for a bra. But when you’re a member of the itty bitty titty committee, “no bra, no problem” is how you live.

Why some people absolutely need bras

I’ll be honest, I do wear sports bras to the gym. Although my boobs aren’t huge by any means, I do still need support while jogging, jumping rope, and being active in general. There are people, however, who need support all the time.

Those are the women who have naturally large boobs or even pregnant women. Not having support can cause early sagging, back pain, and general discomfort if you’re particularly well-endowed.

So although those women can’t live the “no bra, no problem” life, they still understand the desire for it. [Read: The biggest ups and down for women with big boobs]

“No bra, no problem” – it’s time to ditch those chest contraptions

I think it was about two years ago that I decided there wasn’t a need for bras. After working as a nanny and then from home, I saw no point in torturing myself day in and day out. Therefore, I decided to go braless.

And you should too. If you’re able to, you should ditch the bra and adopt the “no bra, no problem” life of constant comfort. Here are all the reasons you should never wear a bra again.

1. All day comfort!

You know that incredible feeling you get when you take off your bra at the end of the day? Imagine that, but every single day all day long. This is the biggest perk – excuse my pun – of living braless. You never have to feel discomfort around your boobs ever again! [Read: How to be comfortable in your own skin]

2. You save money

Bras are expensive as hell. Nobody wants to pay $50 for something that hardly anyone will ever see. When you’re living the “no bra, no problem” life, you don’t have to worry about spending all that money. Instead, you can spend it on things like adorable crop tops and killer bikinis. Not spending money on bras can open all sorts of doors of opportunity.

3. You don’t have to worry about matching anything to your bra

Raise your hand if you despise having your bra straps mismatch your clothing? Actually, keep your hand up if you also hate your bra straps showing in general. I know I’d have both hands up if I wasn’t typing right now.

Bras are just unattractive and ruin outfits. That hot pink bra might look great when you’ve got nothing else on, but it looks horrid with your hunter-green tank. When you ditch bras for good, you never have to worry about that.

4. Your boobs may grow!

Now, this isn’t necessarily true for everyone. However, there have been studies that prove just how restricting bras can be. When your body constantly has something suppressing it, tissue won’t grow there properly.

And that means if you adopt the no bra no problem life, you’re giving your breasts a chance to grow proper boob tissue. AKA, your boobs may actually get a little bit bigger! [Read: 13 legitimate ways to make your boobs bigger and perkier]

5. You don’t really need them

The main reason bras were created were to stop sagging. The catch? They don’t do anything to prevent your boobs from getting saggy. In fact, they can make the drooping worse. So if you’re able to, get rid of bras!

6. Your boobs will actually get stronger

This is how wearing bras can actually make your boobs sag more. When you have something external holding your boobs up, the muscles there don’t have to do any of the work.

Therefore, they atrophy and you’re left with very weak chest muscles.

If you get rid of bras, those muscles are able to work again. And when they get stronger, your boobs get stronger and can hold up the breast tissue much better. That means less sagging.

7. Praise to the perkiness

Perky breasts are beyond sexy. So why is it most women hide the perkiness behind big padded bras? When you get rid of bras altogether, the muscles beneath your boobs gets stronger and actually lifts your boobs.

In one study, the nipples of participants actually raised – they got perkier! So if you think going braless will give you saggy boobs, you’re wrong. [Read: Why small, perky boobs are best]

8. You feel sexy all the time

I know how it feels to put on a t-shirt without a bra on and I know you know how it feels too. You feel sexy. You feel in-charge. If you go braless all the time, you feel that way all the time! And it does wonders for your self-confidence.

9. Better circulation

Bras are definitely constricting. That’s why taking them off after a long day feels so great. And that tightness definitely restricts blood flow. When your body can’t circulate blood the way it wants to, obviously something is wrong. If you have bad circulation, ditching the bras will certainly help.

10. The braless look is definitely in style right now

I think we’ve all noticed this. Going braless seems to be the biggest trend in fashion at the moment. You have stars like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid walking around in sheer tops without bras for the world to see. So why can’t you? [Read: Wearing a bra and 19 other problems guys will never understand]

11. You always feel like you have a secret

And you do. It’s that you’re not wearing a bra! But what I mean is that it gives you an edge that you didn’t have before. You have a little something extra in your strut because your boobs are bouncing freely with each step. People will notice the difference in your attitude.

12. You appreciate your boobs more

And who wouldn’t appreciate them more when they’re free versus being trapped beneath layers of discomfort?

When you go braless, you really understand how your boobs are naturally. They form to their biological shape and you gain a new appreciation for them.

[Read: 11 fun and fascinating facts about boobs]

Going braless isn’t for everyone. But if you’re able to get rid of those chest entrapments, you’ll understand just how great it feels. No bra, no problem.

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