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50 Nice Things to Say to Your Best Friend to Brighten Their Day

nice things to say to your best friend

Who couldn’t use a little pick me up? Knowing what nice things to say to your best friend and brighten their day is what a BFF is for.

When you think about saying cute things to other people, often it is in your romantic relationships. But, everyone needs to hear nice things. If you notice that your friend could use a little boost, there are some nice things to say to your best friend to make them feel good inside and lighten their load.

50 nice things to say to your best friend

Being a best friend is a huge obligation. It isn’t just about lending an ear, but about being that one person who knows the nice things to say to your best friend to make them feel loved, less alone, and let them know that they are someone important to you and the world.

Saying nice things out of the blue is like a little love tap from afar. Everyone needs to feel loved and appreciated. So, be that bestie that makes your bestie feel both.

#1 That color is totally all you. If she wears it well, let her know. Lipstick, outfit, whatever brings out the sunshine in her, yellow, or not, let her know she shines brightly. [Read: 18 ways to build lasting friendships]

#2 That guy was totally digging your chili. Old phrase but a good one. If you see a guy who crushes on her, let her know. It makes her feel good. She might not notice that he is into her. And who knows, he might be “the one.” Being a bridesmaid totally rocks! [Read: 11 important maid of honor duties to do for your friend]

#3 Did you lose weight? Cheesy, but if she looks slender, make her day!

#4 I don’t know how I would make it without you. If she is the one you call in good times, and, especially bad, then let her know. She isn’t obligated to be everything to you. She does it because she loves you. So, let her know you know and appreciate it.

#5 You make me smile. It is that simple!

#6 No matter how much I need you, you never let me down. If she is the one who never, ever disappoints or lets you down, that is something to share with her. And, also let her know that you are, will, do, and be the same for her.

#7 You blessed my life when I met you, and you continue to daily. We only get to meet so many people that bless our lives. If she is one of them, let her know she is an angel for putting up with your shit.

#8 You’re like the bestest best friend ever. BBFF all the way baby!

#9 We should totally be Thelma and Louise. Okay, old reference. But, if you don’t know what that is, you should totally watch it with your best friend for a good time.

#10 You’re not my wing woman, you are my wings. Aw…. now that is something to make any best friend feel amazing. [Read: 25 characteristics of the best wing women]

#11 I would totally be jealous of you, but you are too much fun. If you admire her, and are slightly jealous, it is okay to admit it.

#12 I will always be here no matter what. It is important she knows you are there for her too! Friendship is truly a two-way street.

#13 I have other friends, but they will never be you. Friends are nice. Best friends are God sent.

#14 No matter how much our lives change in the future, our friendship never will. Life may change, but let her know your friendship never will.

#15 I so want to be your roommate in the nursing home someday. Yep, even when old and gray, you two will call each other to change each other’s bedpans or at least call the nurse to do it for y’all.

#16 All of my favorite memories include you…

#17 You complete me. Not lesbian-like, just a fact.

#18 Life was super boring until I found my partner in crime. Partners in crime are the best thing in the world. But, it isn’t about crime. It is about bringing you alive and making life worth it. [Read: The 25 reasons you need a friend who is your partner in crime]

#19 We should have one night a week named after us. One night should be devoted just to you two… twin-powers activate.

#20 I would be lost without you. With a best friend that is true. You don’t, and can’t, live without them. They are the one who knows you the best and the one who has your back. What else in life is there?

#21 I could have a thousand friends, but I only need you. You only need one. That is what I continually tell my children. You can have a thousand of “friends,” but you only need one “real” one.

#22 You just get me, and I totally get you. Right, you get it!

#23 You can’t choose your family, but I’d choose you again and again. You can’t choose who you are blood-related to, but that is the best part about your best friend, that is all your choice.

#24 There are friends, and then there are people who make an imprint in your life, thanks for changing me in a good way. Long-winded but totally true.

#25 I always know you will be on my team and me on yours. I’m going to put it out there, women are catty. If you found one that isn’t, let her know you are grateful!

#26 We should totally never grow up. Peter Pan syndrome happens for girls too. Wendy was just an idiot. [Read: How to escape the Peter Pan syndrome and grow up fearlessly]

#27 If I could’ve only met one person ever, it would have been you. Again, you only need one.

#28 If you were a guy, we could totally be the perfect couple. What most women know, and many guys don’t, is that most of us wish that we were gay cause women are much easier to get along with, and sometimes way more fun!

#29 When I am having a bad day, you are always there to make me laugh, thank you. Thank yous matter.

#30 You make me smile without even trying. If she makes you smile just because you know she is fun and going to be there, let her know. [Read: 50 ways to start someone’s day with a smile]

#31 If I had one day left on earth I would spend it completing a bucket list with you. From A to Z, you know what her bucket list is, and you hers. Start crossing things as you go along. No regrets together. [Read: 15 perfect best friend bucket list ideas for the fun and adventurous]

#32 Sometimes friendships trump family, and you totally trump mine. If you like her more than your family, remember blood isn’t much if it isn’t real love.

#33 I never worry about what you think because we share the same thoughts. If you don’t have to say I’m having a bad day, she just knows, that is a true secret power.

#34 We should totally have a movie night and eat a pint of ice cream and leave the world behind. A pint of ice cream, a chick flick, and NO guys… that is what a bestie is for! [Read: 13 fun ideas for your next girl’s night]

#35 No guys allowed for just tonight, just us and fun!

#36 There isn’t a thing you could ever do to make me not be on your side. Let her know that even if you don’t agree, you are behind her one hundred percent, always and forever.

#37 Where you lead I will follow… always.

#38 Friends come and go, you and I are forever. Best friends are truly forever, don’t let her go! Best friends are sometimes a once in a lifetime thing.

#39 I wish everyone was as real as you, but then again if that were the case, I wouldn’t know how rare our friendship was.

#40 I normally don’t like our gender, but you are the best exception ever. If you are someone who knows how ugly women can be, and she isn’t, then let her know she is our gender’s redemption to you.

#41 You make me a better person. A best friend isn’t your “yes, woman” she is your “be reasonable and the best you, woman.” Period.

#42 You never get tired of supporting me, or if you do, you never say so, thank you.

#43 You only meet a few people in your life that you love, you are one of mine. Love is a rare thing and not spent on just anyone. So, let her know that you love her dearly. [Read: 15 signs of a best friend and why you’ll never find anyone better]

#44 I wish I had ten of you, but then you wouldn’t be you… so never mind. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had ten best friends? Nah, it would be like having candy for every meal, it would lose its luster. That is why you only get one.

#45 I stopped believing in people, and then you came along. If you were just about a second from giving up on the human race, and she walked into your life, let her know that she turned you around and made friendship real again.

#46 Thanks for always having my back. Women talk, I am just going to put it out there. If you have a bestie who always has your back and sticks up for you, then you are golden, and should let her know how lucky you are.

#47 You are the one person that I wouldn’t have a party unless you could come. Our worst fear is to have a party where no one comes. Your bestie is the person you check dates with before you even consider having a party. So… let her know.

#48 I thought I knew what friendship was then I met you. We all think we have best friends, and then we find our true best one and know that the others were just regular.

#49 How do you never get sick of picking me up? Your best friend doesn’t roll their eyes, judge you, or give up. A rare quality, if you are lucky enough to have someone to put up with all of your bullshit then you need to let them know. [Read: How to fix it if you BFF is ignoring you]

#50 Thanks for never judging me and just accepting me, you are my bestie. True, honest, and real. That is all you need to say… just thanks. A best friend is the person who picks you up, makes you smile, and allows you to be you without judging. A very rare quality, if you find one, make sure to let them know.

Sometimes it can be awkward to tell someone of the same sex how incredible you think they are. But, if they are your support system, always there for you, and make you feel like the world could crash and you would be alright because you know they have you, it is time to speak up.

We all go through life with feelings, but rarely take the time to express them, be thankful, or tell someone how grateful you are to have them. Don’t take your bestie for granted or not tell them that they mean the world. A best friend is hard to find.

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So, when you do find a best friend, hold on tight and learn some nice things to say to your best friend. Friendship is forever, especially a best friend FOREVER.

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