12 Dating Stereotypes of Women in a Man’s Mind

stereotypes of women in dating

Do guys categorize girls in the dating world? Here are 12 dating stereotypes of women that come to a guy’s mind when he sees you as a potential date.

If you’re trying to impress a guy into liking you, you don’t need to wait too long to read his mind.

Almost always, a guy makes up his mind about a girl within the first conversation.

Well, unless of course, he just sees you as a friend.

If a guy puts you into his friend zone, he may not stereotype you into any of these women.

But if a guy doesn’t see you as a friend, and considers you as a dating potential, big chances are, you’re in one of these categories in a guy’s mind.

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Dating stereotypes of women

Now all guys may not acknowledge this to you, but as a guy, I can tell you that subconsciously every guy has a *special* name for a girl he hopes to date or hopes to avoid dating.

If you’re his friend, don’t worry, you may not find a place here. But if you’re a girl trying to get a guy’s attention, you’re definitely on this list in the guy’s mind.

You may not like these stereotypes of women, but hey, some things happen involuntarily in a guy’s mind. [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and sexual flirting tips for girls]

The 12 dating stereotypes of women in a man’s mind

If you were a guy, and hanging out with your group of guy friends, bonding over a beer, you’d find these stereotypes of girls crop up every now and then in a conversation about girls.

All guys use these terms and a few more to categorize girls they notice at work or in college.

Read these 12 stereotypes, and ask yourself the secret question, where would the guy you like stereotype you?

#1 The one night stand woman. To a guy, this is the girl who’s extremely easy to sleep with. She’s probably slept with half the football team or a department at work. This kind of a girl may think she’s sexually confident.

But to a guy, he’d think all he needs to do is take her out to dinner and buy her a gift, and she’d screw him in return. The sad part here is that all guys speak about this girl like she’s trash. They’d say they’d never hook up with her ever, but secretly every guy wants to sleep with her because she’s just so damn irresistible and sexy! [Read: 16 signs you’re a sex kitten and loving it!]

#2 The nice girl. The nice girl is a sweet girl that every guy likes. Guys like her company but don’t always date her because she seems like such a nice person. This girl usually falls straight into the friend zone because she’s too sweet, too nice and just too warm and friendly to date. She’s the friend all guys want, mostly because she’d give them the right introductions and the access to get to know other girls.

#3 The backup woman. This is the woman a man smooth talks and flirts with all the time. He occasionally goes out with her too, but he doesn’t really date her or fall for her. A backup woman is the woman a guy keeps as his backup, for days when he’s lonely or unable to get any girl to date.

She’s always ready to meet the guy at his beck and call, because she has a small crush on him already. And he takes her easy because she’s always available for him. To a guy’s friends, a backup girl is like owning a second car. The guy who has a backup girl is almost always looked up as a great dude because he gets a girl to date or make out with whenever he wants.

#4 The unattainable woman. This is the woman who’s so hot and awesome, a man shrivels up down there just thinking of approaching her. She’s extremely confident and attractive, and she has a great job. Most guys would never even dream of approaching her and would be happy just lusting after her from far away. She’s the kind of girl only really great guys approach, and most lower mortal men see her as a sexy but snotty bitch. [Read: Are attractive girls really mean to guys?]

#5 The woman who thinks she’s hot stuff. This woman is the butt of all jokes on a guy’s night out. Ever met a girl who thinks all guys are attracted to her or trying to hit on her wherever she goes *even though you know for a fact that no guy is actually interested in her*?

Well, this stereotype is that girl. They crave for a guy’s attention all the time, and pretend like it’s the guy who’s actually trying to win their attention. Guys hate women who think they’re hot stuff when they’re really far from it.

#6 The high maintenance woman. This is the girl who can be a great date and a great girlfriend, but she’s just too difficult to please or afford. She’s probably the girl that’s born with a silver spoon or has been raised by aristocratic parents who have spoilt her with riches. She always looks like she just stepped out of a magazine photo shoot and is incredibly attractive, but she’s also out of reach of guys who don’t have deep pockets. And in most cases, she has no idea she’s high maintenance! [Read: 15 signs you’re a high maintenance woman and don’t know it]

#7 The off-limits woman. This is the woman a guy wouldn’t pursue or date even if he finds her extremely attractive. Confident guys aren’t afraid of stealing girlfriends when they get a chance, but if a girl’s dating his good friend, or if his single friend likes a girl, any good guy would stay away from her even if he finds himself falling for her. It’s just the way guys work, unless they’re backstabbers who don’t care about friendships.

#8 The gold digger. Everyone knows this girl. She’s the one who dates a guy only after evaluating how much he can spend on her. As a girl, you may not realize it, but there are more gold digger stereotypes out there than you think.

When a girl talks to a group of guys, but gives more attention to the guy who drives a sports car, chances are, in a guy’s mind, she’s definitely a gold digger. A gold digger isn’t necessarily a bad woman. It’s just that money is pretty up there in her list of priorities. Guys are attracted to gold diggers and do date them, but only if they’re smitten by them and don’t care about splurging on the girl just to keep each other happy.

#9 Sugar momma. There are different kinds of sugar mommas. There are the rich older women who’ll splurge on a guy just to get into his pants. And then, on the other extreme, there are nice and sweet girls who’ll pay every time the guy and the girl go out to dinner *just to win a guy’s affection*.

There’s nothing wrong with being a sugar momma, but most guys don’t take these girls seriously or look for a long term commitment with them. Always remember, make a guy work for your affection by keeping him on his toes. Don’t try to buy his affection, it never works. [Read: How to make a guy chase you and get more interested in you]

#10 The guy chick. This is the friendly and yet, attractive girl. She’s definitely dateable, but her boyish behavior could put many other guys to shame. She’s into burping games and drinking bottoms up, and she loves a good game. Guys like the guy chick because she’s always fun to hang out with, and the sex is good. But after a while, a guy who dates a guy chick would always start to feel like he’s in a relationship with another guy, and not a girl. [Read: 20 secret things guys wish girls knew about guys]

#11 The prude. This is the girl who doesn’t like talking about sex, or anything sexual. She may be interesting to date, but her stuck up behavior could leave any guy bored of her. She’s too stiff, doesn’t like dirty jokes or doing anything reckless now and then, and definitely doesn’t like trying something new in private.

She may know everything about sex already, but she pretends like it’s such a bad thing. And this faà§ade of prudishness that she portrays to the world could put any guy off because she’ll come off as a fake more than anything else. [Read: How to talk to a guy and make him like you]

#12 The perfect girl. No guy really knows the real definition of a perfect girl because it differs from one guy to another. But if a guy likes a girl or falls head over heels in love with her, chances are, she’s the perfect girl for him. [Read: 12 really easy ways to make a guy like you and want you more]

But if you want a hint on how to be this stereotype and make every guy fall for you, for starters, learn to behave like a girl. The only reason why guys are so drawn to women is because of how awesomely different girls are from guys. Smile more, laugh more and be more of a girl when you’re with a guy. Really, it doesn’t make you seem silly even if your ungirly friends say it does.

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There are many more personal stereotypes of women in a guy’s mind when it comes to dating and love. But these 12 types should sum up most of them. Do you have any dating stereotypes yourself?

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10 thoughts on “12 Dating Stereotypes of Women in a Man’s Mind”

  1. Drew says:

    As much as I would hate to accept the idea of stereotyping women, I have to accept that this is completely true. If a girl were to ask me if I’d stereotype women within the first conversation, I’d definitely tell her that I wouldn’t!

    But as I read the article, I recollected conversations I have with my guy friends is this is exactly how all guys stereotype women. It just comes naturally. 🙂

    I think the most common stereotype would be “the one night stand woman”. Guys do speak ill of her, but everyone wants to date her. Another stereotype I’d like to add is the desperate woman. This is close to the sugar momma, but the desperate woman is the one who tries too hard to win a guy’s attention all the time. So much so, that even if the guy does like her, he’ll get bored of her or end up using her because she makes herself so easily accessible and available for him all the time.

    Nice article, it’s truthful and insightful. Girls may not like to know this truth though!!

  2. mizuha2009 says:

    I guess I’m a prude because if someone starts talking about sex, I run away. Not because I think it’s wrong or bad but because I’m extremely shy. It terrifies me when men try to flirt with me.

  3. wildheart22 says:

    This is what’s wrong with men (my own stereotype), they have to categorize women to feel comfortable with themselves. 12 stereotypes, most which are negative or the girl is seen as undateable, but I wonder what’s so special about the men that have labeled potential girlfriends, every man better have the looks of Brad Pitt and the intelligence of Bill Gates to think they should judge women like this- 2(?!) categories the women are deemed date able out of 12! That’s a whole lot of picky men, and a whole lot of undateable women. Just like stereotypes about race aren’t true men should realize all women are different, every person in the world is unique- men and women, and multidimensional so before placing this person in the undateable box you should get to know them- focus on the positive and not the negative – and in the end if some girl who’s super sweet is a deal breaker then fine, but don’t label her before you see her true colors. A lot of men I’ve date have told me it took a lot of courage to talk to me because I’m so “beautiful, fun, funny, intelligent, successful, cool” etc and that they were intimidated and were afraid to ask me out because they didn’t think I’d go for someone like them- I think it’s ridiculous everytime I hear it. I’m such a nice, normal person I can’t see why a guy would be afraid to approach me, but it was because they labeled me before they knew me.

  4. Lovelife15 says:

    I agree with wild heart, these stereotypes are unfair. It sounds like wild heart is an “unattainable” and my best friend is the same- she’s smart, fun loving, energetic, sophisticated, successful and gorgeous. She’s very kind hearted and super funny. Every guy wants her, every girl wants to be like her. Yet she has problem with men. She’s put up on a pedestal, and all she can do is fall. She doesn’t want to be put there, the guys put her there. They lie to her to impress her and make themselves out to be better than they are, but she’s not allowed any mortal behavior. When the guys figure out she’s human and not some perfect supernatural being they can’t handle it and treat her poorly. It’s crazy. Every single one of these guys missed out on someone wonderful because of their stereotype of her. Besides guys that need to put girls in these categories are obviously insecure. Confident people don’t put that much thought into why they do or don’t like someone.

  5. Liam says:

    Man here. Just to clear something up; no guy is interested in the “one night stand girl” after that night. When commitment time comes around, we all want the “nice girl” who didn’t blow the football team, because we respect her. Any guy who says he respects kegstand girl is lying to sleep with kegstand girl. Take that however you like, ladies, but that’s the truth from a guy’s perspective.

  6. badness says:

    i’m not sure, but have you missed one. I don’t know where i fit in.

    Occasionally I go to bars because I like to dance. I don’t even care if I don’t have a date, or friends to come. I’ll take myself on a date. I’m never alone long enough to feel isolated or lonely. Before long I’m answering questions, and someone will be sitting with me at the bar. Lot of heads turn, I get asked to dance by several men during the run of an evening. I don’t drink, but will accept a cola straight, but prefer to buy my own.

    The thing is, I always look my best, I laugh, smile, crack jokes, and play along with my dance partners jokes. One time, we went around introducing ourselves, shaking hands, he’d say, Hi, I’m bad! I’m um.. really really bad. And she loves it. I’ll just nod and say, yep, he is bad, and I love it. lol. It made people laugh and we rounded up a big group of new dance friends.

    I ‘am told ‘am hot, but am approachable. I don’t hurt guys feelings by stone cold rejection, and even wingman for their friends. Im quick to make friends with girls too, and before long I’ve got a big group of friends who don’t know each other but have the best time. Usually the hottest guys at the bar will be the ones who ask me to dance. But I will also dance with ones that are short and not the best looking. I like people.

    By the end of the night, I always get a similar responses. You’re a cool chick, and a lot of fun! You don’t even need to drink, and you have awesomeness. You release your inner badness, and we like it. I’ve never laughed so hard, or had so much fun! It was awesome to meet you!

    And yes I make it clear that, I don’t get stickey with strangers, so don’t ask, dude. I don’t give my number at the club, it’s not the place. And I don’t go there looking for love, just to make friends and have a blast. I have a lot of non party friends, and now a boyfriend. He also says that I’m a cool fun chick, but I’m girly too in the best ways.

    I’m curious what kinda chick guys really would class me as?



  7. Mahou Shoujo says:

    @Badness you are the girl that post how she thinks she acts online so people will tell her she’s perfect or that she is unique and doesn’t fall into any category

  8. jones says:

    @badness you are the type that’s thinks she’s so perfect and what you really need to do is get over yourself. Please.

  9. badness says:

    🙂 to hear your comments is a compliment. because it’s not a bullshit story, it’s all true. haha.. I love it:) thanks guys. and that still doesn’t put me in any category. :p

  10. badness says:

    And any girls out there who are like me.. there’s nothing wrong with self confidence and treating everyone equally – have fun gals :p

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