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How to Get Over a Boyfriend You Can’t Forget

Break ups are tough, but accepting the end and moving on is even harder. Do you want to know how to get over a boyfriend? Here’s every girl’s guide on how to get over an ex boyfriend.

how to get over a boyfriend

Dealing with heartbreak and knowing how to get over a boyfriend is one of the most difficult phases of life.

A break up can rip us apart and the wound can take a long time to heal, especially if you’ve been truly in love.

The hurt is inevitable.

And fortunately, so is the recovery.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get over a boyfriend and move on into a happier world, one baby step at a time.

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How to get over an ex boyfriend

Let’s start with the girl’s guide to getting over a boyfriend.

Remember, these are all the tips you’ll ever need, just as long as you follow every single step here.

#1 End all contact

You may have broken up, but just like the courtship of falling in love, breaking up with a boyfriend too comes with its own share of rituals.

You may have walked away, but you have more to do.

First of all, as difficult as it may seem, you need to end all contact with your boyfriend.

Delete his phone number from your cell phone (you can write it down in a piece of paper and put it away though), delete him from your friends list on facebook, take him off your skype account and chat. [Read: Things you should know about googling an ex]

It’s tough, but it’s something you have to do. Being constantly aware of what’s going on in his life will be very gut-wrenching unless you do this.

#2 Don’t let him know you’re hurting

Now this is important. Humans are sadistic, no matter how nice we all are. If your boyfriend knows you’re hurting, it would only make him emotionally stronger. Keep a straight face no matter how hurt you are. Don’t call him up crying, or tell him how much you miss him. His response will only make you hurt more.

Avoid him, and make him think you’re happy and managing just fine with your life.

#3 Stay away from his friends

After a break up, try to stay away from his good friends. This can be difficult if you share a lot of common friends, but hanging out with your own friends is a better thing to do. Hanging out with his friends or your common friends will only bring back memories, or they may try to talk to you about the break up which can open old wounds of love. And moreover, you’ll end up getting regular updates of what he’s up to. And the worst of it all, he’ll know exactly how hurt you feel inside.

#4 Lock up his love

Over the months or years, both of you may have exchanged a lot of gifts or little memorabilia. Lock them all away and don’t spend hours holding and caressing his love letters or the tickets to the last movie you watched as a couple. It won’t just hurt, it’ll also rekindle a one sided romance. [Read: The right thing to do with old love letters and gifts]

#5 Don’t be lonely

As much as you would love sitting by yourself and staring at a book or scratching a piece a paper with mild fascination, remind yourself about the truth.

You’ve broken up. It’s over! Should you really be sulking in a corner while he may be meeting other girls, or moving on with his life? All of us love to be by ourselves after a break up, but you really have to convince yourself to go out or get busy. Being lonely is actually the biggest hurdle in your road to recovery and getting over your ex boyfriend.

#6 Flirt with other guys

Over the years in your relationship, you would have met quite a few guys that like you. You may have noticed those guys flirting with you, or they may have asked you out when your boyfriend wasn’t around. Every girl’s bound to have gotten some attention from a few other guys during a relationship. [Read: How to meet a guy and make him like you]

You couldn’t do anything about it then, but now you can. Flirt with these guys. Call them up or meet them. Speak to them, and tell them you’ve broken up with you guy. Trust us, these guys would make you feel like the princess you deserve to be. And you’ll actually end up having a great time! [Read: How rebound relationships can help you heal from the breakup]

#7 Meet new people

Catching up with guys who have a crush on you can be a lot of flirty fun. But sometimes, you also need to meet new people. In everyday life, humans intuitively have the need to please others and make a good impression. By meeting friends of your friends, you’d find yourself feeling great and completely normal, just like you’ve always been for years. People only miss their ex when they’re lonely or unoccupied. By meeting new friends who don’t know about your break up status, you’d end up forgetting you’ve just broken up yourself.

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#8 Use your freedom

When you’re in a relationship, you end up doing a lot of things together as a couple.

While this is a good thing, you also end up missing out on a lot of things that you enjoy. You may like watching a good play, or perhaps a concert, but your boyfriend may not have liked them much.

So now that you’re all alone and single, do all the things that you’ve never been able to do.

Watch the movies that you love, read books, go online for a fun flirty chat with someone, call up guys that you used to have a crush on, meet new people, and do just about anything that you love. [Read: How to flirt by touching]

The world is your oyster, and there are so many fun things and so many cute things waiting just for you. Why miss it all out by moping and crying in a dark corner. If you really want to know how to get over a guy, go on and enjoy the world and everything it has to offer, and you’ll see how happy a place the world can be!

#9 Don’t call him

Now, if you’ve been following all the earlier points, you’d see your whole life turn around in less than a couple of weeks.

You’d find yourself happier and so much more fun. But that’s not all. The scary part comes when you’re alone, even if just for a couple of hours. That’s the time when you end up thinking about your ex boyfriend. As hard as it may seem, don’t call him. Each time you feel like calling him, call another guy who likes you, or who flirts with you. Within a few minutes, you’d forget all about your ex boyfriend. [Read: How to text flirt with a friend]

By calling your ex boyfriend, you’re only going to make yourself look weak and you’ll also give him a chance to smirk to himself and stomp you all over.

You should never let that happen because that will only shatter your heart even more. So the next time you think about calling your ex boyfriend, do something else to keep your mind occupied.

#10 Party hard!

If you want to get over a guy, there’s nothing like clubbing and partying with a great looking crowd to get you out of the dumps. Gather a group of your friends and paint the town red.

Go to a happening joint and dance like you’ve never danced when you were a couple. See a cute guy? Make a flirty pass at him. Laugh it off with your friends. Have fun, and have loads of it. Just a pointer here though. When you’re partying, don’t ever get drunk. You have to avoid getting drunk at all cost because a break up and booze can be a lethal combination. [Read: Should a girl accept a drink from a stranger?]

You may end up spending the night with a guy you don’t like, or even if that doesn’t happen, the hangover can make you feel terrible in the morning.

#11 Have a rebound relationship

If you’ve done all of these earlier points and still feel heartbroken, then perhaps, you need the mother of all pointers to get over an ex boyfriend. You need a rebound relationship. [Read: How to get a guy to like you]

Now many people would advise you against it, but we say otherwise. Most girls avoid falling for a rebound relationship because they assume they’ll fall head over heels in love again with a new guy. But hey, if true love has to happen, it will! And if it’s not, you don’t care. Just have fun. Rebound relationships can rekindle that lovey feeling, and you’d end up forgetting all about the break up in the first place. [Read: Is he the guy for you?]

But always remember that this is a rebound relationship. If you have to, you can also tell the guy that you’re not looking for something serious and just want to have some fun for a few weeks or a month. Now that should clear that up!

#12 Be the winner of the game

Now we’ll tell you the final thing you have to know about break ups and ex boyfriends, if you really want to know the secret behind how to get over a guy. You have to remember this one because no one will ever tell you this secret truth.

The winners in love win. The losers in love suffer. [Read: Things to know before thinking of dating your ex again]

Do you understand this? Well, we’ll make it simpler. After you break up, if you ask your boyfriend to get back with you, or if you call your boyfriend over the phone and cry for hours, it makes you look weak. And he will never want you back again because he knows that you still crave for him.

Knowing you’re so madly in love with him makes him stronger, and gives him the strength to move on. When you’re the one who’s pleading, it makes you weak, and makes you fall in love with your boyfriend even more!

The person who’s having more fun after a break up has the advantage and will get over the break up way faster than the person who’s crying and moping. It’s a psychological advantage. [Read: How to get over a broken heart]

So as long as you keep a happy face and have a lot of fun, and never let him know that you’re hurting inside, you’ll be able to move on in a matter of weeks!

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Understanding how to get over a guy is easy. But taking the right path and following these steps on how to get over an ex boyfriend is the hard part. Get that right, and you’ll wake up the happiest person in the world in no time!

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