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What Does It Feel Like to Be Eaten Out? Find Out Here

So, what does it feel like to be eaten out? Well, one thing is for sure—if it’s done right, it definitely feels better than winning the lottery.

what does it feel like to be eaten out

If you’re a guy or a girl who’s been contemplating what does it feel like to be eaten out, the idea of it may be really alien to you. Sure, for the experienced, having oral sex as foreplay is like getting dessert right before dinner *and then getting another bigger dessert again afterwards if you came*.

For guys, though, getting head is pretty much a straightforward thing. Men, by and large, seem to love receiving blowjobs. However, it’s not as simple as that for women when they receive some munching.

For women, there are so many factors that come into play when it comes to being eaten out. It doesn’t matter whether a guy knows his way around her anatomy while she’s spread eagle in front of his face. Sometimes, it takes more than a skilled partner to get a girl into it while she’s getting eaten out.

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So what does it really feel like to be eaten out?

Let’s start with the preliminary questions.

First of all, being eaten out puts a woman in a very vulnerable position. Her legs are spread out and apart, and her partner is kneeling down on her. She can’t see his face, his facial expressions, and she has no clue what he will be doing down there exactly.

So as she lays down, spreads her legs, and waits for the guy to make contact, a lot of questions are racing through her mind:

– Do I look good down there?

– Does he smell pee?

– What if I smell weird? Or what if he doesn’t like the way I smell at all?

– Should I have shaved everything off?

– What if I taste funny? What if he doesn’t like the taste?

– Is he really sure he’s going to do it? For real?

– Is this really happening?

– What if, what if, what if…

If she’s on a one-night stand with a guy, the stress levels are probably higher. This is true because first, she doesn’t really know that guy. And second, it’s just purely physical and superficial. So if there’s something the guy wouldn’t like down there, then it can potentially be a let-down that will affect how the rest of the night will go.

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However, if she’s in a loving relationship, and she and her partner have been together long enough to be comfortable and accepting, then there might not be much insecurity. However, there could still be a little bit of first-timer anxiety.

The sensations a girl feels while being eaten out

Once you make contact with her genitalia, either with your lips, tongue, fingers, or everything all at once, the feeling is close to indescribable. In this case, you can look at being eaten out as something akin to having your partner scratch an itch you didn’t even know existed.

It feels good. In fact, it feels WAY better than good. It’s amazing. It’s exciting. It’s exhilarating. It makes her feel breathless.

With all her worries and insecurities, she would greatly appreciate it if you give her some form of appreciation or compliment about her body, or say how hot she is. But if you’re not one for words, then the mere act of going down on her and eating her out with so much gusto can be enough for her to relax and really be in the moment.

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Getting eaten out – The different sensations you could experience

If you’re wondering what girls feels when they’re getting eaten out, you need to remember that each girl is different. But almost always, she’s bound to experience one of these feelings, or all of them at once!

1. Waves of pleasure

As a tongue touches a girl’s clitoris, many of them experience waves of pleasure surge through their body. Do you see her quivering? Chances are, she’s experiencing these waves as you go down on her.

2. A craving for more pleasure

She may be experiencing bliss, and whatever you’re doing, she wants more of it! She may grab your head and push it deeper, because there’s nothing she wants more right now than your tongue.

3. Wet warmness

There’s no exact way to explain this, but girls feel something wet and ticklish that hits all the right spots down there for them. It feels wet, but oh-so-good!

4. Rollercoaster

When you’re receiving oral, you’re enjoying it, but you’re not in control of the pleasure. It feels like a rollercoaster, that’s unpredictable and fun. You don’t know what’s going to hit the spot again, and when you’re going to feel the next wave of pleasure.

5. Soft and smooth pleasure

You don’t feel any of the friction or hardness of a penis, just a soft and pleasurabe sensation that makes you want to curl your toes, close your eyes and enjoy the experience.

6. Some don’t enjoy it

Let’s be honest, some girls just don’t enjoy oral sex for their own personal reasons. Maybe it’s their insecurity, past experiences, or they’re just a giver who feels extremely self-conscious to just sit back and receive pleasure without doing anything back to their partner.

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Lips, tongue, fingers, mouth

She likes to be surprised. She loves it when you know just what kind of motion and pressure you’re using on which part of her genitalia. And yes, there can be a lot of factors and probabilities to take in.

The best guide for which one she likes best is by watching her reactions. Her body language and her moans are great indicators. While some may be faking pleasure just to please their partners, experience and a keen ear will tell the difference.

She also likes it a lot when you circle your tongue all over her to find her sweet spot. Some also like to be fingered at the same time that their clitoris is being orally stimulated.

It’s best to use your tongue, lips, fingers, and a little nibble of the teeth for that sense of surprise and variety. There are many ways to go about this and give her pleasure, but the best instruction you can ever get is from reading her own responses.

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But it’s not all fun and games

To think that every woman likes to be eaten out is a gross generalization. If it’s done right, most women would love to have cunnilingus performed on them. However, there will be a good number of dames out there who don’t like to be eaten, no matter what.

Sometimes, she can be so tired that lying down on her back and trying to relax can make her fall asleep. There will also be other women who will have some sense of shame, fear, or anxiety from receiving it. This might be because she had a bad experience in the past.

There are also those girls who would rather get down to business and have you inside her than down there. And while some can be patient enough to teach you how to do it right, there will be others who will be frustrated and give you the boot. [Read: Sexy secrets to be incredibly good in bed every time]

Sweet cunnilingus

Now that you have a fairly good idea of what it feels like for a girl to be eaten out, you then must know how to do it so you can get your desired reaction. And that is her opening up even more widely and even pulling you up on top of her so you can finish things off.

So what can you do to keep her feeling great as you work it down there? Here are some pro tips:

1. Find her clit

Lick up her pussy all over to find her clitoris. More often than not, you’ll know you found it when it feels like she’s been struck by a live wire. She will suddenly arch her back or suck in some air. The clitoris will feel like that hard, pea-sized bump where the two lips of her pussy meet.

2. Don’t forget her other lady parts

Once you found her clit, that doesn’t mean you have to stick there and just lick it up and down like lollipop for the rest of the night. Tickle, lick, tease and fondle her folds and crevices too.

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3. Mix it up

Use various tongue strokes and change up your rhythm every few minutes or so. Better yet, don’t stick to just licking her lady parts. Suck, nibble, rub, and even kiss her down there. You can also f*ck her there with your tongue. Be creative. Don’t be afraid to mix up your cunnilingus repertoire, and you’ll soon find her moaning for more.

4. Use your fingers 

Just because you’re giving her oral doesn’t mean you can’t go digital. If you want to rest your mouth from all that pussy eating, lean back and let your fingers do the work. Some women find it pleasurable when you’re using your two fingers, but it’s all up to her. Add some clit-licking to make her whole body shudder with pleasure. [Read: Tips to make vaginal fisting safer and sexier]

5. Don’t stop when she cums

Yes, you read that right. First of all, find out her symptoms of orgasms. She may have red and hard nipples, she may go red all over, she may jerk uncontrollably or tremble. She may also be vocal and tell you those precious two words, “I’m coming.”

A real cunnilingus pro will not heed this and still continue a wee bit more until the pleasure becomes unbearable. And then that’s when you do the follow-up and penetrate her for that elusive multiple orgasm. Do this right and she’ll have you on top of her “Best Sex List.”

Eating out a girl and doing it right is one of the best things you can give any girl when it comes to sex. Having a good idea of what being eaten out feels like for them can give you great insight into a woman’s psyche so you can perform better and get the results that you want.

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Now you can stop wondering, “What does it feel like to be eaten out?” Despite all this, oral sex can only get you so far. How you treat her beyond the bedroom is still what matters to any girl. So don’t forget to love her, adore her, appreciate her, respect her, and treat her right.

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