Naughty Girl Guide: Let Loose and Be the Bad Girl Your Man Wants

A popular fantasy many men have is getting into bed with a very naughty girl. However, it’s not easy to be that person if it’s not natural to you.

Naughty Girl

Being that naughty girl isn’t something that women can do easily. Sure, you’ve seen the character on television and you think you know how to be a bad girl. But then you actually try and end up looking like a fool. It happens. You’re not naturally a naughty person and therefore, it comes across as awkward.

Which is definitely not sexy. The truth is that, if you’re a particularly sweet and kind person, becoming this naughty bad girl in the bedroom isn’t easy. However, you’ll need to know how to do it if you want to please your man the way he likes.

Sacrifices in the bedroom are essential for a healthy relationship

You’re not always going to like every single thing your partner does. They might like certain positions that don’t do anything for you. On the flip side, you may want them to do something to you that doesn’t do much for them.

You still have to do those things to please each other. You need to be willing to please one another in bed in order to have a healthy, happy relationship. And sometimes that means making sacrifices. So even if you aren’t really thrilled with the idea of being a naughty girl, you probably still have to put on a show for your partner if it’s what they really like. [Read: How to please your man in and out of the bedroom]

How to be a naughty girl when you’ve never tried before

Role-playing can be really fun if you do it right. And yes, if you’re pretending to be a naughty girl when you’re definitely not, you’re role-playing. Being able to transform into something your partner has fantasized about can make your sex life so much better.

It’s not always easy to do, however. This is especially true if you’re not really the bad girl type. Here’s how you can ditch the sweet girl inside of you and become the naughty woman your partner desires.

#1 Find out exactly what he likes about naughty girls. Why does your partner desire these types of women so much? What makes him horny for a naughty girl? Just ask him! If you’re at the point where you’re getting frisky in the bedroom, you should be able to ask this question.

Not only will it help you understand, but it’ll give you more specific details as to what you should be acting like. Is it the look he likes most or is it the no nonsense attitude? Find out and then become it. [Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy likes in his girl]

#2 Do a little research. Aka, watch some porn. There are plenty of naughty girl pornos out there. All you have to go is a quick search and you’ll have all the material you need. Study them and remember what they’re saying and doing that makes them a bad girl. Then try to emulate that.

#3 Get a new outfit. Being a naughty girl isn’t just about your attitude, it’s about what you wear, too. Which means you’ll need to go shopping and buy a few things that scream bad girl. A lot of black lace and leather is perfect for this. You can even pick up a whip and some handcuffs if you really want to take it to the next level. [Read: How to take a naughty lingerie selfie and blow his mind]

#4 Practice what to say. A huge part of the naughty girl vibe is being able to use your words. Which means you’ll have to learn how to dirty talk. This is a perfect way to bring out your naughty side while also adding something new to the bedroom.

You can even use some of this dirty talk to increase anticipation while your partner is away. Who knows? You may even like taking dirty and it could be something that gets you all riled up for sex, too.

#5 Learn some new positions. There aren’t many positions that are labeled as being for “naughty girls” but that doesn’t mean you can’t find new positions you’ve never tried before. Showing your man that you can try new things and even taking the lead by telling him what you want can show him just how naughty you are. [Read: 10 mind blowing sexual positions to impress your man]

#6 Start by texting. If you’re on the shy side and you’re a good girl, you can start showing your man your naughty side by texting. It’s a lot less personal and since you’re not in person, you’ll be a little braver.

This can be done by sending some really flirty texts that’ll lead into some seriously naughty texting. Up your dirty talk game through text and he’ll start to see that bad girl side.

#7 Learn to let go of your good girl attitude. You’re a good girl and he knows that. You’re sweet and kind and all things good but that doesn’t mean you can’t let go and be naughty from time to time. He may love your sweet nature in real life but in the bedroom, he wants that bad girl. Learn to let go of that person when you get intimate and he’ll be all over you. [Read: 10 seductive bad girl sex tricks to try in bed]

#8 Take it easy. Don’t try to go all out right away. You’ll need to learn what sounds the best and what your partner likes. If you get into a super naughty outfit and start dropping a ton of dirty talk on him, he’ll be a little shocked. He’ll also find it difficult to take seriously.

So start slowly. Ease into becoming a naughty girl and it’ll be a lot more believable. If he believes it, it’ll turn him on like nothing else. [Read: 30 subtle, naughty and overly sexual flirting moves for girls]

#9 Relax. It can be a little intimidating putting your good girl attitude aside and adopting this naughty girl persona. Just relax. You’re doing it for your partner and he’ll love it. There’s nothing to worry about.

#10 Have confidence. If you’re not confident, you’ll never be able to pull off being a naughty girl. Bad girls know they’re bad and they’re hot. They are fully aware of their power and that makes them all the more sexy. Gain the confidence you need to blow your man away. [Read: 8 steps to have more confidence in the bedroom]

#11 Take control. Being assertive and dominant in the bedroom is not only really sexy, but it’s also very badass. When you tell your man exactly what you want and what he needs to do, you’re showing him who’s boss. And when you’re the boss, it’ll bring out your bad girl side.

#12 Do what you’re comfortable with. Of course, you need to sacrifice in bed sometimes for your partner, but within reason. If something they’re asking you to do makes you super uncomfortable, don’t do it. Sometimes there are lines you can’t cross and that’s okay. There are plenty ways to be a bad girl that you’ll be comfortable with. [Read: 20 new things to try at least once with your lover]

#13 Let loose and have fun. Being intimate is about letting go and allowing yourself to be vulnerable with someone. So do that! Holding on to insecurity and fear will only make things super awkward.

Just enjoy the time you’re spending with your man. Enjoy the fact that you can pretend to be someone else and that your partner loves it. Focus on having fun and it’ll be even more effective.

[Read: 10 fun sex games to play with your boyfriend in bed]

If you really want to show your man that you can be a naughty girl, try these tips. He’ll be turned on, blown away, and he’ll be all over you.

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