Does your Man always Stare at other Women?

How to Stop your man from staring at others

Does your man always stare at other women even when you’re around? It can be really annoying at times, and you may feel helpless too. But there is a way to stop him from staring at other woman. Find out here.

Men have always had a hard time keeping their eyes focused even when they are around their woman. They always have to stare at other women across the street. It’s almost like you’re helpless and you can’t do anything about it. Or can you?

All women have been there… and done that. By that we mean, we’ve all caught our men staring at other women and their assets, and we’ve all given them the cold shoulder until they came back crawling and sweet talking us into forgiving them. But what is it with men and their wandering eyes? They are supposedly in a happy relationship and they do love you, but there’s something about that girl’s legs or another girl’s breasts that gets his neck craning a complete circle to get a better view. It can be really annoying each time you tell him off, but you know nothing’s ever going to stop him.

Men stare as if they’re hypnotized and at most times, they need a thwack on the head to realize you exist. It’s alright to see your male friends stare at other women, but when your own man sizes up women in front of you, it’s obviously going to hurt you and your ego. Your male friends would say that they stare at women because they are so damn good looking, and that they envy God for having such outstanding creativity! But your boyfriend usually says “oh… I thought I knew that girl, serious… she reminded me of an old school friend.” Or maybe not… Most men do it, but they also add that they try their best not to, but it’s just their involuntary reflexes.

Men stare, better put, ogle. Period. But what they don’t understand is that we look at these guys as annoying men who just can’t seem to work the courage up to approach women. And besides, we’re not actually going to reciprocate the ogles of a coward, are we? But men don’t seem to care. And it’s probably because they know they’ll never have the courage to walk up and approach a girl, and ask her out. So they might as well size her up and register her assets as much as their brain can allow them to. It may be a furtive glance or a drooling stare, but researchers have revealed that an average man spends six months of his life leching at women! And his eyes make sure they get an average of eight sneaky stares each day, sometimes for up to two minutes at a stretch.

So now you know that trying to get rid of his habit is not going to be easy, actually, it’s not going to be possible. But the most important question is how do you handle it? And how do you change all that forever?

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58 thoughts on “Does your Man always Stare at other Women?”

  1. Nathan says:

    .I think women should not take it personal or be offended because that is a personal insecurity thing. You should not feel as though your worth is your appearance and your man is with you for this reason and any attractive person is a threat simply because your man acknowledges this fact.

    Men asses wide hips small waist, sizable breasts , height degree of fitness in muscle, skin tones, skin health, hair, facial coloration indicating health walking gate and posture. all these things are programmed in the mind for suitable partners, which make healthy off spring.

    when a man falls in love with a woman his ability and desire to asses and evaluate the imagery that stimulate his mental programming doesn

  2. Loraine says:

    I’m attractive and try two look great at all times but my boyfriend off 5 years still looks he isn’t that good looking and don’t understand why he does it iv asked him not two he stops for a bit but then starts again I get very cross its affecting how I feel for him

  3. reetz says:

    I understand that boys will be boys but I also believe that when you become a man and are involved its a matter of being courteous. When you’re single have at enjoy all you want, but its a matter of respect. I’m not expecting for the whole “man genetic” code to be changed but seevem the most secure woman will question her attractiveness if this happens on a consistent basis. There have been many times that I’ve pointed out a pretty woman abd yes most women have some kind of beauty to them. When a man just purposely hunts it out online cause he’s bored or whatever the deal may be its disrespectful since you’re purposly searching. Yes I agree this may change your view on him. I can enjoy looking at men too ones that have nicer pecs or bigger arms than my husband and although he says he isn’t bothered he’s lying about the fact that if it were to be done repetitively he’d start questioning his physique. So kudos to the guy above who stated “try just try” because if you love someone and know something upsets them its mean to go out and purposely do it.

  4. Kat says:

    Even the most secure and confident woman will begin to have an altered sense of self and their own beauty if their man continued to do this. It’s rude, point blank. It’s like a form of seeing what else is out there, when you supposedly care about your woman. It sets up a dysfuntional cycle of wondering if your partner really finds you attractive. Women naturally want to feel feminine. When a man does this it really makes a women compare herself to other women’s standard of beauty.

  5. Sis says:

    It’s very rude when a guy ogles in front of his girlfriend.. and yes..they could stop if they wanted to..I can control who I stare at and out of respect for my boyfriend do not ogle at hot guys..To me they are searching for something else instead of enjoying what they already have and shows lack of committement on their part…I totally disagree when others say not to worry about it and that he loves you…If he loved you then he wouldn’t do it because he would be all into you and the relationship he has with you…get rid of his a#$..

  6. D.D says:

    I totally agree with you, I’ve been with my boyfriend for 5 years and have a daughter with him. He made me feel like I was worthless just after I gave birth, not that i felt good about how I was feeling about my body. But he kept staring at skinny girls all the time, and I was not fat (8 and a half stone). He kept doing it, and then one day he did it again and that was it, I thought to myself, well, if what he likes is skinny girls, then that is what I’m going to be and now I’m 7 stone with an eating disorder. I just feel like no matter what I do, I’ll never make him be grateful for what he’s got. I get told all the time that I’m a pretty girl and I’ve done some modelling too, but my self esteem is so low because men can’t be happy just looking at one girl, the one who loves them.

  7. 20 years wife says:

    I agree strongly with Reetz, above…
    I’ve been married for almost 19 years; we’ve been together for 22. He’s ALWAYS been “into” porn on some level, but more heavily since May of ’08, and he also had an “emotional affair” that same year with an old flame in another state when he was sent there for 30 days training by his employer…
    I found out about the “old flame” from the hundreds of texts and hidden phone calls which were on the phone bill.
    We went to counseling for awhile, which helped. They stopped communicating – and I also thought he stopped the porn, but no, he only learned to hide it better & deeper.

    I found out that he’d never actually stopped looking, just this Jan.’12, when I needed a form off his laptop. I found hundreds – no, literally THOUSANDS of porn pictures! Some as deep as 9 folders down! Folders within folders within folders, etc.
    Suffice it to say that if I had just 1.00 for every picture, we’d be completely out of debt!!! NO kidding!
    This April, 2012, after yet another recent find, I talked, begged, pleaded, cried in his lap for him to please stop, that it hurt my feelings, that it was basically cheating via lusting after other women.
    I can’t even begin to say how many times he’s lied right to my face or promised he’d stop. I’ve been keeping a detailed diary…
    How can someone who is supposed to love, cherish, protect and be a friend, continue to ACTIVELY, DELIBERATELY SEARCH OUT PORN when he knows full well that it’s hurtful to his wife???
    It’s wrong, it’s hurtful, it’s disrespectful, it’s abusive and it’s mean!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Nathan for sharing your views and taking the time to explain men! I am a woman in my 40’s and I have struggled with partners ogling for a long time now. Thanks to you I think I finally get it. Understanding how men think and feel makes this aspect about them less intimidating. Though it is still annoying of course. And you are right, I will never understand what it is like to be a man. This biological wiring in men also makes me feel like men are primitive, shallow beings, on perpetual heat! I would rather have a relationship with a woman……but it seems I’m not wired to be attracted to them, alas :-). Thank you for your great letter.

  9. Guest says:

    I really think I’d rather be alone then be with a guy like this…I know I can love myself the way I should be loved,and I’m not going to settle for being treated that way.Men are highly over rated anyways and most can’t please you either.

  10. vac says:

    The question is how does the author of the article shed her repulsive insecurity and also ask herself critically how much ‘leech’ time she got from her husband and how much leechin’ she herself dispensed in seducing him. Next time wear a burka so no one can leech off you.
    The hypocrisy of insecure women has no bounds.
    It is a fundamental biological drive in us men that you will never change, no matter the indignation, insults, whining, pleading and threats. You can choose to live with Mr dildo who is always loyal.

  11. Eva says:

    My guy really, really stared at women even in my presence, and I thought it’s kinda funny and a tad annoying. So I started ogling at hot looking guys in front of him. That effectively stopped his habit. He still looks at women, but not in that blatant drooling manner anymore :D.

  12. David says:

    Come on girls, you lot are not exactly blameless when it comes to oggling the opposite sex. This has happened to me many times when I have been in relationships and I’ve caught my girlfriend staring at other guys. Its happened the other way around too – I have been stared at by women who are out with their partners! In debates about human sexuality it seems to me its fashionable to portray men as being primitive letches who just can’t help being controlled by what’s in their underpants, whilst women are these ‘holier than thou’ creatures, governed by emotions and, compared to men, several notches up the evolutionary tree. A load of rubbish and absolute hypocrisy!

  13. Amanda says:

    Lol my bf does this rarely which is good I mean I don’t think we can help it. But I only get mad if its like a hard core stare like eye her hardcore up and down and staring at her for like minutes then there’s a problem lol. If you’re guy did this then I would be worried. I do think women do this sometimes too but we mostly do it in secret :p

  14. Lollapalooza says:

    I have been with my Boyfriend for almost 9 years. He’s “ogle” has affected our relationship severely, so much so, that I am at a point of leaving him, our sex life has been affected by this and its starting to weight down on my personality (insecure-complex). I have had enough heartache over this enough tears has been shed. WORD to my Fellow-Girlfriend: “get rid of the bastard”

  15. rene says:

    Me and my fiance is happy sometimes but he stares at my cousins photo on fb!!! Why
    I mean she’s beautiful and a model. So I asked him why did he look at the photos
    He said

  16. Rainie says:

    we have been together 3 yrs. We are both past 50. I finally told him that when he does this it says to the other woman that he is looking for better and it says to me that he is looking for better. Even if that isn’t the case, it is disrespectfull to both of us. So I have a plan I hope works. We are going to an event tonite where we don’t know anyone. I will ignor his glances and if it is the same woman more 3 times I will go to her and tell her my brother can’t keep his eyes off her and would she like to meet him. I’ll report back.

  17. Jenny Pooh says:

    I find that the oogling only happends if I go out socially with the boyfriend, so if I do go out and the oogling starts. I will start going out with my girlfriends. If the oogling seems to continue I dump them, and look for another person to dump! Cause men start out in a new relationship wanting to spend their time looking at you. When they have you. You are no longer a conquest. So they are looking for the next conquest. Or at least looking until someone else decide to be taken up on the oogle. Any matter of looking at this issue, is a lack of respect. If you can not control your hormoes enough to make YOUR woman feel wanted. You do not deserve to have one! Get real, if it is a snake, call it a snake!

  18. Sharon says:

    Bottom line women … Is putting all of that time and energy into loving and pleasing your man worth it? I recently remarried after being single for 15 wonderful years and it’s been hell on earth. My husband has hurt me so much with all of his out of control behavior. I am a former model, am very attractive and smart,and he’d prefer to oogle a stranger. Men in America are so f….d up because of the media and because women forgot their true worth. We’ve become walking whores just to get attention from males. How sad. They’d be happy looking at us in nap sacs if that was all we wore. If we all toned it down, and became more natural, nothing would change except women would have more money in their pockets to raise their children and retire respectfully.

  19. I went to a bbq with my boyfriend and his brother and girlfriend and my boyfriens stared at one girl the whole time we were there maybe more than an hour just asked me if I wanted a drink and some food and that’s all I ever heard from him, he had his chair positoned perfectly to get his gaze on like he was superman with xray vision and I did not say a word to him I will sum it up by saying I was not insecure but embarressed and uncomfortable with his behavior any behavior taken to this extreme is not normal and no one wants to deal with a man on that level of major disrespect, I am going to start datting women men suck!!!

  20. Amber says:

    All I have to say is I am sick of everyone saying its perfectly ok to stare at other women when your with them out in public. Yes glance is normal but gawking in a sick perverted way makes me fume. To the point where they ignore your presence. I am a good looking 31 year old woman and it makes me feel unattractive when my bf doesn’t pay attention to me. He calls me crazy and that I have issues. I wouldn’t if he would be more respectful. It’s to the point where I am willing to end our 3 1/2 year relationship because I would rather be alone. He knows how it affects me and doesn’t care. It really does make me feel better knowing I am not alone with feeling this way. I have been told by him I should be a lesbian. Think it’s time for me to be solo. Good luck to all the ladies that have this issue. If they really care they will not do it in front of you. Or not make it obvious and pay attention to the one they say I love you to.

  21. Sandy says:

    Well, I guess all men are same. I went out with my boy friend who couldn’t keep his eyes of girls around, we fought many times on the same topic and he says he is trying his best but can’t keep his eyes away from other girls. He says he loves me but he is curious about other girls and he likes watching them. He is faithful and loyal to me, there is something about men who gets attracted to opposite sex, he would not go approach them or being them home. He just likes to see them and he doesn’t stare his eyes keeps visiting them. First few times I wept then fought and now I whack him on his head or warn him that he has already seen enough time and now stop it 🙂 he gets annoyed if I check out others. I think all men are same, I’m confident that he loves me and he comes back to me at the end of the day after his wandering eyes! He hugs me and kisses me after his eyes wander around 😉 he realise that’s not correct apparently he himself cannot control so its something nature or gods gift that man are made that way! I love him and can’t think of living without him. I accept the way he is, he loves me too, he has never touched another woman I am his first girl and we have so many issues in life to resolve than fighting over small issues. I tell him sometimes if I find him staring and he never realises but apologises later. I’m kind of getting used to that, acceptance is the bliss. So what if he looks at the beautiful woman, all men likes and appreciate beauty. It’s their nature and can’t go against it. If he doesn’t look at other woman then there is some problem with him. He is amazing person to be with, I am blessed to have such a nice boy friend

  22. Nikthoughts says:

    I feel that men shouldn’t stare, but if they must, they should be discrete about it and not let the woman they are with know. Women are aware that men stare all the time, with their ladies or without their lady around. But I think it’s horrible when a man stares for a really long time, or approaches. Guys need to keep it respectful. After all, a man probably got the lady he’s with by staring at her first, then approaching. If he was staring at “next chick” while pursing current girl then current girl would not be around! Who would tolerate a man that stares at other women on the first or second date?!? That’s when the guy usually is on his best behavior and is not going to risk staring at other women. But then once the guy is comfortable with current chick, that’s when he wants to stare at new booty! Meanwhile, current girl just wants the same attentative guy that she met on the first date or second date that was all about her in the relationship. It almost feels like false advertising that one minute a man can be al about you, and once he gets comfy, or he knows you like him too, he’s staring off at next chick and current girl is suppose to be okay with that!?! Guys forget that the same stuff you did you get current chick is the same stuff you gotta do to keep current chick! If guys start switching up the game, then perhaps girls need to find first date man, instead of sticking with Mr. Bait and Switch. Overall, I get it that guys stare, but understand what women want to and be respectful of her when/if you stare.

  23. Tracy says:

    I’m just curious if it’s normal for my finance’s best friend to constantly send him pictures of every girl he dates or wants to talk. The latest is he called to let my finance know he was sending a picture of his current with her freshly new spray tan and swim suit she is wearing in some fitness thing. Good for her and all but I do not understand the point. I was sitting right there . My finance them looks at it and calls his friend back and says yep she looks good. Am I over reacting or what . It makes me feel like chop liver and I really dnt understand what is with that..

  24. Justin says:

    Men are, by nature, polygamus. Why is this a problem? To dates as far back as homoseuality.

  25. really? says:

    No Justin. Men are by premature animal’s. Controlled by their penises. Throw a bone & a dog will chase. My goodness, I would hate to be a man! I cannot even begin to imagine what it is to make “involuntary” CHOICES based on what my genitalia is telling me! There are very few men who react based on consideration for their SO/self control & w/o letting their penis take the lead. .really.that.hard? *no pun intended *

  26. Sick of it says:

    I have been married to my husband for 2 years together 7 and I catch him gaucking at other woman young and older all the time! One time I even watched him watch one of my friends up and down and focus his eyes on her vagina then to her breasts bath and forth for 5 minutes! When we were alone I asked him if he liked looking at my girlfriend’s c & T’s of course he denied he was as if I am stupid and can’t see what he is doing in my face! So I called him a sick perverted freak and made him sleep on the couch for a few days. Years later he still breaks his neck to look at woman and I am watching the dumb bastard! I caught him again a week ago on our way to go somewhere a young skinny blond standing on the side of the road and of course he turned his head to look and then made his brows go up and down. I have not had sex with him for a week now because of this, he keeps asking every night if we “can do something” as he puts it and I say no I don’t feel like it finally he asked me why and I just said I don’t feel like it and he left it at that and went to sleep! This bothers me alot especially because I have gained 50 pounds since being together. Ihave told him many times and stopped talking to him many times over his checking out other woman issue. I think the reason I have put up with it for so long is because he is great in other ways like doing the man stuff around the house and working and paying bills, it just seems he don’t care how I feel and hurt over this and if he knows it stops us from talking and having sex why does he still disrespect me? I have told him I want a divorce and everything nothing works, who knows maybe he don’t care if I divorce him. I ask him why he stays if he wants something different then go! So sick of it, ready to leave him, have not eve showed him much attention for a week now and he is oblivious acts like everything is normal!

  27. Kathyreen says:

    I am 58 years old, good looking for my age. All me look at sometime, but men should not look all the time, at everything. Started out staring, we got that stopped but we do a lot of traveling from state to state. If a girl is on a billboard he is looking, on tv he is looking, if it is walking in the isle of the trade shows we do he is looking. No certain kind of women gets his attention……if they are under the age of 40 he is reacting to them. I am at the point I don’t want anything to do with him. When a man reacts to that many women all the time no matter if it is a billboard , TV, anywhere if there is a women that is decent looking he is looking. Never been with a man like that in 55 years cant stand anymore of it with this person. It is not what a woan has to settle for in life.

  28. Unapologetic man says:

    Kathyreen , you can’t control what your guy looks at on billboards and TV. What are you, 13? Are you that insecure? Geez… Men look at pretty women, it’s just what they do. In 58 years you should know that by now. I doesn’t mean you are less attractive in his eyes. Just because a man is in a relationship doesn’t mean he’s dead.

  29. dogrescuer says:

    Its pretty interesting to read so many comments on here. What I see is the ones from guys, naturally are all geared toward thinking that women are insecure and that women just dont understand and never will. I read ONE comment from a girl who smuggly said it doesn’t bother her. She is full of bull caca and that’s a fact for any woman who is experiencing such disrespect. I think clarification is necessary. From reading past posts it might be getting all jumbled around. When a guy looks at another woman that is attractive….yes…this is natural. There is however a huge difference when its done in excess. It sounds like people are confusing these happenings. I’ve been with a guy who would obviously notice a good lookn woman. Hell I would notice her too. Butttttt…..ive also been out with a guy that noticed everything…i mean it was so bad that spending a day with him would be emotionally draining. And this wasn’t just a look or stare….this was a bending of the neck and I actually witnessed him going down the isle in a store just to walk by the girl…i mean it was so bad. I’m not ugly and I’m so secure its scary but i will admit…that is overboard and it made me feel lousy. Men say we don’t understand but what they don’t understand is that its disrespectful. That’s really the bottom line. And u don’t disrespect your loved one. At lunch one time he continuously flirted with the waitress and even said oh what are u doin later then….when she had a fresh remark back at his flirting. Omg was I embarrassed. I have been a bartender as my 2nd job for years. I’ve encountered these types of men and we look at them like they are asses. We say omg I would not want that to be my bf, wow I feel so bad for that girl. And here I found myself going out with one of these guys. So…my point because it angered me to read that a look is not a big deal……ur right…a look is not a big deal but a bf that constantly snaps his neck, that is 100% disrespectful. What’s the solution? Some say do it back… not sure if its worth the energy. U can try it I suppose…..see the results but I’ve had bf’s that just don’t do this and few that have done it. I prefer a guy that’s more respectful than one that’s not. Just sayin….. Good luck ladies. We are hear once….no time to feel belittled or degraded or anything by anyone. Xo

  30. Gina says:

    I love my husband with all my heart but ever since we got married he looks at every girl on the street and on the TV, he acts like he goes into a trance and he is making love to them , ,breathing hard, etc., He playes with his cock will he watches tv and calls girls and women, sweetheart, babes and other names. It hursts me deepely because he pays more attention to them than he does me. I get very upset cause I give him great sex and I even wonder if it’s me he is making love to. SOB SOB We’ve been married only 2 and half years.

  31. chezlea says:

    It would have been helpful if internet and sites like this were around when I first met my husband. He is like the males I have been reading about here. From the beginning all the red flags were there. When we first met and went to a pub females would walk in and he would say to his mate she would be a good F and I just sat there. Looking back he should have been a stepping stone more of a learning experience instead it turned into a lifetime. I should have believed in my instincts and my eyes. If I brought his obsessive staring up of females he would say your F in the head and if I told anyone they would think I was mad. We work together and when I used to get there he would push himself against me and I would say what have you been doing and he would say nothing so I decided to look on his computer and sure enough he was looking at porn before I got there and when I left in the afternoon. It makes me sick when he wants to be affectionate towards me as I feel its because he is excited by whatever he has been doing. I avoid going anywhere with him as it is unenjoyable and stick to watching safe shows on TV. In the past I didn’t say anything to him as children were young and he would go off (angry yelling swearing).

  32. esmerelda says:

    I think men are all the same .. My bf is also staring at other girls in front of me and he make comments like my word she is preety then he ask me 4 my comment so I told him hell no how can u ask me if that girl is preety o’am also a woman he still do it I told him if his not gomna dtop I’am also gonna check out other hot handsome guys

  33. Brooke says:

    My husband after drooling at females wants to put his hands all over me and look in my pants. We live next door to a horse riding teenager and I can tell when she is outside because he comes in and wants to look in my pants and says will you be nice to me tonight. I have asked him what his problem is but he won’t tell me.

  34. Natasha says:

    What is wrong with your boyfriends? I have been in two serious relationships by now and none of my boyfriends stared at random women while I was with them. I wouldn’t put up with such disrespect and I make this very clear. I think many women settle for less because they are afraid of being alone. Please girls, you are better than that – in cases like this it is better to be alone!
    Moreover, it is stupid to say men are more visual. We women notice hot men and talk about them too. It is perfectly normal to notice attractive people, t is disrespectful if you are undressing them with your eyes. I’m glad my boyfriends respected me enough and didn’t do this.

  35. caylie says:

    Or it’s just because they like to look at hot girls…. I don’t take it personally when my boyfriend does it, because sometimes I look at other guys. It’s not that we want that person sexually or emotionally, it’s just a good sight to see. I don’t discriminate against men for doing it, because they could do the same to me.

  36. gina Goodwin says:

    Ive been with my boyfriend for 3 yrs, iam italian and he’s spanish. I cant go anywhere with him without him staring at every female he sees, its really tiring and total disrespectful on his part. And the thing is, he tells me he loves me, but hes a man and he cant help himself. Its disgusting and I cant take it anymore. He watches tv and comments and every woman’s ass or pussy. Im pissed off and completely frustrated. He turns my stomach, and todays day and age, the females love it and they will actually bend over infront of him, so he can take a good look, they r real hoes.i know hes handsome, but woman get a fuckin grip. R u that desperate to try get another womans mans attention, its sad.woman r completely whores today. No respect on either part.

  37. Sue says:

    Married over 40 years and my husband checks out all the gals! Its enbaressing for me but he just doesn’t care whether it bothers me or not, He’s told me as long as I can see and walk I’m going to check out the fine ladies Why do you think I like going to the mall in the summer, when the chicks wear the least.

  38. gina Goodwin says:

    Ive talked to my husband over and over and over, nothing will change this rude disrectful behavior. He has no respect for me. So now I must, show him my pain. I cant even mention a males name without him getting so insanely jealous. Hes about to get a taste of his own medicine. He thinks its funny and laughs about it. Iam a beautiful woman, and men stare at me constantly, but out of respect for my husband, I dont even pay any attention. Well its time to let him see what ive been feeling inside. I just wanna be loved and respected, but its not happening here. Frustrated and hurt always.

  39. kerry says:

    Shortly after going out with my man (now my husband!) I caught him ogling another woman. I told him that I found it hurtful and asked him not to do it. The next time I saw him letch at some girl I said nothing at the time. later that night, when we were in bed, I snuggled up to him and took one of his testicles in my hand. I asked him if he remembered what I had told him about looking at other women and how I had found it hurtful, and squeezed his testicle fairly hard; not enough to cause him real agony, but enough to make it ache for an hour or so. I told him I would do this to him every time I caught him looking at another woman until he learned his lesson.
    I suppose it took about 6 months and quite a bit of testicular pain before I managed to wean him out of his habit but I can report that it worked really well and he no longer ogles!

  40. luis says:

    Well I have read alot of stupid shit here .. we guys stare always my gf is a model she is outstandingly gorgeous but sometimes I feel amazed by the breasts or butt of another woman and with me thats fine I have techniques for staring she has never caught me , I do love my gf and I find her way more attractive than the woman I stare but I CANT avoid it , btw if u are married andu became a fat cow after it you can really blame him for doing it openly since u dont take care of urself to be sexy for him.

  41. Shelley says:

    My husband of two years does this all the time! It’s embarrassing! Doesn’t matter where we go he is always staring. Out at breakfast the other day, waitress put our food down and he just stared at her the whole time. It would have had to be uncomfortable for her. If I say something to him he always says he likes people watching. People watching is fine. Downright staring is not. We can be having a conversation and he just doesn’t answer as he is staring at someone. Very off putting and turns me off him.

  42. agga says:

    I met him by accident in facebook and had I known he had this horrible habit I would not even consider a date with him. The staring at other women is just disrespectful and it makes me feel horrible. Just like some of you mentioned just plain embarrassing. I have a daughter and I’m a high school teacher and it makes me wonder if this is the kind of behavior I will be dealing with. Once I brought it up he became defensive and gave me the “so what I like to stare at tits and ass” response. It hurts me and although he toned it down I find myself looking at other women and thinking “oh yeah he will definitely stare at her…she is pretty” However, now he stares at nasty raunchy women and now what? He is sweet and considerate…so that 5 minutes he is staring at someone else. It’s not even worth it….I’m about to call it quits. What hurts is that we have so much potential but to me this habit it’s a deal breaker… 🙁

  43. Lanie says:

    I have been with so many men in my life who do this. It breaks my heart every time and makes me feel completely unspecial. How can a woman feel like she’s special to a guy or like his statements about her beauty mean anything at all if he makes it known that she is just one of the millions of other women in the world he finds beautiful?

    Then on top of it every one of them has made it seem like it’s my probkem, theirs. Like it’s all about my self esteem, and I shouldn’t be bothered by this behavior. How ais a woman supposed to have a good self esteem when her man conatantly stares at and comments about other women? I’m so sick of this I really wish to God I was attracted to women! I’m tired of hurting and then being scolded when I express my hurt and told” will you stop? It gets old. ” Really? it gets old? well don’t men realize itget’s old for women to hear how hot, pretty sexy, adorable or just plain great several other women are every damn day?

  44. Kay says:

    Luis, June 10, 2014–Not all women become “fat cows” after they get married as you have stated. What about men that get beer belly guts and go bald and have to use Viagra to get it on. It goes both ways. By the way, I diet and work out and try very hard to look good for my fianc

  45. Yasmine Cuellar says:

    The commenter named Nathan is full of horse shit. He cannot speak for all men. If all men were biologically programmed to “spread thy seed” then how do you explain numerous men who are the first to want to settle down and commit to a woman he loves? If a man is not emotionally attached to you, your ass, breasts, legs—all of your body—will be no different from any other woman’s body. My husband is head over heels in love with me, and he tells me yes he notices other women but he does not sit up there and fucking stare at other women like some rabid dog or some stupid teenager that is just getting familiar with his sexuality and just hitting puberty. Men can have the desire to spread their seed because after all men have the ability to have numerous sex partners without any emotion attached, yes. But men are not horses; they do not have the ability to tell when a woman is in estrus. Women have a thing called “hidden estrus”, and if a man goes around banging numerous women, the chances of him getting all of them pregnant is below 3%, so the “the need to spread thy seed” is complete bullshit. Plus you have to take into account he needs to stick around and raise the children, protect the family, and feed and provide for them, so back in caveman days this “need to spread thy seed” would not be much of an advantage. The only time polygamy works is if there is a shortage of human beings. Monogamy is completely natural for both men and women. This society likes to cheer men on for being promiscuous while not realizing that women can do the same. All it takes is some good wooing from another man on a married woman and there you have it. That’s of course if she loves her husband 100% then she won’t cheat. At the end of the day if you truly love your partner you would not want to sleep with someone else, as love makes the sex complete and fulfilling. If a man cheats or doggishly stares at other women for prolonged periods of time then I would question his love and loyalty for me. Just because a woman gets upset that her mans stares for long times at another woman has nothing to do with her confidence in herself; if someone else is doing fucked up shit in front of you or behind your back that is not a reflection on you. Why is there this constant need in society to blame the other person for YOUR faults?? Therefore if a man feels the need to sleep with other women and the woman is upset and does not trust him, that does not mean anything is wrong with her you moron, it only means that he is giving her a reason to be upset and not trust him. This praising in infidelity is why we have so many broken homes, single mothers, and people with STDs that got from someone they thought they could trust.

  46. M says:

    It’s about respect. Relationships take effort. You can either put in the effort and have a good relationship or you can do whatever you want and have a miserable relationship. I am tired of men justifying their bad behavior by saying things like “I’m a guy” or the idea that “boys will be boys”. When you say that, you are essentially saying that all men are the same and that as a man you have no responsibility for your actions. That’s nonsense! Be an adult! When you are with your woman, you need to treat her with respect by choosing to focus on her. Then you will reap the rewards. If your not willing to do that then let your woman go, so she can find someone who will treat her properly.

  47. never ends says:

    Grear topic!
    I am 60, and my husband 72 years old has obsession of picking one relatively young and attractive woman out of any company/room/waiting area…, staring at her, making eye contact, then “scanning” her from eyes to breath, back eyes to breasts”, if it is a waitress he would look at her back from head to toes during her every leave…
    When I confronted him, he refused first, then acknowledged his looks, begged to forgive, give him a chance many times….
    Believe me I tried everything: kick him oUT of the bed, kept silence for weeks, even hypnotherapy, even charged him 1 thousand, after next look at a woman 2 thousand dollars, even signed a divorce agreement with pretty good financial settlement for me….nothing worked…
    Kick him out of your life at once he started humiliating you!!!

  48. Guest2015 says:

    I have to agree with the other women on here. Glancing in passing id perfectly normal.. I mean you cant expect him to wear blinkers for the rest of his life do you?
    There is a difference between looking and gawking though. Staring obsessively is just plain rude and disrespectful. It makes my blood boil and I feel like I am having an outer body experience like I cant be held accountable for what I’d do!
    I think the main thing here is balance. Everyone will look but staring? That is just creepy and rude

  49. Cathy says:

    was married over 20yrs and am now divorced to someone who checked out women everywhere. Ok I know we all got eyes but it’s a fixed eye problem and it makes you feel dumb for being on the side of him. I mean there are so many people who will fool around with anyone so don’t get in a relationship AT ALL if you still need this. People act upon their thoughts, I did all i could to please my ex but maybe i was too nice…no challenge. I wasn’t ugly or anything. Eventually people want what they fix their eyes on and my ex started coming home later and later from work with no excuse. Long story but I found out so much more after the divorce. All the movies you watch have some nudity or strip show or gstrings and family’s are watching this together as though they are sitting in church. Like its’ all good. Everything out there is sex whether you are a janitor, model, const worker, nurse etc…If you really love someone and want a relationship then you forsake these and enjoy the person you are with, laugh with them, love them, interact with them, respect them. Or if you still want to play then by all means play with the players and leave the women alone who will give you everything.

  50. Donna says:

    A poem I Wrote about men who stare…..

    When you look at a stranger
    (To you wife and kids)

    When you look

  51. Sandra John says:

    What can i say, but this article made me understand my man’s behavior . I just feel like i cant handle it, such situation is driving me into crazy . I think i am having encountered feelings. Half of me is completely sure he loves me, but the other half of me feel so dam insecure, jealous, sad, and tearing.

  52. Jessica says:

    My man admits that he looks at other women, but
    it seems like he is not looking her way and he is not really looking at
    her. He thinks I am cheating on him
    because I get along with guys more and his friends check me out or look at me,
    so he thinks I am cheating on him.
    Sometimes he looks at other women to make me jealous. He said when I get a lot of money then I am
    going to cheat on you with money and he said that you are probably happy that I
    am his friend not him and it was him not his friend. He has told his friends that he is the only
    one that gets to sleep with me not them and he is jealous of them because they
    check me out. He has jealous issues with
    me and other men. Sometimes I can’t
    handle it, so men cheat because they are jealous too. The werid thing is that Dustin admits that he looks at women, but every
    man looks at women. Men are different
    than women. Men are wired to look around
    at other women. It is weird that Dustin
    admits to it because I have never had a man be that honest with me. It is truly weird that he admits everything
    to me. I am happy that he admits everything to me. He is very honest and loyal to me too. If they are not honest then don

  53. Erin M. says:

    My husband and I are going to marriage counseling for this right now, and it’s so damn difficult to handle. We can’t go out in public anymore because it’s about 90% staring, and less than 10% communicating with me, his wife! It’s gotten to the point where I can’t have fun with him in public because he’s having other priorities, and it’s frustrating. He’s made comments about loving large breasted women (which, by the way, I am not), and he can’t seem to get enough of it anywhere and everywhere! I don’t have an insecurity with my breasts, but he’s said very hurtful comments about them, so in my mind I wonder why he continues to stay with me when he’s trying to look for it everywhere else?! If it’s such a deal for him, why should I continue to deal with it and feel disrespected in the process?

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