Copulins: A Woman’s Secret Smell That Drives Men Wild With Desire

Biology is a wonderful thing. You might be trying hard to attract a guy, but your body is helping you out! Ever heard of copulins? It’s time you did!


Have you ever had a guy unspeakably attracted to you, to the point where he’s obsessed and can’t get enough? Or had a man constantly tell you how amazing you smell? Maybe he told you he feels an irresistible connection to you, after only knowing him for a short amount of time. It turns out that this might actually be down to the mind-blowing science of your body’s pheromones. More specifically, pheromones called copulins.

You see, the female body is a wonderful thing. Not only does it create life, bleed every month without anything adverse happening, and give you the strength to put up with all manner of craziness that life throws at you, but it also attracts men without you even realizing it!

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Pheromones? Copulins? What’s this all about?

A large amount of scientific research has gone into what pheromones are and how they affect our love lives. There are still many unknowns about how they work.

Yet, biologists think pheromones are chemical signals that humans emit to entice potential sexual partners. It’s kind of like sending out a massive flare that lets other mates know you’re looking to copulate. They are also widely present across the animal kingdom. Not that we’re comparing you to a meerkat or anything.

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Women’s bodies are genetically designed to attract mates. When we ovulate, our bodies flood with hormones that make us want to procreate.

Our fuller hips and pouting lips subconsciously show mates we’re fertile. Additionally, our body gives off molecular signals through copulins that make us unbearably irresistible to sexual partners.

Pheromones are completely natural and cause sexual arousal, intimidation vibes, bonding, and communication between animals. [Read: Do pheromones work like a love potions, or is it all hype?]

What are copulins? And where do they come from?

Copulins are a type of pheromone that women create. They are secreted from the vaginal wall and they’re basically a thick secretion that drives men wild. Yes, it sounds odd, but bear with it!

These copulins are undetectable in smell but they are subconsciously picked up by men. They’re released when a woman is aroused or when she is ovulating. Of course, they have a very powerful effect on a man who is attracted to you, so it stands to reason that you can use this power to your own advantage!

These pheromones have been known to produce almost mind control-type powers, and exert a massive fog over the man’s process of thinking and analyzing.

Eventually, they make him incredibly suggestible and susceptible to behaviors normally uncommon to him. There is legitimate research behind how these chemicals infiltrate a man’s body, and it’s totally fascinating.

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What do copulins do to a man?

When a man is exposed to copulins, his body exhibits a significant increase in testosterone levels. He is sometimes unable to discriminate against the attractiveness of women’s physical appearances. These pheromones not only put the man’s mental state in a much more suggestible place, but also kick drive him into an overloaded state of sexual euphoria. [Read: Secrets women overlook in attracting men]

Evidence suggests copulins have the power to change or insert new memories; convince a man of what he hears/feels/sees despite it not being reality; plant trigger words that cause thoughts/actions days after they’ve been planted; embed subconscious, intrusive thoughts that he believes are his own ideas. [Read: This is how you know a man has fallen in love with you]

Copulins not only have an effect on men, but they also are the cause of collective thinking in a group of women. They are generally responsible for the syncing of menstrual cycles some women experience.

A lot of the way copulins, and pheromones in general, are passed on has to do with our hypersensitive sense of smell.

Your sense of smell is more powerful than you think!

It has long been documented that your sense of smell is incredibly important in not only forming bonds, but also associations and memories. The human scent has long been known to influence sexual attraction and compatibility. [Read: 22 ways to stand apart from the crowd and shine]

It’s even a new way to date, with several companies holding pheromone parties or smell dating services to help unlucky or curious singles find a relationship in an unconventional way. The idea of love at first smell is not a new one.

The connection between our sense of smell and attraction goes back to primitive times where many of the ways we attracted mates were by using smell to announce our sexual availability, or to suss out who was a sexually compatible, fertile partner.

It’s so hardwired into us that most people don’t even realize they’re purely attracted to certain kinds of smells, instead of certain kinds of people.

This scent factor actually plays into ultimately making relationships last longer. That sexual chemistry and closeness formed through a strong connection to your partner’s scent defies all novelties such as outward physical appearance.

So once all the superficial things we find attractive fade away, the connection formed through scent is still there. [Read: How to smell good and attract almost anyone you deeply desire]

Copulins are described as having a distinct smell—something quite sweet and buttery. It’s said the strong smell of copulins turns any man into an irrational, sexually hungry, testosterone-fueled mess!

Can you sense your own copulins?

You can’t smell your own copulins and you won’t even know they’re there. You could say they’re an invisible force with a huge amount of power!

Some women’s copulins are more effective than others. But some women don’t have as many of the fatty acids in order for them to have any real effect.

It also takes time for the copulins to take hold. So, if you date someone, and over time he becomes more and more insatiable, it could very well be your copulins taking over. [Read: 17 little ways to attract a guy and make him desire you forever]

You tend to release more of these hormones when you approach peak fertility *between 23 and 31*, and also when you ovulate. There are plenty of companies offering magical, bottled pheromones with supposed isolated copulins, but not many *if any* of them have ever been scientifically proved to be effective, as these hormones are only naturally produced by our bodies.

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Watch the power of your copulins at work

As there is no specific, definitive test to measure your copulins, you can figure out how powerful yours are through trial and error.

Note the changes you see in your partner – how addicted to you they become over time, and whether they become unquenchably aroused during certain times in your cycle. If you find you drive men wild left, right and center, chances are you’re a copulin-making machine!

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Now that you know what copulins are all about and how they may prove to be a dating aid, it’s time you acknowledge the kind of power you have as a woman. Use this power responsibly, but also make sure to enjoy the benefits of your hormonal instincts!

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