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Celebrate Being a Girl! 18 Reasons it’s Great to be Female

We still live in a patriarchal society, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t awesome being a girl. Let’s look at some reasons to embrace it.

being a girl

Excuse me if you disagree, but I don’t mind that when the trash needs to go out, I look to my husband. Or, when my car isn’t working, I look to him again. There are just some things that guys are made to do, and there are others that girls are better at doing.
The mistake that society makes is thinking that in order to be equal, we need to be the same. Instead, we should celebrate being a girl, and our differences!
Girls have been on the same level playing field for as long as I can remember, which is to my advantage. So, when I talk about societal gender roles with people from previous generations, we don’t always agree.
I have always celebrated my feminineness and used it to my advantage. There are many reasons that being a girl is not a bad thing. There are some who believe that it makes them lesser than a guy, but I believe that girls are very valuable.
Why being a girl is awesome
The outcome of any situation relies on the way that you look at it. Instead of feeling like you’re less than a guy, use being a girl to your advantage. Here are 18 ways that being female can be awesome, and why it should be celebrated!
#1 I never have to change my own tire. Being a girl means that you are someone that guys want to do something for. When my car is broken down on the side of the road, no self-respecting guy is going to drive by and not offer to help. You don’t have to act like a damsel in distress, just someone who would like a guy to help them. [Read: Signs that you’re a high maintenance woman]
#2 I don’t have to cut the lawn. There are some things that girls just don’t want do. I don’t take out the trash, I don’t do the lawn, and I don’t do the nasty things around the house like kill spiders, catch palmetto bugs, or clean out the sink drain. That’s one really awesome way that being a girl rocks! [Read: Damsels in distress and why men find them so irresistible]
#3 I am not expected to do hard labor. I am not ashamed to admit that I wasn’t made to lift heavy objects, move furniture, or pull out roots in the yard. I am totally and utterly okay with being a girl when it comes to not having to do any of the heavy duty labor or work.
#4 I am helped with my bags. I don’t know many guys who, when they struggle with their bags, have people falling all over themselves to help. The best part about being a girl is that no guy is going to let her carry her own stuff or exert herself. That simply won’t get him what he wants out of the girl he wants. [Read: Must-know relationship advice for women]
#5 I go first. Girls go first. It was a lesson that guys should have learned in grammar school, but isn’t taught anymore. When a guy likes you and thinks you’re something special, you get to go first. That means ordering first, getting my meal first, sitting first, and even getting the best seat first when we go out together. That is okay by me.
#6 Someone else picks up the check. I don’t take offense when someone picks up the check, whether it is the first or the 100th date. Those who consider someone picking up the check for them as a sign that they think we are the weaker sex are missing an opportunity. I am okay with keeping my hard-earned paycheck for the things that I want instead paying for my own drinks.
#7 I am seen as fragile and, therefore, in need or protection. When someone breaks in during the middle of the night, I am totally okay with sitting it out and letting my husband handle it. A guy will do anything to protect his girl. And I am just fine with that. [Read: Secrets only singles know to be true]
#8 I don’t have to drive, and thus, have a constant designated driver. Being a girl also means that a guy wants to take care of them. I have no problem with a guy who doesn’t ever want me behind the wheel. I don’t think that it is disrespectful to want to drive. In fact, I think of it as a permanent designated driver. If he wants to take the wheel all the time, more power to him! It is no skin off my back – it just means that I can behave badly.
#9 I’m not the breadwinner. Some people think that being a girl is responsible for the glass ceiling. I don’t believe that. If I really wanted to get ahead, put on a suit, and make it to the top, hard work would get me there. That is not what I want to do, however, so I am just fine taking the backseat and allowing my man to be the breadwinner. In fact, I appreciate it.
#10 I get the umbrella. Being a girl, you are put first and taken care of. That means that if there is only one umbrella, it is yours. If it is cold and there is only one sweatshirt, guess who gets it? While some women might feel belittled by this, I sure don’t. [Read: Girl codes for a drama-free life]
#11 Someone opens my car door for me. Opening car doors and other doors is not a show of chauvinism, it is a sign of respect. Being a girl means that you are treated as something to be valued and put ahead of others. That is okay with me.
#12 Guys buy me drinks. I have never told someone that he can’t buy me a drink. I don’t appreciate when he thinks that he owned me or my time when he did, but when you accept a drink, then you are making that agreement. When girls get upset when a guy offers to buy them a drink, they should just decline without being offended, and accept if they are okay with meeting someone new.
#13 I don’t have to make the first move and get rejected. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for guys to have to make the first move all the time. For some, it has to be like a 50-50 shot. Being a girl means that I get to sit back and wait for someone to come on to you, ask you out, or put his humiliation on the line to reach out and find out if you are interested. No thanks! I sure don’t want to do that. [Read: How to overcome your fear of being rejected]
#14 I call the sex shots. Being a girl means you get to hold the reigns for control in the bedroom. When you are desired, and you are the object of someone’s eye, you get to make someone wait for you – or not. The best part is, if you use it wisely, it can be one of the greatest tools there is to get what you want.
#15 I can use my sex to get the things I want. Again, you can use sex to get what you want. Not many girls will admit it, but we all do it. We all do it once in a while and with some guys.
#16 I get really fancy shoes. If getting fancy high heels shoes is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. As a woman, I enjoy nothing more than dressing up and getting fancy. Walking into a room and commanding the attention of the guys around me is a very controlling and satisfying feeling. For those females who think that being a girl is a disadvantage, maybe they should try putting on some high heels and feel pretty once in a while – it isn’t so bad. [Read: Must-follow rules for a happy relationship]
#17 Your smile makes a guy feel good. There is nothing that makes a guy feel better than when he is the cause of your smile. Making someone yours is not such a bad thing when a man will work overtime to make sure that his prized possession is happy. Remember – happy wife, happy life.
#18 Guys fighting for your attention. Nothing can make you feel more valued than having guys fight for your attention. And who doesn’t love that? Using your womanly wiles to get the man of your dreams and to keep him is awesome. [Read: Sexy flirting tips for girls]
Being a girl is amazing. Even though our society can still give more privileges to guys sometimes, it’s important to focus on the advantages of being female. After all, you’re worth it!

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