33 Best Places to Meet Attractive and Eligible Men

Do you think you’re single because you’re looking for eligible men in all the wrong places? Check our list to see where they’re really hanging out!

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The dating world is no longer simple, and it’s harder than ever to meet a single man with similar interests and values. There are always guys around, but it’s difficult to find an eligible man, one that you could genuinely see yourself with in the future. Now the debate is still out whether there is just less of these men available in general, or if they are just harder to track down.

As technology devours every corner of our social lives, there seem to be fewer opportunities to connect with people in real time, face to face. But if you’re not content to settle in and wait for a good guy to sweep you off your feet, you need to proactively take the first step towards meeting someone who has real dating potential. [Read: 12 ways to get even the shyest guy to approach you]

The 33 best places to meet eligible men

If you’re looking for a place to start, take a look at our list of the 33 best places to meet eligible men!

#1 At the gym. Probably the weight room specifically! A man that knows the importance of taking care of his body probably also knows how to take care of other important people in his life, like perhaps his wife or girlfriend! So the next time you’re at the gym, ask for some help with the weights, or your cardio routine and don’t be afraid to get a little competitive!

#2 Techy stores. Most guys love technology. While us ladies tend to drop in, pick up what we need and get out, men love to browse the latest software, gadgets and other geeky things. Who’s to say you couldn’t meet an amazing guy by inquiring about the best updates for your phone?

#3 A rally or campaign. Whether for politics or for another worthy organization, you could definitely meet some passionate men at a rally or campaign. If you join up for a cause that really resonates with your own values, you’re destined to meet someone who shares similar beliefs!

#4 The farmers market. What’s better than local food and farmers? A man that knows his way around the local market along with benefits of local food. So while you’re scanning the market for your fresh produce, you could also keep a look out for a solo man who’s into the same produce.

#5 A bookstore. If you love literature why not scope out the local bookstore for an eligible guy that also loves to read? You could be interested in the same genre or something totally different. Either way, you’re bound to share the love of reading, and that could definitely start more than one conversation.

#6 Intramural sports teams. With intramural sports, you aren’t dealing with serious competitiveness, but you do still get to run around and have some fun on the field or court! You’re guaranteed to see his face during the monthly games, and might even get a little physical.

#7 Dating website. While this saves the face to face meeting for later, there are some benefits to being able to chat with someone before you meet them. You can save yourself some time, and narrow down the candidates that are worthy of a date *or not* very quickly. It’s also a great tool for introverts! [Read: 14 do’s and don’ts you need to know before meeting an online date]

#8 Grad-school coffee shop. A large percentage of grad students are male, so you could find the coffee shop they like to hang out in! Be very careful to avoid the freshmen hangout or else you will be surrounding yourself with youngsters and frat boys!

#9 A steak house. A lot of men love meat and are passionate about their steaks. If you share this love of beef, why not take a seat at the bar or community table to open up your chances of starting a conversation. It doesn’t even have to be about strip or sirloin cuts.

#10 Extreme sports. Any activity that gets the adrenaline pumping is a sure place to find a bunch of guys. Think rock climbing, crossfit or anything else that might make you feel a little daunted. It’s a perfect place to push yourself to do something new and awesome, and possibly meet a cute support system while you’re at it.

#11 A religious or spiritual institution. If you meet a man here, you know you’re going to have very similar beliefs and moral grounding. Not to mention you will see them at least once a week.

#12 Your office. While we’ve all heard the expression ‘don’t mix business with pleasure’, the office can be where we spend the most of our time. If you meet someone at the same company as you, they are probably on the same intellectual level, and you’ll definitely share some things in common. If your office is too small or thrives on drama, I would steer clear unless you find a diamond in the rough. [Read: 6 effective ways to deal with nosy coworkers]

#13 College. Only few are lucky enough to meet and stay with the man of their dreams during their college years. For the rest of us there’s always another chance with continuing studies! Take an evening class and brush up on an old skill or learn a new one. A man that’s not afraid to continue learning is definitely attractive.

#14 Friends. You’re always going to be able to rely on particular friends over others, but you should reach out to the networks you already have! You never know who might exist in your extended social circles, so ask around to find out.

#15 Vacation. People always tell you that vacation relationships will never last, but this is the 21st century! Now that airfares are lower and live video chats are increasingly common, why not give a guy you met on a vacation a chance?

#16 Parks. Take a stroll through your local park in the daytime and check out your options. A man that likes to take a break outdoors is probably in tune with his natural surroundings and that is a major plus.

#17 Art exhibits. Whether you share a love for classical or contemporary art, you are bound to meet some interesting individuals at art exhibits. While you’re admiring a particular piece, why not strike up a discussion with the single gentlemen beside you?

#18 Blood drive. Meeting someone over a donated pint of blood might seem strange. But if he’s caring enough to give to someone he’s never met, then he might be worth sharing some coffee with. If it doesn’t work out, at least you were able to help someone out.

#19 Wine tasting. If wine’s not your thing, go for beer or scotch. A shared interest in vintage wines and specialty brews makes for a great conversation starter.

#20 Running club. If you like to run, why not get fit and meet new people at the same time? Even if there are no single men in the group, you could meet new female friends that have some interesting candidates.

#21 Weddings. The common belief is that all single men at weddings just want to get laid, but that’s not always the case. Some of them are perfect gentlemen who want to find a relationship that could eventually land them in their own dream wedding.

#22 Laundromats. Doing laundry is hardly exciting, but if you have a cutie that visits the same mat as you, it could be the perfect place to start chatting with him. You obviously live in the same neighborhood, so that could be just one of the many things you have in common.

#23 Ski resorts. If you’re a veteran or a complete beginner, ski resorts offer up that romantic setting of snow and wood fires that is extremely nostalgic. If you find yourself next to a cute guy by the fire, check if he’s a regular. If he is, you might be sharing the lift with him sometime soon.

#24 Walking the dog. A simple daily task that you enjoy with your pup could become even more exciting if you find yourself talking to another dog lover.

#25 The hardware store. This is typically a man’s turf and by just being a woman, you’ll find it natural to ask that cute stranger for help. He might just be able to help you find that screw *pun unintended* that you’re looking for. [Read: 15 effective conversation starters to use on guys]

#26 Museums. Artsy guys, cultured men, and hot foreigners often take a trip to the museum. Who knows, you might meet a guy who can help you brush up on your history.

#27 Concerts. If you’re at a concert, you’re guaranteed to meet someone with the same musical taste as you. You could meet a dance partner or someone to help you get to the bathrooms without being trampled. Once the music dies down, you might end up bonding over the experience.

#28 The beach. If you see a man on the beach alone, he’s probably single. But watch out for what he’s doing. If he seems to be stalking the ladies on the beach, steer clear. But if he’s jogging, swimming or taking in the sights, then go for it. [Read: 10 ways to look sexy at the beach without looking like you’re trying too hard]

#29 Social media. It may seem impossible to meet someone of quality on social media sites, but it is doable. Of course, avoid the one-night stand kind of apps and go for something a little less obvious like city walks or a photography group.

#30 Movie theatre. You need to take a big girl step here and go to the theatre alone. Girls in groups are extremely intimidating for any man, but if you’re solo you are much more approachable. The same goes for him. As a group it seems impossible, but if he’s alone you could almost assume he’s open to possibilities. [Read: 13 ways to charm men into approaching you]

#31 A sports game. You should be a little cautious here because some guys get into the testosterone fever at sports games. But if you also love the game, the best place to meet someone that supports your team is at a match.

#32 Brewery. Guys like beer, and beer is delicious. Why not go see how the brew is made, and meet some men that are also as interested in beer as you? Keep your eye on the brew master, not all of them are old with a gut.

#33 Co-working space. Co-working spaces generally consist of a collection of talented creatives who like to share their work and life experience. There are sure to be a ton of cute professionals there!

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Your interests can lead you to places where you can interact with people who are into the same things. Chances are, these places also have a couple of eligible guys you may want to interact with. Give it a go, be confident, and try to strike up a conversation with someone you might genuinely get along with!

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