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Why Do Girls Moan During Sex: All the Reasons that’ll Surprise You

If you’ve ever pondered why do girls moan, then you’ve probably decided that it means they’re having a great time. But, could it mean something else too?

why do women moan sex

While men grunt, curse, and growl, women can moan an amazing three octaves during sex. Humans are one of the few species other than cats, cows, and giant tortoises known to make weird noises during sexual intercourse. Understanding why do girls moan will make you a better lover. Why? Because it doesn’t always mean she’s having a wonderful time, sometimes she’s trying to tell you something to make the experience even better.

The actual reasons for moaning are more complicated as they are a mystery. Just like a newborn infant crying, moaning during sex may sound the same every time, but it means different things in certain situations. So, what other reasons are there that compel her to make those sexy vocalizations during sex? She’s probably having a great tie, but maybe the moaning is about something else entirely?[Read: Understanding why most males don’t moan during sex]

Why do girls moan during sex?

Do you think female moans during sex is a recent, human-exclusive behavior? You are wrong. There are a few other species that exhibit this type of behavior. Our primate cousins in fact, present evidence that moaning during sex isn’t just for pleasure but serves a more evolutionary purpose. The most obvious reason is to call a mate.

Early pre-human ancestors, with no complex vocabulary such as ours, relied on specific vocalizations to attract mates. And when they got a mate through these calls, they used it to attract more potential mates to ensure they get fertilized by the best sperm from the herd. In time, males are then conditioned to recognize sexual pleasure from these vocalizations.

Now, we’re not suggesting that your girlfriend is moaning because she’s using some evolutionary tactic to ensure fertilization. Quite the opposite, in fact. These days moaning is basically a natural thing which happens when someone is in the moment. It can be low moans, gentle breaths, screaming even – every woman is different. [Read: How to moan and look & sound even more sexy in bed]

So, why do girls moan? Let’s explore.

1. She moans because she can’t help it

Most women admit moaning during sex happens naturally. Just like how you vocalize when the massage therapist hits the right spot or the exact moment after you dip into a comfortable bath, the pleasure  drives them to moan involuntarily. [Read: How to pleasure a girl by focusing on her breasts]

2. She moans to encourage her man to perform better

A woman moaning during sex is like a cheerleader’s chant during a ball game. The undeniably erotic sound just drives their partner to focus and perform better during intercourse. Men cannot deny that hearing their partner moan is a big sexy form of encouragement which drives them to do better in bed. [Read: Big issues on a man’s mind during sex]

3. She moans to help her man become harder

The sound of female sex moans is just erotic to a man’s ears. Hearing it often makes his erection harder for her benefit.

4. She moans because it makes her feel good

In some cases, women are turned on by the sound of their own moans. Women unconsciously encourage moaning by their own pleasure center in order to enjoy sex better. [Read: How to have better sex: 13 Ways to change the way you make love]

5. Some moans could indicate discomfort or even pain

As mentioned, moaning isn’t just a sign of pleasure. There are times that she moans because she feels pain or discomfort. If you go too rough on her or if your penis strikes her insides raw, men should know which moan is which. So, when you’re trying to work out why do girls moan, know that it’s not always a good thing.

6. Why do girls moan? It could indicate boredom or dissatisfaction

Moaning has a positive, stimulating effect on both partners during sex. So, when sex takes a dull and boring turn, she may let out a squeak or two to let her partner know he’s doing a poor job and set his game straight. [Read: 17 moves to stifle the yawn of boring sex and go crazy in bed]

7. She moans to boost her man’s ego

If she does this, she probably loves you. By moaning, she lets you think you do a good job in bed. The louder the moan, the more she boosts your ego saying you’re a great lover.

8. She moans to set her man’s sexual rhythm

By her moans she completely takes control of the rhythm of her man’s thrusts and movements by either moaning loudly, softly, or vocalizing faster. Moaning can be thought of as the cue sound to let the man know when to slow down or speed things up. [Read: The absolute sexy lovemaking playlist guide]

9. She might fake a moan to wrap up the whole session

If things take too long and she wants you to come and be done with it, she uses her moans to drive you into an earlier orgasm. Women generally only handle a good 15-20 minutes of intercourse and any longer hurts. So, if the man takes too long, and she feels her natural lubricant dry up, she definitely uses this tactic.

10. She moans because silent sex might feel awkward

Horror films are not as scary without the cue music. In the same way, sex without moans is awkward and less enjoyable. Moaning is just a part of the whole ritual. Sex would feel rather unusual if she didn’t vocalize. [Read: 20 Hot sex ideas to blow your lover’s mind in bed]

11. Why do girls moan? She moans because she loves loud sex!

No matter what the eggheads say, most men and women prefer the ambient sound of pleasured moans. It just gives sex a better flavor.

Do all girls moan in bed?

It’s important to know that not all girls moan. Some just feel awkward about it, and others simply don’t see the need. It’s easy to become lost in the moment and for some woman, moaning just isn’t on the agenda. They’re far too focused on the feelings and noises don’t come out!

Just as many men don’t moan either, some women do and others don’t. Some women moan sometimes, but not others. All of the above is normal, just as having a woman who screams the house down during sex is normal too! Whatever makes her feel comfortable and helps her to enjoy the moment is totally fine. [Read: Loud sex! Is your girl really faking the big ‘o’?]

However, if your girlfriend regularly makes too much noise, what should you do?

Firstly, understand that she is probably enjoying herself and let her be. But, if the noise is simply too loud and the neighbors are about to complain, perhaps kiss her more often so she doesn’t have the breath to moan! Otherwise, a quiet word, as sensitively and carefully as possible, might be on the agenda.

The importance of communication

It’s not a great idea to try and rely upon deciphering your girlfriend’s moans to try and figure out what she likes in bed. Communication is a far better approach! [Read: How to communicate in a relationship: 14 Steps to a better love]

If you’re not sure what your girlfriend is trying to do or say when she’s moaning away, simply ask her. Without breaking the moment, you can whisper in her ear, “tell me what you want”, or “does it feel good?” That opens up the lines of communication and she’ll be able to tell you what she wants you to do. If it’s a moan of pain, she’ll also feel more able to actually tell you what’s going on. Perhaps she’s trying to cover it up because she doesn’t want to upset you, but if she’s in any type of discomfort, you need to know so that you can stop and fix the problem.

Communication is vital in bed, as much as it is out of bed.

[Read: How to tell your neighbors to keep their sex life quiet]

The reasons behind why do women moan during sex can mean a lot of things, from pain, boredom, frustration, encouragement, and most importantly, an expression of pleasure. But can you read them all?

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