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Sex with an Uncircumcised Man, Myths and All

Sex With An Uncircumcised Man, Myths And All

Have you had sex with an uncircumcised man? I have, and let me tell you a few things about the uncut guy the regular American woman has no idea about.

There’s a lot of apprehension when it comes to an uncircumcised man.

If peeping down his shorts can scare you, the mere thought of having sex with an uncircumcised man can make your insides dry up.

There’s always been a lot of talk about how gross an uncut man really is, and how all women should stay away from him.

I’ve been in several relationships for most of my life.

And as a regular American woman, I had never witnessed a real life Greek god penis with his turtleneck covering his little head.

Well, until I fell in love with an Indian guy who worked in my office.

It was office romance after a few sights, and a few casual dates later, I found myself falling for him.

But somewhere in my mind, I wasn’t ready for a relationship with him just yet.

It wasn’t his ethnicity, and definitely had nothing to do with his spicy Indian curries. Deep inside, I just knew there was a big chance that he was uncut down there. And I wasn’t ready to slip my hand into tight shorts full of skin!

Sex with an uncircumcised man

Hearing from all the thousands of women online and all my *experienced* friends and women colleagues who say an uncut penis is gross, I was rather scared and nervous about having anything to do with loosening his jock straps.

I went on a few more dates with this guy, and eventually, after several weeks of finding ways to end the date with a kiss and a hand on my breast I decided to just get the fear over with. [Read: How to make out with a guy like a sex goddess]

I mean, really, I liked this guy and he liked me. I wanted to take this guy to bed, and I really shouldn’t let a little thing like a penis full of skin come in the way of prospective happiness.

One fine evening, I asked him to come back to my place. We got into bed and I apprehensively told him that I was rather scared to see him naked down there. I thought he seemed affronted at first, but he broke into a wide grin and burst out laughing almost immediately. [Read: Why men love a damsel in distress]

Was I sounding foolish or was he just being “cocky”? Fast forward a few hours, and guess what, it didn’t feel any different at all. Not one tiny bit!

Learning from an uncut experience

I’ve been with the same man for six years now. I’m completely happy, even fascinated, I must say.

There are a lot of myths and confusing theories about an uncircumcised man that I just had to clear the air. After all, I’m now the real experienced one for all my friends who are always curious to know how the sex feels like.

To tell you the truth, sex feels the same whether a man’s circumcised or otherwise.

The percentage of circumcised American men varies depending on their age, all the way from the flower power days to the days of the metrosexual man. But in a 2005 survey by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, it was seen that only a little over half of male babies are circumcised in hospitals.

Jews and Muslims get circumcised for religious reasons. But guess what, more than two thirds of the men in the world are still uncut.

[Read: How to be a sexy seductress without being obvious]

Science says what?

Most of us assume that a circumcised penis is the better alternative, but other than the myth associated with it, there’s really no scientific data to prove the benefits and your doctor will tell you the same.

Even the American Academy of Pediatrics has been changing its mind constantly over the decades. And after much research, they’ve concluded in 1999 that circumcision offers no conclusive benefits. Even the claims of the World Health Organization that circumcision has a lot of benefits have been proven false over the years.

So why do American men and women still prefer a circumcision?

Most parents cut the foreskin of male babies only because they assume the kids will grow up looking different down there.

Trust the way we’ve been built

Evolution created us this way for a reason, trust it. Back in the ages when there was no water or regular hot showers, people probably didn’t bathe often. And circumcision may have been a trend for the sake of personal hygiene. But now that we’ve all evolved, perhaps just leaving man the way he’s supposed to look may not be such a bad idea, after all. [Read: How to dress for sex]

Does an uncircumcised penis look different?

Of course, it does, but only by a centimeter! Women have pierced ears and noses. Does that make them look different? It does.

Odds are, the first time you look at an uncut man after sleeping with a bevy of cut men, it’s obvious that you’d notice a difference. But it’s almost insignificant really and nothing like the stories of loads of skin that we’re grown up hearing.

But if you still think it looks different, just hold his penis and move your hand towards his body. His skin will slide back and voila, it looks just like a your regular circumcised penis!

How to turn on a guy with an uncircumcised penis?

Just the same way as you would turn on a circumcised guy. Once they’re erect, all the penises look the same. One of my friends had told me to stick two fingers or my tongue into his foreskin first as it would turn him on more. Had I tried that, I would have looked like an idiot and would have hurt him too. Stop worrying that it’ll look different once you go down there. It really doesn’t.

The uncut foreskin is just a little bit of skin that covers a man’s manhood. When he’s not turned on and still small down there, his foreskin may stick out for about a centimeter. But when he stands in glory, his foreskin will slide back anyway. [Read: Tips to turn a guy on]

The sensitive side of an uncut penis

Uncircumcised penises are actually more sensitive to your touch. You really don’t have to bite or chew to make him feel like you’re doing something down there. As the little guy spends so much time covered in that skin, he’s more sensitive and delicate.

Circumcised penises rub their clothes and at times, the skin gets tougher and less sensitive over the years. But touch an uncircumcised guy’s little head and it’ll stand up almost instantly.

Uncircumcised penis Myths and FAQs

Now I’m not trying to convince you to stick an uncircumcised member down there just because I’ve got a story to share. But with all the myths and the confusions out in the open, someone’s got to let others know that there’s really nothing wrong with a man’s preference to go uncut down there. Here are a few things that could help you get friendlier with the uncircumcised member.

# Does an uncircumcised penis hurt you or the man?

No, unless you’re sleeping with an adolescent who still hasn’t learnt to pull his own foreskin back while having fun, it won’t hurt him. Any guy who’s aware of himself sexually would have pulled his foreskin back while playing with it once he learns to make it stand. So don’t worry about hurting an uncut guy, you really won’t.

# How to clean an uncircumcised penis?

Cleaning an uncircumcised penis, is done just like cleaning a circumcised one. It’s the same thing really. An uncut man just pulls the skin back and does the same thing a circumcised man would do.

# Does sex feel different?

Nope, sex with an uncircumcised man feels just the same as having sex with a circumcised man. If you think it’ll freak you out, just hold his penis and push your hand towards his body. The skin will slide back and look just like the familiar Mr. Uncut.

There are theories though that sex is more pleasurable with an uncircumcised man because the additional skin reduces friction during penetration, but since I haven’t measured the stark differences, if any, I can’t really vouch for that. [Read: What do men really like in bed?]

# Does he last just as long?

Yes, I’ve never really have felt any difference. An uncircumcised man may be more sensitive though, and that sensitivity may make it easier for him to orgasm faster. But then again, learning to control an erection and an orgasm is a mind game anyway.

# Is an uncircumcised man’s penis dirtier?

If a guy doesn’t clean himself, it’ll be dirty irrespective of whether he’s cut or uncut. Just like women. [Read: Why men really watch porn]

# Does an uncut man like a blow?

Theoretically, a man who’s uncircumcised will enjoy a BJ more because his tip would be more sensitive. So without relying on scientific experiments to test a man’s pleasure, I can safely say that a woman will have an easier time pleasing an uncut man.

# How to use a condom on an uncircumcised guy?

This may confuse a few girls who’re seeing an uncut guy for the first time, but don’t worry. Just slide his foreskin back with your hand and slip the condom on. It’s easier than you think, really. [Read: Interesting facts about condoms]

What about smelly smegma a.k.a. dick cheese?

Guess what, here’s a shocker. Smegma is produced by both men and women. Women produce it around the clitoris, and men around their little head.

Does that mean all women should undertake female circumcision? *It does exist in some communities though*. Of course not!

Smegma is just a lubricant that protects the penis and a woman’s clitoris from becoming too dry. It’s Mother Nature’s natural lubricant. She obviously didn’t intend humans to be using petroleum jelly each time someone decides to get aroused, did she? Smegma is regularly produced by both sexes in small amounts to make sex more pleasurable and can’t really be noticed in a hygienic person.

On the other hand, smegma a.k.a. dick cheese is only seen on men who haven’t washed their penis for several months or years. Gross! So if you ever do find it on any guy, uncircumcised or otherwise, stay away from his shorts.

[Read: How to seduce a man who’s not yours]

It’s easy to be worried about something like having sex with an uncircumcised man, especially when you and your friends have no idea about it. I’ve been there too. But sometimes, getting a few uncut facts right can make all the difference.

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77 thoughts on “Sex with an Uncircumcised Man, Myths and All”

  1. Laura Pips says:

    Whew, thank you for clearing that up!

    I’m not trying to sound mean or racist, but I’ve stayed away from having sex with guys other than my ethnicity because of the fear of what’s down there. We’ve all heard horror stories of getting stinky dick cheese in the mouth after a beejay. But now I’m wondering if all these rumors where just lies to begin with.

  2. Kat says:

    I’m shocked by this article! I’m British and I’ve never even seen a circumcised penis before – in fact I admit I would be put off by it. It’s not natural!

  3. Sniper says:

    Please don’t say that circumcised penises feel less pleasure because that is not true and it really depends on the guy. I was with an uncircumcised guy that, even though he had no problem getting it up, he would take a while to finish and would cause some discomfort for me down there. My current boy toy was a virgin when I took him under my wing. He is circumcised and he gets the biggest excitement out of just a little kiss or bump. We’ve been together for four years now with no diminishing passion and no matter how many times we do the dirty he still has enough sensitivity for some masturbation before bedtime.
    When I asked him if he thought he was “missing out” he told me heck no and that he was just happy his parents did it while he was a baby and couldn’t remember anything.

  4. Meow says:

    I’m from the UK and I find it disgraceful that anyone would find the state of a natural penis ‘gross’. And to say it is unclean and stinky, WTF? How is it going to be any worse than a vagina?! I seriously feel sorry for the men having to deal with such horrific sexism (which is what it is)! You’re no different from those African men who refuse to marry women unless they have had their clitorises removed! Have a long hard think about your opinions! Grow up.

  5. Violet says:

    I had sex with my first uncircumcised man this weekend… He told me “btw I’m uncircumcised” and I was like “huh, now I’m really curious, never had sex with someone who wasn’t circumcised” and he kinda giggled and laughed at that a little and jokingly said “oh great, so I’m a science experiment” then kissed me… Honestly, sex was a little different, but that had nothing to do with circumcised verses uncircumcised. It had to do with everyone is made a little different and do things differently, although it hurt less for me with him and it felt better in some ways.

  6. Dave R. says:

    Great article! There is one item that is not quite correct though. Dick cheese doesn’t take months or years before it starts to show – in reality it takes about 2-3 days without washing the foreskin, glans, and related areas. Other than this error I found your article to be honest, forthright, and completely accurate. I’m 56 years old and was circumcised when I was 30 because of an unrelated medical issue.

    Doctors have been circumcising baby boys for over a century because of the Holy Spirit or the saving of little boys souls.

    The practice began when Mr. Graham of crackers fame and Dr. Kellogg of cornflake fame came up with the idea to stop little boys from pulling on their little boy johnson’s and have soul stealing carnal thoughts about girls, boys, animals, or even the idea that pulling on it was fun (You can look this up).

    These devout Christian men started with their employees; when doctors found out it was profitable the practice caught on. The rumors and theories about disease, discomfort, and possible AIDS/HIV prevention, and what-not have slowly fallen away and science is beginning to rear its ugly head along with good common sense regarding the most unjust surgery known to mankind!

    I have had sex before and after circumcision and there is a difference for me! And I would assume this is the case for all men. The head of my johnson is much less responsive to the touch, there is an actual callus that has formed on what was at one time soft, moist, and very responsive to touch.

    I miss that little piece of hide, I miss the little brown ring that was on the tip of the foreskin and the pleasure it allowed the foreskin to be touched. For a lack of a better description, it was comforting. When a male child is circumcised there are something in the neighborhood of 20,000 nerve ending that are removed and about 5 square inches of skin that has been destroyed. It doesn’t sound like much but think about what that skin is attached to and on most men the foreskin retracts to over half the length of the johnson, does that give a better idea as to how much is taken away?

    If your man isn’t circumcised don’t freak out! It gives him much more pleasure than the cut member. I have been told there isn’t as much friction involved with sex, as per the article. The reason given is because the corona of the head doesn’t keep dragging a woman’s natural lubricant out with each stroke. Admittedly I do not know about such things. I know about the male end of the stick, if you will. With an uncovered head it becomes hardened, callused, dry, and not that much to look at in reality. It’s just there and it is willing to do its duty but it also has to work at getting pleasure because of the three items mentioned earlier.

    I still receive pleasure, I still give pleasure, but it isn’t as much pleasure as when I was younger and had that ‘disgusting, dirty, piece of hide’ Americans are so afraid of. My god, why take away the original package the little guy came with? Was there something wrong with its design, with its nature, I don’t understand American women and the idea it’s different.

    If you are worried about it being nasty to the taste or dirty – wash it or have your man wash it! My mom taught me to take care of it when I was 5 or there about and I have never had a woman toss me out of her bed, her life, or have any trouble with my foreskin. As a matter of fact, one woman loved my foreskin and would do some of the most amazing things with it. As an example, she would give me a BJ and pull the skin back. After this she would put her tongue on top of my johnson and slowly suck the skin into her mouth. After doing this, she would wiggle and encircle my head and under my foreskin and I would shoot a load in about 30 seconds! This woman was magnificent and I miss her so much because she taught and trained me so well when it came to sex, love, and erotica. Terri, I miss your talents.

  7. Paige says:

    Are you English people seriously offended? Are you guys serious??? Last I checked, the author was allaying fears. If this article was about not fearing a circumcised penis, pretty sure sure no one would have their panties in a bunch. You offended people are losers. Get a life.

  8. Jesse says:

    I dont know what stories they told i never knew women had a problem with uncut dudes. I’m not circumcised and well i wish you could ask all my ex gf’s. Some cant even tell cuz when my weiner is up you cant even tell. i also am sure that i am super sensitive more than a cut dude. Ive have never ever ever let anyone down or take long to erect. Even drunk it gets so sensitive even air blown on my head feels super great i know this for a fact. So i dont know why all these fears. But i guess its natural to have different preferences i will never ever go to bed with a woman who doesnt shave down there either.. that grosses me out and it kinda makes me sick so i understand different tastes. She has to shave everytime before we have sex. Thats my rule so if you prefer uncut guys thats your choice but trust me i am so confident that any woman to go to ned with me i can bet all i got that she will have a few orgasms cuz i can go for at least an hour and a half if she wants it. My record is 4 hours with my ex. So dont ever generalise or take other opinions as rules. Sex is awesome… enjoy it..

  9. OZ says:

    I am from Eastern Europe and everyone over there is uncut they have very normal sex life and very normal families they don’t have any sexual or relationship issues because of that at all. Only muslims and jews are the one who are cut but big majority which is white population is not.

    By the way cut penis is not natural it’s forced on people by Culture and Religion remember that.

  10. joan says:

    All you Brits need to get off your high horses. I’m American and I read a similar article in a UK magazine, except the girls were freaking out over circumcised rather than uncircumcised guys. It’s just a cultural difference where one is the norm so girls/women are curious/nervous about what they’ve never experienced. There’s no need to insult Americans because you guys are asking the same kinds of questions.

  11. Sexkitten says:

    To whoever said it was sexist, it’s not. Many uncut guys are not from a different race. Other than that, thank you. I had my woes about this guy I am seeing, but not anymore. Very useful!

  12. Elias says:

    To Sexkitten,
    I do not mean to embarrass you but, I think that you are getting the words “sexist” and “racist” mixed up. I am American and uncut and get this…I’m jewish. So you are right that race or religion should not be a part of this whole issue.

  13. dwd282 says:

    I don’t see why non-Americans should be offended by this. I have never seen an uncut dick before. Every culture/country is different. Just the fact that we are talking about this means we are actually open to learn about it.

  14. Kien says:

    @Kat, I’m sorry to say.. it is natural, people are born that way..

  15. anonymous says:

    I just want to thank everyone, the writer and anyone who posted their opinion. I actually stumbled across this while trying to decide if i want my son circumcised or not. I am from America. My gut instinct says to let my son stay natural because hey, if its not broken why fix it right?

    However, I will say I have been feeling tremendous pressure from doctors and even my own husband to have him cut so he won’t look “different”. We are obsessed with genitals here in America. For some reason mutilating our boys seems to be a trend more so for cosmetic reasons than anything. Most mothers I know don’t do it for religious reasons but because it’s “just the thing to do” or “everyone does it”. The men on my side of the family are intact.

    I do not find an uncircumcised penis unattractive and infact *looks around for hubby* have experienced an uncircumcised man and let me tell you, it wasn’t terribly different however I personally found it slightly more satisfying than a cut man.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article and the posts to go with it to see how people feel on both sides of the fence (and how they feel on the other side of the pond) and btw, I will say that yes, some Americans are stupid, however stupidity can be found in any country in any race of people. I think if anything, the problem here in the US is that parents aren’t completely informed or take the time to research these things and doctors tend to be really pushy because it puts a few quick bucks in their pocket, so of course, people are mislead and taught to be scared of a natural penis. LOL!

    So please dont be so harsh on us Americans, we’ve been manipulated and brain washed into thinking that being natural is gross or unappealing, but as I’m doing research I’m glad to see that this isn’t a world wide rountine practice. Most of the world’s population of men are intact and even here in America, circumcision rates are declining so to all who are uneducated or unfamiliar learn to embrace the natural penis, it’s how God intended us to be and besides, it seems to be making a comeback. Hahahaha, I’m all about the natural look 😉

  16. TransAmTam says:

    I find it hilarious that you all get so bent out of shape about what we think that you have to stoop so far as to call people stupid over a CULTURAL difference. Hehe..

    If an American woman loves a man, she isn’t going to give a crap if it’s cut or un-cut. And the author of this article..(flip flop city) I can guarantee does not have the typical mindset of an American woman.

    Another thing… to all you un-cut men.. how in the hell do you know if your dick is more sensitive that your cut fellow man? Did you swap bodies? Did you ever stop to think that every one could be different no matter what they have? Why would you even care to presume such a thing?

    I’ve been with both ‘brands’, 2 un-cut the rest cut. I won’t give my ‘evaluations’ here as they might SHOCK the idiocy of the posters on this thread, and might been seen as ‘biased.’

    Just stop comparing dicks! It’s freaking ridiculous! Lmfao!!!

  17. Brook says:

    well the guy I’m with now is uncircumcised, (another first), and other than with oral, I can’t feel much difference.

  18. girly says:

    its not about uglieness or feels good or not! its just dirty and u get more chance of having infections or more other diseases, if the man is clean there wouldn’t be much problems but if not thn god save that person who will sleep with him! Its not good for man to be uncircumcised and a lot of REAL religions pefer man to be circumcised, its a rule there is a reason that they said men should be circumcised!

  19. Scalawag says:

    Anybody ever sleep with their mouth open, and when you wake up, you’re tongue is like sandpaper? That’s what circumcision does to a man’s most precious part. Most people have no idea, but the glans (head) is actually an internal organ. THATS WHY THERE’S FORESKIN. Foreskin acts as a protection of this internal organ, the same way your eyelids do for your eyes. When a…poor…poor child is unlucky enough to have parents who choose to have him cut (as in flesh broken with a knife and a piece of him taken away forever) he not only has this protection “removed” (sliced off) he also has to have the foreskin RIPPED from the very VERY sensitive baby glans (I’ll bet you also didn’t know that the foreskin is actually attached to the glans until it naturally detaches around ages 4 -5).

    Over the course of the boys first few years, his glans will have to adapt and become an external organ. From now on and for the rest of his life his glans penis will take on a more dry, even calloused texture as per it’s not having any protection. Now that may not be THAT big a deal to a guy in his teens, or even mid twenties, but once men approach middle age, it starts needing to be dealt with…Hence feminine lube products, viagra, etc…

    If you don’t believe me, head on over to xtube or any site where you can find amateur footage of guys masturbating. When an uncut guy masturbates, the extra (or rather, right amount of) skin on his meat gives his strokes a distinctive gliding motion, kind of the same concept as those plastic waterbag toys that you try and shake and they fall right out of your hand. He doesn’t even need to touch his very sensitive glans as the foreskin sliding up and down it feels like a nice wet tongue. Whit cut guys, it’s different. Remember, they had a good chunk of perfectly functioning skin sliced off at birth. This causes cut men’s erections to be rather tight (with varying degrees of tightness for each individual). Plus there is little movement, because less skin means no gliding. Like trying to jack off an arm. Hence cut men must rely on artificial lubrication so their hand can slide up and down. You’ll also notice they directly stimulate (knead, rub , squeeze) their perpetually exposed heads. Notice how rough they are with that once most sensitive part. That’s because they, very obviously, have lost a considerable amount of feeling.

    Fortunately my mother was vehemently against the idea of cutting me, so I know what I’m talking about when it pertains to being intact. As for my observations on cuts, well, see for yourself.

    I never introduce myself as, “hey, I’m soandso, I’m uncut btw,” so most women are, surprised when it comes to the moment of truth. But they’re usually far from disgusted, more like “wow, I never would have guessed…” There was never any bullying or finger pointing in the locker room…believe me, the heterosexual teenage American male would rather bite a bullet than do anything to insinuate he might be looking at another guy’s junk for any reason…And as far as disease, never had a single problem. In my entire 27 years, I’ve never even had a UTI, which we intact men are supposedly prone to. And as for the whole AIDS/HIV thing, you still have a big slit called the meatus at the tip of your dick big enough for an avalanche of infected bodily fluid to find it’s way into your system, unless you plan on sewing that shut..

    Let your little guys decide for themselves. Of course it’ll be illegal soon enough anyway, so…

  20. HOC says:

    @scalawag. That was well written mate. They’re just uneducated.

  21. Tut says:

    This is a barbarian thing and it needs to be stopped. How about circumcising all you women as well? That’s also a completely stupid and painful process, maybe you want to try it as well. Or maybe do it on your daughters.

  22. SnazzyP.U.N.K says:

    Hahahahahaaa….Well said HOC…..!! I’ve had sex all my 8 yrs since i kick started out but no woman has ever complained about my uncut “sir”. So i see no reason as to why you guys must fume over such lousy crap.

  23. Natasha from Russia says:

    In Russia majority of men are natural. Here, we call uncut man “real man.” It is not strange, or bad for sex. Real man much better in bed. To cut the little baby penis, that is more cruel and unusual.

  24. Jillian says:

    Very uneducated people out there. Why is being uncut dirty God made man that way so its natural. The parents chose to keep it that way. So does that make God and the parents dirty too. Get educated people!

  25. Katie says:

    I find the foreskin is a lot of fun to play with, whether I’m giving head or just toying with my man in the morning.

    I was once with a guy whose doctor took off too much skin. His erections were ridiculously tight and occaisionally painful (for him), and I honestly think he would have been bigger than his 3.5″ had he remained intact.

    I just wish that men would be given the choice when they are old enough, instead of butchering such a sensitive area.

  26. Allan says:

    Some of this is complete rubbish – I’ve always held a rather obvious view, that seems to not be discussed as much as ”Mandatory circumcision” ect. Honestly; Allow your child to decide. Simple. If he feels the need to change how he looks down there, then there are plenty of options to circumcise as a late Teen, to early 30’s.
    I personally am intact, and find Sex much more pleasing (For both I, and the woman) Seeing as you’re quite sensitive, that means you’re not trying to push her limits to achieve orgasm – Yet still maintain the option to go beyond it, if she wishes. – And to all those young boys out there, who aren’t circumcised yet thinking about it due to Porn, Friends ect, don’t let you be fooled. Although there are rumours, many women still prefer an intact man.

  27. YoungAndReckless says:

    Thank you so very much for posting this article!! I’ve recently fallen for a guy, and he told me he was uncut and I got really worried I wouldn’t know how to please him after only being with guys who have been. This article brought my confidence back! Thank you!!

  28. Miles says:

    As an uncut male adolescent, I think it seems pretty clear that I should move to England.

  29. girl says:

    I prefer the feeling of the circumcised penis. recently i have been seeing a guy and while fooling around I was confused at first because it felt like he wasn’t fully aroused. I only realized later that he was just uncut(awkward)
    As for sensitivity if it’s too sensitive then that means premature ejaculation….
    Anyway I just find it ridiculous that people feel the need to hate on the circumcised penis. It’s a matter of preference. I prefer the circumcised penis but I really think it doesn’t matter if you are into someone. I like him and I won’t stop seeing him for that and sex should be interesting…..

  30. Jes says:

    I am American and Ive had both… I personally prefer the natural man.. uncut. I think while the man is more sensitive he is more gentle upon entry. I personally like to play with my uncut man, something I dont enjoy as much with the cut man. I also think that the uncut man takes better care and cleans his penis more often and better. hmm my mouth is watering

  31. jk says:

    I love my foreskin. It feels good sliding over the head and more importantly, it protect the head most of the time and keeps it nice and sensitive. I can’t imagine someone making a decision for me to cut it off at birth, ouch! Why are parents hurting their newborn when they should do everything to protect them. DO NOT DO THIS! You will strip the pleasure away from him forever. Like him decide if he wants to be cut when he is able to make a decision for himself.

  32. Barry says:

    I think circ is ugly and barbaric. What kind of mother of a baby boy hands him over to a butcher for a disgusting amputation? I say let the owner of the foreskin have the say when he is 18 or older.

  33. important says:

    As an African American male i will tell you that i spent the first eighteen years of my life utterly miserable and embarrassed due to uncircumcision. Females in our community really frown upon this ‘issue’. I never felt comfortable or confident with myself or my partner. I decided to make the change as an adult and the difference in my sex life is light years ahead after seven years of circumcision. Trust me everything is better. Please save your child the anguish and get the procedure done….

  34. Laura says:

    Females are required to have their clit removed in many cultures and it is considered genital mutilation and protested against, yet we want to make it seem like a “cultural” difference something that involves forcefully cutting off a part of a guy because you think it LOOKS better, most of the time without his permission.

  35. Luis says:

    I am uncircumcised and I kind of prefer it that way. Everytime I get to have sex with a women they always say it doesn’t hurt and that it feels fine. I sometimes have a problem with it because of the sensetivity, but I rather just keep it the way it is. I’ve never had a complaint from a women yet. When I recieve a blow job, a women may not pull the skin back. That may be a good sign indicating that she doesn’t swallow lol.

  36. em says:

    This article… LOL. I guess I just didn’t put as much thought into it as you did when I first slept with an uncircumcised guy. I didn’t think it was weird, and I guess I didn’t realize that other Americans thought it was weird. Granted, I hadn’t had very many guys before it, but to be honest, it does feel different. It feels better when the guy is uncircumcised: everything is more intense for me, and of course it feels a little bigger in general than a circumcised one. My current guy is uncircumcised and we’re both American (gasp) so not all of us are missing out on the wonders of one.

  37. Rachel says:

    Nothing to worry about. I didn’t even notice my boyfriend was uncircumcised until I got a good look at him in the light. Sex feels the same and if the guy keeps himself clean it’s not gross or stinky.

  38. Mother of Uncircumcised Boy says:

    Hello all,

    I was appalled at the idea of anyone cutting my baby and therefore did a lot of research when I was pregnant with my son. Ultimately I decided that not circumcising him was the right decision, as the reasons for circumcision en masse have been proven false. My two sisters were appalled with my choice. My brothers behaved as if I was sentencing my son to death. I was subject to story after story of high school locker room drama with the one “pig in a blanket” boy. Well, I held steadfast against it.

    My son is now 7. He is embarrassed about the difference between his penis and those of his classmates. One day he broke down in tears asking me my why I didn’t just do it when he was a baby so he wouldn’t have to suffer. A year later, my son is 8, and as afraid as he is of letting someone with a knife come near his member, he has asked me to get him circumcised. I am heartbroken that I have caused him so much anguish.

    I am hands down, against mutilating the body of a baby. I didn’t realize, however, that I was forcing my sweet, innocent child to fight my fight and face a lifetime of cultural stigma. Sometimes, making your own child the test case for a better world isn’t actually doing him any favors, even if it is the “right” thing to do.

    Please consider the environment in which you live when you make this important decision for your child- as absolutely terrible as that sounds.

  39. jay says:

    Well for a different slant, i am gay and have been with a few guys. Gays tend to be really particular about hygiene…but have to say how long does it take for uncut guys to stink…cause let me tell you 3 uncut guys i was with were rancid under the foreskin, to the point were I will never ever hook up with an uncut guy. Funny thing they were clean and smelled fine and looked spin span everywhere else. I have hear that stench comes back quickly after a shower…no wonder women are more likely to get cervical cancer with uncut guys as research as proven

  40. Pavel says:

    I understand everyone has their own preferences and opinions, but I have to wonder about some of the negative comments on here.

    An 8 year old begging to be circumcised?

    A gay male, who no doubt esteems a part of the body primarily used for passing fecal matter, is disgusted by foreskin?

    Somethings fishy and it’s not my uncut dick.

  41. Unbiased Brit says:

    So I’m originally from England, and like most of the other people on here commenting, we’re not used to seeing circumcised penises in our back yards. Please forgive the shock that they’re expressing- it’s new to them. I’ve been in America for a very long time, and I’ve grown so accustomed to seeing circumcised men, that I was shocked to see an uncircumcised one! But let’s be honest- the only majour difference between cut and uncut is that uncut needs to be cleaned more often (in my opinion). Other than that, they’re both d*cks, and they’ll both shag you senseless.
    I also think uncut is cuter. Like a raincoat :}

  42. A Guy's Perspective says:

    The above article was OBVIOUSLY written by a woman so I thought I would add in a couple of items we guys know about our equipment that escapes most women.

    Sensitivity: We uncircumcised guys are WAY more sensitive down there than our cut brothers. I have a good friend who was uncut and at the recommendation of the military many years ago became cut. The difference he says between the two is simply to take one finger and draw a line lightly across the back of your other hand. Take the same finger, lick the tip of it and draw a line lightly across the roof of your mouth. Now you know the difference.

    Lubrication: Like women, the business area down there is made to be wet and slick. You will have less of an issue with drying out for the both of you.

    But The Smell!!!: Everyone is different. Diet, fitness and hygiene all play a part. In America, most men have no idea how to clean their naughty bits because most fathers won’t show them how to do it correctly. You may encounter a man who whose nether regions leave a bit to be desired scent wise. Believe it or not, the majority of time this is because there is TOO MUCH cleaning down there. To clean correctly, have him pull back the foreskin when he gets in the shower and rinse it all off. Next, roll the foreskin closed if you will and at the very last; once again, roll the foreskin back and rinse it off. When gets out, GENTLY pat dry and roll the foreskin back down. This should take care of any nasty smells.

    For those that disbelieve the above, scrubbing or washing with harsh soaps and the like is the same as using a loofah with lava soap in your mouth. You will irritate the hell out of it and it will shed skin etc etc and the smell will be horrendous. Think, Less Is More.

    I hop this all helps you fine ladies. Women learning about penises…That’s HOT!

  43. Mr G's Mrs says:

    Reading some of the comments made me chuckle! Especially the one from a British Woman who has never seen a circumcised penis and thinks it’s “not normal” and “gross”. I disagree. I too am a British woman married to a British man who is circumcised from childhood for medical reasons. It is the most good looking penis I have ever seen in my life!. I prefer the look and feel of it. As far as sensitivity for my hubby goes, he has NO problems there, believe me, LOL. The old “I know someone who knows someone” is a crock invented by men who still have their foreskin and want to convince themselves they have it better, much the same as the saying “It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it” surely must have been invented by a man with a little willy!

  44. corey says:

    This article is false, I am 24 year old male who IS uncircumcised an the pleasure is not the same, if you wanna REALLY pleasure a man who is uncut DON’T push the skin down an suck on the head or overly touch the head, the skin is there for a reason, pull it up around the head an suck on it that way or with your fingers play with it, if you’ve never done this to your man who is uncut TRUST ME he wants you to an his toes will curl when you do it, also if you like to feel sex slow and being more sensual makes you orgasm TELL him that cuz it feels just as good for us, of course we cum from going fast but going slow feels amazing, I hope the woman who wrote this article sees this because she’s been pleasuring him wrong for 6 years an he’s too afraid of her reaction to admit it, also I was the first uncut guy for every girl I’ve been with an my advice is don’t tell them till after you’ve done everything with them and sooner or later there gonna say they don’t like cut dicks anymore, all the girls who talk shit have never had one an if they do there gonna love how it feels to jerk on an f**k one, our dicks don’t hurt you, they don’t grip your walls an pull on it. It slides like a dream. Fact

  45. corey says:

    Just read the other comments Lmao whatever man that’s uncut an doesnt clean his dick is as nasty as a girl that doesn’t clean inside her vagina, its VERY easy to clean an uncut penis, you pull it back an rub soap on it, after sex you wash it, when you piss you pull it back, easy….if anything uncut guys are more conscious of cleaning there dicks an will always smell good, I’ve asked plenty of girls what do you like about me an they’ve all said I love that your always clean an smell good, I think every one should go in the bathroom before sex an wash up cuz your crotch is pretty warm so even if you showered your sweating down there an nothings worse then being with someone that smells or thinking you smell, smelling good makes you more aroused. Fact!!

  46. Tosho says:

    I seriously didn’t knew all americans are circumcised. LOL. Not going to amerika anytime soon. In my country its offending to be called circumsised. Much more offending than gay or faggot.

  47. Jason says:

    I just love it when women chime in and think they know what feels better for a man when it comes to being circumsised. Its medical fact that it is less sensitive when the penis is circumsised, the skin on the highly sensitive glans becomes keratinized. Those women who claim a cut penis looks better, well how wrong you are. I bet you dont go and get cosmetic surgery on your smelly, loose skined vaginas do you?

  48. Can't sit! says:

    My guy is uncut. Only second guy I’ve have sex with who was. I find it sexy as hell.
    1.) It’s natural looking, more animal kingdom like, manly
    2) It feels better for me, no pulling.
    3) He’s definitely more sensitive, hyper sensitive, and has the long lasting o’s
    4.) It doesn’t look like porn cock
    5) It’s like opening a present every time I go down on him
    i think he was a tiny bit self conscious but I think he likes that I enjoy it.

  49. Vanessa says:

    Mr. G’s Mrs., intact men DO have it better. Sorry to tell you. Natural men don’t have to convince anyone they have it better. Natural IS better.

  50. Rheanna says:

    well honestly its not just about sexual pleasure. some men want to be cut because it makes them feel like everyone else (here in america). My ex boyfriend got cut when he was 15 years old, he said that it was the most painful thing he ever experienced, but hes glad that he did it. Yes i agree that it may be better to be natural but some men feel weird about it and may not like it. So really its not a discussion for you men, because guess what? its not up to you its up to the mother. I just think every man should be happy with there body and the confidence in that will make a woman happy no matter un cut or not. some men are circumcised and some aren’t, but why should we judge a person for something that wasn’t even up to them in the first place?

  51. lullabelle says:

    I’m from south africa and cutting has become compulsory,like WTF?? They go around schools and canvass on how healthy a cut penis is and how great it is for ur health.
    Personally I don’t agree,it genital mutilation. In Xhosa culture its compulsory to cut,they do it in the woods in the winter,some boys end up dying. Its so sad.
    Well my fiance been together3.5 years is uncut,he healthy and very aware of his hygiene,he’s very clean. I love his penis,its unique and the sex is great,when he’s erect the skin retracts. I don’t know why the South African government is so adamantin cutting the natural thing,God created men with foreskin for a reason if that was not the case he would have created men with out it.
    Yes most women frown up uncut men and frown upon women who date/sleep with uncut men,its like a sin,so to say. The call the swimming cap,polo neck etc.
    I love my man nonetheless,and I’m proud of him.
    I think we must move to England,cos really it feels like uncut is the new outcast.

  52. Kate says:

    I’m British and my boyfriend’s a Brit too, and he was only circumcised as a young boy for medical reasons (as quite a few British men actually are). I have no problem with cut or uncut but have come to prefer the look of cut ones, but find it easier pleasuring uncut ones.

  53. Aussie rob says:

    Wow I didn’t even know there was such a fuss between the two,I’m uncut and now I feel awkward that if I meet an American or Jewish or south African female I’m going to be frowned upon because I have my foreskin?…. Seriously wtf why are people so cosmetic..
    Why isn’t there a law against cutting a child? f**k your religious purposes and f**k your sheep status if you have a child that is 8 yrs old complaining that they are getting picked on for having a foreskin I think it’s the school system that needs to be changed,not your child and especially not to think that just because a couple of people don’t like something about them they should rush out and change it by destroying or changing there body through an operation,where do we draw the line……..
    Sorry for going off topic :/

  54. stuart says:

    I know women want men to accept their bodies in whatever shape nature and nurture has made them into but this line of conversation by the readers borders on the height of female hypocrisy; I think the women who have a pro-circumcision belief also believe in that mantra of “a woman’s body .. woman’s choice”, but then debate whether or not to cut off part of their son’s penis because it looks nicer that way (no “man’s body, mans choice” going on here eh).

    Come on ladies – we know how you pee and how much wee is left behind on your labias after a wipe. No one says that you should cut off the labias of your daughters because we know the benefits of a regular shower. How can you deny the same treatment to your boy – most of the arguments listed here are really poor excuses to cut off his foreskin because he think it looks nicer (mum, you’re kinda weird).

  55. Annoyed says:

    I REALLY need to point out a fatal error. “Circumcised penises rub their clothes and at times, the skin gets tougher and less sensitive over the years. But touch an uncircumcised guy

  56. Boonamoogwaddy says:

    I’m an uncut 48 year old Canadian who just happened to Google in here looking for a better understanding of topic that’s caused me an extreme amount of discomfort and emotional distress throughout my entire life. Having grown in a family of four boys and being the only uncut male of the bunch, I realised at a very young age that something about me was a bit different. Though foreskins and circumcisions were rarely ever mentioned or discussed in my home, there were a few off-beat times when the occasional brief comment was thrown my way (particularly by my dad) which somewhat implied that I had something freakishly disgusting going on with me. In his words, I was the only member of the family who hadn’t been ‘rock n rolled’. I wasn’t really sure what that meant, nor did I have any understanding of what circumcision even was… but it was very clear to me that he was insulting my penis, especially when my mom would jump in to silence my brothers who viewed it as an opportunity to top my dad’s insulting comments with some of their own. I was probably the only three and a half year old kid in the entire country who truly had a grasp of human emotions associated with shame, even though the word “shame” had still not existed in my vocabulary. I wanted so badly to ask questions about my own body but was simply too embarrassed to do so, and I had hoped that maybe by not saying anything, my family might somehow forget that I was such a disgusting little piece of trash. It was however, a very early lesson about the nature of human beings, and how they never seem to forget when they’ve got hurtful dirt on someone. I spent countless pre-school nights crying myself to sleep about this, feeling outcast, unwanted and unappreciated, and trying to understand what was wrong with me, and why I wasn’t as good as other people. And it always seemed that the moment I’d let my guard down long enough to have a moment of happiness and play with my bath toys, my dad would walk in, glance down at my penis, belt out a couple roars of sarcastic laughter that morphed into a gag, make a motion like he was about to vomit and quickly exit the bathroom. So much for a little boy’s moment of happiness.

    By the time I started school at age five, I’d become extremely self conscious of my body. I refused to use the school bathrooms if someone else was in there. I refused to wear shorts or change my clothing for gym class. I refused to remove any piece of my clothing in the presence on anyone, including my mother. I’d even refuse to remove my shirt at the doctor’s office. This soon began to cause a lot of problem and the grown-ups began to label me as an awkward trouble maker who refused to discuss what was motivating my strange attitude and behaviour.

    By the time I was six my teachers had managed to break my weird bathroom habits but I’d always keep my body pressed very firmly against the urinals to assure myself that nobody could possibly sneak a peak of my junk. Oddly enough however, I compulsively glanced at anyone else’s junk who dare stand far enough from a urinal to expose themselves. I was clearly on a mission to investigate whether any other kid on the planet had a penis as deformed as my own, but it wasn’t until third or fourth grade that I finally spotted another kid with anything similar. It began to really make me wonder why. I may have assumed he was related somehow had he not been the only black kid in my school.

    Over the next couple of years I had finally learned about foreskin cutting by quietly listening in on other people’s conversations. I could hardly believe what I was hearing and had thousands of questions but was still too embarrassed about myself to ask anyone, and would never contribute to the conversations. I learned that some baby boys got cut while others did not, but nobody ever seemed to know why it even happened in the first place. I was absolutely horrified to learn that there were sometimes serious medical reasons that would call the need for some uncut boys to undergo the procedure in later life and began having frequent nightmares about doctors holding me down against my will and forcefully cutting away at my penis.

    I guess you could say that my natural intact penis has caused me a lifetime of emotional pain and discomfort, and to this day it’s still my dark little secret that I’ll never admit or answer to, or even discuss with anyone face to face. The Internet is all I have to learn with and vent through when the topic of circumcision applies. What deeply disturbs me is the fact that my life has been controlled and I still feel victimised by some stupid, senseless procedure that has luckily never even been performed on me. I can’t imagine my penis even being able to function correctly any other way than in its existing natural state, yet society makes me out to be a freak for NOT being mutilated. That’s really really really fu*ked up.

    It’s probably worth mentioning that my unusual school and gym class habits never changed. To this day I still refuse to remove or change clothing in public locker rooms, change houses, etc… and will only urinate in in toilet stalls (not urinals) with the door firmly locked behind me. You’ll never see me in public wearing shorts or baring my legs, and you’ll never see me without a shirt unless I’m in bed or in the shower. I really don’t like being so self conscious of my body, but in this case old habits really do die hard.

    As for relationships??? Only a very small handful of women have ever seen me nude, but it’s not something I allowed happen over night. Luckily for me, all the women I’ve ever been with have lead to rather long lasting relationships… and not one of them had ever reacted to or mentioned anything about my foreskin whatsoever. I seriously don’t think they even noticed that something might have been a bit different with me.

    A woman who’s been my best friend since age fourteen however, is someone who I’ve been secretly infatuated with for many years. I absolutely love and adore everything about her, and think pleasant thoughts about her practically every day of my life. We’re presently both single but she’ll never know how I truly feel about her… because I once heard her telling another friend about how grossed out and disgusted she gets by the sight of an uncut penis. Taking the chance of being rejected by the most special person in my life over a foreskin would be the one thing in life that could easily push me to suicide.

    And with all that said, I want to mention that much of the wording in this article and user-comments have been very hurtful and offensive to me. Perhaps nobody really meant to bring tears to a grown man’s eyes but I can’t help but get emotional over reading words such as “gross”, “disgusting”, “freakish”, “dirty”, “smelly”, “cheesy”, etc… after all these years. It makes me feel like the ignorance will never stop, and that I’m probably going to die around the exact same degrading vocabulary set I was born into. Hurtful, shameful, nasty words that have haunted and depressed me my entire life. It’s my body you’re talking about dammit… and my masculinity as well… and it’s 100% natural. Is there truly any reason why I should be sitting here (in 2013) feeling like I’m your victim? Do you truly think I should chop off the end of my penis to earn your respect?

    Go ahead, bash me if you truly believe I’ve invited it, but only if you can handle looking like a complete idiot in the process. On the other hand, if you’d rather do something intelligent, please remember that this topic can be a very sensitive issue, and I would kindly appreciate more respectful attitudes and vocabulary being passed on to your future foreskin related discussions.

  57. KENNETH says:

    I am uncut and so are all 4 of my brothers. Being 39 I have had a few sexual encounters in my time. Every since the age of about 10 ( my first self pleasuring ), I have had the skin on my penis stay back. I cant stand for it to be over my head at all. It stays back while its limp and erected. It looks circumcised, I can take the skin and pull it over my head but it will go back by itself. My head isn’t sensitive and the woman that I’ve been with always seem to mention that it felt different then what they were use to , and that’s usually when I tell them I’m not circumcised. It always seems to be a shocker for some reason. My wife, of 12 years now, said after our first time that it felt like I had more friction then other guys she had been with. Of course I told her my secret. I never had an issue with looking different, being dirty, smelly or anything. but I always seem to have been told after sex that it felt different but in a good way. I’m glad I’m uncut and my sons are not cut either.

  58. ILUCP says:

    My current boyfriend has an uncircumcised penis and we have the best sex i have ever had. I never liked sex as much before because it seemed as though i was much more sensitive than my lovers and i never enjoyed giving oral sex as much before. Now i prefer uncircumcised because they are more sensitive and can appreciate your effort more easily! now giving oral doesn’t seem like such a chore. It is for the first time, enjoyable for me too!!

  59. Angie says:

    I’m an American woman who’s been with uncut and cut men. I’d heard all the horror stories about uncut men in my youth but haven’t found them to be true. Likewise, I’ve never seen a “calloused” circumcised penis, either. My experience is that uncircumcised men are more sensitive since they don’t have clothes constantly rubbing against their penises. It’s no different than the first time I shaved my pubic area. It was EXTREMELY sensitive and I was aroused all freakin’ day for days on end. But now that I’ve done it over and over, the sensitivity has lessened–and not because I’m calloused. Whether a man is cut or uncut will have nothing to do with whether I’ll sleep with him. I’ve also not noticed any difference in having sex with an uncircumcised man. Felt the same to me. And I’ve given bjs with the foreskin pulled back. It wasn’t too much for them to deal with. In fact, running my tongue over the sensitive area was a terrific way to bring him to his knees, figuratively speaking. They loved it!

  60. casey says:

    I thought this was funny as i didn’t even know that it was an issue. Hahaha! Its funny what people can worry about, which to me or others can seem so simple. If a girl was worried about it i would’ve acted the same way as your Indian fella, thanks for this, it felt like a lighter subject than the other ones I’ve been reading.

  61. QuarterD says:

    I am a 58 year old American woman who has never believed in brutalizing my 3 sons bodies at birth. I ended up away from them while they lived with their dad and stepmother who decided she should take them and have them circumcised. I was livid! Anyway I am with an uncircumcised and we are a “perfect” fit! There is nothing gross or scary about it! You want to panic, Google the process male babies go through! In my mind, it should be totally outlawed! It is no what God intended!

  62. Alan E. says:

    I am a bisexual male who happens to be uncut. I have never had any complaints from either male or female partners. I’m glad to be uncut and grateful that my parents left the matter up to me rather than having my foreskin removed by a doctor during infancy.

    Hygiene down there is automatically part of my daily regimen. A little mild soap, rub with the fingers or a soft cloth, rinse, and that’s it. I fail to see how a young boy could feel embarrassed or ‘different’ in the locker room when I consider that only about half the males born in this country now undergo circumcision. Surely, out of a group of 25 boys, there will be more than one who is uncut. I think circumcision for cosmetic reasons or just to make a boy feel that he ‘fits in’ is totally unwarranted.

    Have you heard about the cases wherein infant boys’ penises were accidentally cut off by doctors who were attempting to circumcise them? Sure, it’s a rare occurrence, but would you want to take that chance for something that is very seldom medically necessary.

    God made me this way, and I wouldn’t want to tamper with it.

  63. Gail says:

    This woman just loves her uncircumcised man, of course she will say it doesn’t smell. Uncircumcised penis always smell… Nothing about myths and all that Nonsense. It true. Even if it’s only a faint smell, it’s still a smell. Some are just gross…. Circumcised penis never smells, unless the guy doesn’t bathe often, even worse if the guy in uncut. It just disgusts me.

  64. Chris says:

    This was an excellent article. Well written and well researched through both actual studies and personal experience. I can tell you that there have been many of times I’ve gone out(social settings)with friends(both sexes)and this has been the hot topic of the night and the point you’ve made I’ve been trying to put across since. We as men were created with this piece of skin for a reason. A reason that is somewhat unbeknown to us but we were created with it for a purpose. I can gladly and proudly say that I’m uncut and I’m even more thankful and happy that my mom didn’t put me through that. I never saw the point in getting it done but if its for the sake that a woman don’t like then…..need I say more on that? Exactly. Can you imagine if a dude looked at a woman’s vagina and saw something he didn’t like? Like the author asked,would you get some sort of female circumcision? No you wouldn’t. You’d tell us as men to move on so as you tell us men to take you as you are,I don’t know how these men feel but take me as I am too. Once again to the author,kudos on the article.

  65. Uncut says:

    Hey Gals n Guys. I’m an uncut Muslim convert man. Let me share some of my experiences which is 100% honest and true. Being uncut for a boy growing up can be difficult in the sense of showering in the locker room. This was the case in the early 90’s now showers usually have a curtain n a divider so no boy will see your child’s meat. Also, like one of the other posters said, now and days boys will not even dare look below the waist line of another dude that’s considered gay. Sort of like a guy code it’s a no-no. I have perfect feeling on my penis never have any problems getting it up. Of course they both have pros and cons but I think the best choice is being uncircumcised. (Having all nerve endings intact.) The only con I see to being uncircumcised is the dirty cheese smell. This happens in 1-2 days without washing and if your a heavy set person even quicker. The solution to this problem is try and shower daily and when you make love with your woman go and wash up before the act. So when she gives a nice BJ it a smell like Ivory soap. I’m not sure if it has to do with my genetics and ethnicity (Spanish) but I remember when I was a little boy I use to hump the blanket, pillow even at an early age of like 5. (That sexual feeling has never left me, I can do it everyday if I could being an age of 28 currently. So that could be due to the fact that i’m not cut.) So hopefully as a parent you make the right decision for your child. I won’t lie growing up I wanted to look like everyone else but i’m out of that stage. Now so it’s all about how you use your toy to please your spouse.

  66. Mysts says:

    I’m from England and I’m so shocked to find out this mutilation has been going on as the norm in America.

    If nature put it there it’s got to be for a reason.

    If I encountered a lover with a circumcised penis quite honestly I would pity him. I would think oh my gosh you have suffered. I would think, you are missing a body part. I would wonder why, and if his parents had done that to him for no reason, my estimation of them would plummet and I would not trust them.

  67. DJ says:

    I am 15 years old and at first I honestly thought that I was an alien to the kids in the locker room. I didn’t want to date the girl I had now for I think we will grow up together and all will be wasted because of my ding dong. But know, I have no problem with it for that I would figure that women would like a natural man. My father has even said that he would take a bullet for me rather than cut me. I thank you all for the support!

  68. Simon says:

    The part about “it only stinks if you haven’t washed for several weeks” is totally false. It only takes like one week at most for that smegma stuff to show up. I’m uncut by the way. And if I ejaculate and don’t thoroughly clean it until the following morning, the cum dries in there and the next time you pull the skin back the part that’s attached to the tip of the head could bleed because of the cum drying on it and cracking after you peel back. I intend to get circumcised when I get financially ready. I imagine it would make sex more enjoyable for me as well because I remember doing it with a girl who’s vagina was either really tight or tense and the pressure her vagina put on my foreskin attached to the head was pretty intense. I don’t think i bled but it was pretty rough.

  69. Simon says:

    Circumcisions for adult males should really be government funded. I’m american. Most if us are cut but i am not, and from my experiences mentioned in my previous comment, I shouldn’t be charged thousands nor hundreds of dollars to correct something that should’ve been taken care of the day of my birth. I don’t know what my parents were thinking when they decided to not have me circumcised, because my dad is circumcised. I shouldn’t be alone in this predicament but I am….Marijuana is illegal for no good reason, and I have to pay about 3000 dollars for a treatment I should’ve had done the day I was born.

  70. You realize that vulvas smell too, right?

  71. George Pasteur says:

    Whether a man sports an intact tool or a cut one, he wants to make sure that the health of his rod is taken care of. Regular use of a quality penis health cr

  72. Sam says:

    I have to disagree 100% uncircumcised penis is way more pleasurable lol.. The difference is night and day. I never understood the stigma about it. A natural penis looks way better than a cut one.

  73. Dana says:

    Now I don’t want to sound like a big slut but, I have a fiance who is cut and I have been having a fling with an old flame who is uncut… and with direct comparison I can for a fact say that uncut is WAYYYYY better, OMG multiple orgasms and his tip doesn’t hit your cervix painfully its like softer even when he’s really pounding! The freaking best omg….Every time I think about him its just stars!! Now the cut guy,, sex usually hurts a bit unless I’m like seriously turned on and it doesn’t glide as easily as with the uncut guy. With the uncut guy your parts fit together like a glove to a hand, seamless… and there are no quaffs when he’s hitting it from behind. And there dick is usually at its full potential and a lot bigger because they don’t have that foreskin removal scar that constricts the growth of their penis by 30%! Uncut all the way!!

  74. Michael Harrington says:

    This cut vs. uncut discussion can go on forever. The important thing is for guys to take care of the penis they currently have so it works properly well into the future. A penis health creme is the best way to get essential vitamins and nutrients straight into the penis skin. Easy to use, safe and effective. Cheers fellas.

  75. BAC says:

    let me speak up for this guy, he speaks the truth. i am an asian male, uncut with long foreskin and live in the US. tugging on the foreskin, sticking your tongue in is the most pleasurable for me. most american girls have no idea and just pull it down all the way. girls in asia and europe know how to handle uncut much better.

  76. fevrin says:

    I just wanted to chime in that, contrary to this article, my current boyfriend absolutely loves it when I flick and swirl my tongue around inside his unretracted foreskin. If he’s wet enough, I’ve also used my fingers to do the same, and it drives him wild.

    The point is every man is different, and as mentioned later in the article, it’s good to explore together what he likes best.

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