40 Secrets & Cute Lines to Make Your Boyfriend Really Happy Over Text

How can you show him you love him when you’re not together? Learn how to make your boyfriend happy over text and he’ll love you even more.

how to make your boyfriend happy over text

Maybe your boyfriend is having a hard time in a particular class, his new boss is really driving him over the edge, or he’s just feeling a little down. You can still send him positive thoughts, even over text. And we’re going to show you how to make your boyfriend happy over text.

But remember, don’t use this as a replacement for face-to-face communication. Texting is a supportive tool.

If you find yourself texting him more often than you see him, this is not a suitable method of communication for your relationship.

Stay present and use texting only as a way to make him happy when you’re not able to be with him physically.

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How to make your boyfriend happy over text

In today’s digital age, we’re all glued to our phones. You can try to avoid picking your phone up when you have nothing to do, but that’s almost impossible, what with all these social media apps and all.

With that being said, since our phones are always close by, it’s become a significant way to communicate with the people around us. The people closest to us—our friends, partners, and family members—you text them all.

In some circumstances, texting can be a positive way to communicate with people. If you’re not always near your partner when they have a terrible day at work or feel a little down, you can still communicate with them. So, why not use it to your advantage and learn how to make your boyfriend happy over text?

1. Wish him a good morning and a good night

Who doesn’t love getting good morning and good night texts from someone you love? Those are the sweetest texts you could ever get.

If you know he has a stressful day at work coming up, send him a sweet and lovely good morning text. Add in a few emojis for fun. You can also make these texts a tradition when you wake up together. [Read: Good morning texts to make your man feel loved and adored]

2. Send him a single emoji

Who knew that there are times where emojis can say more than words? Well, they can.

If your words fail you, sometimes an image can say it all for you. Send him an ‘in love’ emoji or if he’s coming over later, send him the infamous ‘eggplant.’ These small messages will brighten up his day. [Read: Flirty emojis to make you a pro flirty texter in no time]

3. Send him a funny meme

Memes have become a staple in most of our lives. Why else do we use Instagram? Okay, for selfies, but also the memes!

If you find a funny meme or a meme that reminds you of him, send it to him. It’ll bring a smile to his face, and he’ll be happy to see you two connecting. you can learn how to make your boyfriend happy over text with just one meme. That’s not so hard.

4. Flirt with him over text

That’s right, flirt with him. Just because you’ve been together for a while doesn’t mean you can’t flirt with him. Get flirty, girl.

Send him a cheeky text message or a naughty photo. It’s a great way to capture his attention and get him excited about seeing you later on. [Read: 18 texting secrets to go from timid to text temptress]

5. Send him cute texts

When you send him a cute and mushy text message, how can he not fall in love with you all over again? By sending him a cute text, you will make your boyfriend happy over text. Plus, you’ll bring a goofy smile to his face. But, do you know which texts to send him? [Read: The 80 best cute texts to make him smile and miss you more]

35 of the best and sweetest texts to make your boyfriend really happy

You just read that being cute or funny are great ways to make your boyfriend happy over text, but do you know which texts are the ones you should be sending him?

If you’re not sure, don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are some of the best texts that’ll make your boyfriend as happy as apple pie.

1. You’re my whole world

That’s all he’s ever wanted. [Read: Fun emojis couples need to use more often]

2. I’m so proud of you

You stand by your partner, and he’s happy to know that.

3. You’re so handsome

You’re only speaking the truth!

4. How can you make me blush when you’re not even here?!

He’s one gifted man!

5. I feel so safe when I’m next to you

Every man wants to protect his partner so this is a great way to make your boyfriend happy over text. [Read: 20 adorable ways to sweet-talk a guy and steal his heart]

6. You’ve been on my mind since last night, it was perfect

Oh, he’ll be happy to hear this.

7. I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend

He’s more than your boyfriend. He’s your partner.

8. You’re the only one who can make me feel like this

Knowing that will give him the biggest smile in the world.

9. My friends are all jealous I have a man like you

While making him happy, you’ll also be boosting his ego at the same time.

10. All I want to do is make you smile

And he knows it. That’s why he works so hard to make sure you’re smiling too. While he is making you happy, you can make your boyfriend happy over text. [Read: 50 texts to make him think about you, miss you and want you closer]

11. You’re the only one who can make me smile like this

And he’s happy to know that.

12. You have the sexiest brain

His brain is what turns you on the most.

13. When do I get to see you again?

You can’t wait any longer!

14. You, me, Netflix?

How can anyone not smile at the thought of Netflix and chill? [Read: How to do a Netflix and chill date right]

15. Missing you!

If you miss him, let him know! Even though this isn’t always a good feeling, having him know you’re thinking about him is a great way to make your boyfriend happy over text.

16. Tell me, how did I get so lucky?

We must say, he’s pretty fortunate to have you too.

17. Sorry for the late reply. I was bragging about you to my family

He has to know how proud you are of him. 

18. Do you remember our first date?

The minute he reads this, he automatically starts smiling.

19. I love how I can be myself around you

Isn’t that what love is really about? Finding a genuine connection? You feel yourself around him and that is a surefire way to make your boyfriend happy over text. [Read: 30 perfect compliments for guys they’ll never forget]

20. How are you even real!

Well? We’re all waiting for an answer. Seriously, tell us.

21. I can’t wait to kiss you

Telling him what you will do next time you see each other is always a great way to make your boyfriend happy over text.

22. I can’t stop thinking about the last time we were together

Reliving some of your best moments? No problem.

23. I had a dream about you last night. Let’s make it a reality tonight

Explain the dream. Even if you didn’t have an actual dream, tell him what you want. [Read: How to flirt with him over text]

24. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me

Letting him know you appreciate him and don’t take him for granted is a great way to make your boyfriend happy over text.

25. I got the ingredients for your favorite meal

Food is the way to his heart. Let him know you’re making his favorite meal or taking him to his favorite restaurant, and he will be more than happy.

26. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us

This can be intense for the beginning of a relationship, but for something established, this will surely make your boyfriend happy over text.

27. A sexy picture

You don’t have to go full-on nude for this to work. It could be a picture of you in a towel or just making a cute face. [Read: How to take good nudes – 36 secret techniques for the sexiest naked selfies ever]

28. What do you think our future kids will look like?

Hopefully, he says “like you” because that would be sweet, but if you know you want a future together he will be happy to know you’re thinking about it. [Read: 12 life questions to help you visualize your future]

29. What should we do this weeknd?

This is simple, but making plans is always great. Asking him his opinion or what he’s in the mood for could be what he is craving after you’ve planned everything alone lately.

30. Look at this preview!

Send him a movie or show preview video. If you think he will love it, it will get him excited and then you can watch it together.

31. You and me, video games, and unlimited pizza, tonight

It is simple, but the perfect night in with your man. And this is sure to make him happy over text and even happier in person.

32. I’d say you’re my Prince Charming, but you’re my Prince Weirdo and I love it

This seems like a dis, but if he loves your weirdness together, he will adore this. He knows you know he is weird and love it, and that is amazing.

33. Even your farts make me happy

Okay, this is not for everyone, but a lot of couples talk about their gas. *is this a thing?* And if he lets it loose a lot, he will love hearing this. [Read: 15 fun, really weird and intimate things to do as a couple]

34. Have you eaten enough today?

Sure, this sounds a little like his mom, but knowing you are worried about him and want to take care of him is super sweet.

35. What sort of treat should I pick up?

His mouth will be watering after you send this text. Just be ready to leave the market with a basket full of junk food.

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Now you know how to make your boyfriend happy over text and what you can text him. It looks like you’re all set to bring a smile to your boyfriend’s face!

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